A wave hits the rocks cradling one of my favorite tide pools at Cape Perpetua, Oregon.

A pair of sculpins and a hermit crab hang out in the quiet of the pool.

Green anenomes and feather boa kelp dine in the depths.

Another sculpin perfects its camouflage.

Mussels and gooseneck barnacles glean from the retreating tide.

One of the many shelters constructed from driftwood found along the local beaches. It appears to be a form of transitional art, some are very elaborate, and most only last till the next storm.

14 thoughts on “occupied

  1. Your life in the great outdoors really encourages desk jockey’s like me to go experience the great outdoors more.

    Is that a Raven siting in the last shot?

    • Affirmative. Unfortunately camping on the beach is not allowed, but with the public open access to all beaches here, I have no complaints.
      Settling into my new life and times, I’m putting together photos, getting some (big!) prints made and getting into some shows.

    • Good for you. A positive intent and commitment sometimes helps to break things loose.
      Did you find an appealing neighborhood on you trip this summer?

      • Yes, we found several neighborhoods that had homes that we can afford. We shopped around in Bend and decided that we don’t want to live in a neighborhood where watering grass is a requirement or there is an association fee. If I want green grass, I’ll stay in PA. There is plenty of green grass in PA. I don’t understand people’s obsession with lawns as I prefer gardens. There were places that had really nice desert gardens and that is what I would prefer. If I need to water plants then those plants need to provide food. Grass is only good for bovines and hoofed animals.

        • That’s a nice region. You’ll have a relatively arid climate and still be close to the mountains, snow and of course, trout.

        • I read somewhere about a bunch of people in Phoenix who use natural rainfall only and have crafted their garden so well to catch and retain the water that they have a wonderful rich and varied garden. No putting green grass, but who wants that shit anyway?

    • Thanks fatherbob.
      Looks like today will see more sunshine and the right light with the right tides. I don a full wetsuit and literally get into it.

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