Music Night: Oh Brother…

Back in the late 1940’s and through 1950s there were a ton of brother bands mostly in country and bluegrass – the Louvin Brothers, Everly Brothers, Stanley Brothers, Monroe Brothers (Bill teamed up with brother Charlie for a short while) and the Osborne Brothers are a few that come to mind. Fewer brother acts arrived in the 60’s. Though their discography has several LP’s and live recorded performances, most thought of the Chambers Brothers as one hit wonders with their Time Has Come Today . The Smothers Brothers, more of a novelty act than serious performers ended up hosting their own variety show, pushing limits at the time, which got them canned by the network. The Neville Brothers are the only recent act that I can think of that retained the ‘Brothers’ in the name, though there have been other bands featuring brothers. This is where you come in. Go to the well for the better known or esoteric brother bands. You have 4:17 to come up with something while these pseudo brothers cover the classic.


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  1. A comment: “heο»Ώ plays better with his face than most people do with there hands”

  2. KZOO signing off. Remember be cool, but if you can’t be cool, be as cool as you can…Enjoy the Cannonball… πŸ™‚

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