Watering Hole: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – Fun With Terminology

Here are a few terms that I was to considering using when describing certain politicians.  Whose name would you place next to any of these?  Feel free to combine these terms in any manner that you choose.

Aggression:  1) The act of initiating hostilities or invasion.  2)  The practice or habit of launching attacks.  2)  Hostile or destructive behavior or actions.

Assertive:  Inclined to bold or confident assertion; aggressively self-assured.

Assert:  1)  To state or express positively;  affirm.  2)  To defend or maintain one’s rights.  3)  To put oneself forward boldly or forcefully in an  effort to make an opinion known.

Pathological:  1) Of or relating to pathology (departure or deviation from a normal condition).  2)  Relating to or caused by disease.  3)  Of, relating to, or manifesting behavior that is habitual and compulsive.

Liar:  One that tells lies (a false statement).

Sociopath:  One who is affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, antisocial behavior.

Narcissism:  1)  Excessive love or admiration of oneself.  2)  Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one’s own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.

Multiple Personality:  A psychological disorder, sometimes occurring as a symptom of schizophrenia in which a person exhibits two or more disassociated personalities, each functioning as a distinct entity.

(All definitions provided by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language).

Today would have been John Lennon’s  72nd birthday.  Hats off to you, John.  Imagine the joy that John gave to others with his music.

This is our Open Thread.  What do think?  Speak Up!

SHOUT OUT:  Happy Birthday to my Son-in-law.  Long may you run.


115 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – Fun With Terminology

  1. I was thinking – most of the words above have too many sylables for the typical American voter. That led me to think of the Reich-wing three-word slogans, and, what would be a good three-word description of the Ryan/Romney campaign?

    “Bait and switch” comes to mind…

  2. The lead Rmoney has in the polls is temporarily impressive. I doubt the veep debate will move much sentinment. The President has two more chances to come out and verbally eviscerate the lying bastard that Rmoney is.

    • I am seriously worried about this election — I am still stunned by the lackluster performance at the debate last week — Rmoney lied repeatedly and Obama just let them stand unchallenged for the most part.
      People are just beginning to pay attention, and Obama blew it so badly, I just can’t figure it out.
      Biden/Ryan will be interesting but that first debate was a milestone.
      The next presidential debate will be town hall — maybe Obama will do better — but he runs the risk of rambling on in that less formal setting.

      • Oh come on, you seriously don’t want a return to the blissful Bush II tax-cut-bomb-borrow-and-spend, deregulate business ’till we bust years? Sumpthin’ must be wrong with you, girl. Everybody knows Bush left this country in a far better condition than it was when he took office. It was only with Obama that things went to hell in a handbasket.


      • When I saw the link, I was thinking it was right out of the Old Testament. When I followed the link, sure enough, it is. — Take your recalcitrant (sp?) teenager before the town elders – if they agree the kid’s undisciplined, the kid goes outside the city gates and is stoned to death.

        Good thing the guy’s anti-abortion, though. It’s nice to know he’s “Pro-Life”.

      • In case anyone had a question about separation of church and state, that should clarify the shit out of it.

      • On the other hand, think of what it would do for student discipline if you hung a couple of kids on the flagpole the first week of school…..

        Why do you think the Catholic Schools have such great discipline…their mascot is a guy that was executed….

        (ok – I’m bad —)

        • Perhaps a strategic utilization of say, a crown of thorns, could be effective as a disciplinary measure, just short of execution…

    • I hope he chokes on his next trip to Red Lobster…. the Lord says he’s gonna!

  3. Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison this morning.

    It’s still not a long enough sentence.

      • If the real Joe Biden shows up on Thursday, then Ryan could be in for some trouble. The role of the vice president during the campaign season is to be the attack dog and Joe can have a strong bite.

        • I don’t think there is a bad Joe Biden. His gaffes are endearing because he really means no harm. Ryan probably believes he’s a goof because Ryan is a pompous ass. Sarah Palin probably believed she beat Joe too. If Ryan disrespects Biden old people will be pissed.

    • Ryan may be feeling the pressure?

