Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 – Foot Soldiers in the Campaign: A Local Report

First, setting the record straight, I owe Cats a post for creating my music thread two Fridays ago (and yes Gummitch I will be on schedule for this Friday. You have the night off).

Cats and I volunteered this past Saturday for the Obama campaign. We were give a street list and a script and asked to canvas particular addresses of a cluster development in what would be regarded as a solidly middle class neighborhood in eastern Berks County (Pennsylvania). Homes go for $200,000 to $250,000, meaning that a $1500 a month mortgage is shaky if one of the two wage earners in the family looses a job, and suicide watch is on order if the single wage earner of the family stumbles. By the looks of this neighborhood, most folks had their heads above water for the time being. The ‘American Dream’ was being lived in some fashion here. The grass was green and most lawns were cut trim.

Weather affects politics as we know by the age old adage that bad weather on Election Day bodes poorly for Dems. Well good weather also bodes poorly if you are out canvassing when the temperature is 70 degrees and sparse, thin clouds number in the single digits. There were a lot of ‘nobody home’ on our check boxes. Soccer meets, biking and shopping took precedence over mowing the lawn or watching football on TV.

The strategic boiler room cooked up the following strategy (which we did not completely realize until the end of the day): we were to interview the 1 X 4 voters to see which way they leaned, and what were their hot issues. 1 X 4 voters are those who just vote during presidential elections. They are also known as ‘drop-off voters’ and regardless of party affiliation are also ‘low information’ voters. Some of these folks fail to find the time to become informed, some choose not to be informed, and others make the judgment that there vote doesn’t mean much, so voting does not hold great meaning in their lives. In the few interviews we were able to conduct face-to-face, we found folks who stated they were voting for Obama again @1/4 of the sample, some who were undecided (or did not want to revel to us) at about 50% of the sample, and those who were strong Romney supports (some of whom confessed that they were ‘going the other way’ this year back to the Republican side) filling the last quartile.

The purpose of the activity was to bring back a list of supporters (so that they could be called right before the election to be reminded to vote) and the leaners so they could be persuaded to get in the right column on Election Day. We had a list of 100 homes, and probably knocked on 50 doors in 2 and ½ hours. Across the country there were foot soldiers like us grinding out data in the streets on Saturday so that the strategists could fine-tune the next seven weeks. As is frequent in presidential elections, the ‘undecideds’ hold the most sway, as unfair as that might sound. This is no time to sit on the sidelines.

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  1. (Reaching out to the younger generation and encouraging them to let their voice/choices be heard by voting)
    Locally, through Planned Parenthood, we are setting up informational tables at clinics.
    Registering those eligible to vote and encouraging them to do so.
    Phone banking Nevadans reminding them vote by mail is now an option, and encouraging them to take full advantage of the convenience.
    Promoting the V word. Reminding people to not vote against their own best interest. Rebutting the RRs lies…to get out and vote.

    [Getting the word out for “Yes on 34” to end the death penalty in California]

    • Cats, this is the key to the article:
      But once a family receives the exemption, parents are not required to show proof of alternative education.

      Most of the private schools here are affiliated with a church, either Catholic, Church of Christ, or other, but in order to be exempt from compulsory public school attendance, they have to provide the alternative. The reason can be religion, but it doesn’t have to be.

      Just search ‘homeschool curriculum’ to see how much is available online, particularly religion-themed. Who knows what is valid and what is a scam.

        • Only those who claim a religious exemption avoid the requirement to prove their children are learning. If a parent wants to homeschool for other reasons, they must possess a college degree, purchase an approved curriculum. and meet testing requirements. Yes, there has been at least one well publicized case of negligent parents who claimed the religious exemption and then did nothing whatsoever to educate (or in this sad case even provide a decent home) for their children.

  2. Thanks for your ‘boots on the ground’ service, none. This election is going to be more important than any since Ronnie Raygun began the fleecing of the middle class in 1980.

