The Watering Hole: Wednesday, November 7, 2012: Celebrate/Commiserate as Needed.

President-Elect Obama?

President-Elect Mr. Etch-a-Sketch?

Roughly half the country is suffering from a hangover because their candidate won.

Roughly half the country is suffering from a hangover because their candidate lost.

The rest are saying, “There was an election yesterday?”

(channeling Bill Maher)



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  1. I am happy that Barack Obama will be our president for another 4 years and sad that my Congressional District still has the Republican, do nothing, placeholder, Jim Gerlach. He was such a coward that he wouldn’t debate his Democratic opponent and he doesn’t hold town hall meetings.

    • The reason your congressman (and mine) is even in office is because the Republicans have spent the better part of 30 years gerrymandering the districts in Pennsylvania (and probably other swing states as well) so that Democratic strongholds, rather than being the center of the congressional districts as the courts have mandated, are instead sliced and diced to fit a GOP rural majority. We therefore don’t get equal representation in the state house, where every ten years the Repugs get to draw the congressional lines.

      The second reason is Democratic turnout in off-year elections is pitiful. It is the down ballot positions where the Repugs have a strong minor league team with access to money when their turn comes to running for congressional seats. Democrats have to show up in off years like we did yesterday. PA has a million more registered Democrats.yet we suck hind tit in state offices. The big voter education project that needs to occur over the next 10 years is to teach Dems that every election counts. There is no other way to take the country back at this point. Hand it to the Pugs, their election strategies pay off for a party that has nothing going for it but turning back the clock 100 years.

  2. Hey Mitt, the Koch brothers want their money back.
    What do mean by “you didn’t know it was a loan”?
    Do you think they are gracious losers that play fair?
    Sucks to be you.

  3. Oh my goodness, the drama from right-wing folks on Social Media is really hard to take. They really aren’t mature enough to handle Democracy.

    Great news in Minnesota and sorry of this was posted already last night: I fell asleep early – but it bears repeating.

    Gay Marriage Ban amendment – Defeated
    Voter ID amendment – Defeated
    State Legislature goes back to blue from only two years of red.
    Democrats reclaimed a US House seat (sorry, it wasn’t Bachmann’s, but still, it’s a pick-up).

    Mitt Romney is a loser. Now it’s official.

    • Well we’ll still have Batshit to kick around – I see teh stoopid is strong in NE Minneapolis.

      And yes the facebook drama from the losers is infantile….. I saw one picture of the statue of liberty hold her hands over her face weeping…..

      I added a post: “Whatever you do – DON’T BLINK!” to it – they have no sense of humour either, do they?

  4. Lots of good results…Joe Walsh and Allen West go down but Crazy Shellie keeps her seat. I guess we’ll have her comic relief for a while….

  5. Good morning.

    I’m afraid that Batscat Bachmann retained her seat. It even looks like she will avoid a recount by a few-hundred votes but it was a damned close race. The question now is; will her vulnerability result in more, less, or the same support next time around? I still can’t understand why her opponent didn’t take my advice and run ads about her crazy antics. He was outspent somewhere between 12 and 30 to 1, depending on source, so I still think that he might have won this thing if he had reminded the casual voters about her bizarre behavior and beliefs. I think I’m going to start writing him at least once a month and beg him to run again in 2014. If he spends the next 2 years challenging her insanity and keeping his name in the press I think he can oust her next time and I don’t think he would have to put his real life on hold to do it. There is, however, good news in Minnesota.

    We did get rid of another teabagger named Chip Cravaack so we gained one Democratic U.S. Representative. Dems did well in state and local elections and retook the state House and Senate. We also defeated the anti-marriage and voter suppression amendments. Here, like many other states, the 2010 class of teabaggers were soundly defeated and there ain’t no one who can tell me that’s not good news.

