The Watering Hole, Thursday, November 1st, 2012: “Disgusted” Just Doesn’t Cut It

I’m so sick and disgusted by far too many of my fellow American citizens that I don’t even know what to write about.

I don’t know what’s worse, the lies of the Romney campaign and their supporters, or the stupidity of the people who believe the lies, even after they’ve been debunked. The political opportunism of the President’s opponents making shit up about the Benghazi attack before the four bodies were even cold, forwarding conspiracy theories under the guise of “some people say” and “there are rumors”, show just how despicable these die-hard “party over country” people are.

The blatant politicizing of the Hurricane Sandy disaster by Romney and Ryan, all while Romney refuses to answer questions about his stance on FEMA, should make their supporters at least take pause; instead, their supporters are nit-picking the stories of the Romney/Ryan photo-ops during the disaster.

One of the latest attacks on Obama comes from Breitbart and The Washington Times‘ Ben Shapiro:

As Hurricane Sandy rocks the east coast, the Obama campaign soldiers on via email. Tasteless email. With millions out of power, the Obama campaign sent an email this evening with the following text:


If you have a phone, don’t call your loved ones to ensure they’re safe. Call up a random person and push for Barack Obama. Because when the weather gets tough, the tough stump for Obama’s re-election.

At this point, even the word “disgusted” just isn’t enough. Anyone have a better word?

This is our daily open thread–talk amongst yourselves, I’m too disgusted.

222 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, November 1st, 2012: “Disgusted” Just Doesn’t Cut It

      • It is not. Jane and I both went into work today and had to sit at a table packaging product, which was about the only thing that could be done without power. The telephone server was hooked up to generator so we could make some outgoing calls, but we can;t go in and retrieve messages easily. I did see a NYSEG (New York State Electric & Gas) truck go down our street toward the downed power lines before I left at 3 PM, so hopefully we’ll have power restored soon. For me, the biggest problem is a lack of heat. It’s been getting down into the 30’s at night, so the office is getting colder and colder. Fortunately we do not have that problem at home.

        • Well, a day’s pay is a day’s pay, I reckon. I was told yesterday that we will work at least half days on Fridays until Xmas, ‘cept Thanksgiving. I can use the overtime, not that my Xmas list is very large anymore.

  1. Sad. It all just makes me sad. I suppose political opponents have always exploited tragedy for gain, but they generally waited until real facts came to light and real blame, if any, could be assigned as opposed to just making shit up. We used to be united in sadness when our people were attacked overseas. People used to understand, as I do not doubt the State and CIA personnel in Libya did, that situations can occur where you are on your own and no immediate help is possible. The stupidity, and the pandering to stupidity for political gain, just make me very, very sad.

    • Well said.OMF. I vacillate between smokin’ anger and tearful sadness, myself.
      I want to take some people by the shoulders and shake some sense into them.
      Yet the unfailing adherence to the demonstrated policies of the GOP — anti-social, misogyny, misanthropic, callous, craven, avaricious, heartless and self-centered policies — embraced by so many who are not stupid, leaves me stupefied.
      I understand the low-informed voter, the vulnerable audience of the demagogues and the panderers, but I do NOT understand how otherwise-intelligent people can believe the living, breathing lie: W. Mitt Romney.

  2. Until we get, somehow, to a system similar to Britain, where campaigns are publicly funded, short in duration, and solely focused on issues, we’re all just pissing into the wind.

  3. Until December of 2000 and the SCOTUS (s)election of Dubsy Bush, I never really thought I might live long enough to watch this country collapse in a heap of its own shit. But as it’s turned out, their (s)election of Bush definitely proved to be far more than just an early warning shot across the bow, and after his eight full years at the helm, the ship of state was in what was close to a terminal foundering. In 08, I honestly felt a bit of optimism, sensed the chance that MAYBE it wasn’t too late, that maybe a decent and thoughtful captain could reorient the ship of state and move away from the rocky shoals of national collapse. And yes, Obama did, indeed, manage to avoid the reef, even when ‘backed’ mainly with a mutinous crew. Then came the full mutiny of 2010, and today we who were not born dead from the neck up sit here on Pitcairn Island hoping for something good . . . anything at all will do.

    Meanwhile, the mutineers carry on as if they’re the product of the Second Coming. And who knows, maybe they are, indeed, just that. It would fit as a piece in the puzzle, that’s for sure.

