The Watering Hole: Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Romney’s Zombies: Mormons posthumously registering voters.

Walker, The Zoo’s top underground reporter, digging up a new story.

It’s a widely known secret that Mormons baptize the deceased into the Mormon faith. But they have added a new twist in what most regard to be a bizarre practice: Mormons all across key battleground states have been secretly registering the deceased. Using their posthumously issued Baptismal Certificates as IDs, they then register everyone they have baptised into the Mormon faith as a Romney Republican. They also fill out a request for an absentee ballot on behalf of the deceased.

It is rumored that this registration drive has added hundreds of thousands of voters to the rolls in the key battleground states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida, and may prove to give Romney a victory in each of those states. In fact, it appears they have stepped up their efforts, baptizing, registering and casting an absentee ballot is now encompassed in a single ritual.

“County clerks began to question our voter registration drive” one individual involved in the practice spoke, on condition of anonymity. “but when we invoked the First Amendment Freedom of Religion, they usually back right down, especially in the South. “Cept that one in Dade County, Florida. She rejected one of our newly baptized into the faith just because his date of birth was approximately 1837. Heck, Lincoln freed the slaves, we’re just freeying their souls. Go figure.”

Romney, when asked about it, said “We’ve had dead people voting for years. Why should this election be any different?”






232 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Romney’s Zombies: Mormons posthumously registering voters.

  1. Well, no work for the second day in a row for Jane and me. I tried driving in to the office and, after making several detours due to road closures, finally got to the office (I had to go around a “Road Closed” barricade) to find that the building did not have incoming power. So I closed it back up and went home.

    We were fortunate in that we did not lose power for any significant period of time. We are fine and our house sustained no significant damage. (A gutter came down but, screw it, it can stay down for the winter.)

    We hope Cats and nonewhere are okay, and our new friend, Gombasz, is okay down in Jersey. I feel bad for them. (Yes, I, a New Yorker, feel bad for New Jersey.) Their tourism industry is going to take a major, major hit from this storm, and I can well imagine some areas never recovering.

  2. I smell Karl Rove.

    Woke up in the middle of last night’s wee small and lay there for awhile, thinking about the brashness of Romney’s latest lie . . . the one about Chrysler, Jeep, and China, esp. the standout line, the one that goes something like, “Barack Obama’s auto bailout created jobs, all right . . . jobs in CHINA.” Made me think of a couple of other lies from years past. Like back in the 2000 early primary season when John McCain was looking pretty strong until word leaked out, in S. Carolina shortly before their primary, that McCain’s dark-skinned daughter wasn’t really adopted like he’d said, but was the spawn of a fling he’d had a few years back with a nigger woman. McCain lost the primary, of course, and Dubya went on to get the nomination. Then, in 2004 I remember wondering, once the topic would be formally broached and brought to the fore, how in the world George Bush and his blatant daddy-managed Vietnam war avoidance record would look when compared with John Kerry’s Vietnam heroics, his wounds, his medals, etc. Then came the Swift Boat campaign and poof. George Bush might not have been a hero, the story went, but at least he wasn’t a lying treasonous bastard like Kerry, the dude who even threw away all of his medals at some sort of Hippie gathering.

    The other day when I was out on a walk, I noticed a clump of fur in the middle of a side road about a block away. Couldn’t tell what it was, only that it looked a bit larger than a rabbit, the most common road kill in these parts. I kept on walking, didn’t think any more about it. Then the road curved a little bit and pretty soon I was downwind from the clump of fur. And then, bingo: SKUNK.

    Middle of this morning’s wee small: KARL ROVE. Some stenches are unmistakable.

      • I didn’t walk up to the clump of fur to see what it was . . . but since it wasn’t a big pink greasy blob I knew it wasn’t Karl Rove. Had it been him I’d have gone dancing. But I’m like you: needlessly killed skunks and other furry critters make me sad.

  3. Did I ever think I had something good to say about Chris Christie? No. But I must admit I was impressed when I watched the rerun of his interview on MorningJoe. The guy looked absolutely shell shocked and tired, but he had a full grasp of all the facts and the character to assign credit where credit was due. Hmmm, he may be worth more than just his loudmouth public persona we saw so far.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him together with Obama, I think Christie has a man crush 😀

    • Christie is supposed to be a Romney surrogate. He’s supposed to be campaigning on behalf of him until the election. He told Fox & Friends, “Right now, I don’t give a damn about presidential politics, and if you think I do, you don’t know me.” After praising Obama for his help during the hurricane, there is no way Christie could go out on the trail any time between now and Tuesday and tell voters they would be better off with Romney in the White House, especially after all the clips of Romney saying, in essence, he would rather have the private sector handle disaster relief.

