101 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 12 — Funny time!

  1. HT to The Bill Press Show: Go to Google Images and search ‘Completely Wrong’. See whose picture shows overwhelmingly the most!

  2. Didn’t get to watch Joe last night, was teaching class, but from the commentary I’ve heard/read so far, Biden didn’t let that smarmy creep get away with a single lie. Responded to each lie with a No, Nope, Not.
    Good work Mr Veep!

  3. Shorter debate: Romney-Ryan plan is basically “we’ll do something, we won’t tell you what, and that will fix everything.”

  4. “Ryan is the twattiest twat you can imagine.”

    Here’s a recap thru a British woman’s eyes, whose husband is an American stationed in Afghanistan. This is her email that she sent her husband last night:

    “Ugh my god I hate Ryan so much – he is a creepy liar. Also what is the deal with people talking about their friends in the army. It is like people talking about their gay friends or black friends.

    Also – emboldening? What a rubbish word. And Tallyban. Makes them sound so cuddly. Or like scallywags.

    Biden is kicking a bit of ass now. He is not letting Ryan get away with anything. He is stern and firm and pushy. He’s kind of presidential. Ryan is like a creepy high school debater. He looks like he is nervous and Biden looks like he is enjoying it.

    Now they are on to Syria

    By the way I like this moderator.

    I REALLY like Biden on Syria. I want to reach in through the TV and give Ryan a slap. What a lying ass.

    I am watching on the Washington Post website and I am tracking when I agree or disagree and it seems like WP viewers are broadly tracking my opinions.

    WP really dislikes Ryan on foreign policy. Ryan is flatlining on Syria and international intervention.

    Now debate switches to abortion. Ha he is also bombing on abortion. And creepy. Ugh. Ok I looked up the WP just now and it seems to be left of Center (Americanly speaking) anyway. Still I hope it reflects the general viewer’s opinion.

    They are doing their finishing up speeches now. Ahhhhhhhhh I want to go and be sick. Ryan is the twattiest twat you can imagine. God what an ass.

    Come on Biden – please my god kick him KICK him in the last few mins.

    What would it be like if we had 2 women debating? I feel like it would be a bit different.

    …also I feel like Biden’s voice is much nicer to listen to – gravelly and reassuring. Ryan’s is kind of like a teenager poking at a bruise.

    It’s been really obvious what their debating prep focused on. Not very subtle.

    Well… Time to go to bed. I feel like I need a shower first though, as this just made me feel dirty. Ugh.”

  5. Reading a bit about last night’s debate, it’s apparent that Biden was rude and interrupted Ryan. Very poor for a Dem to that. That’s the MO of the GOP and the GOP aren’t happy about it.

  6. When I was a kid, we had a variation on the Rock, Paper, Scissors: Rock, Dynamite, Scissors.

    Rock smashed Scissors: Dynamite blew up Rock; Scissors cut the fuse on Dynamite. Dynamite made more sense than paper, in our child-minds.

  7. So I caught a bit of it – maybe 2mins where Joe was trying to get Ryan to say what else Gekko/Galt would do to Iran short of starting a war…..

    ….if it was body langauge, Ryan keeping a straight, earnest face while he spewed his 90% lie/10 % truth talking points one after another, Biden smiling, laughing, frustrated when he wasn’t allowed to call out the ‘mularkey’ by Raddatz. Even Raddatz with a: so what would Gordon Gekko do in the 3 months before Iran gets a bomb in April? …..

    Knowing the facts, I can see Biden kicking back a lot of the snowjob, but if you just read the progress of the body langauge, Ryan’s lower key delivery comes over better.

    So did Biden really do well with the general public? He flushed Ryan if I poll this board…. but?

  8. Here’s what a neophyte debate gaffe is:

    I can’t FUCKING believe Ryan is using a car crash story TO JOE FUCKING BIDEN WHO LOST HIS WIFE AND KID IN A CAR CRASH.

    • I only caught the tail end of that story, so I didn’t know what he was talking about. That is the very definition of “gaffe,” but will the librul media notice?

  9. Michael Tomasky:

    “Yes, Biden interrupted too much. This is what the wingers are going to be trying to push now. And his smile. “Condescending,” they will say. And they’ll bitch about Martha Raddatz. This is the kind of thing people do when they know their guy lost.”

    I’ve actually read where some wingnuts are comparing Biden last night to what O’Reilly does in interviews with guests he disagrees with. A.Ma.Zing.

