The Watering Hole, Thursday, October 4th, 2012: Distractions

After last night’s surprisingly disappointing Presidential debate, I think we could all use a distraction. So here’s a few of my favorite photos. If I’ve posted any of these before, just move on to the next photo. Hope you enjoy them.

Lissa and Preston

Sunset over Pawling

Dulcinea and Tippy napping

Watercolor Gladiolus

Break in the Clouds (over the Hudson River)

Break in the Clouds over the Hudson River/2

Lissa and her clean ears

Feel any better?

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111 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, October 4th, 2012: Distractions

  1. A week or so ago fatherbob wrote he’d be 60 *soon*. No indication how soon was now or if now is too soon or not soon enough…
    Happy Birthday, fatherbob ~ ! ~ (when e’er it be)

    • I’ve been thinking of changing my gravatar to Lissa and her ears, ’cause she has that “what are YOU looking at, pal!” look on her face. Funny, usually cats’ ears pop back to normal in a few seconds after they’ve turned inside out – Lissa’s ears stayed that way for at least 10 minutes while I took several photos.

  2. Because of his aggression and rehearsed statements, the media will claim that Romney won the debate. But did he manage to do what was needed to pull him ahead? Romney did NOT appear more likable nor did he appear to be more in touch with the middle class. I’m not sure he sounded sincere which is what he needed in order to convince people that he was telling the truth. It was Mr. Etch-a-sketch that attended the debate.

    What was a disaster was Obama’s demeanor. He was “too polite” which made him appear weak.

    Then there was the format for this debate. It was like a free for all with Romney determining the content of the debate. Lehrer allowed Romney to interrupt and Lehrer’s questions were “explain how your plan differs” which gave Romney room to set the agenda. Romney always made sure that he got the last word regardless of whether he answered first or second. This made Romney appear pushy which is unlikeable.

    I hope Obama is more aggressive at the next debate. The problem with debating Romney is that no one knows which Romney will show up.

    • At this point, I don’t think that Obama was being ‘smart like a fox’ and allowing Rmoney enough rope to hang himself. He did however, get Rmoney to say crazy shit like ‘No tax cut will impact the deficit’. Now he just needs an opportunity (last debate?) to insist that he provide the numbers to prove that crazy shit.

  3. The following was what was reported after the first Bush vs. Kerry debate in October 2004:

    “The Newsweek survey polled more than 1,000 registered voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points. Newsweek’s post-debate poll showed 61 percent of respondents said Kerry won, 19 percent said Bush won and 16 percent said they were undecided.”

    That was a whopping 42 percent margin victory by Kerry, and what is amazing is how only 19 percent thought Bush had won. And that was from a real poll. Guess what Romney’s margin of victory is according CNN’s insta-poll? The same 42 percent. And Kerry won the election, right?

    • Yeah, I don’t think debates determine who is going to win. At one time, debates may have had an impact but in today’s world of 24 hour news and the Internet, most people have heard from both candidates prior to the debates.

      • Voter fraud is a far better tool for victory than debates. Keywords in 2004: Kerry_Ohio_Diebold — now become, in 2012, Widespread_Voter_Suppression.

        Sans fraud, how could any Republican ever get elected?

  4. Amy Davidson lists seven lost opportunities for Obama to smack Willard:

    Romney: “You said you get a deduction for getting a plant overseas. Look, I’ve been in business for twenty-five years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.” Here are a few things he might have said, and didn’t: a) “Sounds like you have a lot of experience moving jobs overseas.” b) “Governor, you’re the one who is wrong. You might even find that deduction in the hundred of pages of your own returns” c) “I don’t know, Governor, based on what we know about the rate of taxes you pay, you might want to keep that accountant.”

    Read more

  5. Think anyone that was going to vote for Obama before the debate changed their mind and decided to vote for Romney after the debate? and vise-versa?

    If this is a battle for those who, after all this time, after all this Republican obstructionism, etc., still haven’t made up their minds, do you think Romney’s attitude and style won any of them over to his camp?

    Is it odd that the debate between Invisible Obama and Invisible Mitt also had Mitt interrupt Obama, and Obama being polite about it?

  6. Wow! It appears that Obama was all too calm and Romney was allowed to spout off myth after myth and lie after lie. Typical bully tactics. If Obama goes too hard after Romney then it’s Obama that looks desperate. Tough one.

  7. i think Obama was unprepared for the full frontal assault. i also think Jim Lehr laid down and let Rmoney take control of the 90 minutes.

    i also knew it was over when the president displayed that first full-teeth nervous smile. you knew he was in trouble, and you knew he knew he was in trouble

    • Right now it seems that the person coming in for the heaviest criticism is Lehr. Not from the Right, of course, because they loved every minute of Romney’s rudeness.