  3. Part Deux of The 47% Solution is released now. Full video to come by the end of the day. This new one is about Mideast peace process and made my head spin.

  4. Just for the record, I truly am offended at WillardRat’s characterization of my parents, 92 and 89 years old being freeloaders. My dad is a WWII Navy vet. He worked two and three jobs during my entire childhood to make sure we had food on the table, a roof over our heads, and proper education and upbringing. My mom also worked parttime at the local DMV for a while, then was a foster parent for the state during my teenage years, helping give 23 infants whose parents were unable to care for them a loving, nurturing home until they could be adopted and given a permanent loving home.
    How dare you, WillardRat, characterize them as freeloaders. Their contribution to our society, along with the contributions of millions of other elderly Americans should not be besmirched by your callous disregard for them.
    We don’t need a rich fratboy prick running this country. Been there, done that, didn’t work.

  5. Morning all. Good post about beating the streets for the election NW. That’s all I am allowed to do … although I have funnelled some funds to my honey this year, but my primary candidate in my district didn’t make it though. I hit the streets for John Kerry in 2004.

  6. Comedian Rob Delaney, Romney’s “Twitter nemesis”, had a serious reaction to Mitt’s unplugged fundraiser comments, recognizing an unsettling similarity between his own alcoholism and the candidate’s apparent duplicity:

    “To drink the way that I did required dishonesty. I lied about where I was going. Who I was with. Why I wasn’t coming in for work. Whether or not I was hung over. Whether I was drunk at any given moment. I lied to myself about my fitness for getting behind the wheel of a car. Individual friends, family members and acquaintances knew pieces of the picture, but never the whole picture. If they had, they’d have known I was in real trouble. So I told one thing to one audience and another to another audience. I’d recalibrate depending on where I was or who I was with. It was selfish. It was lying. So when I lay on the hospital gurney with two broken arms, looking down the barrel of a court date, jail time, surgeries without health insurance, rehab, fines and fees into the tens of thousands, and a reckoning with those who cared about me and those who didn’t, I felt RELIEF. I could tell them the truth: I’m a drunk, I’m responsible for all of this, and I don’t want to do it anymore. It felt really good, like sunlight.

    I was reminded of all of this today when a political candidate had a speech he’d meant for a small, select audience get heard by a much larger audience. It made my stomach turn. I remember that behavior well. It didn’t get me anywhere that I wanted to go.”

  7. You ever have a moment when you read something incorrectly and it just floors you?
    I was just at Politico, and thought I saw the headline “Mitt Romney abruptly shits stragegy”

    Maybe that’s what it should have read…

    • And darkness was upon the face of the campaign workers.

      And they spoke among themselves saying,

      “It is a crock of shit and it stinketh.”

      And the campaign workers went unto their state parties and said,

      “It is a pale of dung and none may abide the odor thereof.”

      And the state party secretary went unto their party chair and said,

      “It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it.”

      And the party chairs went unto their campaign directors, saying,

      “It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide its strength.”

      And the campaign directors spoke among themselves, saying to one another,

      “It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong.”

      And the campaign directors went unto the vice presidential candidate, saying unto him,

      “It promotes growth and is very powerful.”

      And the vice presidential candidate went unto the presidential candidate, saying unto him,

      “The new election strategy will promote the growth and vigor of the country, with powerful effects.”

      And the presidential candidate looked upon the election strategy and saw that it was good.

      This is how shit happens

  8. rob delaney ‏@robdelaney

    “Thought I heard a sonic boom earlier; turns out it was just the Romney campaign’s spine snapping.”

  9. Bob Shrum wonders how, exactly, does Romney bounce back?:

    “What else is left, another foreign crisis? First, that’s when Americans tend to rally around a president, especially one who’s demonstrated coolness, judgment, and a sure sense of command, which is exactly what Obama has done. He’s in an extraordinary position for a Democrat of holding a decided advantage on foreign policy, national security, and fighting terrorism. In contrast, Romney instinctively says the wrong thing, which frequently makes him look not only out of touch but out of his depth, unready for a job that demands the capacity to cope with unanticipated and potentially mortal dangers.

