The Thrilla in Danvilla (okay, it’s in Danville, KY, just go with it) – Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden!

Remember what happened last time?

Ladies and gentlemen, relax, put up your feet, get your favorite brew, wine, whatever, grab a snack, and get ready for the rumble!


327 thoughts on “The Thrilla in Danvilla (okay, it’s in Danville, KY, just go with it) – Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden!

  1. Let’s hope Biden floats like a butterfly and stings the GOP in the ass. hmm. Needle working fine.

    • I wanna see Joe. The man doesn’t always do politically correct but he knows how to punch.

      • I remember watching that fight with my Dad. It may have been tape delayed, but we didn’t know the result.

  2. Jonathan Chait:

    “I think it will be brutal. Paul Ryan is just perfectly suited for this, and Biden is not. I’m predicting a massacre.”

  3. On our way to Encinitas to a debate party. Good food, drink and company.
    BITE HIM, JOE!!!

  4. Paulie has custody of the smarmy smile for the evening.

    Oh please, Paul, don’t compare your background to Joe’s.

  5. The economy is growing IN SPITE of you, Paulie.

    You and your kind have filibustered every attempt to get this country back to work.

  6. Raddatz actually used the February 2009 assessment based on false information about the depth of the recession to use against Biden. It’s absolutely unfair.

  7. ‘They went to the same church…’

    Yeah, but they didn’t sit in the VIP pews like the Romneys.

  8. Seriously, this economy is recovering slowly, but Romney and Ryan are talking like it’s falling backwards — which is what they want.

  9. I think Joe’s got this thing in the bag.

    Paulie’s got nothing but lies and obfuscation, and Joe just belts out the truth.

  10. Oh please, Paulie.

    The Obama administration has spent less than any admin in living memory.

    Thanks for going wonky, the audience’s eyes are glazing over, waiting for Joe to smack you down.

  11. When these ‘cheap tax’ countries pay for their own security and military, their taxes will be higher than ours!

  12. Paulie talks like the increase in taxes only happens once and it won’t pay off the debts. Are people stupid enough to buy this?

  13. Lower rates and eliminate loopholes. Bait and switch. The loopholes always come back!

  14. Mitt Romney was a failure as a governor — 800 vetoes. He never worked with the Dems, except to take credit for Romneycare.

  15. Martha is allowing Biden to interrupt Ryan. Paul Ryan was told to talk as long as he can get away with but Joe won’t let him do that. Obama should have done that to Rmoney.

  16. Paulie wants to give the commanders what they need to be successful, but doesn’t listen to the commanders who tell him what they need.

  17. Did Ryan just say that the new Romney position is to be in line with the Obama 2014 deadline for withdrawal? That’s an insta-flop

  18. Who gives a shit about religion!?

    Paulie will have to lie about his Ayn Rand religion. Joe will win this one, hands down.

  19. Raddatz is making the case for Jim Lehrer’s retirement. None of Lehrer’s open-ended “tell us about your differences” blather.

  20. Paulie losing focus. He should continue to speak personally — although, maybe he couldn’t do that with a straight face.

  21. Ryan repeats that secularism – the distinction between politics and religion, between state and church, cannot and should not exist.

  22. Ryan just claimed that Romney supports abortion under certain circumstances. Change in policy. Tomorrow, it will be back to all abortions should be banned.

  23. Wow, Paulie is finishing up with a bunch of lies rival Mitt’s lies. He’s going to suffer for this in the next week.

  24. Paulie knows Mitt is going to lose this election, and all he’s doing to saving his reputation with the far rightwing nutjobs so he can run in 2016.

  25. I am so thrilled that Joe took it to the little weasel on every topic and that Marsha did a decent job

  26. Steven Schmidt is whining about Joe’s smiling.

    People know that Joe was laughing at Ryan because his lies were laughable.

  27. I’d say this was a solid win for Biden, as well as a competent performance by Ryan.

  28. Good Lord, the deranged turtle from Kentucky is fussing about Biden talking over and interrupting Ryan. I’ve turned the TV off.

  29. One sister posts a totally vague comment on FB about a “butt kicking” in progress, and the other claims, while not watching, that Ryan is in a contest with an unarmed man. I added that Joe kicked Ryan’s ass all over that stage, and the post goes quiet.

    My work is done there.

  30. The sniveling about Biden interrupting…ummm that’s exactly what mittens did on top of attempting to be the moderator. Correction: mittens was the moderator as Lehrer failed to show up.