    You’re right, though; “disgusted” isn’t enough word to describe the feelings of the portion of a country that has no tolerance for acts of mutiny, for the actions of traitors, of the treasonous bastards some still ‘gently’ refer to as Republicans. I’d call them treasonous motherfuckers, but I really don’t want to insult either mothers or fuckers, so I guess I’ll settle for treasonous assholes instead. It’s what Romney and ALL who will vote for him see each and every time every last one of ‘them’ looks in a mirror, right? Hard to get more descriptive than that.

    Meanwhile, I ponder my options of what to do should the Treasonous Assholes actually prevail and assume full power of the state. What do I do? Do I hunker down and hide? Start or join the AFR, the Anti-Fascist Revolution? Or maybe simply GTFO once and for all and for good? The latter option is definitely the most appealing and potentially the most pleasant, but I ain’t as young as I used to be anymore, and besides, where might one go? Where is this dreamy ‘place’, this ‘Nirvana’ where idiots fear to tread?

    Maybe I’ll just take a nice long walk and see what pops up. Hopefully ‘it’ won’t be one of those fucking Romney-Ryan signs. You know the ones I mean, the shit that stands in the yards of Treasonous Assholes everywhere.

    • I joke about it too, but it is gallow humor — I, too, am not as young as I used to be — my family is here and anchors me in place — but like you, I saw it begin in 2000 and fester and grow until 2010, and now the threat of losing 2012 is almost more than I can take.

    • I saw a Romney/Ryan sign the other day on a street corner and someone had written across the face of it in block letters: “Show us your tax returns!” — I have to admit that it made my day.

  4. :If the Obama campaign did send out that email, it was in poor taste.

    Poor Faux Gnus, just can’t stand that FEMA is doing its job the way its supposed to be done, now that a ni@@er is in the White House. Heck, even “Heck of a Job” Brownie is out there complaining about how fast FEMA responded. Like he should know.

    • The height of hubris and arrogance, Michael Brown, has the gall to criticize Obama for acting too quickly in response to the storm — some things are just so stupid, they just leave me speechless

    • I don’t believe that it was sent out. I get emails all the time from Obama and the only thing it said was to contribute to the Red cross and a link to the Red Cross.

      • George & Brownie should campaign up and down the eastern seaboard reminding everybody of what a great job they did in the aftermath of Katrina and that’s why they should vote for Romney, so Romney can put his dressage-horsey guy in charge of FEMA the same way Bush put his horsey-guy in charge of FEMA.

    • Rove is unique in one way and one way only: he’s by far the largest pile of odoriferous pink and creamy shit that’s ever been on such prominent public display for so long. (Limbaugh is number two. Sotospeak.)

    • Rove is the godfather of today’s polarized, combative, dysfunctional, immoral, misleading, corrupt politics….

      you can see his fingerprints on almost everything coming from a desperate GOP campaign:

      1) Distort
      2) Blast out of context
      3) Make it personal

      this has applied to just about every issue being thrown against the wall from Benghazi to Jeep to Medicare to Sandy

  5. Watching Rachel Maddow last night, who opens her show announcing that her Halloween costume is, once again, “middle-aged lesbian pundit in cheap jacket”. Love that Rachel.

  6. Explanation of the above video:

    “It sounds like a drunkard playing a kazoo, but it’s actually the call of a beluga (a white whale) called NOC. Belugas don’t normally sound like that; instead, NOC’s handlers think that his bizarre sounds were an attempt at mimicking the sounds of human speech.”

  7. One thing one has to remember about the mouth-breathing-knuckle-dragging-wingnut-o-sphere is:

    In this high tech, instantaneous world where a wealth of information is literally at your finger tips 24/7…..they choose not to research, probe, ask questions or show any curiosity about the world around them.

    it’s easier to listen to the dog whistles and be spoon fed misinformation for one solitary corrupt source of “conservative, christian, patriotic, WHITE American” “news”

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”…..well Sinclair, it’s happened

    • Fox does serve one useful purpose. In any political arena, as soon as you hear Solyndra, Fast & Furious, and now Benghazi, you can automatically tune out the speaker.

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts yesterday. Pixierita and I were both quite moved by all of the thoughtful comments. You are all the best and we value your friendship!

    • Another two commenters connected. 😉

      We’re all animal lovers, to one degree or another, and we love and care for our human friends just as much. 🙂

    • It’s so much easier to communicate with dogs than with a Fox News watching republitards. Sometimes it seems the only people I can talk to without wanting to scream are progressives who care enough to read these sites.