      Rehashing over and over again Obama’s dreadful debate last week – why oh why didn’t he talk about “Well your running mate’s plan says different to what you just said there Skippy” – over and over again.

      Planned Parenthood – missed opportunity
      Equal pay – missed
      Coathangers for all – missed
      …. on and on…

    • I missed the term “projection”. Ryan accused the radio interview of “trying to stuff words into his mouth”. Isn’t that what Ryan and Romney have been doing with Obama?

  4. Aggression: 2) The practice or habit of launching attacks.

    This word came my way last night, hurled at me by my middle sister. Why? Because I asked her what she meant regarding a comment she made on our father’s wife’s FB page. It wasn’t an aggressive question, her comment just made no sense to me. Next thing I know, I’m getting a storm of text messages asking me why I’m being so aggressive and accusing me of attacking her.

    I’m not proud that I finally put on my troll-whacking hat and dispatched her — without using a single naughty word (I am proud of that 😉 ). I’m sure she won’t speak to me for a while, which is okay because I hadn’t actually heard from her for a long time anyway.

    BTW, she never answered my initial question, and my pointing that out seemed to infuriate her the most. *sigh*

    • MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Good for you girlfriend. Never back down. Never surrender. Remember, it’s the last FUCK YOU that counts. Winning.

      • Well, that was my only sister who kinda likes me. 😯

        But her main shtick is emotional blackmail, and I finally called her on it. She didn’t like it. She’ll get over it. Or not.

  5. Here’s my take on the real Romney:
    – He was aggressive during the debate as evidenced by his insistence on having the last word. Romney was pushy and talked over others. That’s a Republican trait.
    – He is a pathological liar as evidenced by his habitual and compulsive habit of telling falsehoods. Another Republican trait.
    – He is a sociopath as evidenced by his inability to sincerely care about the well being of others. Republican trait?
    – He is a narcissist as evidenced by his belief that he is more valuable than others. Romney once stated that what would make him truly happy is lots of money and fame. The boy Bush was like this, too. The difference is that the boy Bush was “folksy” while Romney is snobbish.

    • I agree, Cats. Mitt is a deeply and disturbingly flawed person. I never thought there would be anyone worse for this country than GWB, but Mitt is it.

      His narcissism is also demonstrated in the 47% tape wherein he says that the economy will heal itself and job numbers will soar because the country will feel so good with him as president — and we won’t have to do anything more! Un-fucking-believable.

  6. I sent an email to the finance office at Taylor’s school on Friday. I put her name and ID number in the subject line. They just emailed me back asking for her ID number. Serenity now. /Costanza

  7. Today’s Gallup tracking poll: registered voters.

    Obama 49%, Mittens 45%

    It’s still too close but we seem to be heading back to pre-debate numbers and Mittens still keeps talking.

    In a related note: Soledad O’Brien continues to call lies “lies”.

  8. Sandusky’s “banal self-delusion completely untethered from reality.”

    Sandusky told Cleland that “as I began to relive everything, I remember my feelings. So many people were hurt, and my eyes filled with tears. It was a horrible time in life to witness, to listen to, be a part of.”

    Sandusky said he had “hope in my heart for a brighter day, not knowing when that day will come.”

    “Many moments I have spent looking for a purpose,” he said. “Maybe it will help others — some vulnerable children who may have been abused may not be as a result of all the publicity — but I’m not sure about it. I would hope that it would happen.

    “I would cherish the opportunity to be a little candle for others as my life goes on as they have been a huge light to me.”

    This is the most dangerous of predators. I’m glad he’s going away for the rest of his life, but because of the inaction of the people and authorities around him, there are so many more victims than there might have been.

    • Dangerous indeed but, at this point, I’m more angry at his wife and lawyer who continue to feed his delusion of innocence. As far as I’m concerned they are now the ones harming his victims.

      • The wife has to keep up this fight, otherwise people will begin to realize that she had to know what was going on.

        What she doesn’t understand is that we already know that.

    • We’re heading that way, period. When the arming of idiots evolves to become a national priority as it has here in the US, watch out. Get out of the way, but don’t hide. They are cowards, after all.