  8. Chait hails the return of “Massachusetts Mitt” – something that Obama didn’t appear to have seen coming:

    “Tonight’s debate saw the return of the Mitt Romney who ran for office in Massachusetts in 1994 and 2002. He was obsessive about portraying himself as a moderate, using every possible opening or ambiguity – and, when necessary, making them up – to shove his way to the center. Why he did not attempt to restore this pose earlier, I cannot say. Maybe he can only do it in debates. Or maybe conservatives had to reach a point of absolute desperation over his prospects before they would give him the ideological space. In any case, he dodged almost every point in the right wing canon in a way that seemed to catch Obama off-guard.”

    Tomasky agrees that Romney “suddenly became the moderate Massachusetts governor again”:

    “There’s no use pretending this doesn’t shake up the race. It surely does. How much, none of us knows. The Democratic spinners need to get busy on the fact-checking front. But this is mostly about Obama. Romney caught him totally flatfooted with the Rockefeller Republican move, and Obama didn’t know how to respond. If this is the new Romney, he’d better figure out how.”

  9. So did I call it or was it worse?

    “Obama will successfully conduct himself without reacting defensively to any questions, he will use enough facts to make his points and also to counterpoint that Rmoney doesn’t have any good facts. He won’t attack Rmoney at all.

    Rmoney will lie his ass off and get away with it.

    The lamestream media will declare Rmoney the winner because he doesn’t stand on his dick”.

    – El Tel – 8:46am yesterday

  10. Romney didn’t change the fact that his policies would be detrimental to women and the poor.

    • And she doesn’t even have thumbs!

      I hope you like it. I remember you said you liked that scent. Remember to give me feed back!

      BTW, all y’all Critters and Zoosters I gave soap in Portland, I’m waiting for feedback! I’ve only heard from Cats so far.

        • My apologies QZ for not responding sooner, but I just started using your soap three days ago, and it works! I agree with Cats, it is not harsh on my skin, and the afterglow is…well…
          it’s marvelous. 🙂

  11. There’s good news today. The global warming hoax is over! Late yesterday PM, my outdoor thermometer had us at 93.8F; this morning at dawn it was 33.6F, a drop of more than 60 degrees! Had to wear long pants, long sleeves, and gloves on my morning six-miler. If this keeps up, ocean levels should quickly drop back to normal as the Arctic ice cap rebuilds itself! I figure maybe a week or two and all will be well with the planet!!

    Somebody drop a note to Jim Inhofe and tell him, in case he missed it. He hasn’t said “I told you so” for several months, and I’m anxious to see if he remembers how!

    Quick question: could a debate a couple hours up the freeway from here — one that featured Mitt Romney — actually cause enough chill in the air to eliminate global warming entirely and forever? Hmmm.

  12. I find it wiser not to guess what Obama’s plans are. If he was having problems last night I think it was because Romney’s new plans contradicted everything he said to the wingnuts. Or maybe he thinks striking closer to the election would be more beneficial.

    • I don’t think Obama has ever been a very good debater. I agree with you that it is difficult to know which Mitt one should prepare to debate.

      • My thoughts exactly. It’s hard to predict which Mitt Romney will show up for a debate. The only thing that is certain is that everyone of these Mitts is a liar.

      • I have to agree with you. The Obama I saw last night is the same Obama who waited patiently for McCain and Hillary to speak and attack him and then calmly state his points. I wouldn’t have had as much restraint in calling Romney a liar.

  13. ….which brings me to Ezra Klein:

    “…which Romney voters will be choosing if they mark his name on the ballot. The Romney who endorsed the House Republican budget and chose its author as his running mate? Or the Romney who seemed to have no use for the Ryan budget and barely mentioned his running mate? The Romney who wants to cut $7 trillion from the budget over the next decade? Or the Romney who won’t name any spending cuts beyond PBS? The Romney who says he wants to give every state the opportunity to do what Massachusetts did in health care, which would mean handing over quite a bit in federal funding to fund those efforts, just as the federal government funded Massachusetts’ efforts? Or the Romney whose health-care plan spans less than 400 words and includes no plausible mechanisms by which other states could copy Massachusetts’ success? The Romney who talks movingly of bipartisan compromise? Or the Romney who says he wouldn’t accept a $1 in tax increases even if paired with $10 in spending cuts?”

  14. Oh gag! The local Reichwhiners are gloating that Mittens kicked ass despite the “librul” moderator. If Jim Lehrer had functioned as a “librul” the debate would have been very, very, different. And I still can’t understand why debate moderators never comment about lies.

    • Lehrer was not a “moderator” but simply a facilitator for the Romney sales job, which flummoxed Obama, in the worst public performance bar none of either of his presidential campaigns.

  15. I was called away last night and missed seeing most of the debate though I caught parts on the car radio. After watching clips and reading comments today I understand the President was somewhat less than dynamic in his debate style and Willard dragged his moderate Gov of Mass persona out with a heaping helping of CEO pushiness. Lehrer seemed have forgotten why they have a moderator.

