The Watering Hole: Wednesday, September 5, 2012: Searching for a Grain of Truth

“Walker”, The Zoo’s underground reporter.

Dateline: September 1, 2012.

Following the RNC’s Convention, “Walker” (not his real name) Mole went underground in search for a grain of truth.

“I got nuthin’.” Walker reported. “I started out in Tampa, figuring that where the convention was held would be the closest to the truth. I was wrong. Oh, sure, down there amongst all the sand, half-truths abounded. But I couldn’t find one single grain of truth there. I knew I had to dig deeper, and so I did.”

The Mole wasn’t heard from for several days. Suddenly, he emerged in China, of all places.

“Thankfully, I had my Chinese-Mole dictionary with me. It turns out that after digging straight through the earth, I found a grain of truth. The Chinese figure that with Romney as President, they’ll be able to buy the country. They looked at his record at Bain Capital, and figured it wouldn’t take long before Romney began shedding parts of the Federal Government in order to maximize short-term gains. They’re looking at buying the Department of Interior and the Department of Transportation. They realize they’ll be in a bidding war with Saudi Arabia for the Department of Energy.”

The Mole then expanded his search for a grain of truth, and found himself in Germany. “The Germans, it seems, have their eye on the Department of Education. But they’re afraid Romney will just scrap that Department and farm it out to the 50 States. So they’re naturally leery about trying to pick it up piecemeal. But if they can buy the whole thing at one shot, they figure they’ll come out ahead in the long run.”

“By the time this report airs, I’ll be in North Carolina.” Walker Mole continued, “looking for a grain of truth to fall from the Democratic Convention.”



266 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, September 5, 2012: Searching for a Grain of Truth

  1. Walker proves you can dig all the way to China!
    Hopefully he was enamored by FLOTUS presentation. I don’t believe any un-truths came out of her speech.
    Duval Patrick had them applauding approval!

  2. I’m not a Ron Paul fan but the GOP treated him and his delegates badly last week. It shows that GOPers only care about party and not people.

    In fairness, the RNC did play a four-minute video tribute to Dr. Paul at the convention. Proclaiming Paul’s willingness to chart his own path, the video highlights a few of Paul’s Party-palatable policies.

    “In 22 years in Congress, Ron Paul has never voted for a tax increase, never voted for a debt ceiling increase, never backed down,” the voiceover correctly reports.

    The video features testimony from several of his congressional colleagues — including his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — praising Paul for his lifelong commitment to limited government, lower taxes, and individual liberty.

    What wasn’t mentioned, however, was his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act, and his opposition to potential military involvement in Syria and Iran — all of which are supported by the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

  3. The TSA has started testing drinks bought by passengers beyond the security checkpoints by swabbing them.

    The TSA’s next move could be to visit people’s homes before they even leave for the airport.
    (That’s supposed to be a joke, but…)

    • Oh that was really good. The debt clock? Republicans built it. He also mentioned that the Supreme Court appointed Bush as president. Quite the dig. Loved it 🙂

  4. Karen Finney just kicked Rick Teabagger Tyler’s ass clear across the street on Kris Jansing’s show on MSNBC.

    Of course, the host had to interrupt so “we have to leave it there,” although she didn’t then go to a commercial.

  5. I’m so proud and happy….The bass player (blue shirt on the left) is my best friend’s son and my godson. This was on David Letterman last night:

  6. And the Right is on the march again (or still). Evidently the Dems are hostile to their god because their platform doesn’t mention him.

    All they do is mention faith and religious based groups and working together but since Gawd didn’t get top billing it seems his feefees are hurted.

    • I’ve heard too many fundygelical types say, “God first, then country, then family.”

      What more can we expect of jugheads like this?

    • It must particularly gall them that tonight’s closing benediction is from a, gasp!! Rabbi?!??!?!

    • Hostile to something that doesn’t exist in the first place? Why bother?

      Did the Dem platform mention The Spaghetti Monster, perchance? Probably not. How awful. They sure are rotten to the core, ya know?

  7. Speeches I can’t miss tonight… Former Bain Employees (around 6:30 PM) and a certain prominent businessman I personally know at 7PM…Not to mention a female Senatorial candidate from New England…

  8. We have decided to get another dog! Yeah. We have chosen a black lab from a local breeder. The breeder had one female left so we have snapped her up. Here are some pics of the 2 week old puppies. There were 9 puppies total. The three in the picture are the three black females, one of which will be ours. My wife as picked out the name Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.

