Sunday Roast: Sweet Transvestite

Okay, so I’m damp, smell of toast crumbs, still finding rice in odd places, and leave flutters of confetti every time I move.

A good time was had by all at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Β πŸ™‚

This is our daily open thread — Let’s do the time warp again!

115 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Sweet Transvestite

  1. I think I prefer The Last Picture Show to TRHPS. A young Cybill Shepherd, naked in a pool, beats a young Susan Sarandon in a bra, for me at least. πŸ˜€

  2. Sandy’s storm surges probably won’t have have any effect along North Carolina’s coast since the politicians were wise enough not to believe liberal weather data.

    • Well that’s some good news.

      I must admit that I am a bit nervous about this storm. We live on the west side of a hill (called a mountain on the east side of the country) so we are spared some of the brute force that comes from the NE winds. But still, fall/winter winds can be frightening.

    • Just the bridge onto mainland from te outer banks is already closed, due to 15 ft waves….this is not over noone should fool themselves.

  3. For those who only watch Meet the Press when Rachel’s on, she’s on today. No Dick Armeys or Alex Castellanos on to condescend to her either. She’ll only have to contend with Carly Fiorina and David Brooks today.

    • What would happen if we switched to popular vote?

      Stealing a small number of votes in a swing state couldn’t change an election.

      Candidates would have to campaign in way more states than they are now.

      My vote in Alabama would count as much as anyone’s in Ohio or Florida.

    • Curtain malfunction?

      Did you have a quake down there?
      Woke up this morning to hear there was a tsunami advisory for the Oregon coast, south of here and running down to California,
      earthquake in the Queen Charlotte’s, British Columbia.
      Living at an elevation of about 6 feet above sea level I’m starting to take notice of these things.

        • I think there will be riots in the streets if President Obama loses and we should join the people that are rioting because the election will have been stolen.

          • The other side is thinking: I think there will be riots in the streets if Mitt Romney loses and we should join the people that are rioting because the election will have been stolen.

            • Either way, the ruling class wins, but if we have Obama in office, we have the slightest chance of fighting back. With Mitt, we have none.

            • Zooey,

              There’s always the 2nd Amendment solution the Teabaggers talk about so much.

            • Well I’m thinking I need to have Taylor come home that night because if Obama “loses” there will be violence. All the talk of voter disenfranchisement has not been lost on the young, black community. Lots of talking about it at Taylor’s school. And many of the kids there not in the Music/Theater conservatories are local and are already worked up about unfairness to minorities. On a normal weekend there’s about 20 shootings. They don’t just threaten violence.

  4. In local news:

    Someone cleared out all the yard signs for Obama and other Dems. I took a fairly long walk and the only signs left are a single for Mittens and one that says “God ordained marriage between one man and one women(sic)”.

    • Heh. Here the opposite happened. Romney signs disappeared and some of the local Republicans went absolutely nuts in the accusation department. It was proof that “Obama supporters have NO RESPECT for the law, for other people. Lazy low lifes. Greedy bastards.”

      Far as I’m concerned, my only regret is that I didn’t have a camera with me on my morning walk, the time when someone’s Black Labrador (named Diego) stopped to raise his leg and piss on a Romney-Ryan yard sign. I almost died laughing, and became instant friends with Diego!

    • I think America lost that forty-nine years ago next month with the assassination of JFK, followed by the absolutely RIDICULOUS escalation of the useless “war” in Vietnam. It’s been downhill ever since … Nixon, Reagan, Dubya, and now possibly Romney. If the latter, my guess is that the AFM (American Fascist Movement, aka GOP) will have succeeded. Then it’s all over but the gunfire (and maybe the gas chambers, who knows).

      • Hmmmm. Considering that this country was built through slavery and genocide I don’t think we’ve ever had a strong claim on moral high ground. People also might consider our actions in WW2. The Russians were already bleeding the Germans dry by the time we really got our bombing program underway and, despite the fanaticism of the Japanese warlords, we could have blockaded Japan and starved them into submission without burning civilians alive.

    • See how crafty Obama is? Despite the best efforts of the GOoPers he managed to lower gas prices just before the election! By 11/10 gas will be over $10.00 a gallon and he can get on with his serious business of giving our country to the Muslim/socialist/communist/fascist/evil gay foreigners.

  5. This is almost right, I think, but there’s something about the analogy that is a little bit off.

    Adults have everything to do with Santa, but Atheists have nothing to do with Hell. I like the idea, but I think I need to see if I can find another way to put it that’s more directly analogous.

    For example, it doesn’t work to start with “A Christian telling an Atheist they’re not going to Heaven…” because Atheists aren’t responsible for Heaven, nor do we believe in it.