    • You know if I’d been Biden I might have closed with:

      “You know I feel bad that I may have interrupted the Congressman or stretched your rules Martha tonight…. but I think that my duty to the American people is to make sure the choice before them is clear, is presented in facts that affect them, not in misrepresentations, exaggerations and downright falsehoods as we have heard from one side of this table tonight. When my friend here says: I’ve got a plan, he hasn’t said what his plan is – and his boss agrees with his plan one day and disagrees with it the very next, whatever it is. Anyhow my passion for seeing the truth come out trumped my self-control…I’m sorry for that.

      And then on to the ‘get out of the way’ bit

        • Yes, its a 5-point plan and here’s how it goes:

          1. We’re giving all our sponsors a tax-cut – we say it’s ‘revenue neutral’ but we won’t even tell Chris Wallace how….. And we’re getting rid of the estate tax – that’s a $9B woody to Sheldon Adelson’s offspring….

          2. We’re going to repeal Obamacare and then replace it with Romneycare, which is like Obamacare, but without the birth control, women’s access to health through planned parenthood and if you already have something catching – you’re f***ed anyway. And we’ll be delivering grandma’s coupon for her health plan next to the Wal-mart coupon page in the Sunday paper.

          3. We’re going to create jobs – for anyone who likes to build Navy ships. Other than that we got nothing…. sorry. Did I mention the tax cuts for the job cremators again?

          4. Really I have a fourth point to my plan?

          5. What? Have I already mentioned our tax cuts? Shit

          • Oh and we’ll kill Social Security to save it – because we trust Wall Street more than Sesame Street with your money.

  10. This has happened to me too …. for different reasons. Terry Jones (not the funny one, the racist religious bigotted one) is persona-non-grata in Canada.

    “..a grievous blow to freedom of speech…” says his lawyer. Really? Looks like Canada is making sure it keeps religious violence and its apologists off its streets. That it uses the German incident about a ‘doctorate’ is simply fine immigration policy at work…. Even though I get hassled every time I cross the border…. I like this.

  11. “Why Biden Won”
    by Robert Reich

    I thought Biden won last night’s debate because he came off as genuine, passionate, and brimming with conviction. Ryan, by contrast, seemed like a wooden marionette, a kid out of his depth relative to someone who not only knew the facts but lived them.

    On taxes, Ryan couldn’t come up with any details about what loopholes he and Romney would close, or how their magic arithmetic (giant tax cut for the wealthy plus $2 trillion more for the military than the Joint Chiefs of Staff want) can possibly be paid for without socking it to the middle class.

    By contrast, Biden made the case for average working people whose wages have barely risen in thirty years but who are bearing a higher total tax burden (payroll, sales, property, income) on a higher percent of their income than high rollers like Romney — and why the well off should do more.

    On Medicare, Ryan couldn’t explain why his plan wasn’t a voucher program that “saved” money only by shifting the costs on to seniors who would end up holding the bag as medical costs rose. Biden effectively defended the President’s plan to save Medicare by cutting excessive payments to providers.

    Biden also pointed out that Ryan and his allies had tried to privatize Social Security. Score another one for Joe.

    On abortion, Ryan had to admit he and Romney would work to prevent women from having the right to choose an abortion if they needed and wanted one. Biden made it clear his religious beliefs about when life began should not, in his view, force anyone who didn’t share them to follow them.

    I thought Biden’s closing could have been tougher, drawing a sharper contrast between the Romney-Ryan “you’re on your own” worldview, and the “we’re in it all together” belief that has built America — and which Obama and Biden represent.

    But overall it was Biden’s night. He not only trounced Ryan, but also, in the process, trounced Romney. Joe Biden is an average Joe solidly grounded in America’s working middle class — nothing pretentious or devious about him — in contrast to the plutocrat who heads the Republican ticket, and the billionaires who are backing him.

  12. For me, last night’s debate clearly demonstrated the difference in style between the two campaigns. Ryan came across as pedantic and contrived. I definitely got the impression he was lecturing to a crowd that he felt superior too. The sad attempt with the ‘I know some people whose family was killed in a car crash’ was yet another failed attempt at trying to appear compassionate and displayed Ryan’s insensitivity.

    Joe did a wonderful job of being Joe. Down to earth, experienced, passionate and compassionate. Whether he was being humorous or serious, you knew just where he was coming from. His response on abortion was classic. He was also doing his job as the President’s attack dog. Lyan Ryan never really had a chance.

    • Lyan Ryan was trying to keep to a script and every time that Biden challenged the script, Ryan fell flat on his face. Lying makes a person thirsty and Ryan was sure gulping down the water last night. Ryan doesn’t lie as easily as the pathological liar Romney.

    • I definitely got the impression he was lecturing to a crowd that he felt superior too.