    We will have to wait until we come back from our holiday to pick her up.

      • Thanks. We have been torn because having no dogs has it’s advantages. The two biggest disadvantages are 1) not getting any exercise – you MUST walk the dog and 2) I’ve turned into a dog person and a dog person without a dog is just a person!

      • They do have little tiny collars. They are different colours so the breeder can keep track of each one’s weight etc.

        • So exciting. I have a special fondness for bird dogs with my golden retriever and German shorthair pointer. They are totally different but both very sweet. But as poison control told me the two most likely to eat anything are labs and goldens. I’d bet girls are better than boys on that count though.

          • Food, and non-food, are the toughest to deal with for labs. I’m up to the challenge. Now to get my wife to refrain from giving too many human snacks!!!

      • Thanks Ebb. We hope to have learned a thing or two from our previous dogs and will try our best to be a great home for her.

      • It’s completely necessary. They can do things that make you go nuts and the cuteness prevents you from doing bad things!

        • Plus puppies are like Chinese food. As soon as yours is big and you see a picture you want another one.

    • I’ve always had a fondness for black Labs, my oldest friend had a black Lab mix when we were kids. When Winnie’s human family wasn’t around, she’d come to our house and scratch at the door for me to come out and play with her.

      And I absolutely LOVE the name!

      • Thanks Jane. I love the name too. My wife is rereading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and thought Scout would be a meaningful name.

  9. Can I say that I really enjoyed the tribute to Teddy Kennedy… He is sorely missed in the Senate and as a Lion for the Democrats.. But I am heartened from the speeches last night from the up and coming Democratic…. That speaker from Massachusetts was awesome.

      • A great favorite!
        My Mom used to quote

        “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
        “To talk of many things:
        Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
        Of cabbages–and kings–
        And why the sea is boiling hot–
        And whether pigs have wings.”

        “O Oysters,” said the Carpenter,
        “You’ve had a pleasant run!
        Shall we be trotting home again?’
        But answer came there none–
        And this was scarcely odd, because
        They’d eaten every one.

    • I am SO sick of this religious bullshit!

      These freaks just don’t understand that keeping religion out of government guarantees keeping government out of their religion. Fuckwits!

      • They are so scared shitless about having to live under Sharia Law, but I’ve never heard one successfully explain why we’d be any better off, or any freer, living under Christian Biblical Law (which is really Judaic Law.)

    • You should watch the recent Scorcese movie ‘Hugo’ – it covers the early French cinema in a fictional, but still delightful tale.

  10. I spent a number of hours (and a fair amount of excellent wine) last evening talking with my friend, Dr. Dave, who is a big deal professor of American political science. According to him, the two most significant impacts in the race come from conventions and debates. In essence, Romney got zippo from the RNC; even McCain got a much much bigger bump. And, as Dr. Dave says, “I’m not worried about the debates.”

    The DNC seems to have gotten off to a bang-up start. Time to kick ass across the country, especially in Congressional races.

    • Obama is going to tie Rmoney into a pretzel in debate – Jenna Jameson has taken up more positions than the Mittster…

      Now Ryan versus Biden …. Biden won last time by letting Palin string herself from the stage lights and jump. Ryan is a cannier piece of venality. I think Biden is an encumbrance frankly, even last time.

  11. Lightweight…

    Reince Priebus
    Classless Dems use tribute video of deceased Ted Kennedy to attack Mitt Romney.

    Ezra Klein wasn’t impressed with the outrage:

    Ezra Klein
    I, for one, am shocked that Democrats would inject politics into a video about politician Ted Kennedy during a political convention

      • The funniest part about Priebus’ response to the Kennedy video is that he apparently thinks it’s fine for a Hollywood actor to suggest that an imaginary Obama is telling Romney to “fuck off” during a prime-time convention speech, but to use footage of real people somehow lacks class. Pissant prissy Priebus.

        • They just get more petty and childish with each passing day. I suppose that some of that is coming from a deeply held conviction, that’s never uttered, that their time has passed and they have nothing to offer.

    • Mathew 6:2 – “Where your treasure lies, then there shall your heart also lie” – like, on a beach, in the Caymans….

      For the ransom: can we have those 12 million jobs Rmoney promised, maybe now and not have to see the wanker in office first?

      • Careful what you wish for he said he would create 12 million jobs, he didn’t say he would create them in the United States.

    • Sounds like a MI operation…but, how would anyone be able to validate that this isn’t just a prank?

