On the Campaign Trail: Romnesia

Tweeter, The Zoo’s top investigative journalist, looks into Romnesia

Tweeter took a break from following Invisible Obama on the Campaign Trail to look into the rising outbreak of Romnesia. On his first stop, he sat for tea and crumpets with Invisible Going Rogue.

Tweeter: Tell me, Ex-Vice-Presidential Candidate, what is Romnesia and do we have anything to fear regarding Romnesia?

Going Rogue

Tweeter, that’s one a those “gotcha media questions.” Romnesia is a country in the ol’ Russian Communist Blocks and its full of communists and socialists. And yes, we have lots to fear of those Russian Romnesian Communist Socialists commin’ over hear and taking over our health care and that’s why we have to get rid of ObamaCare.

And what’s with this food, anyway? Tea and crumpets? It doesn’t sound American.

Tweeter: It’s British. I thought since you wanted to be Queen…

IGR: Well you thought wrong. This red-blooded American Hockey Mom wants good ol’ American food. Todd – – get me a Moose-burger.


2 thoughts on “On the Campaign Trail: Romnesia

  1. Loving the #Obamacare #Romnesia comments on social networking; a great bit of levity in the campaign and a clear energiser for the Democratic base, there will be some fallout for Romney over this. It may be a pithy bit of electoral work but the zingy comments coming from the Obama camp are getting the twittersphere (and other social networks: http://goo.gl/8FyZJ) all fired up.

    • I liked how the President embraced the term ObamaCare, pointing out that it covers pre-existing conditions. I also liked how the speech parodied Jeff “you might be a redneck” Foxworthy, who came out in support of Romney.

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