Oops, it’s Music Night September 14, 2012

Sorry about being late, people. I could have sworn this was my Friday off. Enjoy!


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      • Here’s what happened dycker, to the best of my memory of 45 years ago. I was living in Santa Barbara, and hanging (we didn’t call it dating back then) with a girl named Suzie, One friday evening she said let’s drive to L.A. and I”ll introduce you to my old friend Linda Ronstadt and her band. Well yeah. So off we went. Upon arriving we were allowed backstage where Linda was sitting on a couch with a guitar in her lap. Intros were made, Suzie sitting next to Linda, and me on a coffee table in front of them. They chatted it up while I sat numb, drooling, inside my head trying to get control of the reality before me. Linda, I’m sure to this day, spoke to me out of pity for my pathetic look, and said “what song of ours do you like?” I answered “shiggaroomadwark” and somehow she interpreted that as “Different Drum” and began to strum and sing it. She was shortly interrupted by someone announcing to her and the band that they had five minutes till stage time. Suzie and Linda said their goodbyes, then Linda turned to me, thanked me for coming, and said “I’ll finish the song out there.” So that’s why I say she sang it to me.

  1. A song called Kajagoogoo, by a band called Kajagoogoo… used in the John Hughes teen romp “Sixteen Candles.”

    I’ve been listening to Kajagoogoo all week on my music player at work. (Yes, I’m a dork. And sadly for all of you, this won’t be the last Kajagoogoo song I post tonight. 😉 )

    Sixteen Candles – Opening Song – YouTube

    Sixteen Candles – Opening Song

    • When we started our Porsche business, we ran ads in Porsche Panorama, the official Porsche Club magazine, and Excellence magazine. Our little joke was that we were ‘nationwide’, and this was our theme song. A couple weeks later, a guy named Mike Evans called us from a distributor named Westex, and asked us why were we on his ‘cold call’ list? We ended up buying more parts from him than all our other sources combined.

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