        • All Willard has to do is claim they’re forgeries….and those prolly aren’t Democrats, more likely anarchists or just greedy, not so bright hackers…

          • No matter who has done it – the RWNJs will blame the President for not invoking ‘God’s’ name every five minutes.

            • Funny, it would appear as though God didn’t trigger the burglar alarm system for Willard. Could the deity be pissed at the prostitution of His name?

      • That’s how it struck me as well. A little to story boarded to be real. You know WIllard isn’t going to pay a nickel of his ill-gotten gains to these morons…

    • Now that IS hilarious! Look at the comment noting that Rmoney is portrayed with his head turned slightly, something he never, ever does…Which brings us to the question of whether his human skin over lizard costume prevents him from such a head turning manuever ??

    • Is mittens holding blueprints? What the heck is cryin’ Ryan holding supposed to represent? Incorrect shape for a ‘buybull’ (as pete & hooda write).

      • My guess is those rolled up documents are the bankruptcy/eviction notices from all the companies he put out of business after extracting exhorbitant ‘consulting’ fees from…

      • Ryan appears to be holding his high school yearbook from his senior year.
        The one that none of his classmates would sign, except to scrawl…FU Jerk!

    • And that must make the GOP the ‘Party of God’ then?

      In Arabic, ‘Party of God’ is ‘Hez-boll-ah’…..

      • That’s the really amazing part. Fundamentalists seem to be unaware that they all sound alike, to sane people, no matter which faith they espouse. I think the technical term is “compartmentalization”.

    • Doesn’t Patsy Robbertson have some 2,000 pound leg lifts to do? Is he still hawking his ‘energy shake’ along with his ‘religious’ snake oil?

  12. From Politico:

    “Republicans built a whole night in Tampa around rebutting Obama’s “You didn’t build that” line. Democrats are putting in prime time the woman from whom Obama cribbed the line.

    That’s not the only potential trouble from Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat and the woman who headed the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Harvard Law professor is a political novice who will be making her debut on the national stage. And even though she’ll be in Charlotte to pump up the president, her main focus will be her own election prospects, and what plays in Massachusetts — and to the Daily Kos crowd — isn’t always what moves moderates around the rest of the country.

    As candidates like Todd Akin and George Allen know, it takes only one on-camera slip-up to cause a fatal distraction. But Warren poses a special risk for Obama: Will she handle the flood of interviews without hijacking Obama’s message to middle-class voters or alienating what remaining Wall Street donors the campaign still counts as friends?

    That’s not even getting into how Warren would respond to questions about her shaky campaign rollout, which for weeks was distracted by her claims of Native American heritage.”

    I’d keep her as far from the podium as possible. In Massachusetts, she is currently losing the race to Scott Brown by five points – losing a safe seat that any effective Democrat should win back.

    • More of my conversation with Dr. Dave: he’s confident that Mass Democrats will show up in force on election day to pull the trigger for Obama, and that while they’re in the voting booth (figurative or literal) they’re going to vote for Warren. We shall see, but I’ve not know him to be wrong.

    • Brown is pouring in Koch/Rove money….. give her her shot – she’s a better speaker than people give her credit for.

    • She’s one hell of a public speaker, and her common sense will show through.
      Brown(NoseupKochGazoo) may be ahead in some polls, but as is mentioned already, she’ll be riding Obama’s coattails in the booth.
      Just checked and found only two polls in the last two months, one with Brown +5 the other with Warren +2….

  13. Message for Zooey.

    The latest fashion accessory to come out of the sewing room are cell phone cozy bags.
    A small bag sewn together out of scraps from wedding gowns etc. with a drawstring closure and adorned with ribbon, lace, or whatever you may like.
    This a cutting edge trend and you should be on the crest of this wave when it comes ashore.

    • They could have gone for the ‘Kristen fools around’ angle, but this is better – I agree this is more dramatic than the original.

  14. This tweet was sent out today:

    @MittRomney: In 2008, @BarackObama promised to keep the Janesville GM plant open for “another 100 years.” Today, it’s empty.

    If you’re going to use social media as a tool for any campaign, be it political or advertising, get your damned facts straight. This gem from Romney today was thoroughly debunked weeks ago. It was debunked so completely that even Paul Ryan backpeddaled and said he had never claimed Obama made that promise. In any case, Obama wasn’t president until 2009, and I have a theory that he has Willow Palin composing his Tweets.

