The Watering Hole, Monday, October 15th, 2012: Presidential Debates, Part Deux

With an eye towards tomorrow night’s Presidential Debate, here’s a transcript of the first debate, along with the Washington Post’s fact-checking of that debate.

Since the second debate, a town-hall style hosted by Candy Crowley of CNN, will focus on both domestic and foreign policy issues, take a look at the transcript of Mitt Romney’s recent foreign-policy speech at Virginia Military Institute (VMI.) (I’ll have a bit more on this in my upcoming post on Thursday, October 18th.)

Lest we forget the full content of Mitt Romney’s “47-Percent” talk with his $50,000-a-plate donors, I suggest a review of the entire transcript, which contains both domestic and foreign-policy comments.

And in the meantime, back in the real world, ThinkProgress discusses how President Obama is actually dealing with the “thorny issue” of a nuclear Iran. The President is considering an agreement with Iran (i.e., diplomacy) as suggested by a couple of Israeli security experts. This shall, no doubt, be seen as “weakness” by Romney/Ryan and all other Republicans.

This is our daily open thread–start studying, or talk about whatever’s bugging you lately.

94 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, October 15th, 2012: Presidential Debates, Part Deux

    • I read that whole article while sawing material and running my machine today. It took me until 2pm to finish it, but I really have a better picture of George Romney than I ever expected to have. Thanks for posting it!

  1. The President has enough fodder to roast Rmoney several times over. If he fails to show the American public the true charlatan that WillardRat truly is, we may wind up with this lying bastard as our next Commander in Chief.

    • I think Obama already blew his shot – the public isn’t looking for lies – not interested in the truth…. just the credibility factor. Its all about image – not about substance. Crowley has already signalled she is not going to call Willard for lying – so now its ‘he said, she said’ – just the way the media likes it.

    • Always arrive after the meal is over and everything is cleaned up. 🙄

      He doesn’t give a shit about homeless people who are probably not able to vote anyway, this was just an opportunity to make it look like he’s teaching his Kid Shields ™ how to be human — which you can’t do if you’re not human yourself.

    • A campaign aide said that the exchange was not open to press because it was an impromptu conversation.

      If he can’t be *trusted* to think and speak clearly and concisely in this situation what would he do as VP?
      Were his handlers afraid of a faux pas?

  2. I think this election will prove out a third part to the old adage…. can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time…. but if you can fool 50.1% of the people (or 50% plus John Roberts) all of the time then you can be President of the United States no matter how many lies you tell.

    …. oh wait…. its not a directly-elected office, you don’t need 50.1%

    This one is going the way of Bush v Kerry…. Rmoney wins with lower popular vote, squeaking Florida and stealing Ohio.

  3. Something changed at Think Progress. The commenting system has changed and the fourth comment that I posted is now awaiting moderation. That’s weird because I didn’t say anything offensive about anyone nor did I use “bad” language.

  4. From the comments from the Daily Beast article about David Stockman:

    58 minutes ago
    Best nickname for Mitt thus far:

    Money Boo Boo

    (I have to give credit to a poster on WaPo)


    Ryan kept saying that Obama caused the debt, but 95% of the Debt since 2001 comes from programs Ryan voted for.

    In 2001, we had a $235 billion Surplus. Bush’s last budget presented congress had a $1.2-trillion deficit. Here’s where it came from:

    Paul Ryan voted for 65 bills that added $9.906 trillion to US Debt. The bills increased spending or decreased revenue because the programs weren’t paid for by cuts in spending or increased revenue.

    A. Bush Tax Cuts = $2.163 trillion
    B. 2008 Stimulus = $148.000 billion
    C. Medicare Part-D = $262.000 billion
    D. TARP = $189.000 billion
    E. New Defense Spending = $1.468 trillion
    F. New Discretionary Spending = $480.000 billion
    G. New Misc. Spending = $196.000 billion

    2001 to 2008 Costs = $5.000 trillion
    2009 to 2012 Costs = $4.906 trillion

    Total Ryan Spending = $9.906 trillion

    Debt Increases since 2001 = $10.430 trillion

    Percent of Ryan’s Programs Contributing to Debt = 95.0%

    Bills in chronological order:

    HR-1836, HR-2213, HR-2926, HR-2217, HR-2904, HR-2590, HR-2311, HR-2620, HR-3210, HR-2299, HR-10, HR-2506, HR-3061, HR-3338, S-1762, HR-3090, HR-2646, HR-3009, HR-5010, S-23, H-J-RES-2, HR-1559, HR-2185, HR-2, HR-2658, HR-2555, HR-3289, HR-2559, HR-1588, HR-2754, HR-1, HR-4613, HR-1308, HR-4520, HR-4837, HR-1268, HR-6, HR-3045, HR-3, HR-3669, HR-3768, HR-4133, HR-4440, S-1932, HR-2683, HR-4297, HR-4939, HR-4, HR-5631, HR-6111, HR-6407, HR-2206, HR-3222, HR-3996, HR-5140, HR-2642, HR-2642, HR-6331, HR-1424, HR-6867, HR-2346, HR-3326, HR-4853, HR-1363, HR-1473.

