Invisible Obama Speaks Out About His Debate Performance

Tweeter interviews Invisible Obama about his debate performace last Wednesday night.

Tweeter sat down with Invisible Obama for an exclusive one-on-one interview following his disasterous performance at Wednesday’s First Presidential Debate of the 2012 Election Free-For-All.

Tweeter: Invisible Obama, before Wednesday’s all-important first-ever debate between you and Mr. Etch-a-Sketch, your supporters were out there downplaying expectations, saying you would do a terrible job. Now, we all thought they were just saying that because you would then go out and do a great job, and everyone could boast about how you exceeded expectations. What happened?

Invisible Obama: Well, Tweeter, it’s like this. My…uh…supporters….were telling the truth. They knew….I was going to be terrible.

Tweeter: So, the truth is, you lived up to expecations?

Invisible Obama: Not only did I live up to expectations, I exceeded them. I…was awful. In fact, I don’t think the world has seen a worse performance since 1974 when Mohammad Ali did seven rounds of rope-a-dope with George Foreman before knocking him out in the eight round.

Tweeter: So you were just playing rope-a-dope with Mr. Etch-a-Sketch?

Invisible Obama: You could say that. But I have to admit, he did land a good one with that line about not being entitled to my own facts. I mean…facts are facts. My facts and his facts should be the same thing. But…he was pulling so many facts out of thin air that for most of the night I had no clue where he was coming from.

Tweeter: Well, Invisible Obama, I see one problem with your rope-a-dope strategy.

Invisible Obama: What’s that?

Tweeter: You’ve only got two more debates to throw that knock-out punch.

Invisible Obama: Good point.


2 thoughts on “Invisible Obama Speaks Out About His Debate Performance

  1. I think there will be a knock-out punch. Today’s jobs report was good news for Obama. Seems like the only thing good that has happened for Romney is that he got kudos for his lying performance at the debate, Round 1.

  2. Mitt doesn’t have a chance in the townhall style debate. All Obama has to do is stand there and let Mitt’s Redbull take effect. The crowd will be rolling in the aisles.

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