The Watering Hole, Saturday, September 29, 2012 – Ann Romney, Surrogate Liar

In a recent interview with a Nevada television station, Ann Romney, in addition to confessing should her husband outdo the more heavily favored snowball in Hell and actually win the election this November, said that her main concern would be for his “mental health.” But she also said something that reinforces a common right-wing lie. She said, “This economy has been under his control for the last four years, and we have seen no jobs,” Romney said. “It’s been a jobless recovery.” That is not true.

Most Americans do not know how their U. S. Senate operates. It is not exactly a democratic (small-“d”) institution. A minority of Senators, even a single Senator, can stop legislation from even being debated, let alone voted on. The Senate operates primarily through unanimous consent. A Senator will rise and say, “Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to consideration of the bill such-and-such.” The presiding President of the Senate asks, “Is there objection?” If any Senator stands up and says, “I object,” the motion is not agreed to and nothing further happens with the bill. The objecting Senator not only does not have to state the reason for his or her objection, they do not even have to be personally present to object. It can be done through a proxy. This maneuver can even be used when the other 99 Senators favor passing the motion in question. And if that doesn’t work (and it often has), there is always the threat of a filibuster to block action.

The filibuster was the reason why Ann Romney was repeating a lie. In order to get anything done in the Senate, you have to have 60 votes to bring cloture, an end to debate. Despite having a majority in the Senate, the Democrats have not had the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster for most of Obama’s term. In fact, he’s only had the 60 votes (counting two Independents, one of which was not reliable) for about four months, not two years. The Republican Party has used the filibuster many times this Congress to block legislation that would actually benefit average Americans. They even used the filibuster to block the Veterans Jobs Bill. That bill now must go back to committee and won’t come up for another vote until after the election. And don’t get me started on the GOP’s refusal to even consider raising taxes on anyone, even those who could easily afford it and wouldn’t miss it.

There is no honor in the Republican tactics used to block legislation from passing. Oftentimes, the motion in question would have the support of a majority of Senators (true, most of them Democrats, but that’s how Democracy works), but Republicans would band together to prevent it from coming to a final vote just because they would lose and President Obama and the Democrats would win. No other reason. It’s not a question of what’s morally right or wrong, it’s simply a refusal to let the democratically-elected majority do what the country sent them to Congress to do. We can’t let them have even forty Senators in the next Congress, or President Obama will achieve nothing in his second term. A term, by the way, the Republican strategy was designed to prevent. Do they have any ideas that will work?

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    • It would be interesting to see what those percentages of overhead translate in actual dollars. Provider overhead in administration having to deal with the paperwork for each HMO is also a factor. One provider=one set of paperwork.

  1. if it has been a ‘jobless recovery’, how do they explain this? Even using January 2009 as their starting point, which isn’t when Obama policies arrested the decline, he is now in positive territory for job recovery.

    Also, I don’t think we will need a sixty vote majority to move legislation in the Senate next year. Harry Reid, or whoever becomes Majority Leader, will have to change the Senate rules at the initial session, and they should end the policy of ‘holds’, and blocking routine conduct of Senate business. They should also end the filibuster for appointments, so the President can get a simple majority to put his team to work, and fill judicial vacancies. Of course, we have to keep a majority and take back the House or passing bills without compromise is a moot point.

    • Rancid Probe (HT: somebody around here) knew exactly what he was getting when he hired the odious Nathan Sproul. That’s why he hired him! Sproul is a team player, ifyouknowhatimean.

    • Paul Ryan does NOT support free speech. Remember when the tea baggers where shouting and disrupting town halls? What I don’t remember is seeing the tea baggers being arrested. And I understand that Paul Ryan is a member of the tea bag party.

  2. Do they have any ideas that will work?

    Yes. Their ideas of global free trade, union busting, and deregulating have worked very, very well, for the very, very wealthy.

  3. How stupid are they? Well, a local radio host has startling “evidence” that there is no drought. His “evidence”? The golf courses are lush and green. The golf courses that have sprinklers that are on every night! Then he went on to say that there is no global warming because leaves are changing. Of course, he has no idea that most trees change color due to the days getting shorter rather than temperature and many of the others change color if there isn’t enough rain. Those trees that don’t change until there is a killing frost will hang on to green leaves for quite some time but he won’t be able to see them.