      • I parked at the grocery store this afternoon next to a woman with 4 Yorkies. I told her that we had 6 cats, and we both agreed that we loved animals more than we liked humans. I left her with, “Too bad our animals can’t vote!”

  9. This hits the nail on the head.

    I found this Fresh Aire interview with Sherry Turkle to be an enlightening observation of our modern fear driven society.

    I’m sure Donald Trump has enough minions taking care of his business that he can spend the day tweeting banal schoolboy nonsense. The rest of us?
    American productivity is low because so many are twittering away on facebook hoping someone will “like” them or care about their “status”.
    Meanwhile calls to customer service are sent into a feedback loop that if one ever does get through to a real person they are put on hold, often as not disconnected or directed to an automated voice mail messaging system to someone who never does call back.

    • American productivity is low because so many are twittering away on facebook hoping someone will “like” them or care about their “status”.

      According to the most recent labor dept stats, American worker productivity rose by 1.9 % last quarter. BLS”Productivity increased 1.9 percent in the nonfarm business sector in the third quarter 2012; unit labor costs fell 0.1 percent (seasonally adjusted annual rates). In manufacturing, productivity fell 0.4 percent and unit labor costs increased 1.5 percent.”
      Must be those damn assembly line bums who are twittering and facebooking?
      BTW, I agree with Turkle, I’d rather have a face to face conversation, and actually don’t give a shit who ‘likes’ me.

  10. Bill McKibben “welcomes” a new era in climate change:

    “So far we’ve raised the temperature of the earth about one degree Celsius, and two decades ago it was hard to believe this would be enough to cause huge damage. But it was. We’ve clearly come out of the Holocene and into something else. Forty percent of the summer sea ice in the Arctic is gone; the ocean is 30 percent more acidic. There’s nothing theoretical about any of this any more. Since warm air holds more water vapor than cold, the atmosphere is about 4 percent wetter than it used to be, which has loaded the dice for drought and flood. In my home country, 2011 smashed the record for multibillion-dollar weather disasters—and we were hit nowhere near as badly as some.”

    “It’s actual experiences that change people’s minds, or let them really feel what’s going on. One wrecked subway system, I fear, equals a thousand academic studies,” said McKibben, founder of the climate advocacy group”

    At least NY Governor Andrew Cuomo gets the message.

    • And yet, we still have no systemic effort from our gummint to do simple shit like get every roof of every home in America solar shingles. That should be no effing brainer. You support the construction of hundreds of solar shingle production facilities, train tens of thousands of installers. What’s so goddamned hard about that?

    • The Other 98% had a Facebook post this morning about the storm and climate change. An astonishing number of the comments were sneering remarks about the completely-debunked liberal global warming hoax. More or less typical is this one:

      Mary Mcgrew So to all you people complaining about ‘climate change’, or WEATHER, as the rest of us call it, how many trees are YOU going to plant today, or are you going to just sit there and complain about everything is everybody else’s fault. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  11. My guess is that the idea of essentially damning up New York Harbor, much like the Dutch, will happen. Other coastal cities will follow.

  12. The reason is obvious. Romney and his kind make lots of money from the Military Industrial complex. So war-mongering is profitable for them.

    They also make lots of money form the Carbon producing businesses. So ignoring climate change is also profitable for them.

    And they do want to privatize disaster relief services, so they can even profit of climate change.

    Will Climate Change Get Some Respect Now? –

    Democrats have been AWOL on climate change, but Republicans have been even more recalcitrant. Their failure is odd, because in other areas of national security Republicans pride themselves on their vigilance. Romney doesn’t want to wait until he sees an Iranian nuclear weapon before acting, so why the passivity about climate change?

    • Professor Jared Diamond of UCLA has a book that details how societies adapt and change, or perish. Called “Collapse”. Sends that message loud and clear.

    • Another carefully crafted headline which almost reflects nothing of what is actually said by the climate scientists interviewed – one of which thinks that the confluence of the winter storm and Sandy was a factor which is a fair question, another who says that warming seas probably beefed up the storm and a third who said that while the storm itself was not caused by CC, CC probably played an role in its unusual profile (and Fox writes him up as a CC skeptic despite what he says). And then Sen James Inhofe (R- Asshat) flung some poo at the end.

  13. Jeep is moving to China, welfare reform is being gutted, seniors won’t get health care, Castro and Chavez would vote for Obama, Nate Silver is effeminate, the President hates white Americans and has brainwashed Krispy Kreme and good Christians should vote for the cult bishop.