    The thing that will be most interesting in our immediate future is what happens to the GOP obstructionism. Logically, though i hesitate to apply logic to the Reichwhiners, one would think it would be harder to sell their obstructionism without the excuse of doing all in their power to thwart the reelection of a black guy. And, perhaps, President Obama will be a little more aggressive in calling out the childish opposition. If nothing else, the wailing and whining from FAUX”News” and hate radio will be a sweet, sweet, symphony for some time to come. Let’s hope that they all lose control and finish their brand off once and for all. It’s not likely but it could happen.

  6. Nothing changes at Fox.

    The best line is this one:

    “Partisan fact checkers.”

    Fox really does believe that there are partisan biases to facts. Sigh.

    Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama | Fox News

    Fox News and other media outlets have projected that President Obama has been reelected to a second term. If, in celebrating his victory Obama wanted to give credit where credit is due, he might want to think about calling some of America’s top journalists, since their favorable approach almost certainly made the difference between victory and defeat.

    • Ah we’ve seen this before the ‘dolchstosslegend’ – or the stab-in-the-back. The Nazis blaming the Jews and the Socialists for losing the First World War …

      The Fox News coverage was bizzarre – Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, Baier was often unable to look at the camera, Kelly sounded like she was at a funeral. And then you all have to look up the Youtube of Karl Rove, frantically scribbling notes and numbers on a piece of paper as Ohio slipped away, spouting off county names and reasons why the Obama edge would go away, challenging the Fox decision room (a bunch of suits in a room next to the toilets downstairs) that they were wrong to call Ohio …. it was pathetic to watch as Cleveland’s votes were counted and the door closed on Gordon Gekko and Turd Blossom.

      I see Turd Blossom up in front of his paymasters, Mafia-style, explaining himself in pathetic excuses after excuse for why their millions went nowhere. A vision of his bloated corpse twisting gently under a bridge over the Potomac.

      • Terry, Wormtail Rove blew an incredible amount of money on this and the return on investment is..nil. His donors will be very happy indeed. I would have liked to see him in jail for many of his misdeeds, but him having pissed off the important people, whose company he obviously craves so much, may be poetic justice. He’s not going to be invited to the Hamptons anymore after this , hee, hee.

      • I actually happened to be on Fox last night when that took place. It was the saddest bit of reality-avoiding desperation. Megyn really couldn’t believe what Rove was telling her (even though she dutifully played along).

        Bad television.

  7. Because he used math, Nate Silver has destroyed science. (This coming from the crowd that believes in an invisible sky god.)

    Nate Silver’s numbers racket – Jonah Goldberg

    What interests me is the way people talk about math as if it’s divinely prophetic. It’s as if they subscribe to a religion that simply apes the terminology of science. To listen to many of Silver’s defenders, questioning his methodology is akin to rejecting evolution or the laws of thermodynamics, as if only his model is sanctified by the god Reason.

    I wonder: What kind of scholarship do we have to look forward to when, in the words of Krugman, “facts really do have a well-known liberal bias” and a difference of opinion over poll-weighting foretells the end of science?

    • Full letter from Beth:

      “Terry —

      Last night was YOUR night. This victory is YOUR victory.

      This was a campaign that broke records — raising money from more small donors than any Senate campaign in the history of the country. Knocking on more doors than any campaign in the history of Massachusetts. An amazing campaign.

      And let me be perfectly clear: I didn’t build that. You did.

      You did what everyone thought was impossible: You taught a scrappy first time candidate how to get in the ring and win.

      You took on the Wall Street banks and the powerful interests and let them know, you want a Senator who will always fight for the middle class.

      And despite all the odds, you elected the first woman Senator in the history of Massachusetts.

      All of you — all of you — had my back, and I will always have yours.

      And to everyone who shared your hopes and dreams with me and put your faith in my ability to fight for you, I want you to know this: I will never forget. I will always carry your stories with me in my heart.
      And I won’t just be your Senator, I will also be your champion.

      Thank you for being a part of this, I so miss running my hands over your smooth shell.


  8. Dear Mitt,

    There are some things money cannot buy.