    And Romney won’t make up lost ground by pursuing a makeover on daytime TV. Last week he told Kelly Ripa that he’s a “fan” of Snooki from Jersey Shore and likes to sleep wearing “as little as possible.” The latter elicits an image we didn’t need. The show was taped as the Middle East upheaval escalated. It wasn’t humanizing, but cringe-inducing. “Jersey Shore canceled—and Romney soon will be,” was the reaction of one Republican pro.”

  10. Mitt Romney if elected will make sure more people pay income tax by taking away mortgage interest deduction. Remember when Ronald Reagan took away sales tax and credit card interest deductions? Also by privatizing garbage, water, sewage it is no longer deductible as a a local tax. And of course then they stop letting us deduct state tax on federal tax return.

  11. Paul Krugman fisks 47%Romney47%, on tax paying by age:

    “Thanks to the child tax credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, a fair number of working families with young children pay no income tax; thanks to the exemption on Social Security, many older Americans pay no income tax. But in middle age, close to 80 percent of the population pays income taxes, and even more, of course, pay federal taxes of some kind.

    So the notion that almost half of our citizens are grifters isn’t just vile; it’s also based on a complete misunderstanding of tax realities.”

  12. This one of my favorite accounts on the Twitter. It’s just so wonderful to be reading my feed and suddenly come across these tweets that are totally unrelated to anything going on in the world.

    Occasionally, a tweet will pop up from him that just says “Dig, dig, dig”, “or “Scratch, scratch, scratch,” or, one of my favorites, “Acorn!”. You gotta love Common Squirrel. 🙂

  13. Jonathan Chait on Romney as a “Sneering Plutocrat.”

    Romney explained to reporters tonight that his remarks were not “elegantly stated,” but did not repudiate them as his true beliefs. In fact, it was quite eloquently stated. The Romney speaking to fund-raisers was not the halting, smarmy figure so frequently on public display but an eloquent and passionate orator. He had no reason to believe his donors needed to hear him denounce the poor — they would have been perfectly satisfied with a bromide about how cutting taxes on the rich will create opportunity for one and all. Instead he put himself forward as the hopeful president of the top half of America against the bottom.

    (emphasis mine)

    That was my thought as well. He wasn’t using that irritating tone of voice he uses on the stump. You know what I mean, that whiny complaining tone that ends his sentences on a note that sounds almost like a question. Ugh.

    • How can one eloquently trash 47% of Americans and still consider themselves presidential material? I really believe that if Barack Obama was a 100% white, the polling would be 75% for Obama and 20% for Romney and 5% Undecided.

    • In the remarks last night that he was defending, he was talking about his political strategy of the race. To Romney, he was just explaining what it was going to take to win… I don’t think he gets it at all.

      Reminds me of a woman that was in his congregation in Massachusetts that Romeny told: ” I don’t know why you keep coming to church, you aren’t my kind of Mormon.”

      • He’s like a prince whose only friends were servants who were forced to play with him. He always won, all his jokes were funny, and all his friends loved him more than anyone in the world — the friends who were under threats of a beating or worse.

        Prince Mitt believed it was a real world, and hasn’t figured it out to this day.

  14. Some of these folks fail to find the time to become informed, some choose not to be informed, and others make the judgment that there vote doesn’t mean much, so voting does not hold great meaning in their lives.

    This is one reason I favor the National Popular Vote. It wouldn’t matter if you lived in a red state, a blue state or one in between, your vote would matter if the National Popular Vote law were to pass in enough states and be enacted, even if you didn’t live in one of the states that passed it. States passing the law would award their electoral votes to whichever candidate won the national popular vote, as long as their electoral votes total 270 or more. We need to convince people in solid-colored states that their votes DO mean something when combined with everyone else’s vote. Republicans living in Blue states would cast a meaningful vote for a change. Democrats living in Red states would feel the same pleasure. It’s worth it.

