September 28, 2012 Music Night!

If for some reason you’re unfamiliar with The Walkabouts, it may be time to catch up. I find Carla Torgerson’s voice hypnotic. They were originally a Sub Pop band out of Seattle, but their real fan base has been in Europe for a long time. (And it turns out that the two founders went to my alma mater). Cool video, too.


82 thoughts on “September 28, 2012 Music Night!

    • After all the years of listening to the version by The Crystals, her voice sounds too rich and professional for that song.

  1. Xanadu was a rather dorky movie but it had some interesting music. I like this one though I am more partial to the Swing part. The synthesis at the end was fun. Dancin

  2. In Canada our radio stations, by law, have to have a certain percentage of Canadian content. It’s an awesome law that enables people like Danny Michel, Dan Mangan, Hey Rosetta (Father John got mixed in there), Luc Ducet and Melissa McClelland (below) and a whole host of great Canadian talent to get noticed.

    Whitehorse: “Broken”

    Whitehorse: “Emerald Isle”

    Luc Ducet: “Sundown” (Classic Gordon Lightfoot song)

    • Truly appreciate your posting new, to me anyway, music/talent/performers!
      Good for Canada giving the opportunity to expose this talent.

      • If we didn’t do that years ago, it probably would be impossible today. It’s just amazing how many talented people there are out there.

  3. House, I think you and luwslips must have been separated at birth. Truly amazing you posted the same artist and song at the exact same time β€” 9/28/12 8:51pm over at C&L!

    • He did the same thing with General Jack on Van Morrison just before that.

      I would have beat him if I’d only done the first song, plus I use html code and he just pastes the URL directly in.

    • I can’t carpet bomb ’em in there the way he does though. I go for surgical strikes. πŸ˜€

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