    The United States of America

    P.S. There’s a bunch of 215’s burning one on the beach behind your house and you can’t do anything about it.

  9. QOTD:

    “We’re going to win by a landslide. It will be the biggest surprise in recent American political history. It will rekindle a whole question as to why the media played this race as a nail-biter, where in fact I think that Romney is going to win by quite a bit. My own view is that Romney is going to carry 325 electoral votes.” — Dick Morris on Fox News.

  10. QOTD II:

    “… For a long time, right-wingers — and some pundits — have peddled the notion that the “real America”, all that really counted, was the land of non-urban white people, to which both parties must abase themselves. Meanwhile, the actual electorate was getting racially and ethnically diverse, and increasingly tolerant too. The 2008 Obama coalition wasn’t a fluke; it was the country we are becoming.

    And sure enough that more diverse and, if you ask me, better nation just won big….” — Paul Krugman in the NYT.

  11. Yesterday, history was made in Pennsylvania. For the first time, a female was elected to the position of Attorney General. She is a Democrat and she promised to investigate Governor Tom Corbett’s negligence in not pursuing charges against Jerry Sandusky.

    More women were elected to the Senate. All in all, it was a good day for women.

  12. Ann didn’t appear with Mitt? Wow. Selfish to the end, she denied me the opportunity to see the look on her face. I hope we’ve heard the last of both of them.

  13. The wine was good, better than the morning’s headache. Still, lots of good news tends to alleviate the throbs. CO went for Obama as I thought it might, but oddly enough, so did our County, Pueblo — that was a surprise! (I am preparing my subtle grin for my trip to the Post Office this morning, the one where Postal Service financial woes have been blamed on “Obamacare”). The only local bad news is that this district’s asshole wingnut congressman Scott (what is it about the name “Scott” these days?) Tipton got reelected. But then his district is largely defined by the very rural and backwoods parts of CO, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. Disappointed, yes. Surprised, nope.

    Deb’s going to have a fun day. The office at which she works is, for all practical purposes, Wingnuttistan’s Pueblo County HQ; I expect to hear tales of how the Dems rigged the entire election, how the Commie Black Muslim Atheists are on the verge of the final takeover of Amurka, etc. Deb is, like me, working on her subtle grin. 😉

    Sorry to see Batshit ‘won’ in MN, but Allan West getting flushed, along with the turd named Walsh sort of makes up for it a little.

    Meanwhile, my new slogan:


  14. Big congratulations to Obama, Democrats and Zoosters!!!! I can’t fathom that the popular vote was even close, but I suppose that is what big money and ‘librul’ media can do.

        • I stopped by Red State this morning and found this piece of a comment… “I was shocked that no one in the party made a prolife commercial with women who more tramatized by their abortion, then the rape. Those women are out there. ” There were also comments claiming that the pro-lifers stayed home and the pro-abortion supporters came out in large numbers. Who is pro-abortion? No one that I know. I am pro-privacy.

          • I hate it when my “pro life” friends find out that I do not share their view. They immediately say that I’m “pro abortion.” They get really angry when I say I’m not because their simple minds can only accept binary data. I told them I’d be happy if there were no more abortions ever. The only difference is I don’t think it’s my decision to force upon others. Then they drool and say I’m pro abortion.

            • Yep, that’s the way it goes here, too. Too many people are completely unable to think in anything but black and white. No nuance whatsoever. Again, they’re like really dumb children.

            • And you should see the reaction I get when I tell them they’re using a false dichotomy. They often look at their hands, assuming it’s something you carry.

          • Redstaters are the sort that believes women deliberately get pregnant, just so we can get abortions. It’s a fucked up view of the world.

            I agree, pro-privacy is the issue. I love minding my own business, and truly wish more people would enjoy it. I think in their zeal to stick their noses into everyone’s bedrooms and lady bits, they forget that they leave themselves open to the same treatment.