    …and those who were strong Romney supports (some of whom confessed that they were ‘going the other way’ this year back to the Republican side) filling the last quartile.

    I do not understand how anyone who voted for the Democrats could possibly think things would get better under a Republican-controlled government. Are they so unaware of what happened that they can’t see how it was Republican ideas and policies (and Republicans) that put us in this economic situation?

    • Are they so unaware of what happened that they can’t see how it was Republican ideas and policies (and Republicans) that put us in this economic situation?

      Yes, see Nonewhere’s post ‘low-information voters’. Or sheep, whatever you want to call them.

    • Most people didn’t want to spend time talking with us, even though we were a cute looking couple 🙂 These were the people that only vote once every four years. They are low information voters. When I told one woman that women’s issues were a big issue this election she was visibly surprised.

  15. Thanks to all of you that are getting out there for Obama. Political warriors like yourselves are going to be very important to fend off the billionaires.

  16. My sister on FB this morning:

    “In the parking lot of a store in Overland Park, KS, just saw a Lexus SUV driven by an extremely well dresses/coiffed blond suburban mom. Her personalized tag read: OVRTAXD. The irony is staggering.”

  17. I have a question that I hope can get answered here. Why does Israel feel they should have total control of Jerusalem, even making it their capital, when they never had control of it before? And of what significance is Jerusalem to the Jews?

    • That is a long and convoluted tale. It dates back to Abraham and goes through the period of slavery in Egypt that led to Moses taking the Jews back to Israel. Jerusalem is the site of the Holy Temple the 1st Temple having been destroyed in 586BC by the Babylonians which many see as the beginning of the Diaspora. The Diaspora was the dispersal of the Jewish people from Israel. This continued through the Roman occupations in the 1st and 2nd centuries. It wasn’t until the late 19th and early 20th century that the Zionist movement began. You see, God promised to give the Holy Land back to the Jewish people but he didn’t say when and the Zionists believed God needed a nudge.

      • Thanks, Hooda. I appreciate the history lesson. (I do love to learn! :)) If we were to embrace this way of thinking, it would move us one step closer to proving, once and for all, that Religion will be the Death of Mankind.

        • Keep in mind that isn’t even the Reader’s Digest Condensed version. It is an amazingly intricate issue but the basic fact is the Romans officially booted the Jews out of Israel after the Bar Kohba revolt in the 2nd Century ACE and officially named the region Syria Palaestina. It wasn’t until the guilt ridden nastiness of WWII and the Holocaust that they got part of the area back, not by the grace of their god but by UN decree. The UN told them to share but God had never said anything about that so they don’t have to.

        • “If we were to embrace this way of thinking, it would move us one step closer to proving, once and for all, that Religion will be the Death of Mankind.”

          Yeah, right now it’s only a basketball sized hemorrhoid on mankind.

        • Jews do not consider Jesus the Messiah so the New Covenant only applies to those folks who accept Jesus as such. Doesn’t matter if they were Jewish or not. The Jews are still waiting for the first coming of the Messiah.

          • That’s right, he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

            Jon Stewart made some great points about censorship, film, violence all wrapped up in the Terry Jones, no not *that* Terry Jones link to last week’s lunacy

          • I suppose the Jews feel about the Christos, the same way that the Christos feel about the Mormons – kind of ‘What the f**k is it that you believe again? Seriously?’

      • “My sky wizard says your house and back garden belongs to me”

        Hooda, you skated over the bit where the sky wizard told Chuck Heston that the land of Canaan, though occupied by large numbers of people at the time, could either be slaughtered wholesale or consent to have their foreskins lopped off. Yahweh was a bit of a c***, eh? Probably still is.

        Anyhow, Jerusalem (because of the location of the temple of Solomon) is the primary holy site for the Red Sea Pedestrians, the #1 for the Christos (because of the stiff on a stick) and I think #3 for the Muslims but I am at a loss to say why…

        • The Temple Mound is where Mohammed ascended to heaven if I recall correctly.