      Mitt Romney once said “I like to fire people who provide me with services.” I think he’s going to have to do that with Christie.

      • Christie is the definition of an opportunist. While I’m sure he’s sincere in his appreciation of Obama’s quick response, he’d be quiet as a mouse if he suspected for an instant that Rmoney was going to be the next president.

        • I don’t know, really RUC. If he is sure Mitt is winning he need not care about that anyhow, that job will be taken for eight years probably. If he is sure the race was close or tied this is a gamble. If he is sure Obama wins, there’s no damage anyway, only the advantage to show himself as a competent leader. He is indeed positioning himself for 2016, I think. He is a politician after all. However, if I compare his haunted eyes to the flat, disinterested stare Bush had after Katrina, I think he is genuine in the feelings department there.

      • Or as the Rude Pundit said: Short for Christie’s interview: Mitt.Bus.Bus.Mitt.

        Maybe I am just this naive wanting to see the best in every person, but Christie came across as very exhausted and truly shocked at all the devastation. I believed him. It was even more like he was a bit astonished at the fact that Obama unconditionally did whatever he could to help. Could it be he had believed in his own spin before?

        • Some pundit said tat Christie desperately wanted to be governor and is very proud of having that job. He’s not like Mitt who just used it as a stepping stone. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and think he really was legitimately grateful to President Obama. At one point he said those his age are saddened because the old places will never be the same.

          • Christie also gets a lot of mileage out of being an actual rogue (tempted to say rogue elephant but that’s too cheap), even with (FSM forbid) a Republican in the White House.

    • Christie doesn’t think Gekko is going to win now, that’s the only reason he did what he did – 2016 baby. He can’t run against Mitt.

      Or perhaps there is a sliver of honesty, decency and a sense of priorities a humanity in the man …….. HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh dear me I crack myself up – sorry – I’m better now.

      • I think the commercials are a reaction to the flagrent copyright violations of sites like Napster a few years ago. Given a choice between posting a video that has a commercial preceeding it and knowingly violate someone’s copyright, I’ll go for the one with the commercial.

    • The media once again falling down on the job – the horse race, always the horse race… never the prospect that a man like Mitt Romney with almost no redeeming qualities as a human being whatsoever, could still be ‘elected’ president next week.

  4. You know, what Mourdock said just reeks of desperation. If you need to twist your thinking to the point where you believe a pregnancy from a rape is something your “loving God” wanted to have happen, then you are grasping at straws. Why wouldn’t God make the sperm infertile? Why wouldn’t God make the rapist’s dick feel like it was burning? Hell, why didn’t God just make the rapist’s penis fall off and get stuck in the woman, to be later used as DNA evidence to send him to prison for life? There are so many things wrong with Mourdock’s “reasoning” that one can only conclude that he doesn’t believe anything he;s saying, either.

    • Mourdick’s God appears to be the same one I rejected as a junior in high school when my multiple divorced maternal grandmother passed away and was sentenced to eternal damnation. If that’s God, I’ll pass.

    • Why wouldn’t god just shoot the rapist sonofabitch? I mean, really . . . some idiots in this world have a NEED to find god’s goodness in heinous crime? Next thing you know, some asshole will stand up and say that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were GOOD, that “those fucking Japs deserved what they got,” or maybe that Auschwitz was was, well, you know, “necessary,” or “justified,” or “well-intended,” or “never happened,” ad ad ad inf.

      Nah. Nobody could be that dumb, that vapid. Right? Please?

    • Jesus H Christ: Whoah Dad, this Rachel Maddow, she’s been reading the Zoo – I thought we explained all of this a few days ago, right? Remember that day you were bored last week?

      God: Right you are Kenny! Sorry never liked Jesus as a name, wasn’t my choice you know. Can I call you Kenny now?

      Jesus H Christ: No Dad, Kenny H Christ is lacking the gravitas I feel is my due as the Son of Man.

