Upon advise from higher authority I have removed most of the content of this post. Hoping many of you had a chance to view it, understand that free speech sometimes has consequences…



20 thoughts on “wildfire

  1. Interesting gravatar. Is the middle of that trunk actually a glowing ember?

    Cell service was tenuous. This technique actually worked, adding another bar.

    Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention!

    Glad you are safe.

    • It’s a hollow oak tree, the fire got up inside and turned it into a roaring chimney, eventually bringing the tree down.
      Some bruises and a case of poison oak, but otherwise in good shape.

    • I was the assigned trainer to one gentleman, a strapping young macho know-it-all.
      Learning for him soon became difficult, as he had some un-learning to do first.

      Tough love, bro, tough love…


  2. You may want to consider a sat phone or a two way.
    Cell phones are not walkie talkies.
    Did I just write walkie talkie?
    Holy crap I’m getting old.

    Did lightning start that burn?

    • Affirmative on the lightning cause.
      It’s amazing, to me anyways, that cell commo is as good as it is. Down at the spike camp there was none, but being able to at least get a text out from the ridge tops was enough for me.
      I did hear sniveling from some of the camp crew girls that they were totally, like, you know, really dissed at being stuck out in the boonies with no signal.

    • Thanks Zooey, it was great having a tough camera that could handle the situation.
      I was in view of glorious Mt. Shasta much of the time, but never got a good shot because of all the smoke.

  3. Great stuff, Raven, and as usual I am in awe of how cool you are. I’m going to share these with a co-worker who worked his way through college working crews like this.

    Thank you for putting your life on the line for our forests.

  4. Thanks for this post Raven, we have a friend that for many years with his wife was a forest ranger near Mt. Lawson, CA. He always went to fight fires wherever they happened in the West.He always had interesting stories.

    It was nice to have a visual glimpse into what being inside one of these were for him.

    Stay safe.

  5. Wildfires. Scary. I’ve still not seen any photos of the devastation by AZ’s Wallow Fire in June of 2011, and am not sure I really want to. Devastation of beauty is difficult to deal with.

    We’ve been fortunate here this year, in this corner of the extremely dry Rockies. But there always remains the fear of what will likely one day happen, and happen sooner than later if we as a people continue to remain so idiotically aloof to the potential consequences of human-induced climate change.

    I see Romney has a new joke about global warming that he’s using on the campaign trail. Speaking of “idiotically aloof.”

    Glad you’ve gotten yourself a ‘tough’ camera, btw! Fascinating display, thanks a bundle for being there and for recording/posting what you saw.

  6. We need more with your skill and dedication. And fire roasted pine nuts are a treat that everyone should enjoy at least once assuming no one gets hurt in the fire! Stay safe!!!

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