          For the life of me I can’t understand why a deity would pick a rocky cat litter box as the holiest place on Earth. To do so 3 times is truly astonishing.

          • Add to that that he chose to select said ‘cat litter box’ “far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy’ on ‘a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-eight million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet’ where he chose this ‘cat litter’ box.

          • The Ascendancy of Mo story seems like a bit of a power grab to me – I mean mo was transported by winged horses from the desert to Jerusalem *before* he did his lift-of stunt….. I suspect that the writer’s of the Qu’ran are…. kinda making that up…. yes just that bit – the rest is all totally kosher 😉

    • “The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.””

      From Wikipedia. Interestingly enough, the US has seldom been signatory to these sorts of laws and holds itself above the International Court system.

  18. I’m sensing Breaking News on the twitter:

    • The PA Supreme Court are cowards. The lower court must prove that everyone that needs a voter ID can get one by November 6th. Today, I saw that the state will pay for transportation for seniors to get to a photo ID place which is at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Most counties in PA have only one location. Places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have more. What the state doesn’t mention is that people have to wait for HOURS just to get their picture taken for the photo ID.

  19. Here’s a link where you can see the e-mails the Daily Caller received for their story about how Media Matters is working with the Justice Department “to target critics.” You can see what’s written for yourself. So far, glancing through them (because scrutinizing them would require magnification and better lighting, not to mention not having whatever it is I’ve got that made me stay home from work today), I see requests by MMFA to the DOJ asking for clarification on facts, usually about spending for F&F. I see the DOJ commenting on great stories by MMFA. I see the DOJ asking if they’ve seen or heard something, because the mission of MMFA is to combat conservative misinformation in the media. And even if George Soros did fund MMFA (he did not, at least directly, but he has given money to the Tides Foundation, which does give money to MMFA, so in RW world, he gives to MMFA directly), so what? He’s a private citizen and he’s allowed to help fight conservative misinformation in the media. So what if he was foreign-born? One of the people he’s fighting against is also foreign-born.

      • Both the Papal Mitre AND the Papal Pants went ablaze both spon- and simul-taneously. Later he told reporters that he was just doing his Richard Pryor impersonation for the College of Cardinals at their monthly Young Future Priests gathering. “The kids love it,” the Pontiff said.

    • “My wife …. says I can’t come out this evening. Yes I know I was supposed to give the sequel to the Sermon on the Mount tonight and go for beers afterwards, but I haven’t finished building the bookshelves I promised her yet and I’m supposed to watch the kids later too. The Other Mary is coming by and they have seats at the Greco-Roman wresting federation bout tonight. Sorry Pete, you can tell the rest of the boys, right? “

    • She repeatedly cautioned that this fragment should not be taken as proof that Jesus, the historical person, was actually married. The text was probably written centuries after Jesus lived, and all other early, historically reliable Christian literature is silent on the question, she said.

      ALL the gospels were written long after both Jesus and his disciples died.

  20. QOTD II:

    “The overall impression of Romney at this event is of someone who overheard some conservative cocktail chatter and maybe read a conservative blog or two, and is thoughtlessly repeating back what he heard and read,” – Rich Lowry, NRO

  21. “My sky wizard says your house and back garden belongs to me”

    Reminds me of an infamous mistranslation in a computer game from the 90’s:

    All your base are belong to us – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    All your base are belong to us” (often shortened to “All Your Base“, “AYBABTU“, or simply “AYB“) is a broken English phrase that became an Internet phenomenon or meme. The text comes from the opening cutscene of the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive version of the video game Zero Wing[1] by Toaplan, which was badly translated from the original Japanese version.
    The meme developed from this as the result of a GIF animation depicting the opening text[1] which was initially popularized on the Something Awful message forums.[2]

  22. QOTD III:

    “Running for president in the YouTube era, you realize you have to be very judicious in what you say. You have to be careful with your humor. You have to recognize that anytime you’re running for the presidency of the United States, you’re on,” – Mitt Romney, in a 2007 interview.