  15. Notable tweets:

  16. Conor Friedersdorf spanks Republican pundits:

    “On the biggest political story of the year, the conservative media just got its ass handed to it by the mainstream media. And movement conservatives, who believe the MSM is more biased and less rigorous than their alternatives, have no way to explain how their trusted outlets got it wrong, while the New York Timesgot it right. Hint. The Times hired the most rigorous forecaster it could find.

    It ought to be an eye-opening moment.

    But I expect that it’ll be quickly forgotten, that none of the conservatives who touted a polling conspiracy will be discredited, and that the right will continue to operate at an information disadvantage. After all, it’s not like they’ll trust the analysis of a non-conservative like me more than the numerous fellow conservatives who constantly tell them things that turn out not to be true.”

  17. I live in a new redistricted precinct this year. The Democratic candidate is hanging on by about 1.9% — still too close to call, but hoping for the best that Az didn’t make a clean sweep of Republican reps.

    • My congresswoman I’ve despised, Judy Biggert, finally lost BUT she was redistricted and not mine any more. Now I have a different Republican. That sucks.

      • I got redistricted from a Dem to a Repub placeholder. In order for the district to elect a Democrat, I think a strong, dynamic woman from the more wealthy county could pull it off. Ads are expensive in my district because the ad buy would be in the Philadelphia media.

  18. Best comment from good friend Bob Geiger this morning…
    “Please, PLEASE, people do not come around saying what a wonderful, gracious concession speech Romney gave. He ran a dishonest, disrespectful and, at times, racist campaign. Good riddance to this insincere asshole.”

  19. Good coverage from overseas –

    One good comment: “Damn right it was impressive. Only the 3rd Democrat in history to twice win the popular vote – in the teeth of the biggest recession in generations. Bloody impressive.”

    A selection of newspapers around the world: Mediocre Mitt Crashes out / Welcome Back Mr President – Australia

    Iran to take centre stage in new Obama agenda – Haaretz, Israel

    Republicans say ‘we were wrong’ – Toronto Star

    Xi Jinping selected Chairman (yes there is another ‘election’ going on)- Xinhua, China

  20. Old White Racist men are a dying breed. This gives the OWR men 4 more years to get even older and the young, liberal, immigrant portion of the population to grow larger.

    Here is hoping for no catastrophic events to produce instability, the fruition of the first 4 years of Obama’s work and next 4 years of Obama’s vision of America to make no doubt that the recession is over.

  21. First Read looks at the demographics:

    “What happened last night was a demographic time bomb that had been ticking and that blew up in GOP faces. As the Obama campaign had assumed more than a year ago, the white portion of the electorate dropped to 72%, and the president won just 39% of that vote. But he carried a whopping 93% of black voters (representing 13% of the electorate), 71% of Latinos (representing 10%), and also 73% of Asians (3%). What’s more, despite all the predictions that youth turnout would be down, voters 18-29 made up 19% of last night’s voting population — up from 18% four years ago — and President Obama took 60% from that group.”

    Dave Weigel weighs in:

    “Had Rick Perry not run for president, and been so attackable on college tuition for immigrants, the issue might have stayed dormant. But Romney opened up on Perry and touted his support of the Arizona/Alabama immigration bills. The result: Only 27% of the Hispanic vote, the lowest for any Republican in a generation. Romney won only 39% of this vote in Florida. In 2004, George W. Bush won 54% of that vote. Yes, sure, fine, it’s more Puerto Rican and less Cuban than it was eight years ago. But this drop-off is untenable.”

    The groups on whom Obama depended are the ones that are growing; white men, the core Republican constituency, are a shrinking minority. This dynamic works in presidential elections, which are seen as more exciting by younger voters and minorities. But in the grind-it-out midterms where people are indifferent or ignoring the candidates, the GOP prevails with their consistent base. This is why the House will stay Republican unless the Democrats can break through and treat midterms like they really matter.

    • “But in the grind-it-out midterms where people are indifferent or ignoring the candidates, the GOP prevails with their consistent base. This is why the House will stay Republican unless the Democrats can break through and treat midterms like they really matter.”