    They sure have been busy the past couple days.

  14. Mittens on FEMA:

    “I believe that FEMA plays a key role in working with states and localities to prepare for and respond to natural disasters,” Romney said in the statement. “As president, I will ensure FEMA has the funding it needs to fulfill its mission, while directing maximum resources to the first responders who work tirelessly to help those in need, because states and localities are in the best position to get aid to the individuals and communities affected by natural disasters.”

    Yeah Mitt, that’s what FEMA already does.


  15. Former Penn State President Graham Spanier on Thursday was charged with hushing up child sex abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky, the AP reports:

    Prosecutors also added counts against the two former underlings, Timothy M. Curley and Gary C. Schultz.

    Spanier was charged with perjury, obstruction, endangering the welfare of children and conspiracy, according to online court records. Curley and Schultz face new charges of endangering the welfare of children, obstruction and conspiracy, according to the records.

    We DO NOT ignore it when an employee is fucking children. Do you understand!?

  16. I have a new theory. Willard isn’t a robot. He is actually the brainchild of a demented Republican who is into Claymation. Something like Evil Psycho Does Mr. Bill. He gets smashed or torn apart on a daily basis but they just goosh him back together and he’s ready for more. Oh Nooooeeeesss!

  17. HBO – Real Time with Bill Maher Blog – Does Fox News Know What Media Bias Is?

    Take this effort about Andrew Sullivan:”BIAS ALERT: Pundit Warns Of Romney’s ‘Global War’“Daily Beast columnist Andrew Sullivan warns that Romney will launch ‘new global war’ if elected…Yes, Andrew Sullivan is not a fan of Mitt Romney. But how is this evidence of media bias? Andrew Sullivan is not a reporter. He’s a blogger and columnist. He’s not held to some standard where he’s not allowed to be partisan, or to express his personal views. That’s what he does. It’s like saying Charles Krauthammer is biased. The bit might as well be called “PEOPLE WHO SAY THINGS WE DON’T LIKE.”

  18. Someone (Karl Rove?) must be concerned about fundie turn-out in VA. I must get three or more mailers per day imploring me to save the fetus from abortion loving Obama and Kaine.

    • I’ll never understand fetus humpers. What is so damn precious about an unwanted pregnancy/child? Save the fetus, so the breathing child can be horrifically abused and tossed into a dumpster. Yeah, pro-life!

      • I don’t get it either. On a personal level, no early miscarriage felt like a death to me, only a disappointment. If every life is unique and valuable, why don’t we treat every living person that way?

        • Me either. By their own standards, God was the first and clearly the ultimate abortionist. And the truly bizarre thing is, their God has never started a war. People start wars in God’s name but not a single one ever happened because of divine intervention. Nor has He ever struck anyone dead for committing a sin or a crime.

          • Well, there was Lot’s wife. God turned her into a pillar of salt because she didn’t do what God told her to do. I think God also offed that guy in the old testament who spilled his seed onto the ground, again, against God’s Will.

            But lately? Hell no. Hitler got a pass. So did Stalin, Pol Pot, Bush… the list goes on….

        • A fetus is “pure,” having been untouched by the taint of living, breathing humanity — original sin? — which is evil, scary, and untrustworthy. Once born, all bets are off.

      • IF the government were to MANDATE abortion, or to MANDATE that everyone marry someone of the same gender, yep, then I’d fight ’em on both matters. But that’s not the case at all; they’re simply following the ‘conservative’ mantra of keeping the government out of private lives and affairs by saying that if you want to marry someone of your same gender, go ahead; if you don’t want the pregnancy for whatever reason, terminate it. It’s YOUR DECISION! In both cases.

        Wingnuts don’t like that ‘hands-off’ shit, and demand their right to interfere in the lives of others, based on some sort of cosmic silliness that makes absolutely no sense in the real world. But they’re each and all too freakin’ stupid to even begin to understand, much less try to act with civility. Damn ’em all to hell. Too bad there ain’t no such place. Well, maybe ‘cept for certain parts of the South. And Utah. Maybe Idaho. Indiana. Arizona …


          • No, they don’t want to take choice away – they want to be the ones making that choice – for every woman, in every circumstance, even if it means the woman must die.

  19. The rightwing hates Chris Christie now, especially Lumpy:

    Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who normally reserves his derision for Democrats, went so far as to say of Christie: “He’s fat and a fool. Don’t listen to Governor Christie. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” But Limbaugh clinched the quote with his reasoning for being so vicious: “He makes fun of me all the time.”

