The Third Cut

The First Cut.

A third hand made it.
To separate us. To give me life in your arms.

The Second Cut.

I made it.
To separate us. For me to grow wings.

The Third Cut.

Life itself made it.
To separate us. Forever.

Rest now Mother. A part of me will forever be you.



6 thoughts on “The Third Cut

  1. Who knows
    The immortal flows
    Of that which we call

    Is it the breathing in,
    The breathing out?
    Or something more?
    Beyond this mortal strife?

    The veil’s not ours to pierce,
    ‘Though with its raising,
    It doth pierce the heart.

    So grieve and mourn,
    Laugh and cry,
    And know,
    That of this greater thing
    We come to call Life:
    It’s truest vibe
    is Love,
    nothing more.
    And that is,

    Peace and Blessings,
    Briseadh na Faire

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