      Correct analysis. If Obama wants to create a legacy (political, not presidential), he needs to keep together Obama For America, which was a very adept on the ground organizing campaign and use it to strengthen the Democratic bases in the ‘purple’ states so that we can win back state houses, and thus re-draw the congressional districts to more fairly represent the voter distributions.

  22. The Watering Hole: Tuesday April 10 – Vote GOP! | TheZoo

    zxbe on April 10, 2012 at 11:49 am said:

    Prediction: Romney’s VP will be non-white, or a woman (possibly both).
    I can’t envision any scenario where they pick a white male and not hand the election to Obama (assuming no scandals on the Obama side).

    They picked a white male. And they handed the election to Obama. 🙂

    This ties in to the demographics data that BMM posted above. White men are not the constituency you need to attract any longer. And that’s the portrait of the GOP.

  23. I feel a bit strange today. Who knew the afterlife after the world ended when Obama won would be perzactly like it was before? This can’t be heaven because Fox News is still babbling.

        • I’m hoping … HOPING! … that there are at least two, preferably three vacancies on the SCOTUS in the next four years, and that Obama will fill each with a YOUNG liberal judge. A 5-4 or better yet, a 6-3 liberal bent would do more for the country’s future than almost anything else Obama might be able to get done in his second term.

          • Correct. Because the House remains Repugnican, Supreme Court nominations will be his presidential legacy.

            For those of you who cringe at the thought of resorting to prayer, please repeat after me: Dear god, I can’t wait for some divine intervention so that we can get some supreme court nominations. Soon!.

            • So we’re praying for Nino to have bout of ass cancer or something? Is that where we are?

              Thomas I think died 6 or 7 years ago – no one’s caught on yet… what about him?

  24. Ed Schultz just spent several minutes singing along (badly) to Bob Dylan singing “Like a Rolling Stone.” Too funny!

    Listening to that, it reminded me that my nasty-mouthed RWNJ BIL’s favorite singer of all time is Bob Dylan. Much like Chris Christie’s love of Bruce Springsteen, that just seems like such a weird disconnect.

    Maybe the stupid BIL only listens to the music, and doesn’t bother listening to the words?

  25. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters on Wednesday he is committed to filibuster reform. Reid said he does not favor eliminating the filibuster, but wants to make the Senate a “more meaningful place.”

    Yeah, well you better have a better plan than that, Harry, and no fucking handshake deals.

    • The main reform they need is to just use the filibuster as it was intended. You got a bitch, take to the floor and let it fly. All business shuts down until the filibuster ends. It favors nor gives advantage to either party, allows the minority to make their objection known and prioritizes the objectionable bill.

      While Harry is at it, he can shitcan the anonymous holds and but limits on how many holds can be used on any appointment or Senate action.

  26. I think we need to start a pool. Now that Willard has been sent packing, how long will it take before there are calls for impeachment in Congress?

  27. I don’t like to gloat but Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Seriously though; I feel better about the future of this country than I have since this day in 2008. But, once the hangovers have faded, we need to start working towards the next election. I still don’t expect the GOoPers to play ball so we have to finish the sweep at the earliest opportunity. As I have said before; we can’t argue with them so we have to outnumber them.

  28. Now we need to get past this fiscal cliff problem. It will be up to the lame-duck Congress to pass some big measures. That was always a recipe for disaster.

    • An interesting conundrum. Both sides need each other to get something done. The cost to the national economy demands action. Do you think the R’s will finally come around and compromise?
      Oh, BTW, Senator Mitchy, about your top priority thingy? EPIC FAIL!

  29. I was looking at the electoral map and something dawned on me. The states that supported Obama, for the most part, are those with population densities that lend one to think that having to live in closer proximity to others. The states that went Romney are those states with lower population densities. I checked it against the WI map and it seems that the lower the population density of a county, the higher the Republican lean.

    Food for thought?