      • Jesus H Christ: Besides, Dad, don’t you watch South Park? “They killed Kenny – Invade Canada?” Start calling me Kenny and we’re gonna have to expand the Canadian wing on Cloud 9.

    • Let me confess: I was once a Republican, a long time ago. When I was but a youngster I voted, in my first presidential vote ever, for Barry Goldwater. Why? Because both the Navajo and Hopi tribes in AZ liked, supported, and approved of him; because he and his brother Bob were instrumental in allowing the first ever black man to compete in a major PGA tournament, the Phoenix Open; because Barry was, as an early fifties member of the Phoenix City Council, instrumental in ridding the city of segregated schools; because, as Commander of the Arizona Air National Guard, he integrated it … the AZ Air National Guard.

      Goldwater was, indeed, a political “Conservative” when he was a Senator, when he ran for the presidency in 1964. Today, he’d be, in the eyes of the Tea Party, a fucking Commie.

      Like me, I reckon.

      • Goldwater also had a killer collection of kachina dolls, which now form the bulk of the exhibit at the Heard Museum. Which, by the way, is the sole argument for visiting Phoenix, IMO.

        • Absolutely. I’ve been to the Heard MANY times, enjoyed every minute of every visit, and always marveled at the Goldwater Kachina collection. In its own gallery, no less.

          BMG was NOT what the ‘librul’ media proclaimed him to be. He was so far beyond even their most vivid imaginings that … well, you know.

        • Ah, yes. The Miller girls. Stephanie’s “older” (sigh) sisters (twins, if memory serves) were … well, like WOW. You know. Beautiful. Lucious. Gorgeous. Twins. … sigh. I was young way back then. Something has happened, I’m thinkin’. What happened? Where does ‘young’ go? Anyone?

          • Stephanie Miler is now on Current for 3 hrs 7-10 ET and then they replay it for another 3 hours right after. She and the two guys she works with are so talented.I wonder if you can watch it online.

    • Of course Rush will never have to answer to anybody for this. His call screeners will not intentionally let any intelligent callers get through to question him. When that does happen, Rush immediately points out that the person lied to get past the call screeners, never once acknowledging the irony of what he’s saying.

  5. I’m really hoping that Romney blatantly violated the law, but if he did use campaign funds illegally, he’ll probably be allowed to reimburse the campaign with his own money and somehow get it back later AND avoid jail.

  6. So, guess who famously said
    “I want them to get the resources that are necessary,” he said Tuesday night during a debate. “But they need to come with a plan on how to spend it, because [after Hurricane Katrina] they spent it on Gucci bags and massage parlors.”

    A. WillardRat
    B. Steven King
    C. Rush Limbaugh

  7. The old GOP line was ‘bring democracy to the Middle East”. Now, with all the tricks the GOP supporters are using to stop Obama supporters from voting, it appears the new line is “let’s bring Middle East democracy to the USA”.

    • Conservatives have always hated actual democracy with a passion. When people like Bush talked about bringing democracy to the Middle East they either meant “a new benign dictator willing to suck up to the US” or “ha ha, just kidding!”

      • Yup – ‘Free and fair elections in Palestine’ they cried. ‘OK’ said the Palestinians, ‘We choose Hamas’. ‘Oh wrong answer idiots, no support or funding for you – democracy means choosing the *right* people don’t ya know?’

        Fast-forward: ‘Free and fair elections in Egypt’ they cried. ‘OK’ said the Egyptians, ‘We choose the Muslim Brotherhood’. ‘Oh wrong answer, idiots’

        Funny thought that Obama seemed to say – ‘OK then, let’s talk about stuff with the Mulsim Brotherhood, after all the Egyptians picked him, so let’s see what he has to say and judeg him by his deeds’

        ‘Palling around with terrorists, foreign policy failure!’ said Yosemite Sam, Bible Spice and a host of RWNJs who love democracy …. provided the ‘right’ candidate (no pun intended) wins

      • Scout is doing fine. I think she is having some separation anxiety from her litter mates. She has yet to stop whining while she is awake!! She could be a real patience tester!!!!!

    • My condo in Moscow was in the newer area, and all the lines were buried. All of Moscow would lose power, and my side of town would be all lit up (and the lights were on as well). 😉 We lost power now and then, but only when the day was perfectly sunny and calm. Weird.

