Watering Hole: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – Babies Know Who To Trust

Babies seem to have a sense of who is real and who is a phony.  They know who they can trust.  Just look at these photos.  Babies are happy with Obama and they cry when they are with Romney.

Last night was the debate on foreign policy.  Who do you trust with handling the US foreign policy?

This is our Open Thread.  Speak Up!


140 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – Babies Know Who To Trust

  1. I trust Obama a hell of a lot more than I trust Romney. Obama has proven himself on the job; Romney has no foreign policy experience and has turned to the neo-con likes of John Bolton and his ilk for advice. That can only end badly and with more bloodshed.

    I think I saw a video of Michelle Obama holding a baby that wouldn’t stop crying, until Barack held it in his arms. The baby quieted right down.

    I’m guessing the RW is in a real tizzy right now. They’ve gone and sought out John McCain for his “opinion.” You know what they say: Opinions are like assholes, and John McCain is one.

    • Yes, he’d bomb the pipeline that moves the oil into Russia. Which is in Russia..
      Oh, wait…

    • I know that our government supports the People of Iran and not their leaders, so I wonder what would happen if (and this is purely hypothetical) Russia or China decided to invade Iran (maybe together) to take their oil. Would we do anything to defend the People of Iran?

  2. Clearly Obama won as Romney had only memorized headlines. Whenever Romney got called out on his lies by President Obama, Romney respond by claiming that the President was using personal attacks. This was an attempt to divert the attention away from his (Mitt’s) lies. It’s like an abusive husband saying that his wife was asking for the beating.

    • Romney apparently believes the height of our Naval Power was 1913, after all, the Navy had more ships then.

      But Obama pointed out that the military also had more horses and bayonets in 1913. That means our cavalry was stronger in 1913 than it is now. In fact, we’ve completely ignored the Cavalry for decades. Our enemies are working feverishly to exploit this military weakness!


  3. If Obama was as snarky as me or had an edge to his debate style the line he would have used was: “Governor Romney, the only time I’ve had to apologize for America was when you went overseas and insulted our allies in Britain and Poland.”

    • ‘Governor Romney, you’ve said on many occasions that the Government does not create jobs. You’ve also said that if you were President, you would create 12 million new jobs. Now, I’ve looked at your website, and I’ve asked some of the nation’s top mathematicians to look at your website. They said your math doesn’t add up. They said you’re using imaginary numbers.’

    • ‘Govenor Romney, you keep saying Iran is four years closer to a nuclear bomb than it was four years ago. Well, I’ve got news for you. Iran is two thousand and twelve years closer to having a nuclear bomb that it was at the start of our modern calendar.’

  4. From Nate Silver’s site today…A CBS News poll of undecided voters who watched the debate found 53 percent giving it to Mr. Obama, 23 percent to Mitt Romney and 24 percent declaring it a tie.
    The reason Rmoney’s head is so shiny, the President mopped the floor with it.

  5. From the debate:
    ROMNEY: Let me — let me step back and talk about what I think our mission has to be in the Middle East, and even more broadly, because our purpose is to make sure the world is more — is peaceful. We want a peaceful planet. We want people to be able to enjoy their lives and know they’re going to have a bright and prosperous future and not be at war.

    Umm, excuse me, but why is John Warmonger Bolton among your closest foreign policy advisors?
    h/t C&L

    • Peace through war. That’ the idea.

      Romney said this as if it were a throwaway line… again willing to say anything to get elected. What this comment stems from is the simple fact that people vote for the person that wants peace.
      But the word “peace” sounds so hollow when it comes out of the mouth of a GOPer.

      • Ryan used a similar line: Projecting peace through power. Sounds like something a bully and/or third-rate dictator would say.

    • I wonder if Yosemite Sam handed in his resignation yet – with Rmoney talking about spreading rose petals all over the Middle East, Bolton can’t fancy that SoS slot anymore. No way he could work for such a puss as Rmoney.