    • Not seeing many people backing Jim Lehrer though….. poor old Jim, defenestration for Jim by the looks of things.

      • I’ve been pissed at Lehrer all week, but it’s dawned on me that he expected that the participants would adhere to the rules of the debate. You know, like gentlemen.

        I think he was stunned to the core by Romney’s behavior, and simply wasn’t able to get his feet under him. Not really an excuse, but a possible reason.

      • Jim should have stayed home.

        Lehrer said he felt “very comfortable” about his performance, reiterating that he was there to “facilitate” debate rather than challenge the candidates.

        “If they didn’t want to do it then I wasn’t going to do it for them. And that’s my answer, and I have no apology. I’m not apologetic about it. I’m actually very positive about it.”

        “Everybody saw it. So if someone was to be turned off by the way Mitt Romney interrupted me, then they saw it. My point is that there was 67 million people who watched that, and there’s no spin on this afterward. You can’t spin what everybody saw,” Lehrer said.

  9. So if I was Joe Biden, I’d be working really hard to get Ryan to agree with Mitt’s positions for last week – I have a hunch it will be how to get Galt to blow a gasket. It’ll take a meme of “well hey that’s not what your plan says” or “hey that’s not what said last week”. And “do you agree with your candidate’s position on?”

    Joe better tone down the OBL v GM quote though….. something like: Obama saved 200,000 auto workers jobs in 2009 by allowing the government to be the lender of last resort when your candidate said let them go bankrupt – do you agree?

    Same question on foreclosures (although Obama’s record is a lot worse) – Mitt said take over the houses give them to ‘investors’ (slum lords) and put the ‘serfs’ back in to pay rent.

    Are you ready Joe? Well are you?

  10. Pitfalls of the town hall debate:

    “There are some things we can confidently predict about the town hall debate. Obama will almost certainly arrive more awake and aggressive than he was in the first debate. When Romney gets a question he has anticipated, he will deliver a confident, well-rehearsed response. But it’s the unpredictable moment—the oddly phrased question, the out-of-left-field topic, the voter’s personal story—that will likely define the debate. And that could be Romney’s real test.”


    • At least he won’t be able to put his cheat sheets behind the lecturn …. he might have to channel the Angel Moron from the Planet Boloks some other way.

    • Unimaginable ‘living’ in such a state of drug wars.
      Unfortunately there won’t be a void for ‘leadership’ and will be filled immediately.
      At least they were able to fingerprint him before he was taken from the funeral home.

      • I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent some time at a safe house in El Paso where I talked to and shared a meal with immigrants fresh from Ciudad Juarez and other parts of the world who pass through Mexico to border jump…..the cartels love to use these people as mules and many never make it at all…it’s good to see these drug lords get their just deserts..or desserts if you’re from the double s faction.

  11. Here’s John Lennon jamming with Chuck Berry, live on the Mike Douglas Show
    (BONUS: Yoko’s microphone is unplugged)

    • Andy speaks sooth and does not wrap it up in his usual style…. he is concerned.

      • I’m curious to know what his feedback is on hi ESL program, because English clearly isn’t his first language….

        …. and his handle is that of a religious fanatic, convicted of conspiracy to commit a seriously nasty terrorist act. That’s his kind of hero?

    • They could sell tickets and use the proceeds to benefit the favorite charity of the winner. Not that Ann could win, but debate rules would have to specify that a fancy horse is not a charity, or even much of a business. I know I’d pay good money to see this.

    • I just read that article. How can a state guarantee 90% occupancy of a prison? Wouldn’t the goal of a just society be the reduction of prison occupancy?

    • Babbling dolts (Rmoney) surround themselves with blithering idiots (Tara Wall).

      Wall never did answer the question posed by Soledad.

      How can this country (the effing polls) show an uptick for a prevaricator of the first order? We are a sorry lot, aren’t we?

      • And we thought it could not get worse when Chimpy was selected and then reselected….. then came Bible Spice and then then the Republican Clown Car … and here he is…. possibly the most medacious liar ever to run for office and a Mormon Dominionist is actually in with a chance….

        … yes a sorry lot. Looking at Canadian immigration requirements again.

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