Friday Night Music – Free

At the last minute, I got assigned the task to put up a “Music Night” post so here it goes.

As I was searching for songs from my favorite singer/songwriter, I happened upon these two which reference motorcycles.  There is a certain feeling of freedom one gets when riding on a motorcycle.

You choose your topic and go for it.  Tonight, it’s a “free for all”.

87 thoughts on “Friday Night Music – Free

  1. If you’re talking motorcycles… Bob Segar’s Roll me Away and Midnight Rider are two of my favs.

  2. Not your typical Music Night choice. PSY, LMFAO, Dev, Offspring and Bloodhound Gang. There’s no way those five can mash together. Right?

    • Okay then. I like it better than any of the individual songs I’ve heard of before!

      What was that about a cheese stick?

  3. I should know better. Every time I go prowling for music I end up finding Harry Chapin and then I get trapped.

  4. Was it just me who watched Foo Fighters and thought Dave Grohl could cover a Neil Young whenever he wanted?

    This one goes out to the GOP…… to their base that is …

        • Which one is it TtT?

          I’ve tried playing it a few times and get the same message:

          The video you have requested is not available.

          If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process.
          Sorry about that.

            • They are just brilliant with lyrics!

              “James Dean was just a careless driver
              and Marilyn Monroe was just a slag..

              Mary had a little lamb the gynecologist were astounded…”

            • Then there’s:

              Oh darling sugar honey..
              When it was nice and sunny
              And when I had some money
              We would go and see Echo and the Bunny

              Sheer poetry!!!

  5. >a href=””>And its good night frim me and good night from him Goodnight.

  6. Waimanalo Blues Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and friends

    Wind’s gonna blow so I’m gonna go
    Down on the road again
    Starting where the mountains Ieft me
    I’m up where I began

    The beaches they sell to build their hotels
    My fathers and I once knew
    Birds all along sunlight at dawn
    Singing Waimanalo blues

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