Dear Mr President – Open Letter

Dear Mr President,

Now that the dust has settled over the debate a bit, there is one question remaining. Will you fight for your people? Will you do what is necessary to honor the hard work and dedication of the millions of supporters and helpers you have?

I would feel every bit as weary as you looked in the debate and even more so if I were in your shoes. Four years of spite and disrespect, of obstruction and hate are enough to make anyone weary. But. You are not just anyone. You are the President of the United States of America. You gave your people hope four years ago and have made good on many of your promises. But. Your job is not finished. There is still a difficult and rocky road in front of you and your people. Don’t leave them alone!

Fight! Fight against the lies and distortions! Fight against the attacks on your people from Corporate interests! Fight for the women in your country! Fight for the Poor! Fight for the working people who struggle each day to make their ends meet! Fight for the ones too sick to help themselves, the ones too old to care for themselves, the ones still too young to provide for themselves, the ones too traumatized by wars they fought for all of you to find a way back into their lives by themselves. Fight! You must!

Kind regards,



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  1. Thank you so much for your support. I think I will send that letter there, if you think I should.

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