    But also, too, why didn’t Willard dump the Swiss accounts six years ago? Charlie Trippi: “He just seems impervious to what things sound like or look like and that they make people who otherwise might vote for him very wary.”


  23. It’s been many years since I skimmed parts of the Book of Mormon and mostly I just recall that it sounded even crazier than the Buybull. However; I seem to recall in my reading about world religions that the LDS is no kinder to Jews than they are to those who suffer “the mark of Cain”. Even before modern genetics it was a scientific certainty that the First Nations were not Israelites who came here 2,000 years ago and built huge cities and fought great wars.

    I still hope that someone from outside the official Obama campaign would ask some questions about what Mittens really believes. With his ability to shoot himself in the foot there’s a very good chance that he would alienate mainstream Christians, Jews, and even members of his own cult.

  24. Come November 7th, Romney can stay in the public eye by starring in his own gaffe-filled reality-TV show. He can start his own genre: the Mittcom.

  25. I would like to have the opportunity to explain to Mittens that I paid for my SS and Medicare with sweat, pain, and blood. Thanks to committing the horrible crime of getting sick before retirement age I lost everything but my government stipend and I STILL PAY TAXES!!!

    I pay those taxes gladly as the price of living in a civilized nation. I also contribute what I can directly to my community to help those who are less fortunate than I am. Whether it’s the monthly $10.00 to our own private food shelf or slipping the ice cream man another $10.00 so that the skinny kid with a sad look can have a cold treat despite having no money; I feel an obligation to do all I can to ensure that I don’t let any kid go hungry. Technically, I live in poverty but I live simply and, if I don’t drink too much beer, I can even afford a few luxuries like an aquarium, internet access, and even a cheap, Chinese or Czech, model airplane every few months. I see people every day who are much less fortunate and none of them are “moochers”. In fact, sometimes offering help is like pulling teeth because they all have a deep and abiding pride that compels them to resist taking charity of any kind.

    Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t seek the opportunity to educate Mittens. I’ve never struck another human being in anger but there’s a high probability that I would take one look at his smug visage and punch him in the throat so that I could enjoy the spectacle of him turning purple and gasping for air.

    • Mittens has no concept of reality thus does not recognize gestures of kindness to assist those in need as noble and proper gestures.
      When did their (Rmoney and his ilk) interpretation of gawd turn to selfishness? The book/buybull speaks of assisting the less fortunate and this is, supposedly, their ‘guiding light’…its gone very dim indeed.

  26. Mitt, hold up your right hand.
    Make a fist.
    Extend the index finger vertically.
    Extend the thumb horizontally.
    Place upon forehead and smile vacantly.

  27. Are you still out there, vinylspear? Assuming that I don’t suffer any hits to my budget I’m going to be getting a scale glider for my winter project. It has a fiberglass fuse and I’ll have to build the wings, which are 102″ long, and it’s just over $100.00. Here’s a pic of a bigger one.

    • Foam core with sheeting or ribs and spar?
      My problem with airplanes of any size is that I can’t stop at one.
      It doesn’t look like a flat bottom airfoil.
      You will most likely have to build a fixture for the wing which isn’t a big deal.
      !02 isn’t that big if it’s in two section.
      You can never have too much flat space for assembly.

      • Ribs and spars with carbon fiber “spar caps” AND balsa sheeting.

        I’m retired and still want to lose a little more weight so it makes sense to buy planes instead of beer.

        It’s not flat bottomed but I’ve built all kinds of airfoils and that doesn’t scare me. Judging by the reviews it’s fully aerobatic up to and including inverted flight and outside loops.

        It is two pieces, with a carbon fiber joiner, but it’s about as big as I dare fly from the local field even with flaps. (There’s a very similar model with a 4 meter wing for $220.00 as a “special clearance sale” but that’s just too effing big.)