  15. @MittRomney: In 2008, @BarackObama promised to keep the Janesville GM plant open for “another 100 years.” Today, it’s empty. Like this baseless accusation that’s been debunked, but I’m hoping you all are too stoopid to see through this blatant lie…ooh, is that more that 140 chara

  16. Dammit,

    Embarrassed by Republicans, Democrats amended their convention platform Wednesday to add a mention of God and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

  17. They are doing a panoramic photo at the convention center and asking people to remain still. Dang. hope no one was in the bathroom. 😉

  18. After reading about the capitulation on gawd and Jerusalem my enthusiasm is nearly empty…
    wasn’t it Duval Patrick giving the rousing “Democrats grow a spine”?
    Well, instead they’ve become Jellies (formerly known as Jellyfish).

  19. Romney’s corporate “connections” didn’t pan out:

    “On the campaign trail in 2002, Romney promised a jobs creation program “second to none in the history of the state,” pledging to use his corporate connections to lure chief executives across America to Massachusetts. The results fell far short of the promise. During Romney’s four years in office, the state added a net 31,000 jobs, a growth rate of less than 1 percent compared to 5 percent nationally during the same period. State unemployment fell to 4.7 percent from a peak of 6 percent, but remained above the US average, then 4.4 percent. Meanwhile, as the state recovery lagged other parts of the country, a net 233,000 people — 3.5 percent of the population — left the state, many seeking jobs elsewhere.”

  20. MSNBC Wins Night One from the DNC

    MSNBC was the #1 cable news channel last night in primetime.

    In the 10pm eastern hour, compared to day one of the RNC, the DNC drew 1,346,075 more overall viewers. In the 25-54 demographic, the DNC drew 1,390,359 more. So the entire margin of the DNC over the RNC on day one ratings was in the younger viewers!

  21. I am not sure how I got on this particular call list, but Calista Gingrigh ( or a reasonable facimile of her voice) called me and wanted me to buy a series of movies that she is shilling on the topic of Rediscovering God in America…. Oy. Including a portion of the movie where is trys to prove that America was indeed founded on Christian values.

      • There is a phone number I can call to be removed from these calls. However, I reason, that if they are talking to me, they are not talking to someone else… and wasting their own time and money.

  22. Two letters I read today on two tales of MS:

    “I wonder how many people picked up the contrast of the two multiple sclerosis stories from the nominees’ wives. Ann Romney received the very best treatment available to put her condition in remission. Michelle Obama’s father kept going to work and painfully climbing the stairs back to the apartment every day. This is the story of the two health care systems in America.”


    “I have been waiting for someone in the Obama camp to take this on, and boy did Michelle do it beautifully. I have MS, so I’ve avidly tracked their references throughout this campaign and prior ones. Ann often references her own MS – how Mitt was going to install an elevator if the effects of her relapse proved long-lasting, how she horseback rides or does reflexology to help the MS, how she had to pause on the campaign trail because she was getting worn down and it aggravated her MS. Ann has a relatively mild form of relapsing remitting MS (as do I). It can be scary at times, and debilitating at times, but her experience is nothing like those who are secondary or primary progressive.

    At the 2004 convention, Michelle noted that her father had MS, and occasionally she or her brother reference it, but last night she described his disability in vivid detail. You could see her father with his walker at the sink buttoning his uniform. His daily, basic efforts took a great deal of time and effort. It was yet another way of saying to the Romneys that your version of the world is yours, and good for you, but there are so many others out there who experience life in a harder way and please don’t cover up or ignore the often brutal or truly challenging reality. We get it.

    Ann Romney may never use her platform to point out that life can be really difficult for those disabled with MS, and horseback riding and reflexology is not something they can afford, nor would it help many of them. Nor will she note that the Affordable Care Act will help people with MS not be discriminated against based on their on pre-existing condition. It’s a loss for all of those with MS and other diseases.”

    • I want to know who made that decision, and what the hell they were thinking.

      I don’t watch network television, and I hope those who do will not watch CBS.

    • I agree, bmm, Walter is screaming from the great beyond, then saying “Fuck it” and turning his boat back out to sea. He tried to warn them.

      And whoever hired Luntz is either a totally unaware-politically idiot who should be fired for extreme incompetence, or a totally aware-politically who should be fired for extreme partisanship and lack of journalistic integrity.

  23. I am getting so damn tired of the cowardly ass-kissing we do to Israel. I am not an anti-Semite (which, I know, really means I must be one), but I simply do not for the life of me understand why not only does Israel get such special treatment by our government (including not just “loans” to buy military equipment that will be forgiven, special exemptions from lobbying rules that apply only to Israel’s lobbyist firm AIPAC), but why is it so necessary for American politicians to publicly declare their staunch support for Israel? Just tell the goddamn fucking truth about that! It can’t be because “they’re the only Democracy” in the Middle East, because even if true, it’s not justification enough to explain the favored treatment they get.