    I’m sure there’s a good analogy in there somewhere that works from all perspectives. I’ll eventually figure it out. Or steal it from one of you. πŸ˜†

      • A Christian telling an Atheist that they’re going to hell is like:

        a Mormon telling a Jehova’s Witness they aren’t worshiping the One True God;

        a student telling a palentology professor the dinosaur fossil is only 6,000 years old;

        a Republican telling a Democrate that trickle-down economics works;


        your turn…

    • A Christian telling an atheist that he’s going to go to hell is like a Republican telling a climatologist that he knows there’s no such thing as global warming because Santa said so. And of all people, Santa would for sure KNOW.
      Sort of. I think. Maybe.

    • Close. and good tries. I think a Christian going so far as to tell an Atheist he’s going to Hell, Zooey, really does give a shit about the Atheist. And you may be onto something, frugal, with your Republican/climatologist analogy.

      What we have is A telling B that B will suffer what A fears because B doesn’t, and never will, accept A’s worldview of things. The child/Santa analogy is close except I’d like to remove A’s direct involvement of B’s fears.

    • The last thing I ever wanted was fearful children, but so many people I’ve talked to seem to like it if their children are afraid of them, or leaving them, or afraid of other people. I think that’s fucking insane.

      Of course, I understand that some children naturally have a fearful temperament, but parents can work with the child to lessen that tendency. If they want to, guess.

  6. Our Ignorant Electorate:

    Forty percent of the country is unsure which political party is pro-choice and which is pro-life:

    “In a recent YouGov poll, I asked participants about their views on abortion policy and what position they thought Obama, Romney, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party took on abortion. Only about 60% of respondents knew that Obama and the Democrats supported more pro-choice policies than Romney and Republicans. Given that the parties have had clear and long-standing positions on this issue, it’s astonishing that 40% of Americans don’t know this basic fact (other surveys find even higher levels of ignorance).”

  7. Sally Carter is James E. Carter IV’s wife. And, yes, I left the word “Gov” out of my tweet.

  8. There’s a good series on WTTW PBS “Call the Midwife” which shows how dangerous childbirth will be again if the Republicans control all of government.

  9. This is scary. The SCOTUS will (or did) hear a case that could end up meaning you don’t have a right to sell anything you own. It’s not what the Congress intended, and if the book publisher, Wiley, wins, it would have ramifications beyond what anyone intended.

      • Likewise. Not having seen her recently, I’m imagining they’re very busy rounding up the stock. I know the storm from I believe a year ago hit hard, let’s send a bubble of light around her and hers.

        • I am very concerned about this storm. The winds are expected to be anywhere between 60 and 85 mph. That is frightening. I hope my house can handle that kind of wind force. My husband may be stuck at work as he is part of the “emergency team”, that is, if he can make it into work tomorrow. If he stays at work, then it will be me and the cats huddled around the gas fireplace stove. We have plenty of stored water and food. And if I can make it outside, I can start up the generator. It is expected that we will lose power which means you might not hear from me for a few days. I have Zooey’s number so I can keep in touch with her.

          • Above all do the safe thing Cat’s and nonewhere. A challenge with this storm is the wide area it will cover, and there isn’t going to be a lot of assistance from outside, or other places to go.

      • Wayne and Jane, be safe tomorrow. Schools and colleges and even big businesses will be closed tomorrow. I read that the NYC subways is closed. Zooey has my number or you can find it on facebook.

        • Thanks, cats. You two stay safe, too. We may get hit by the winds in the NE quadrant of the storm, but the maps indicate the eye will go South of use then head up to our West. It looks like it will go around us, though we’ll still get the rain and winds. So far, the Weather Channel isn’t saying anything about snow.

            • Thanks, Raven. Our Local on the Eights forecast suggests we’ll get lots of rain on Monday, tapering off each day, and wind gusts up to about 60 MPH, which isn’t as bad as it could be. The people South of us are going to get it worse. Other than a possible power outage, I don’t think it will be terribly bad for us. Nasty, but not as bad as it could be.

    • That’s pretty much how it will be around here the next few days. We won’t get hammered as badly as Cats, our forecast sounds like Wayne and Jane’s. School is out tomorrow, we’re ready with supplies. I spent the day carving pumpkins with grandchildren. I missed so much time with the eldest two, we’re having Halloween come hell or high water.
      Love, good thoughts, and ok, I admit it, prayers for those of you in the path of this thing.

  10. They’ve even got Brian Williams working on a Sunday night. That must be some big fucking storm. Those storms are always shifting aren’t they. Be safe all.

    • That pumpkin spice soap is a work of art!
      Your soap is very long-lasting. The guest I had last week is an obsessive hand-washer, yet my sample soap is relatively undiminished.

      • That is excellent news, Outstanding! I’m always happy to hear how my soaps perform, and it sounds like it was really put to the test!

        Didn’t that pumpkin soap turn out nice? I don’t usually do the fancy soaps, but this one came out okay. πŸ™‚

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