      • No! No!! No!!! They have water because God gave Minnesota 10,000 lakes.

        Seriously. I have seen people say that we won’t ever have to worry about water because “we don’t live in a desert”. No mention, of course, of whether that water will actually be fit to drink if big corporations get their way.

        • I don’t think anyone is dipping buckets into the lakes and carrying the water to the golf courses 🙂 There needs to be infrastructure to transport the water. Yet they hate big government. What a bunch of dipsticks.

  4. Despite having the Go Daddy logo down almost to her waist on the back of her driving suit, Danica’s hair covers it completely when she doesn’t tuck it up or tie it. 😀

    • I was soaring with gulls yesterday and I’m heading out to the country today. With any luck I’ll fly with the local vultures and, since we are going to have a crowd, I might even get some pics or video.

  5. There are lying surrogates and then there are “with surrogates like that who needs enemies” surrogates. I give you Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway who compared the situation of Akin, her longtime client, to notorious cult leader David Koresh in a radio interview on Thursday.

    You’re doing it wrong, Kellyanne.

  6. Watching an insane college football game. 3 minutes to go in regulation and it’s
    West Virginia 70
    Baylor 63.

    Geno Smith the WV quarterback has more TD passes than incompletions.
    43 of 49 for 635 yds and 8 TDs.
    So far.

    • Proof positive that Obama is a failure as a President. Just look at all the things he couldn’t get bipartisan support from the party that swore to obstruct everything he wanted to do to help this country.


  7. Former Gov. David Paterson (D-N.Y.) and his wife have separated, a Paterson spokesman confirmed Saturday to the New York Post and the Daily News.

    The separation apparently blindsided Paterson.

  8. Uh-oh. The voter registration fraud in Florida just got interesting. Not for nothing, but just because the Right confuses voter registration fraud with voter fraud does not mean people on the Left have to, also. They are two distinct things. One is simply registering under false pretenses, while the other involves actually trying to fraudulently cast a ballot.

    Update [4:41 PM]

    It just been reported by Fox 31 in Denver today that the young woman in the video is tied to Strategic Allied Consulting, the Nathan Sproul-led company tied to Republican voter fraud:

    And FOX31 Denver has confirmed that the young woman seen registering voters outside a Colorado Springs grocery store in a YouTube video, in which she admits to trying to only register voters who support Mitt Romney, was indeed a contract employee of Sproul’s company.
    Nobody, I think, will be surprised by this news, or by the fact that Republican denials of guilt were about as valueless as usual.

    • I think the first clue that it was bullshit was that the Mayans predicted the end of the world yet never saw their own collapse coming.

        • A small caveat, possibly. We don’t know that much about what the Mayans thought because the Holy Fathers destroyed almost every bit of written information they had when the Conquistadors came to town.

    • I’ve often wondered about that, Wayne. It has to do with cultural perspective. Two thousand years ago the Jews were waiting for a Messiah from the House of David. They are still waiting but the group who decided the First Coming happened with this Jesus fellow have been spending a great deal of effort over the last twelve hundred years claiming their apocalyptic prophesies are going to happen any day now.

      So just what would be the fun of making predictions if they didn’t include the end of the world so they can scare the crap out of people?

    • I’ve only had Lyme disease once, but let it go so long that I started slurring my speech before my family practitioner caught it. I required IV antibiotics which did cure me, but required a prolonged fight with the insurance company who rescinded their approval mid-treatment. Want to fight Lyme? Take the profit motive our of health care system Mitt.

      • A friend and co-worker of mine was one of the first people in our area to get Lyme Disease. They didn’t know what it was. He even had to undergo a spinal tap. They finally figured out antibiotics would work, but not until after he suffered for many months. He’s better now.

  9. If Willard does indeed trot out some “zingers,” he’ll be forever known as Romney Dangerfield.

  10. Pleasant to read good news for:

    Raven – delighted you’ve made it through another season and on the way to good things in your wintering ground!

    Zooey, plying the needle in top notch fashion garnering a following – excellent!

    Wayne, adding to the burgeoning followers is sterling! Congratulations!

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