  31. I am so totally impressed with and proud of my Vice President. His performance in the debate was entirely professional and whacked the little weasel of talking points at every chance. As in other things, the President needs to realize he made a damn fine choice for VP and he needs to follow where the old dog leads. Joe won tonight on not only points but on class.

    • I agree hooda. Ryan squirmed like a slimy thing whose rock was being kicked over.

  32. I really can’t make up my mind about how I feel about the undecideds. [rimshot]

    Seriously, though. These so-called undecideds are people who really have no fucking clue as to what they believe in.

  33. “Arrogant” was the label that Obama was trying to avoid; I’m glad Biden wore it proudly. Of course, he can’t be labeled “uppity”. The RWNJ hypocrisy is completely predictable: Biden refused to be worked on so he’s arrogant, but when Romney tromped on the moderator and the President he was “presidential.” Fuck that shit.

    I do hope that the President lets his inner kick-ass loose next week.

  34. On a rating scale, Marsha did a pretty fair job as moderator, much better than Leherer. Joe pretty much owned the debate. Lyan? Yeah, he was there too, sorta.

  35. Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, blasted Vice President Joe Biden for interrupting and laughing at Rep. Paul Ryan during the vice presidential debate

    “I don’t know who his debate partner was,” Priebus said Thursday night, in the CNN spin room. “Maybe it was Ed Schultz from MSNBC, I’m not sure.”

    Priebus also said: “He didn’t use the experience he has to be respectful, clear, and state your point, wait for your opponent. Fact of the matter, when it came to substance, he didn’t win, and when it came to style, Joe Biden completely failed.”

    But it’s okay when Mitt Romney does it, no worries.

  36. Mommy!! Joe Biden was mean to me, Mommy!!

    The Romney campaign released a statement from Betty Douglas, Paul Ryan’s mother, saying that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “will protect Medicare for retirees like me”:

    โ€œTonightโ€™s debate showed seniors across the country that we have a very clear choice between the current administration, which has already cut Medicare by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare, and Mitt Romney and Paul who will protect Medicare for retirees like me and strengthen it for my grandchildrenโ€™s generation and generations thereafter.โ€

    • Are we sure this woman likes her grandchildren? Does she stuff vouchers in their Christmas stockings?

        • Thanks for that flashback, Zooey, you made me laugh. I can’t count how many tissues and cough drops (or hard candy) we found when we cleaned out both Mum’s and Dad’s clothes. We had to laugh over it, it was so typical of them.

          • Heh, every pocket of every piece of clothing my mom owned contained tissues, and half of them also contained mints. As much as I missed her (still do) and as sad as I was to be going through her clothing, it made me smile every time I found one of those tissues. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I know I won’t. I’m living on my retirement account right now. I can’t get a job now, so I’m wondering what it will be like looking for a job when I’m 70?

  37. RNC Chair: Ryan Provided โ€˜Boatloads Of Specificsโ€™

    And by ‘boatloads’ they mean a toy in the bathtub.

  38. Ryan used no thought process. He couldn’t wait to spew the lies he was told to hold out as truth.

    • Yeah, they really just keep spouting off their Frank Luntz-directed catch phrases.

      As one of the commentators mentioned on CNN at the end, Ryan seemed very robotic.

  39. Whenever they say that Romney is a proven job creator, why aren’t Obama and Biden going with the punchline: “in other countries.”

    • I don’t think anyone is buying the “job creator” thing anymore. Anyone who’s buying it is already voting for Mittens.

  40. Despite the media saying that the first debate is a game changer; as of this morning (last night really), Nate Silver’s model is still showing Obama winning comfortably.

  41. In a way its sort of sad. The wunderkid of the Republican Party just got pantz on national TV. I’m gonna cry. Sometime REAL soon. I’m serious!

    • I love it when he talks about how bad things are in his home town of Janesville. I’ve been to Janesville, and have used it as a layover spot on trips from Minnesota (where I live) to Ohio (where my parents live). Janesville was a town in deep economic trouble for years before Obama became president.

  42. I think, I know, hold on to your hats or privates, that what Joe did was bring back the idea that the Prez , and his administration, has the passion to close the deal. Now it’s up to Prez Obama.

  43. The right seem to be all up in arms that Joe laughed. He wasn’t laughing at the seriousness of the issues. He was laughing at the joke policies and lies being offered up by Ryan.

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