    • I can’t access Twitter from here at work, but when I get home tonight, I think I’ll reply to Coulter with something like (and I’m open to suggestions for something similar, but remember I don’t want to stoop to his level):

      “Seriously, Tom, give it up. Nobody with any taste, class, or intelligence thinks you’re funny.”

      I’m going to call him “Tom” from now on because: A) I’m not convinced Ann Coulter is female; and, B) Coulter’s e-mail address is tom@anncoulter.com.

  6. Btw, has anyone mentioned Willard’s major geography and logic gaffe from last night:

    “Syria is Iran’s secret tunnel to the sea.”

    Why does the GOP hate maps?

  7. Best summation I read of Willard from last night:

    “Romney has no interest in foreign policy. He treats foreign policy as a matter of domestic marketing, and he believes that the people of the United States want our country to be really obnoxious, but not actually take any serious risks.”

  8. Seriously but seriously…. two weeks from now and MIt Romney is *still* in with a shout for the job. After the craven display of flip-flopping, lying, throwing every policy position he’s ever had out of the window almost on a daily basis – anyone who has paid attention to this man must know that he will absolutely say anything at anytime to get elected. How is it possible that in 2 weeks he could do this – I’m still thinking it can easily happen? Who can posibly vote for the craven fraud that is Mitt Romney?

    Whatever happens, America will get the president it deserves.

    • There is still too many people in this nation that hate black people and hate Democrats and they are willing to shoot themselves in the face because of this hatred.

  9. I’m still puzzling over this:

    “I’d make sure that Ahmadinejad is indicted under the Genocide Convention. His words amount to genocide incitation,” Romney said.

    A couple of things. First, I thought the Right had recently been screaming about freedom of speech; according to them, deliberately belittling the most populous religion on earth is a basic human right. The Right is always the first to scoff at the concept of hate speech, as well, and insist that speakers (on the Right, at least) bear no responsibility for any actions possibly attributable to their words.

    Secondly, I don’t understand how anyone can be accused of genocide if no one has died. When someone is responsible for slaughtering thousands upon thousands of their own people, or their neighbors . . . that’s genocide. Shaking your fist at the world, not so much. Just ask John Bolton.

    • All the Iranians have to say is “Indict Bush first. He lied your country into war and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraquis were killed. Once you clean up your house, then you may criticize ours.”

  10. Pachy, are you sending out friend requests on facebook? I got one from you that looks suspicious, and beside that, you’re already on my friends list!

  11. Actual report from The Hill:

    Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan had a ready retort for President Obama’s “horses and bayonets” zinger at Monday night’s foreign-policy debate.

    “The ocean hasn’t shrunk,” Ryan said in an interview on CBS’s “This Morning.” “You still have to have enough ships to have the footprint that you need … to keep our strength abroad where it needs to be.”

    That “comeback” is stunning in its naivete and stupidity.

  12. I’ve been busy with flying and stuff and had a brief interruption of internet service so I was able to take a few refreshing days off from politics. It’s nice to see that Mittens has learned from the crushing media condemnation of his lying and only told 24 outright lies in 41 minutes. Oh wait.

    I think I’m going to go flying and then take a nap.

  13. Romney could have a walk-on part on Mad Men. He wouldn’t need wardrobe, or lines. For any of you who ever watched the show, Romney reminds me of a character named Duck Phillips.

      • Nor am I, it was just my knee jerk response. I hope I’m wrong, even though that will mean that there are people horrible enough in this country to set fire to a perfect stranger because she is black. Not good any way I look at it.

        • If you check the link again, there was an update posted about an hour ago. The police are thinking the same thing you thought, Zooey, but with forensic evidence to back up their suspicions.

  14. Why does Ryan look so fucking smug?…..his photo irritates me.

    He’s the prototypical neighbor’s spoiled brat.

    Do I need a respite from all this when a mere picture pisses me off?

    • Because he epitomizes all that is wrong with the R’s. Got his, largely on the public dole, never had a real job outside of politics, yet claims that the gummint that gave him a hand up should be limited to smacking down everyone else except the rich fucks he serves.
      Your reaction is appropriate.