        I have a 6’X3′ cork-topped building table that my dad built but I have to reclaim it from the friend I left it with when I took a break from the hobby. He’s going to be very disappointed!

        I’m also going to commit an unforgivable sin and saw the nose off to take a motor. From reading reviews of the kit it sounds like others have done the same with good results and the weight of the motor and bigger battery just about equals the lead that the guys are using to balance the “pure” glider.

          • Yep. Folding prop.

            Even if I was willing to inconvenience others with a hi-start I’m just to old and lazy to chase a silly parachute around and I really like the option of hitting the power if I get in trouble.

            Another great thing about the new electric motors is that, thanks to a smoother torque curve, one can swing a really big and efficient prop. My little 2 meter has an 11″ prop that, with about the same horsepower as a .10 cubic inch glow engine, will climb vertically out of sight in less than 30 seconds. If I get the DG-1000 I’ll use a motor that will swing a 13″ or 14″ prop though i won’t try and get vertical climbs.

    • Why would fundies believe the science behind disproving there’s a God when they don’t believe the science proving there IS climate change?

      • Yeah, you’re right. It is physics, and astrophysics, and requires critical thinking skills to even partially wrap one’s brain around it… Sooo, that purty much slams the door on that toe.

    • They already Believe that the sole purpose of science is to “disprove God” so they run away from it like a plague rat with AIDS and a big effing gun. They are totally impervious to simple facts.

  28. James Carter IV was less than underwhelming on Hardball talking about he came across the Mitt Unplugged video and offered pretty much nothing of interest.

    • They shouldn’t have booked him unless they had more to offer than what he already said in his story about it. It’s not his fault they wanted something that wasn’t there. From what I understand, James simply got the person in touch with David Corn and then stepped back and let the professional journalist handle it from there.

  29. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Akin found a picture with two women, other than his wife, were standing next to him. One of those women was a Democratic “tracker” who was there to report what the wingnuts were up to. Now? The “Women for Akin” site has been taken down. I really don’t understand why these stupid freaks survive to adulthood. I guess it’s because they are sociopaths.


    • Has anyone told Toddster he can find lots of women who will be in his videos?
      They cost about $100 an hour, but most any evening a stroll in an urban environment would turn up several.

    • How soon they forget the internet knows all, sees all and will report all.
      Akin (typical Repugnant Party member) is impressed with his own self importance and doesn’t see beyond the tip of his nose.

        • Oh yeah, those photos. I don’t agree with those spying on Kate or any other celebrity. It’s a shameful way to make a living. I did read a bit about it and apparently she was ‘adjusting her top’. Really! I know my wife wouldn’t be caught dead even remotely exposing herself in the great outdoors. I know the younger generation isn’t ‘in the know’ on privacy but surely Kate should know better than that!

          • Brits are nearly as up tight as we are but, in general, Europeans are far more casual about nudity. She may have also felt that the security detail had the photographers at bay.

          • She wasn’t ‘adjusting her top’. She was applying lotion to William’s back in one pic, and she’s stretched on a lounge chair in a couple. The photos are a bit grainy so they were taken from long range.
            She would have fared better to smile, shrug her shoulders, and say ‘so what’, and let it go.

            • She and her husband were sun bathing and the photos were apparently shot from a great distance. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing remotely, er, titillating about them. She’s a flat-chested, fit, athletic English aristocrat. Beautiful woman, but not ready for page 3. I wonder if the lawsuit and outrage comes from her and her Willy, or the Royal Fambly. Or maybe some PR person decided the photos weren’t getting enough press.

  30. Aw crap!

    The local Kwickie-Mart is managed by two brothers from Egypt and I just got back from a run. Some stupid assholes smashed the front windows and painted anti-Muslim shit across the front last night. It’s not the first time the store has been vandalized. I really hate hateful people but here’s the kicker:

    The store is actually an American owned chain that the brothers don’t own, the brothers are Coptic Christians who sell porn and pork and 3.2 beer, and the perps’ license plate was caught on the security cameras and they’ve been arrested.