  8. Did yall know that if you have metal chips in your eye and get an MRI it will suck them out? I had to have a separate Xray done just to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Yeesh.

    • Did you get them at your job hooda? My husband got a big piece one time that they removed but he probably has little ones. Plus he has a steel rod in his leg that probably would be a problem too.

      • I didn’t have any but because of my jobs I get exposed to the possibility. I commented that if one did have them, they must be too small to be noticed and it would be a way of getting them out. The nurse actually thought I was serious.

          • Only ferrous metal can rust. Most stainless steel is non-magnetic, but some, like 17-4 stainless, used in medical devices, is magnetic. They asked me the same question when I had my MRI on my shoulder.

    • I have four Titanium coils in my brain, put there by a surgeon prior to the buzzsaw and scalpel part of the procedure. A few years after the fact, an MRI was necessary to tell me if the “healing” was complete, that I could quit taking anti-seizure meds, etc. I mentioned the Titanium coils to the Neuro-doc/dude and thanks to his momentary panic I had to wait another six weeks before enduring the MRI. They apparently had to do a lot of digging to find out if Titanium is magnetic or not.

      Well, ok, I guess I understand. I mean I do KNOW I have what seems to be an uncanny sense of where north is, which way the compass needle points, etc. But still, I mean … well, you know.

      • My father was in the scrap metal business. Doesn’t seem like it should have been that difficult to find out if titanium is magnetic. I guess it’s not that easy to find a sample of titanium.

      • so if i have a ring in my penis i should probably take it out, or be faced with a possible “dancing dick show” going on?

    • Yes hooda, MRI is just a big ass magnet which makes atoms dance gangnam style. As every atom has a specific shoe size you can judge from the print what is where and get a picture from this info. This would not be a good idea to try with any magnetic metal inside your body.

  9. Had to turn of Mrs. Alan Greenspan today when she was spewing Romney’s bullshit about how he never said to let the auto companies go broke.

    • Actually she was correcting the Obama spox who said that “Romney said” , ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.’ While it was the essence of the op-ed, Romney did not write the title and, to be fair, never explicitly said those words. But his premise that the private sector would keep the auto companies in business was false, as none wanted to do that. And fast action was necessary in order to keep all the support businesses alive. I wish newspapers would make the op-ed writers choose their own titles just to keep shit like that from happening.

  10. Hi again. Still no power at our house except for that which is generated by our generator. We don’t run the generator all and all night. It’s on for about 2 hours in the morning and 3 to 4 hours in the evening. My land line phone is on again/off again and there is no Internet service. Yesterday, I was able to view JUST The Zoo from my cell phone. Today, I am at my daughter’s house in Norristown. She has full power and full Internet 🙂

    A friend told me that power may not be fully restored until next Wednesday which is AFTER our one day/13 hour election day. I was informed that precincts may need to join together so that those without power will be sent to use facilities in another precinct. This is going to be confusing for people. The good news is that major metropolitan areas will have power restored first. These areas are mostly Democratic. The areas that are less populated will have their power restored last and these are located in Pennsyltucky where they speak Dumfuckistani and vote Republican.

    As for hurricane Sandy, it may be a forced “stimulus plan”.

    • Glad you two are OK.

      The chance that voters in republiscum areas may have difficulty getting to their polling places makes me smile thinking about that PA pol who said “…and this will give Pennsylvania to Romney.”

      Karma can be a bitch!

  11. My husband is reading a book about climate change. The author claims that eventually the nations of the world will experience bankruptcy as nations cannot continue to pay to clean up the damage and make repairs following the super storms and super fires that is quickly becoming the “new normal”.

    • Its already happening – on the Oregon Coast, repeated winter storms fill up the small harbours with sand. The Corp of Engineers no longer has the wedge left to dredge the sand back out – the fishing industry up and down the coast will slowly die out and some of the towns too.

  12. Any numerologists out there? I need one.

    Here’s the thing: I turned seventy last week, on Oct. 22. Today’s the last day of the month. According to my calcs, I’ve walked, during October 2012, my seventieth year, almost exactly 210 miles. Think about it: that’s three miles for every seven years of my life, times ten. OK so far?