      I felt the exact same way. He kept trying to over-simplify his answers as if we’re all too stupid to understand.

      • That’s what comes from being told all your life how awesome you are, even (and especially) when you don’t deserve it. One day, you start believing it.

        After that, everyone is “less than,” and you’re entitled to anything that happens to cross your selfish little mind.

    • Objectification –
      some day a woman’s true worth won’t be *measured* by an unrealistic body image.
      Madame Curie; Elizabeth Blackwell (1st female to receive medical degree in the U.S.); Julia Morgan; et alia…
      were measured by their intellect and knowhow not body measurements.

  13. Funny. Mittens lied 26 times and the general consensus is that he won the debate.

    R-Ayn lied 24 times and the consensus is that he lost the debate.

    The difference?

    Biden dared to say “that’s not true”, “that’s not what they said”, and “that’s not what you said” and endless variations on that theme. Lies must be confronted in real time. It doesn’t do any good to wait for the next day’s fact checkers. And if the Huckster thinks you act “like an obnoxious drunk”? So much the better.

  14. I don’t know if Ryan told the car crash story in hopes of upsetting Joe, the lead in to the story actually made no sense and made it seem as though Ryan was determined to fit it in somewhere. It seemed to me that Ryan’s mentioning someone whose family was killed in a crash struck Joe Biden like a punch in the gut. For an instant his face was raw emotion, then he straightened himself and went right back to schooling Ryan. That is grace under pressure, something neither Romney nor Ryan will ever have.

    • That was truly bizarre as the question was about mittens not backing the Detroit bailout. Apparently the boy who would be VP felt the need to ‘humanize’ Repugnant Romney with that solace for the family of those killed in the traffic accident. FAIL.

      You could hear Joe’s voice start to crack – as you point out he was grace under pressure.

      • That little interchange endeared Joe to me forever. He didn’t get mad, he didn’t get even, he hunkered down, put it aside and did his job.

  15. A Blast From The Past QOTD:

    “Nuclear weaponry, of course, would be the be-all, end-all of just too many people in too many parts of our planet.” — CBS interview with Katie Couric, September 25, 2008

  16. Has badmoodman posted this yet? I want to be sure to re-post it. 😉

    Apparently, Mitt Romney raised the Chinese flag over a factory in Illinois, where Americans were training Chinese workers to do their jobs, before Mitt offshored the jobs.

    • Heard about that. Anybody got photos, links??? One worker interviewed recalled what it was like to train his Chinese replacement before getting kicked out the door and to the curb, by Rmoney & Co.

      • This is the first I’ve read about it…
        don’t think there are any photos.

        Romney’s Company Forces U.S. Flag to Be Lowered in Illinois

        The Presidential Candidate holds major stock in a company called Sensata. The company recently made factory officials take down the American flag when they were forced to train their Chinese replacement workers, according to Tom Gaulrapp, with the United Steelworkers Union.

    • I especially liked the part where he tried to bring Ronnie and Tip into it. Their solution to rising deficit spending was…wait for it…to raise taxes!

    • I’ve wondered why Obama didn’t smack down this bipartisan bullshit from R&R. Biden did a bit last night but why can’t they simply respond by saying, “Immediately after Obama was sworn in the GOP said their goal was to make him a one-term president.” Bipartisan, my ass.

    • R & R plan math…6 trillion in tax cuts for wealthy + 44 billion in cuts to safety net programs, – the entire SocSec Program + extra 200 billion for war toy contractors = BALANCED BUDGET!

  17. I’d like thank you all for the warm Birthday Greetings!!…

    .my mother in law has been battling a pancreatic pseudocyst and the hospital airlifted her to another facility at 12 am on the 11th. so to say my day was a bit busy was an understatement….we finally saw our day come to a close about 40 hours later.

    today has been a better day after a much needed nights sleep…. i’m RETROACTIVELY celebrating my 60th at a fine restaurant this evening after vising the hospital once again in a couple of hours.

    i’m catching up on the debate as i type…..wish i had seen it…


  18. No Show Joe? (Heard about this on Thom’s show from Nicole Sandler)

    At Cleveland Forum, Kaptur All Alone

    The big question in the race for the newly formed 9th Congressional District is where’s Joe the Plumber?

    Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the Republican running against U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, skipped out on the City Club of Cleveland debate Thursday and has earned a reputation for being all but impossible to contact, even by his fellow Republicans.

    • “Joe the Plumber thought he was going to use this to get a TV show and it’s not working out, so he’s lost interest,” Fought said.”

      After all, it worked for Palin the Pretender.