  6. i just discovered a little mom and pop diner…..poor service, lousy food and sticky floors!

    what more could a guy ask for?

      • I don’t believe fatherbob is aware of/familiar with TheRepublicOfStupidity a/o his gravatar.
        (if that is question. Please forgive if my interruption or interpretation is considered out of line)

        • Very funny…
          Actually I never even thought of TROS, but now that you mention it… /:>
          … and TROS, if you’re out there lurking amongst the floes, I know where there are lots of tasty blubber bits.

  7. QOTD:

    “I did not evaluate Joe Biden, but if someone said to me, we want you to do what’s really required to know what happened [at the debate], you have to put dementia on the differential diagnosis. … I’m speaking as a psychiatrist today, you didn’t call me in as a political strategist. So, you’d want his alcohol level. Why? Because he was that bizarre,” – Dr. Keith Ablow, on Fox News.

    Joe Biden is outspoken about being teetotler having come from a family deeply harmed by alcoholism. Ablow, if you remember, is the same guy who insisted that Gingrich’s three marriages would be a plus for his presidency.

  8. “According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, the globe recorded its warmest September on record, tying with 2005 for the title. Global surface temperature records stretch all the way back to 1880. September marked the 331st straight month with above average temperatures, and the 36th straight September with a global temperature above the 20th century average.”

    Fuck you, Paul Broun.

    • October is ‘different’ too, so far. We’ve had a couple of chilly mornings already this month, even a little snow on yon mountains a few days ago, but here at the foot of the front range on today, October 15, 2012, at 7000 ft. the current temp (at 5:42 PM MDT) is 89.6 degrees.

      Good thing there ain’t no global warming. Right, Broun? Right, Inhofe? et al.?

    • Lush Rimjob was ranting that “stupid people” will vote for Obama to get a free phone. Meanwhile, here in the cause and effect universe inhabited by sane people, the only people stupid enough to believe in “Obamaphones” are Reichwhiners.

  9. I’m sure y’all have been discussing Ryan making an ass of himself in the soup kitchen today.

    OMG, every time I see footage of him “cleaning” those pans in the clean and empty kitchen, I just cringe with embarrassment. Shame on him for making such a spectacle of himself, especially with his family in tow, but at the same time, I hope he keeps doing this shit.

  10. Ed Schultz just said that Secretary Clinton “is taking full responsibility for the Benghazi attack.” I’m pretty sure he meant to refer to the State Dept response to the attack, not the attack itself.

    • While she’s clearly falling on her own sword, there were errors in security.
      At least the errors are being admitted, something we never saw acknowledged on that other September 11th.
      I wonder if I’ll die before the truth comes out.
      It’s looking like I may never even know the truth about the JFK murder.

  11. Not sure if anyone has seen, or has followed the story of Amanda Todd’s suicide and the discussion of bullying that has followed, but a new development sheds light on why she was bullied. Some asshole got her to “show me your tits” on the intertubes, threatened her some time later, and put the photo on the intertubes. Her classmates and others made life unbearable for the youngster.

    Anonymous has found and published the guys name. Like the story says, justice has to be done, but damn it, I’m not upset that this guys life has been exposed.

    • Vulnerable age. Possible naïveté does not give:

      The activist group, which often uses a caricature Guy Fawkes mask as its logo, claims the 32-year-old man has also made postings to child pornography sites.

      the creep permission to exploit.
      Should it turn out he’s not *the* one – he’s been exposed for participating on child porn sites.

  12. Following the Curiosity rover as it motors around Mars, last week they saw this thing on the ground.
    They’re trying to spin it as being debris from the spacecraft, but tell me it doesn’t look like a scrap of exoskeleton, eh?
    Some poor little Martian minding it’s own business became roadkill.

  13. Meet Gustave, the Killer Croc of Burundi

    The infamous male Nile crocodile living in Burundi, is over 20 feet long, weighs 2,000 pounds, and stands accused of devouring hundreds of people with one estimation claiming that he killed over 300 humans in the past 20 years.

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