    I read just the other day that seven and three are really big time numbers that god really likes a LOT. Seven is, according to the wingnut preacher source, “perfect” as far as numbers go (I don’t get the why of that, but what the fuck …). Also, the number three is god’s number . . . refers to Father, Son, and Holy Ghoul, more or less. Also, 7×3=21 also has some sort of godly shit underlying, according to said wingnut preacher.

    So, ergo, my dilemma.

    210 miles in the month of one’s seventieth year since birth — that’s THREE miles per YEAR of life, or basically, or THREE times SEVENTY which is, really, three times seven, ten times. OK so far?

    I am, therefore and by god, iow, godly. Right? Seven (the really groovy godly number) times three (Father, Son, and Holy Ghoul), and today, TEN TIMES OVER!!!???

    What does all this mean? Am I now in PARADISE, thanks to the numbers, thanks to my morning’s six-miler? HUH?

    Ummm, god, if I might be so bold to ask: If this is Paradise, why the fuck are there still REPUBLICANS out there! WHY is there a Mitt Romney, for Chrissake? Paul Ryan? My followup question, god, asked in all available humility: are YOU shittin’ ME?

    Ummm. God? Hello? Hello?

    We’ve been cut off, sounds like. Hurricane Sandy maybe. Nah, no way. Heard somebody say Sandy is a product of global warming. Ain’t no such thing as global warming.

    Right, god? …………………..

    God? ???? God????? Hello?

    Must be the fucking storm. Damn. And here I was, so close and all. To the fucking pinnacle. Poof. Damn.

  13. McKay Coppins pulls back the curtain of Willard’s bullshit non-campaign campaign event yesterday:

    “[T]he last-minute nature of the call for donations left some in the campaign concerned that they would end up with an empty truck. So the night before the event, campaign aides went to a local Wal-Mart and spent $5,000 on granola bars, canned food, and diapers to put on display while they waited for donations to come in, according to one staffer. (The campaign confirmed that it “did donate supplies to the relief effort,” but would not specify how much it spent.)”


    “As supporters lined up to greet the candidate, a young volunteer in a Romney/Ryan T-shirt stood near the tables, his hands cupped around his mouth, shouting, “You need a donation to get in line!” Empty-handed supporters pled for entrance, with one woman asking, “What if we dropped off our donations up front?” The volunteer gestured toward a pile of groceries conveniently stacked near the candidate. “Just grab something,” he said. Two teenage boys retrieved a jar of peanut butter each, and got in line. When it was their turn, they handed their “donations” to Romney. He took them, smiled, and offered an earnest “Thank you.” ‘

    • Someone on Martin Bashir, who had been along with the Prez, said they also saw “Romney” written in debris on a beach.

      That is weapons grade stupid.

  14. I just finished voting. The ballot was printed (on demand for my precinct) on both sides of two legal size pages. The first page had 3 columns that were for the candidates for federal, state and county offices while the remaining 3 sides were for Florida’s 11 constitutional amendments.

    The ballot had 12 candidates for President plus a line for a write in name.

  15. Outrage In The Powerless Zone: A Dispatch From Downtown Manhattan

    Part of Jonathan Maimon’s dispatch from a still-dark lower Manhattan:

    “I did not witness a single Red Cross Truck or FEMA Vehicle or in lower Manhattan. Recall the assistance these agencies provided after 9/11 – this is NOT HAPPENING. There are bound to be hundreds of elderly people, rich and poor, who live on the upper floors of buildings with elevators that are now disabled. IF POWER IS NOT RESTORED, THIS WILL MOVE FROM BEING AN ECONOMIC DISASTER TO A HUMANITARIAN DISASTER.”

  16. Where Romney trapped himself was when he said if the bailout happened you could ‘kiss the American auto industry goodbye.’

  17. Holy crap! Is anyone else listening to Thom Hartmann today? Seton Motley was his “3:00 wingnut” and I think he’s a contender for the most unhinged to appear on Thom’s show in a very long time. I missed the introduction so I thought he was just an unhinged caller but he was actually a scheduled guest! He was nearly apoplectic that Thom called the GOP candidates’ fake photo ops; “fake photo ops”. These freaks just don’t live in the same cause and effect universe we live in.

