on the rocks

A small freshwater stream enters the tide zone on the Oregon coast.

In a nearby pool, mussels, barnacles and small snails carpet the rocks.

Above them young gooseneck barnacles have gotten a toehold among larger barnacles and the mussels. They are about an inch long. The grass-like fibrous strings are part of the mussels apparatus for affixing themselves to the rocks.

Above it all, oystercatchers survey their realm from the top of the food chain.

11 thoughts on “on the rocks

  1. Scientists have tried to duplicate the adhesive that barnacles use to stick to rocks and boat hulls.
    So far nature still has the upper hand.

    • If it wasn’t for the barnacles, I wouldn’t be able to stick to the slick wet rocks enough to get around on them.
      The power of wind and waves: an old engine block from a shipwrecked fishing boat l found last winter is now a good mile further down the beach.

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