    I snorted so hard, I almost swallowed my tongue. 😆

  20. Via Science daily:

    The world’s first family tree linking all living bids and revealing when and where they evolved and diversified since dinosaurs walked the Earth has been created.

  21. From Nate Silver’s latest examination of the polling:

    ‘Mr. Obama is not a sure thing, by any means. It is a close race. His chances of holding onto his Electoral College lead and converting it into another term are equivalent to the chances of an N.F.L. team winning when it leads by a field goal with three minutes left to play in the fourth quarter. There are plenty of things that could go wrong, and sometimes they will.

    But it turns out that an N.F.L. team that leads by a field goal with three minutes left to go winds up winning the game 79 percent of the time. Those were Mr. Obama’s chances in the FiveThirtyEight forecast as of Wednesday: 79 percent. Not coincidentally, these are also about Mr. Obama’s chances of winning Ohio, according to the forecast.’

    I just hope Obama’s defense is as good as the Bears’ has been this year.

  22. Batscat Bachmann delivers the laugh line at a debate. While I would love to see either the moderator or Mr. Graves say “are you fucking kidding” I am warmed by the laughs. The whole damned bunch of them should be laughed right out of office.

      • She’s immune to input from the real universe. It’s all just drowned out by the cacophony of voices in her head. That’s why she has, reportedly, also failed to directly answer a single question from the moderator over the two debates. She just has a stack of file cards with “political speeches” that she pulls out, apparently, at random.

        I haven’t found a brief clip yet but she spent about 15 minutes of the first debate bragging about bringing the new Saint Croix River bridge to Minnesota. The funny part is that the bridge is not in her district and Amy Klobuchar had much more to do with getting the project pushed through; with more than a little help from Batscat’s nemesis, Nancy Pelosi. I was impressed, on the other hand, that her opponent, Jim Graves, pointed pout the fact that the subject was irrelevant to the debate (though that didn’t stop her for an instant) and that she, oddly enough, owns a whole bunch of farm land that will be sought by developers once the new bridge brings a freeway pretty much straight through her real estate.

        Sigh… It makes little difference. Those crazy enough to even consider voting for her are beyond our reach. We can’t argue with them so our only, rather slim, hope in her district is to outnumber them.

    • It’s actually true, Batscat doesn’t do political speech.
      It’s more like raving incantations from a friggin lunatic.

  23. A place I know well, Long Beach Island.
    Friends and I used to walk the beaches and have long conversations about the power of the sea, how the barrier islands were formed, and what would happen someday to all the fancy homes built upon the sand…

      • Matthew 7:24-27
        New International Version (NIV)

        The Wise and Foolish Builders

        24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.

    • The developers, the real estate agents, and the money lenders are high and dry.
      “Don’t worry about it” they all said “It will never happen here!”

      Say, didn’t Donald Trump make his millions in real estate in this very neighborhood?

  24. QOTD:

    “The worst thing that happened directly to me is that Susanne Bartsch canceled her annual Halloween party because she lives downtown and has no electricity. She said she couldn’t see to put on her eyelashes,” – Dovanna Pagowski, a former model who lives on the Upper East Side.

    The horror.

  25. A companion for the QOTD:

    “At night, it’s incredibly romantic. I have hundreds of candles and it’s wonderful reading by candlelight. I keep setting off the smoke alarm,” – Arianna Huffington.

  26. Today’s mail:
    2 Obama is coming for my guns, Tim Kaine may be coming with him
    2 Obamacare will take all my money.
    1 Oh! The poor fetus!
    3 Romney will spend more on defense, Obama is dangerously incompetent.

  27. Word from Beth’s campaign – Scott Brown has of course broken the ‘no outside money’ pledge and is currently Gish Galloping the airwaves with 4 BIg Lies for the last few days.

    • There is a reason the Right absolutely hates the UN. Right now they are going to be the entity that finally tells the US to go lay by its dish and knock of the military imperialism.

    • Once a Dick, always a Dick.
      I’m worried that Harry Reid will once again lack the cojones to amend the fillibuster and allow the dirtbag from Kentucky to hold the nation hostage.
      That is something that could actually happen.

  28. Even the “librul media” insists on calling Newt “Mr. Speaker” despite the fact that he was forced out in disgrace decades ago. Does anyone still call Nancy Pelosi “Madame Speaker”? Will they do so after she retires or gets beaten in an election?