    • Especially here in the Midwest; the farther a person lives from an urban center the more likely they are to be stark, raving, terrified of diversity. They are not necessarily bigots, though many are, but they are simply afraid of anything outside their limited experience.

    • I think it’s an interesting theory, Hooda. Colorado, New Mexico, and the West Coast would challenge it, but still interesting.

      I include California because it’s got a high population, but it’s so big that outside LA and the Bay Area people generally have plenty of room to develop into rugged individualistic assholes.

      • The bluest parts of Colorado, the parts that caused the state to go blue, are the major high-density population centers along the Front Range: Ft. Collins to Boulder to metro Denver, and further south, Pueblo. Colo. Springs (Urban Wingnuttistan) was red as was most of rural Colorado.

        • That makes sense, frugal. I was thinking in terms of whole states with low populations, but cities in those states do have a blue influence. In fact, my most recent home state, Washington, is ruled by the way the west side votes (thank goodness), and that really pisses off the RWNJs here on the east side.

          Nevermind my comment above! Brain fart!

        • I’ve checked a few state maps and the areas of highest population density lean blue. The more a state has urban density, the more blue they tend.

    • Population density does make a huge difference. A persons view of others is different if you walk down your main street and only see white people.

  30. In case you haven’t seen this yet. James Poniewozik calls it “one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen on cable news”:

    “It was a fitting moment for an election that often seemed to be a campaign over the idea of mathematical knowability itself. But it was also a glaring, and embarrassing, example of the extent to which Fox News has become an arm of the Republican Party and is expected by GOP operatives to behave as one. Rove may be a party big shot, but he’s just a guy giving analysis on Fox’s air. He does not run the network, even if his friends do.”

    They go off the rails just after one minute in. I watched just slackjawed…

  31. Yes it is an Obama mandate. The country knows exactly what he’s done and chose him to continue doing it.

    It is a rejection of conservatism, particularly Tea Baggery.

    And the ability of the media to over play a storyline they like cuts both ways. (Mittmentum anyone?)

    Obama is not a socialist, he’s more conservative than Reagan.

    Outsourcing seems more the expertise of Romney than Obama.

    As far as teleprompters, all world leaders use them. Children write on their hands.

    Palin: Don’t Lose Heart – 2012 Presidential Election – Fox Nation

    Don’t Lose Heart
    By Sarah Palin on Wednesday, November 7, 2012
    America, don’t lose heart. This election is not an “Obama mandate,” nor is it a rejection of conservatism. Unanswered ads like this one running in blue collar swing states defined Romney early on, and the Obama media also piled on with the narrative that Romney would harm the middle class. (As I personally have witnessed, once a bell is rung by a biased media, it’s impossible to un-ring it.) Ironically, it’s Obama’s socialist policies that will destroy America’s working class as he outsources opportunities.Hang in there, America. Fight for what is right. Don’t look to government or any politician to solve your problems. Government can’t make you happy, healthy, wealthy or wise. Obama is a master at reading the right “soaring” words fed into his teleprompter, but actions speak louder than words. So, hold tight to 2 Corinthians 4:8 because we’re in for a wild ride.We must survive. United. One nation under God.”We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed.” – 2 Corinthians 4:8-9.

  32. I’m grateful the citizens of my fair state have awakened to the fact taxes must be raised in order to keep us just ahead of ‘developing’ countries:

    Proposition 30 passes

    California will avoid deep spending cuts to public schools and universities, and be able to pull out of the fiscal swamp without slashing other services further, after voters handed Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature tax measure a decisive victory Tuesday.

    My county also kicked it up a notch: increasing the tax 1/8th % so our fire, police and county medical/hospital can keep functioning to assist us all!

    • This is what having a Democratic majority and a good turn out will do for you. It will only happen in state wide offices because the Repugs drew the district lines for the congressional and legislative districts. David (vomit) Maloney is still our state rep.