    • I don’t get it either. I understand the deep desire of the people to have a safe and secure homeland of their own, but they lost me when they were unwilling to share it, and willing to visit the repression that their own folk had suffered in other countries on the co-inhabitants of that homeland. The Israelis have created Palestinian ghettos in the holy land.

      • And our MSM is prohibited from mentioning the horrors the Israelis have inflicted on the Palestinian people, on a routine basis. I’m not a Holocaust-denier; there were inhumane atrocities committed against Jewish people, but not against every actual single one of them. Solidarity is all well and good (“What you do to my brother, you do to me.”), but if what was done to Jewish people during WWII is to be thought of as a Crime Against Humanity, then, again, why does Israel get special treatment? Why don’t the victims of Israeli’s inhumane treatment treated the same way Israel is?

  24. I visited Janesville before Obama was president and it was already a depressed area. The mall only had one store left in it. Someone should ask Ryan about that.

  25. Obama’s riff on “you didn’t build that” remains, in my view, the most serious mistake of his campaign so far. There’s a reason the Romneyites have seized on it and will use it – dishonestly, of course – again and again. It works. Check the graph which is indisputable. This is another reason that I think Warren speaking is a bad idea.

    • This is the reason Romney is so careful in parsing his words…. and why he waffles…because he doesn’t want to get caught like Kennedy caught him in that senate race a while back. And he is clearly aware of his father’s comment about being brainwashed into supporting the Vietnam war.

    • I heard what Obama said in that speech and understood his meaning, but I knew right away that phrase would be all over the news in the blink of an eye.

      He’s already pretty careful with his words, and he really needs to watch himself.

    • I respectfully disagree. Yes, he in-artfully expressed himself in a way that was easily exploitable for short term gain, but this convention is a great opportunity to correct that mistake. He, and Elizabeth Warren are absolutely correct, and rather than run away from the issue because it’s too hard to explain it on a bumper sticker, they need do a better job of explaining it. They need to explain to people that we’re saying “You didn’t build that all by yourself,” which is what the “rugged individualists” are trying to claim they did.

      It all comes back to Elizabeth Warren’s original point: There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. This must be emphasized and explained. People need to be taught what their schools forgot to: We have a Commons, and we all benefit from it, so we all must contribute to its upkeep. It’s part of our Civic responsibility, a topic the Republicans are loathe to mention these last thirty years.

      And, secondly, that use of statistics by that guy is pure bullshit! It is meaningless. I’m not questioning the results of the mathematics applied, I am saying they should never be applied that way because the results are pure bullshit. Statistics is meant to be applied to empirical data. (Facts.) Public opinion polls are not empirical data, they are just the random musings of an uneducated, ill-informed electorate. Because the pollsters methodology is a closely-guarded secret, no one can ever really say if the results they publicly claim even come close to the results they actually got. Can you duplicate the chart that author posted, even with the same survey results he used? Can anyone offer proof that the results claimed can be attributed solely to the thing they say caused it? Can this be just another case of correlation not implying causation?

      Public opinion polls are not facts (which is what I mean by “empirical data”.) They are opinions based on nothing guaranteed to be connected to reality, and therefore their resulting statistical analysis should never be treated as fact.

    • Broccoli kitten reminded me of Nigel, who always cleaned my green bean bowl. I’d heat up the beans in a Pyrex bowl, and dip them out with a fork. He would drink all the juice and eat any beans left in it.

  26. Sigh… What is really needed is another Roosevelt, either Teddy or Franklin. Hell, I’d settle for a Truman or a LBJ. No one in the Democratic party (Note: I realize that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican but I think there’s little doubt that he would hate what has become of the GOP.) has the balls to call out the crazies despite the fact that their words will be twisted by the “librul media” no matter what they say. I say, go for it. Someone has to stand up and shout that the GOP has been seized by lunatics and criminals who are not just bad for a smoothly functioning government but are actually dangerous to the continued existence of humanity. The ones who aren’t barking mad are evil enough to use those who are.

    Any political career is never more than a word away from a bitter end so why not go out for using powerful words like “liar” and “fool”?

  27. Who is David Brooks, and is there any reason beyond our common humanity why I should repress a desire to slap him senseless?