    • For some reason, one of the most powerful women in the country almost never gets airtime …. so we’ll never know. The first time I’ve seen her on TV in years was Daily Show last week…

    • One of the best friends, one of the finest people I’ve yet to meet was named Sergio. He was born in Mexico; his parents sneaked into the US when he was three yrs old, and he was raised in the US as a migrant worker, one who moved from place to place — AZ and CA to MN and IA, then TX, then AZ … etc. throughout his youth. When he was about 20, he met the love of his life as he was working in So. CA; the feeling was mutual, and she promised she’d wait till ‘next year’ when he’d be back. She waited, he came back, and they were married. I met them for the first time some twenty-plus years (and their five children) later. It was business, at least at first. Invited them to the house for dinner to talk things out. They came, and everything came together — ‘business’ relationship confirmed. It worked out well; in spades, actually, and we all became close friends over the ensuing years. One day he said, as we were talking over ‘old times’, “When Mary and I came to your house that night … remember? … we were very scared.” I asked why? I had no idea. He said, “We had never before ever been invited to a white person’s home.”

      I suppose I could even still elaborate at length on that event, but there’s really no need other than to say that I’ve never, for a single moment since, considered myself to be “white.” It’s a disgusting concept, that implicit “superior because” horseshit.

      So, to Sergio and Mary: thanks. Forever. For the enlightenment, for your friendship. I shall never forget. Ever.

      • My realization that people are just people was a little different and younger in life. Dad was an international businessman and WW2 vet. I was about six when i was thrilled to be included in a business related fishing trip. After a few beers had been consumed by the three adults they got around to exchanging war stories.

        Dad had been a navigator in a B-17 and was, luckily as it turned out, wounded during his third mission over France before we had started striking Germany directly. He was the only member of his squadron to live through the war without being a POW. After he had recovered from his wounds and infection he was assigned to train with the 509th composite group. “The outfit that dropped the bomb”. A few weeks before heading for the Pacific he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and, much to his later relief, never had to personally deal with his conscience over nuking Japan.

        Anyway; listening to these men talk I was struck by their camaraderie. “Klaus” had been a Luftwaffe fighter pilot with 7 kills of American bombers. He was shot down and captured by the Americans in late 1944 and was so impressed by the humane treatment shown by his captors that he emigrated to the U.S. and ended up working with Dad.

        Mr. Abe, called “Bear” because of his 6’2″ height and athlete’s physique, had been a tail gunner in a dive bomber. He was captured in the Philippines and, like Klaus, never forgot his humane treatment either; though he went into electronics in Japan. He did, however, make it his mission to visit the U.S., learn the language, and then helped press his company into joint ventures with American companies to their mutual benefit.

        I think it took me about 2 years before I was struck by the fact that these three friends I admired had, just a few short years earlier, been sworn enemies who could have conceivably ended up actually killing each other. I realized that enlightened people can always find common ground and that our differences are inconsequential. I don’t think I’ve looked upon another person as being “different” ever since.

    • The tide is turning.
      This is such a crucial election. 4 years of progress have been made on the long haul back from the dark years of the Cheney-Bush fiasco.
      We cannot afford to lose this ground.
      Rmoney would capitalize (it’s what he does best) on sending the United States and the world back into a deeper hole than Cheney and his dummy sent us into.

      • And he’d do it casually, without thought or belief in his actions, because it’s his turn, his right, to be president. I don’t know what’s worse, the evil or the empty vessel that evil can occupy.

        • That’s the question I really, really, hope is never put to the test. Is Mittens evil or just an empty vessel made evil by those he allows to fill him as they will?

          I’m starting to lean towards the first possibility. He knows that, if he tells the truth about his true nature, he will be rejected out of hand so he simply lies about everything; never giving a hint of his true character. In fact, he lies so often and so casually that he doesn’t even remember what he’s lying about today, what he lied about yesterday or the day before. And that makes him look like a fool to those of us who actually weigh his words.

    • One of the most frustrating aspects of all this fabrication and just plain phuckery: the *poll* numbers don’t reflect that anyone is paying attention.
      RR should be in the single digit *like* column and that’s not happening.

  29. Okay, three cute kitten pics and a cup o’ bunny. Good night, Everyone.

    • It’s very moving to those of us who can be moved. The Reichwhiners, on the other hand, will just see a black guy with a “Muslim wedding ring” touching a white woman in order to score points with “libruls”.

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