  18. Yesterday I posted about a possible Ratapocalypse in NY. Looks like there won’t be a plague after all:

    “In fact, the flood may end up as a net positive, as far as we people are concerned. “Flooding often displaces rats but also drowns young rats in their burrows and can reduce the rat population,” [NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene official Sam] Miller says. As for the rats that did escape an untimely, watery death, Miller insists that “no research has demonstrated an increased health risk from flushed rats from underground.” ‘


    “If the flooding happened after dominant rats took to the surface and drove the weaklings underground to die, New York’s rat population may have just gotten stronger.”

    Happy Halloween.

    • Rats always win. If a significant portion of the rat population, including the young, has been killed off they will simply increase the breeding rate to bring the population back so that it is in equilibrium with the food supply.

  19. Speaking of Thom Hartmann…

    He just read a partial list of Mittens’ lies. Quote, “lie”, quote, “lie”. He couldn’t devote the whole day to it but it was an impressively long segment. Now if only someone, anyone, would have the integrity to call Mittens’ lies “lies” to a bigger crowd.

  20. “..even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided he’s sick of the effete poseur and tossed Romney under the number 2016 bus.”

    Rudepundit is still out there – he is managing to blog and follow the last ‘hail mary’ pass that is Gordon Gekko’s Chrysler lie and his fake relief effort….

    Just a reminder – since it is Halloween and we are all supposed to be scared shitless…

    John Kerry polled 4% above Chimpy McFlightsuit going into 2004 and in the exit polls all day until about 11pm – and then a sudden, statistically improbable 6% swing to the Chimp took place

    “… Democrat John Kerry had a 4.2 percent lead in the exit polls in Ohio, which would have given him the presidency. George W. Bush won the state by more than 2 points…”

  21. Hmmmmm. The latest poll from Wisconsin shows President Obama with an 8% lead. Just more evidence that the better people get to know Mittens and R-Ayn, the less they like them. I would also say that being behind in the home state of the VP candidate is a very bad sign for the GOoPers though a good sign for sane people.

    • 2011 Correspondents’ Dinner:

      For Trump’s decision to fire actor Busey instead of rock singer Meat Loaf from his TV show earlier this month, Obama quipped: “These are the types of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir.”

    • “Donald Trump often talks about running as a Republican, which is surprising. I just assumed he was running as a joke.” — Saturday Night Live actor Seth Myers

  22. My phone is not enabling me to use ‘reply’ now. Seton Motley is Thom’s #2 RWNJ guest. Peter Ferrara is still #1 to me. I will try to listen to some of that tonight, if the vid is posted.

    • Great reminder TtT.
      Something about ‘clearing the market’…Code for ‘screw the lower and middle classes, the unemployed and underemployed’.

      • And this was all the while BofA, Wells F**k U, Citigroup etc etc were dragging people into court on false pretences to repossess, faking documents, robosigning left and right…..

      • And I wonder just how many houses that are literally under water today up and down the East Coast are now exposed to foreclosure as a result of the storm …..

        • I learned a couple of good things in Sunday school, and the song
          “the wise man built his house upon the rock, the foolish man built his house upon the sand” has always played out to be true.
          I spent a couple years on the Jersey Shore, and always wondered when, not if, all those houses would be swept away.

    • The problem with that idea, is that the banks themselves had to begin holding properties off the market to keep prices up. The real reason they will work with people who show any capability at all to pay, is because they weren’t able to unload their already repossessed properties due to low demand/prices. Once they sell at a loss, the books had to show the actual loss, which made them risk failing the stress tests.

  23. Love this graphic. In case the link doesn’t work. It’s a man stranded with his car, with a Tea Party style anti-government bumper sticker, and the FEMA chopper swoops in to rescue him.

      • She’s had a busy day and met all the neighbours. Since coming home from the vet she hasn’t whined even once. We can’t forget that it is a big change for her. Now we wait for the kiddies to come to the door. We are so happy to have her!

    • Once upon a time, I voted for a third party candidate to show my support for the opposition.
      Al Gore did not win that election.
      To this day I rue that vote, and until there is an overhaul of the American political process, I won’t take chances like that again.

    • Hey, Wayne… something you might want to tweet tomorrow….

      I guess all of that “community organizing” that Obama used to do has come in handy, huh?

  24. Raven, check out Felecia Day. Not was smooth as Beverly Crusher, but just as cute imo.

    This series “The Guild” was dreamed up by Felecia. It pokes fun at online gaming. Jed Whedon actually wrote and directed this video. Sorry, I know I’m geeking out… but someone did mention Wil Wheaton.

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