SUNDAY ROAST: You Can’t Hide – – Those Ryan Eyes

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  1. Atlas Exploited: The Clever Hoax of Ayn Rand

    There is nothing virtuous about selfishness and there is nothing objective about Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy, which is little more than a sly attempt to whitewash her own flaws…At the very least, we should ignore her glorious ramblings and finally relegate her ideas to the realm of fiction, which is where they belong.

    And as for who John Galt or Paul Ryan are? Really, who the hell cares?

    • What would really suck is if Romney gets elected and the economy improves like it is improving NOW, he would claim credit for it. We have to keep this piece of crap out of our White House.

      • “…if Romney gets elected and the economy improves like it is improving NOW, he would claim credit for it.”

        Of course he would, and if the economy tanked that would be Obama’s fault.

  2. Headline: Bad joke prompts Alaska airport evacuation

    Someone must have shouted out “Sarah Palin.”

    • Btw, did you see the start of the show when he had on Ann Coulter? He likes her, he created her, but knows she’s a loon.

      • I saw it. He let her ramble on like an idiot. Tell me, how can a white person really understand what it is like to be a black person? They can’t. Coulter thinks that she understands what it is like to be black.

  3. Whilst out on my morning walk this AM, I found myself pondering the reason(s) behind what has become my really rotten attitude. Topping the list, of course, is the possibility that the Romney-Ryan ticket might prevail with the guarantee that we would very quickly return to the “glory” of the Bush years, i.e. another (off budget) war or two, massive industrial overseas outsourcing, huge tax cuts for the rich, tax subsidies for giant corporations, massive unemployment, a crashing economy, probably a severe depression, possible national collapse, etc. etc. Routine Republican shit, i.o.w. But then it occurred to me (as I walked past “Romney-Ryan” yard sign after “Romney-Ryan” yard sign that what bothers be even more is the unbelievably sad FACT that nearly fifty percent of the American electorate ENTHUSIASTICALLY SUPPORTS THOSE IDIOT R-FUCKERS. I mean, Jebus, how the hell did THAT ever happen? Where in the world does such nonsensical bullshit come from? I mean, ok, I could understand how maybe as many as, say, ten percent of the electorate might be stupid enough to vote Republican, but HALF? Are you shittin’ me?

    Scary scary scary!

  4. If only life were more like the movies. If that were the case when Willard finishes melting down (ok, nobody threw a bucket of water on him, he just pissed all over himself) the Winkies and the flying monkeys would all swear faithful allegiance to Dorothy Obama. Instead, they will head over to casting and get in line for yet another remake of “Night of the Living Dead”.


    • Yes. That is Scout. There were three female puppies (Orange collar, Yellow collar and White collar) and a couple of weeks ago the breeder said that she would be choosing one that she wanted to be kept for breeding. We aren’t interested in breeding so at the time we didn’t know which was going to be Scout and we also didn’t really care which one. I mean they are all just puppies and no way to say ‘this one is better’! The breeder evaluated them last week and gave someone else the choice of the two remaining. So Orange collar is now officially Scout!

      We are off to Spain on Thursday and come back on Oct 30. Our plane gets in at 3 pm, then we have to wait until 7 pm to go pick her up. We have everything in place for her. Not sure what to be excited about – Spain or Scout!

  5. The modern Conservative Movement was built on, and continues to have as its fundamental principle, the undoing of everything FDR did. He was right to warn us about them.

    • Can someone explain to me how trying to get Willard elected involves IEDs, living is a tent wondering if someone is going to shoot them or fighting the government to get medical benefits after?

  6. As one of the people at work said, at least he didn’t also have snot running down his nose.

    I felt like posting this again because @EmergencyPuppy hasn’t tweeted any new pics in two days. And they went almost an entire week between tweets after last weekend.

    • Way back when (ok, about twelve years ago now) I tried it, and agreed to meet the person.
      It was a disaster as far as finding a mate, but the experience, in total, is one of the most hilarious cosmic joke stories I have to tell.
      (Which I won’t, not here, so nobody ask. It’s probably worth a few bucks to the right magazine…)

      • Boy am I missing something. I didn’t realize that this is all about Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Objectivism is a term that I wasn’t familiar with until now. All that I knew about Ayn Rand is what I heard during her interviews on the radio and TV. I never read her work nor was I interested in her work.

        • It is not actually possible to read her work as long as you possess a functioning cerebral cortex.

      • The interesting thing about objectivist date sites.

        Profile: ” Hi! I’m Biff/Bonnie. As an objectivist I am really into myself but I’m getting tired of paddling the pony, if you know what I mean. If you are interested in being used by a self involved egotist, give me a ring!”

        I can’t understand why this isn’t a hot seller but hey.

        • Hi, I’m Willard. I’m a bishop (minus the ring, Ann has that in an offshore deposit box) and I can deliver you from the scourge of poverty and substandard housing if you will sell (or mortgage or just plain lose) your soul to corporate interests

  7. Is it like this?

    Dater A: “How do you feel about state of the economy?”
    Dater B: (shrug)
    Dater A: “Do you like dogs?”
    Dater B: (shrug)
    Dater A: “Have you been married before?”
    Dater B: (shrug)
    Dater A: “Would you like me to pay for dinner, call a cab, go to my place and I’ll phuck your lights out?”
    Dater B: “You know everything you’ve just said is so amazing and rings so true, it’s simply a miracle we’ve finally met, yes, yes, and yes!”
    Dater A: “OK, sit tight, I’ve got to go to the bathroom… don’t go anywhere now, ‘K?”

    • hmmm, reads as if it is this _ far away from being illegal.
      Of course they are covered in the short sentences:

      First, and most important, we believe any decision about which candidates to support is — as always — yours and yours alone, based on the factors that are most important to you. Second, we do not support candidates based on their political affiliation.

      (interpretation…however, we’ve given you a guide line re: job loss if certain persons are (re)elected).

      • Let ’em fire all of the workers. Then they’ll realize they aren’t getting their widgets made, or the widgets are being made poorly by an all new workforce, and they’ll lose more money than they will through taxes!


        • They aren’t going to fire anybody. Or maybe it is an excuse to close the US plant and move the jobs overseas which is something they have been planning to do regardless of who wins next month.

  8. Oh, fuck, I just finished what I thought was going to be tomorrow’s thread, but it was based on my delusion that Tuesday night’s debate was the foreign policy one. Well, now I’m ready for NEXT Monday, but I got nothin’ for tomorrow! Aaarggh!

    • Post it –
      consider it as a primer – giving us plenty of time to absorb and digest before next week…

      • I may have to. I had some other recent idea that I started collecting links on, I may be able to throw that together in the morning – otherwise, it’s gonna be a photo!

        Ebb, I can revise the one I finished and put it up for Thursday, that should give everyone plenty of time to read and absorb.

        Oh, well, now I have to get up early, so goodnight!

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