  31. The entire front page of Media Matters is a fine selection of people who hate anyone who will never hand them a check.


    BTW. I’m really disappointed that MMfA switched to Disqus. It used to be a cozy little community but now it’s just another host for flame wars between trolls and those who can’t resist feeding them. I’m sure they’re happy with the higher thread counts but it seems like most of the old guard, like me, have stopped commenting.

    • As long as sites like Crooks and Liars, Democratic Underground, and Firedoglake have workable systems without either Disqus or Facebook, I’ll cut none of them any slack. I never could read the comments on my old phone at MMfA because the nested replies resulted in a single column of letters down the right edge of the display that went on for miles. Pre-Disqus Think Progress worked well on that phone, as did WordPress blogs, DU, and C&L.

      • Thanks, but this crap takes a few days to kick. Monday was really the first day, as it kept me up a lot Sunday night. If you go to the doctor, all they do is rule out strep, which I have had, so I know this isn’t it. They don’t even give you antibiotics anymore, usually all I get now is a scrip for Nasonex, which hurts worse than the symptoms, and doesn’t seem to help. They would rather I didn’t take a decongestant so my blood pressure stays down, so I use that only as a last resort.

        • Sinus infections are horrible. I used to get one or two a year but, since I rarely hang out with anyone who might give me “kid germs”, I’ve been spared for awhile. I can’t speak to blood pressure or drug interactions but I used to get some relief from Triaminic during the day and good ol’ fashioned Ny-Quil at night. The last few bad attacks I’ve had were also relieved a bit by Naproxen that I take for my neck pain.

  32. Romney’s fatal word: “Victims”
    Two of the most potent things in political commercials – a candidate’s own words in his own voice and the opinions of ordinary voters, in their own voices.

  33. In his 50-year career covering politics, Dan Rather says he’s never seen anything to compare with the Mitt Unplugged video as far as damaging a campaign.

  34. What “librul media”? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this before. A candidate actually managed to complain and get a political ad pulled from a station that is widely regarded, by Reichwhiners, to be somewhere left of Mao. And it’s because he claims it was inaccurate!

    This is the same station that has gleefully taken Batscat Bachmann’s money and even gave her a full hour on their Sunday morning show to whine and lie about being “ambushed” and “tricked” and “taken out of context” by Tweety when she channeled McCarthy. Frankly, Chipper doesn’t bother me so much because he doesn’t show up all over the “news” every so often and make people ask me “WTF is wrong with Minnesota” but I find it very interesting that Reichwhiners are still whining about “librul bias” when the station PULLED THE AD”.


  35. Look for GOP Super PACs to jump all over this.

    “The trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some [wealth] redistribution — because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

  36. I saw a headline somewhere on the web that asked (about yesterday) “Is this the day Romney lost the Presidency?”. I read something similar after his stupid response last week after the events in Libya. I can’t remember a candidate ever having two potential days in which he f’d up so badly that he may lose in one week. Some donors must be having a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

  37. Ann Romney: Mitt Doesn’t Disdain The Poor

    The saddest rapid response… The Romney campaign just uploaded a video with the title “Ann Romney to FOX31: Mitt Doesn’t Disdain the Poor.” UPDATE: Apparently the campaign has removed the video from their official account

    Ann is a sad, sorry soul.

    (She states he was ‘taken out of context’)

    • Shouldn’t you be in bed young man? It’s a school night.

      We all keep thinking Rmoney is toast – yet he’s not sinking as quickly as one would figure.
      The buoyancy of all the money must be a bit of ‘saving grace’.

      What will be the final thrust to end his misery?

      • Well Obama is still black. That gets a lot of voters against him.

        It always amazes me how Republicans never seem to want to vote FOR their candidate. But they are always certain they want to vote AGAINST the Democrat.

        What a sad existence they must lead.

        (Couldn’t sleep. Thought reading about Romney would put me right out. I may have to go to plan B and fire up a Perry Como album.)

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