    • Joe/Sam the DayLaborer without a license who thought running for Congress was gonna be cool, is now AWOL. Prolly slammed in some bar/dive/hole. Be careful of what you ask for SamJoe.

  19. The topics for Debate #2 on Tuesday are:

    America’s role in the world Our longest war — Afghanistan and Pakistan Red Lines — Israel and Iran The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism (two segments) The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World.

    I expect Benghazi will take up a good 20 minutes.

  20. Fugelsang’s new show is on Current right now. It repeats at 9pm eastern if you want to catch it tonight. It’s basically a Friday stand-in for Joy Behar,

  21. Whoops! I almost forgot that Danica’s racing tonight at Charlotte! She will wear a pink driving suit and have pink on the car for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as will several other drivers. The promotion started last weekend at Talladega, but the Nationwide Series was idle, so this is her first time to sport the pink livery. She qualified 11th, so she should race pretty well tonight.

    • Based on the lights reflecting off the hood, from the in-car camera, it looks like they put a show car finish on her car tonight.


    Ryan kept saying that Obama caused the debt, but 95% of the Debt since 2001 comes from programs Ryan voted for.

    In 2001, we had a $235 billion Surplus. Bush’s last budget presented congress had a $1.2-trillion deficit. Here’s where it came from:

    Paul Ryan voted for 65 bills that added $9.906 trillion to US Debt. The bills increased spending or decreased revenue because the programs weren’t paid for by cuts in spending or increased revenue.

    A. Bush Tax Cuts = $2.163 trillion
    B. 2008 Stimulus = $148.000 billion
    C. Medicare Part-D = $262.000 billion
    D. TARP = $189.000 billion
    E. New Defense Spending = $1.468 trillion
    F. New Discretionary Spending = $480.000 billion
    G. New Misc. Spending = $196.000 billion

    2001 to 2008 Costs = $5.000 trillion
    2009 to 2012 Costs = $4.906 trillion

    Total Ryan Spending = $9.906 trillion

    Debt Increases since 2001 = $10.430 trillion

    Percent of Ryan’s Programs Contributing to Debt = 95.0%

    Bills in chronological order:

    HR-1836, HR-2213, HR-2926, HR-2217, HR-2904, HR-2590, HR-2311, HR-2620, HR-3210, HR-2299, HR-10, HR-2506, HR-3061, HR-3338, S-1762, HR-3090, HR-2646, HR-3009, HR-5010, S-23, H-J-RES-2, HR-1559, HR-2185, HR-2, HR-2658, HR-2555, HR-3289, HR-2559, HR-1588, HR-2754, HR-1, HR-4613, HR-1308, HR-4520, HR-4837, HR-1268, HR-6, HR-3045, HR-3, HR-3669, HR-3768, HR-4133, HR-4440, S-1932, HR-2683, HR-4297, HR-4939, HR-4, HR-5631, HR-6111, HR-6407, HR-2206, HR-3222, HR-3996, HR-5140, HR-2642, HR-2642, HR-6331, HR-1424, HR-6867, HR-2346, HR-3326, HR-4853, HR-1363, HR-1473.

    Pass it on!

    • I’ve hated DST ever since the first summer I had to deal with it! YES! Get rid of it, forever and ever, Amen!

      I suggest Daylight Losing Time instead. Mornings are SO much nicer than evenings!

        • I live for mornings. All summer, I was out of here before five, typically would walk six or seven miles before it got “hot” (above 70), or worse, usually by seven, EARLY! (global warming, hottest summer above 7000 ft that I can recall, ever). Meanwhile, evenings, thanks to DST, stayed HOT till ten or eleven PM, long after my bedtime. Bottom line: early mornings are grand, evenings are HOT. I prefer grand!

  23. Shots fired at Democratic Campaign office in Denver. Wow, the republiscums really are sore losers.

    I can envision even more incidents in an effort to intimidate Obama supporters between now and Nov. 6.

      • I suspect that’s because, simply stated, there are no longer any ‘sane, smart, person(s)’ that are or will vote Republican. I’ve long said that if the Republican ticket (i.e. Romney-Ryan) garners more than fifty votes, nationwide, on Nov.6, the conclusion is that the US has fallen off the edge and it’s time to GTFO of here. I’m looking at places in Polynesia (I’ve always liked sun, waves, and coconuts) … maybe even Russia? (Hey, snow is ok, I grew up in Minnesota “for Pete’s sake!”) … yeah, well, ya’ know. But Amurka? With a Mor(m)on in the White House? I don’t THINK so!

        And to think: I was born in ’42 when FDR was president. Today, RMONEY has a shot at the same office. Seventy fucking years … the Death of a Nation implicit. Far out.

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