  15. We voted yesterday, by mail. Filled out the ballots then drove ten miles up the road and dropped them off in a PO where the postal workers don’t know us, where no one knows we are Obama people. Less chance of having the ballots disappear that way.

    Sad, I must say, that in this day and age one should have to worry about such nonsense as that. But there are some absolutely VICIOUS Obama haters in these parts, and several of them work at the Post Office. Never thought I’d live long enough to see the day …….

  16. A fascinating look at the Obama power play that could forever change the way Washington works:

    “The negotiations over the debt ceiling were astonishing to the president,” recalls White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler. “That really was a moment of ‘wow.’ It was a step beyond the regular Republican obstruction.”

    Late Sunday afternoon, Obama summoned his top lieutenants to the Oval Office. Something had changed. For months, Obama had been frustrated with congressional gridlock, which had intensified after Republicans took control of the House in January. And yet he’d always held out hope.

    Not anymore. The Old Obama had pledged to usher in a golden age of bipartisan cooperation, then spent the first two and a half years of his tenure trying to meet the opposition in the middle. But the New Obama was fed up. Disillusioned. And he was done letting Congress stonewall his agenda.

    These guys are willing to let the country go into default rather than negotiate a compromise, he said in disbelief. According to one participant, there was a recognition that the time had come to consider an audacious new governing strategy: what could Obama do without Congress?’


  17. Program starts at 5pm Zoo time, 8pm eastern on RT America, with the actual debate an hour later.
    Third Party Candidates Debate

    Excluded from the mainstream presidential debates, four candidates representing third parties face off Oct. 23 in a debate, moderated by former CNN talk-show host Larry King. The forum, described by sponsors as the Free and Equal Debate, will be broadcast live by C-SPAN and livestreamed over the Internet, starting at 9 p.m. EDT.

    Participating: Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson

    • I can speak from experience that it’s fairly likely, if one has brain surgery at age 59, that s/he will retire at or about age 59.

      Beats working till age 80, I guess.

    • “How in the bloody hell are we supposed to work until we’re 80?”

      Find a job that requires periodic naps.

    • Obviously, to put the best spin on it, these are people who have been blessed with good health. Most people hit an age where we realize that the occasional aches and pains are everyday aches and pains. That results in a moment where we go from “I’m going to live it up after I retire” to “I hope I live to retire”.

    • The class war has been won by the 1%ers.
      The plan has always been to have you work till you die.
      Then we won’t need Medicare/SS.

    • Secret Service agent:
      “With all due respect Mr. President, it makes us nervous when you hug people…”
      President Obama:
      “Get used to it agent .. Smith is it? – Do you need some time off?”

  18. I replied to the Ann Coulter tweet above and got this from wordpress (which thinks it knows what The Zoo would recommend.)

    tpzoo.wordpress.com suggests you follow:

    AnnCoulter Ann Coulter · 265,964 followers · 4,115 tweets

    • Oh, what a scandal!! Divorce papers that never went anywhere.

      How many completed sets of divorce papers does Rump have? Idiot.

      • It would be SO easy to make up a divorce complaint with the Obamas’ names on it, and then stamp “draft” on it.

        Hell, I could do it, no problem.

        It means nothing, which is not surprising with Rump’s name attached to it.

          • No, if the papers have been submitted to the court, it will have a court date stamp on it. That doesn’t mean the divorce was ever finalized, merely that it was filed and the filing fee paid. After no activity for a certain amount of time, the papers would have to be re-filed.

            I’m talking about visiting with an attorney and having papers drawn up (“draft”), and then canceling the whole thing.

            Both mean nothing, except that confidentiality has been breached by the attorney and/or court.

        • C’mon, everyone knows you can’t make fake divorce papers — just fake birth certificates.

    • That’s the October surprise?? Donald Trump is a twat ?? That’s it ?? But that’s no surprise …. we all knew he was a twat…

  19. I wish they would quit playing the clip of Ann Coulter saying “If we don’t run Chris Christie, Mitt Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose.” Just because Mitt Romney loses does not mean she was right. A false premise implies anything. [False implies False is True and False implies True is True]

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