  33. Perhaps worthy of a discussion:
    Could the president reach out to six Republican Senators, offering them whatever it takes to forge a cloture proof block. There is a short list of Susan Collins, Mark Kirk, Dan Coats, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey and Rob Johnson, all of whom might face competitive campaigns..or not.
    Or, Harry Reid could grow a giant set of cojones and alter the fillibuster rules the first week of January 2013…
    Once Boner saw he wasn’t going to get anything done with a fillibuster proof Senate, and many of his Tea Party nutcases no longer around, maybe, just maybe, a little work might get done. Like a fiscal cliff avoided, etc.

  34. 11-6-2012: The Day America Changed

    8 to 9 percent unemployment is the new normal. It’s good enough. 46 million people on food stamps is OK. It shows we care. Debt spending is good. It will get paid off some day and if not, our kids can worry about it. Trillion dollar deficits make sense.

    Socialized medicine is good. It will cost more, but did you honestly believe it wouldn’t? It doesn’t matter what you were told. Catholics should pay for abortions. Sandra Fluke is a prophet. Abortions and birth control should be free. We should fund abortions overseas, too.

    The First Lady should be allowed to blow millions on lavish vacations. The White House parties should cost millions, too. The president should play as much golf and basketball as he pleases. They deserve it. They work hard. They’re Democrats.
    [ . . . ]
    But the fight is not over.

    God help us in the days ahead.

    Or, as a woman with whom Deb works put it,

    He won’t turn over his birth certificate.
    He won’t turn over his college transcripts.
    In Obama Care doctors can pick and choose who they will treat.
    We are going to have so many different doctors.
    My heart is Heavy–All we can do is pray.
    I am ashamed to be an American.

  35. Odd. That uber-national security issue of Libya isn’t mentioned at all on Fox’s front page. It’s almost like they were just using that to help sway the election.

  36. Bite it Mittens. All that money down the rat hole.

    We are the winners!

    PiL – Warrior

    Shrouds they have no pockets
    Some of us wake up
    Others roll over
    But not I
    I’m a warrior
    This is my land
    I’m a warrior
    This is my land
    I’ll never surrender
    I’m a warrior

  37. Ugh, Thom Hartmann has another obnoxious ass on his show. Didn’t catch the name, but does it really matter? 😀

    He loses me every time when he does that.

  38. I just got back from flying my aerobatic plane and it was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed flying in over a week. I was able to just relax and wring it out. The down side is that i was enjoying so many high power maneuvers that I discharged my batteries to quickly to make an afternoon of it.

  39. Maybe there was a problem with the premise that this is an unpopular president, and that the policies had failed. It’s amazing how they just can’t let go of their own talking points. If I were a political strategist, I’d get them to all rip up the talking points and start there. That’s where the problem is.

    There was no ‘tipping point’ in the 2012 election | Fox News

    First, and most importantly, the Romney campaign lacked a rationale or a message for why people should turn away from an unpopular incumbent.

    Other than the poorly fleshed out 5-point plan that the Romney campaign hastily added to their convention speech, there never was a moment when the Romney campaign offered a clear, convincing alternative to the failed policies of President Obama.

  40. Jesus H Christ: Well Dad, *that* was f**king funny stuff. I see you’ve really been ‘moving in mysterious ways’ again this week. And that hurricane Sandy, I watched Fox and that blonde bubblehead was saying that’s what did it.

    God: Nope, that wasn’t me. I didn’t do Sandy – that was just climate change. You see its all about being the divine watchmaker not the active omnipotent deity that the vast majority of fundies think. I always liked that Jefferson lad you know.

    JHC: But you must have done something to influence the US election, right?

    God: Nope, not at all. Doesn’t take me to GOTV, they did that all by themselves. Looks like most of this lot can still tell when a bunch of total pricks are trying to railroad them. Not sure what to do about the ones that voted for the total pricks though – teh stoopid is strong with them.

    JHC: Well I guess that now that Mittens isn’t going to fulfill Mormon prophecy and be the one-world Mormon leader, I suppose I can cancel my ticket to my Second coming? Awesome – Missouri sucks this time of year. Hey, where’s the Spook? Haven’t seen him around today.

