Dog’s Mead, an old English puzzle

From the Diversions Can Be Fun Department:

I ran across this old number puzzle in a lab magazine of some sort way back in the middle-sixties when I was working in aerospace. Several of us in various labs took a shot at solving it, a task which no one managed to complete in less than a week. But we all finally got it! Some years later I gave a copy to each my dad and my nephew, and they both managed to get it as well.  But by far the majority of folks I know who’ve tried it have either given up or ripped it to shreds in frustration!

Thought I’d post it here, see if there are any takers. 😀

I do apologize for the somewhat limited quality — it’s a scan of a Xerox copy of a typewritten version of the original that one of the secretaries at Martin-Marietta typed for us over her lunch break, iirc.  It is readable, at least, maybe even printable.

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