    • David “Dim Bulb” Brooks is a simple-minded fool who fell in love with Raygun and can sound more intelligent than a kitchen appliance if Jim Lehrer is there to keep him focused. Left on his own he just isn’t that bright and, while he doesn’t sound overtly evil, is completely blind to the evils of his chosen political party. I think that “confirmation bias” is the technical term.

        • Either is appropriate depending on mood. I tend to cut people who aren’t bright some slack but Dim Bulb has had long enough to figure out what kind of crap he defends. I usually pass from pity to anger somewhere between the 3rd and 5th beer.

  28. Two replies to non-Tim Russert, both of which I’m sure he’ll ignore:

    • Boy are you in a badmood tonight. 😉
      You didn’t like Sandra Fluke, or even Joe Sinegal?

      • Jim Sinegal was actually quite effective in his corporate defense of “the long view” and old-fashioned capitalism. I bet he’s effective in Ohio, Missouri and Iowa.

        Having Fluke speak was really preaching to the choir. I’d say Fluke’s appearance is a ballsy move to mobilize women for Obama and against Romney.

        • I was thinking I wanted to see her more angry, but looking all pretty and being straight forward works better. Lumpy and Bildo will look like the animals they are when they attack her. 😀

  29. The message so far tonight: Mitt Romney is a good man but he totally destroyed my life.


  30. Man did he love that walk onto the stage. And he took his sweet time. Now: for the second most critical speech of the convention.

    Gotta focus on this……

  31. For a man impeached by Republicans to say they hate Obama even more than they hated him is quite something.

  32. I wonder if someone will have to give Bill the hook. He’s starting to go all policy wonk on us….

  33. I like income based student loan repayments, but question whether having a bunch of folks who pay for 20 years is really good for us. I can’t imagine paying for college for 20 years.

  34. Bill, as Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You can’t go home again.” Your terms aren’t coming back.

  35. I think that he’s been going all policy-wonky and is covering all of the Republican memes because this is the big prime-time speech that has the biggest audience. He explains the issues clearly enough for people with even half a brain to understand.

  36. Clinton rebutted last week’s entire convention arguments. It has far more policy substance than Romney’s or Ryan’s speeches. And it has the added benefit of being true.

  37. I thought Bubba scored big. The Big Dog was not my favorite Democrat, but damn he is the very best politician during my lifetime. Nuts, as I am, I could listen to him for hours. But what he did, as a former president, it gave credibility to what Prez Obama has attempted, and accomplished; took every repug talking point, repug congresscritters, and destroyed them. I enjoyed that.

    • It was an awesome speech, and I think some of his best lines were off script. I was concerned that going on so long would lose him the crowd, but I was wrong!

      As a popular former President, he’s got a lot of power in this situation, and he fucking loves it. 🙂

  38. It sounds like Bill gave a good speech (I really love not having a TV!) but, though I may have missed something, he also missed an opportunity. He could have punctuated any or all of the debunking with something like “the Republicans are simply lying”. A little extra passion to go with the policy.

    I know i keep harping on this but I do not understand why Dems are so loath to use the word “lie” or any of its derivations. It’s not an obscene word and the only people it should offend are those who are lying.

    • Well Pete, if you do get the opportunity to hear Clinton’s speech, you’ll hear a masterful politician call the opposition “liars” in cutting ways, with facts, without the politcal loaded overhead. It’s all good.

  39. Wonky, beautiful, Bubba…

    Since 1961, 28 years of Republican presidency, 24 years of Democratic. “So what’s the score?” In those years: 24 million jobs created under GOP, 42 million under Democrats. “There’s a reason for it.”

    • The teevee people just said Obama’s speech tomorrow night is supposed to be policy heavy as well. Normally, ugh, but people need to know what the hell is going on in this country.

      I’m constantly stunned at the number of people who aren’t paying attention, or just don’t care. As if not caring means none of this shit will affect them.

      • Oh rest easy. The Prez must do that because he, and his fellow Democrats have been weak in their messaging. Prez Clinton reminded them of that tonight. But be also sure Prez Obama will bring it emotionally also, too.

    • It’s not in his political DNA. But we all knew what he meant. That’s why he’s the political master.

  40. Did Obama speak or just make an appearance this evening?
    I missed most of the convention. Heard most of Clinton.

    • No he didn’t speak, just put himself in the aura of Clinton’s energy. He’s a smart man.

      • Thanks!
        That was a good strategy – I’ve seen the photos – handshake to hug!
        Genuine – that’s the difference between the Repugnant Party and the Dems.

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