    God: Oh he’s off whispering bullshit in Pat Robertson’s ear today – you really should tune in to the 700 club later, it’s going to be great stuff – trust me. Have we any popcorn?

  41. QOTD III:

    “What happened? A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance with a campaign marked by mendacity and malice rather than a mandate for resurgence and reform. Instead of using his high office to articulate a vision for our future, Obama used it as a vehicle for character assassination, replete with unrelenting and destructive distortion, derision, and division,” – Mary Matalin, NRO, apparently unable or unwilling to leave her bubble.

  42. For those of you who have not yet been able to find or see this …Craig Unger did and here’s how he describes Karl Rove’s pathetic meltdown on Fox News in front of a election night audience.

    It was indeed a thing of beauty

    “when it comes to Karl Rove, the Democrats had best play by Chicago rules. “That means when he is dead, you put a stake through his heart,” explained one Democratic operative”

    On C&L there’s this: karl Rive’s breakdown ….”What did you do with the money we gave you Karl? You said you had a plan….WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT ALL, KARL?”

  43. Okay, so I did something terribly wrong with my soap yesterday, cuz not only is green and purple soap really ugly, it never hardened up. I thought it would be a fabulous good luck charm soap, and it flopped — even though the President didn’t. 😆

    A better omen against the teabaggers was breaking my favorite teacup the day before the election. Shoulda left the soap alone!

  44. I’ve been off the grid most of the day and when I checked in at The Plum Line found virtually none of the usual trolls. They had spent weeks claiming a Romney landslide and mocking Nate Silver as an idiot. “Obama is toast.” And, of course, lots of name calling of the President. Mighty quiet now.

    • Same thing happened in 2008, but after nursing their butthurt, they came roaring back with their righteous indignation that a black “leftie socialist marxist” had the nerve to run for President, let alone win. *yawn*

      I’m so over that shit.

  45. Out, on a limb:

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has fired his $153,000-a-year emergency management director for diverting a crew to remove a tree from his Long Island home’s driveway after Superstorm Sandy hit, a state official said Wednesday.

  46. Some people don’t handle losing very well. 24 minutes of VERY not safe for work Language. How long can you last? (Video seems to be sketchy)…

    • Delusional. Never having a thought of loss – why would he? All that money was sure to open the door at 1600.
      Yes Willard I’m laughing at you.
      Welcome to the REAL world where the EV and popular votes were against matter the Rove math.

  47. I’m feeling a little lost. My thoughts (and emotions) have been so tied to this election for so long that I’m having a lot of trouble accepting that it’s over and done. The billionaires dropped hundreds of millions of dollars and failed to control the White House or the Senate and the threat of a faux-moderate Right Wing jerk becoming president has ended.

    What to do?

    • Get popcorn, lots of it – its literally going to ravenous dumb beasts versus Christians for the immediate future….

  48. Scout had her first puppy class tonight. She is the most excited of the group of 9 dogs. She caused some chaos. She scared the crap out of german shepard and nearly hurt a little tiny chihuahua-corgi cross. This is going to be fun!!

      • Pretty much. She’s had a few accidents and only gets up once in the night. Both of these will come with time. She’s also one hungry little dog so she hovers around the food bin! Pretty good first week.

  49. TPM has a wonderful episode of The Day in 100 Seconds up now. More ODS–an endless supply of it–and accusations of voter fraud, etc etc etc. I realize isn’t not a complete video, but I suspect that it’s true to the Faux core: not a single suggestion that all this disappointment and shock is simply the result of the fucking lies they’ve been feeding on and regurgitating every single day.

    Sorry, Faux, but you lost big time. Republicans fell like kingpins everywhere, not in small part because of your deliberate failure to speak truth. Fuck. You.

    • Yeah I expect Beth will have to spend more time with Washington business now, it’s going to hard for me, but I have to set her free and hope she’ll come back … I’ll know then if its really forever.

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