    Now that I have gotten my disappointment and blood pressure back into workable ranges I can’t help but wonder if the President wasn’t just letting Willard have his head. Fact checkers are saying he lied something like 27 times in 38 minutes of talk. The idea that the President was surprised or caught off guard by Willard’s style just doesn’t jive with what we know about him. I’m not exactly sure what he is up to but I think there was a method to his performance that will become more clear as time passes.

    • When the only lingering question is how close Mitt got to telling one lie per minute of speaking time, the fact that I decided last night to not watch even a moment of it is not at all troubling.

    • I am glad that Obama spoke up today. We were all wondering who that other person with the red tie was because he certainly didn’t sound like the man running on the Republican ticket.

      • The Prez should have used those comments today as his closing remarks last night, but he didn’t. He wasn’t prepared to meet that other, more moderate liar.

  16. Could it possibly be that the President just totally Sawyered the Rmoney campaign? As in Tom Sawyer. They showed up to paint the fence last night and today the Right is diligently spreading whitewash and crowing about how well they painted that fence.

    Not sure if this is a wise tactic but it seems to be effective.

  17. And this from Daily Kos:

    JON SCOTT, FOX NEWS: You don’t think there will be a better prepared President Obama on stage next week?

    JOHN SUNUNU, ROMNEY CAMPAIGN: When you’re not that bright, you can’t get better prepared.

    Speaking of “not that bright,” Sununu wasn’t content with bulletin board material he gave the Obama campaign on Fox. Minutes later, he appeared on MSNBC and called President Obama “lazy,” “disengaged,” and “incompetent.”

    Sununu is such a fucking pig.

    • I wonder if he thinks the guy in his mirror is Obama. The “not too bright” line would certainly apply, and with 110 percent accuracy to boot. Of course I can’t, offhand, come up with a single Republican for whom that would NOT apply, but … well, you know.

    • I’m sure my pigs would take exception to being compared to this racist gasbag.

    • Fortunately, we almost never hear from Sununu these days, although he apparently bobs to the surface like a floating turd when the GOP is getting flushed away.

    • Smart dude, snappy comment – Neil what are you doing on Oct 16th – Hempstead, NY. …. fancy a little road trip?

      • MIght need to lose the mustache though and knock a few pounds off on the treadmill this week else they’ll be on to the ruse, you down with that?

  18. Aw crap! My best friend in the world was laid off today only three years from retirement. Yes. It’s a big and heartless corporation but this is a new trick for them. I guess they have adopted the Mittens model of “harvesting” value from their employees and then shoving them to the scrap heap. Needless to say; his retirement just got a whole lot less comfortable so we’re going to get stinking drunk and bitch about assholes.

    • Cheaper to screw the old guy out of retirement and hire young staff at considerably lower pay and much-reduced benefits. A few decades down the road and those workers will get the shaft in their turn.

      • S’right – corporations are a large, dark archipelago of feudal, pre-1215 societies eating the heart out of the world’s liberal democracies.

    • Damn, that cuts deep.

      …we’re going to get stinking drunk and bitch about assholes.

      Pressure relief.

    • “Corporations are people my friend” – Mitt ‘Gordon Gekko’ Romney

      “If corporations are people, they are f**king sociopaths” – Terry ‘The’ Turtle

    • Pretty much the fate of all of us, probably our story soon. I’m so sorry. I wish I could buy your friend a beer.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s job loss. It really suck to get laid off 3 years before retirement. There was a time when people worked at the same company/corporation until retirement. Those days are gone. May your friend find some type of employment until he can retire.

  19. A week ago, we had a day in the high 80s, and tonight we’re having a freeze warning. 😀

    It really does feel like Fall now, even with the smoke. 😉

  20. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It has been confirmed that I’m officially going into the GrandPa state of being. Birth next mid-May. Whoopeeformeandmydaughtersoninlawhisparentsmysontheuncleandmyex!

    • As long as it’s not a decrease in jobs added, it’s a good report. Also, Obama gets full credit for every job added since his election, since he’s had no cooperation from repiggies.

  21. Ya know, it’s technically possible to have fact-checking overlay graphics during the debates.

  22. The Etch-A-Sketch Campaign Continues…

    October 4, 2012 10:15 PM EST | AP

    FISHERSVILLE, Va. — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has described his disparaging remarks about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes as “not elegantly stated.” Now he’s calling them “just completely wrong.”

    Romney had contended that nearly half of Americans consider themselves “victims” and are dependent on government.

    In an interview Thursday night with Fox News, Romney was asked what he would have said had the “47 percent” comments come up during his debate the night before with President Barack Obama.

    Romney responded that sometimes in campaigning something doesn’t come out right and that, quote, “In this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong.”

    • And after he said something completely wrong and totally by mistake, he continued on and elaborated upon it.
      I wonder what the RWNJs who totally embraced this concept of the 47% that see themselves as victims think of this reversal.

    • Clearly, he doesn’t believe rules apply to him. No wonder it’s so easy for him to lie about everything.

      Disgusting person.

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