The Watering Hole, Monday, November 12th, 2012: Wallowing in Filth

Thinking that I would just check the Patch local newspapers online to see the local reaction, if any, to the Obama re-election, I somehow ended up wallowing in the filth on the Washington Times.

Not that there wasn’t any filth in the local online ‘news’ – there were plenty of stupid, ignorant, and racially intolerant comments following the above article.

The second piece that I found in the Patch talked about the author’s experiences at the polls in Rockland County, NY (across the Hudson River), where, he alleged, poll workers were wrongfully denying certain non-white and younger voters’ rights to vote, and/or giving voters incorrect information. A woman commenter responded by listing several instances of alleged hanky-panky by Democratic pollworkers, among other things. Then the commenter threw in a link to The Washington Times, and I gave in and clicked on it. Naturally, I wish that I hadn’t. Reading many of the comments following that article made me want to shower, at the very least. However, I did at least run across a possibly useful site which includes a map of which States have, or are considering, photo ID voter laws.

Here’s a few more articles from the Washington Times that ought to raise one’s blood pressure:
“The Rising Number of States Seeing One Party Rule”; and,
“Companies Plan Massive Layoffs as ObamaCare Becomes Reality;

And if all this wasn’t enough, here’s some more crap from Fearmongering about “Currency Wars”; plus, just take a look at some of the “articles” listed on the home page at “FBI Suppressed Petraeus Scandal to Protect President“, and “Norquist to Newsmax: Don’t Surrender Bush Tax Cuts.”

This is our daily open thread–Had enough? I know I did!

111 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 12th, 2012: Wallowing in Filth

    • Ok, well, 2 observations:

      1. She’s living up to the blond stereotype.

      2. She’s from Turlock. home of Turkey Tech and the distinction of having, at one time, the most churches per capita.

      “Stanislaus State College, dubbed Turkey Tech by some as a result of its initial location, should lose this dubious distinction for all time in 1965. Turlock is a large producer of turkeys, and the college’s temporary location is the Stanislaus District Fairground, hence its appellation. ”

      “At one time Turlock was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most churches per capita in the United States.”

      So we may be seeing the terminal effects of blond+turkey+God.

      Jus’ sayin’.


  1. Companies are only hurting themselves by firing employees. Less employees means reduced productivity, reduced service, and reduced income.

    The good news is that ObamaCare will make it easier for people to purchased health insurance on their own which will then make self-employment a more viable option and increase competition.

    • If they do throw each other under the bus, I hope it’s that big one of Sarah Palin’s, the one with the Constitution painted all over it. That would be poetic justice.


  2. I want to hear the wingnuts explain why Eric Cantor suppressed knowledge of the Petraeus affair until after the election.

  3. Zooey, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to keep track of Scout’s life, walks, hikes and such. She is too young for hikes and will be for a several months (spring hopefully). But I am doing a blog that will be all things Scout.

    Here is the blog, ourlabscout.

    I’ve managed a daily entry so far. Time will tell how my enthusiasm will be maintained! Scout is two weeks from her final shots. I am eager to get out to the off leash parks to see my old friends and introduce Scout to them.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    • Scout likes to be busy, doesn’t she? Newspaper chewing, coffee spilling, car escaping! Good thing she’s such a beautiful, sweet soul!
      Great photo on the blog.

    • I love it. What a great idea. Just one note. When I had to call poison control because Riley ate a bottle of my Prevacid they said the dogs they get the most calls for are labs and golden retrievers. Riley is a golden. Of course A-Jay is a German shorthair pointer who stole a huge bottle of vitamin d3 which they both ate and really is dangerous for dogs so there are exceptions to everything.

      • Thanks Shayne. We try to keep a close eye on her. She, and all puppies, are so darn quick and quiet. Their mouth is their hands so everything goes in for an examination. Puppies can never be unsupervised when out of a crate/kennel. Yesterday she was trying to chew a nail that was sticking out of the hardwood by 1/32 of an inch!

      • They should all be advised to bring their guns to church.
        After the debris has been cleared, the properties could be put to better use.

    • I am most struck by the vast numbers of Reichwhiners who are sold on the vile idea that people with different views can’t coexist. If they can’t fuck up the country so much that everyone who isn’t a white Christian leaves? They threaten to secede. It makes the whole damned bunch look like traitorous toddlers.

    • Well, one of them inadvertently got two things right:

      Gays; “now we can enjoy life and live like others”
      Liberal women; “it’s my body and my choice! Yay!”

      Of course, the writer is not thinking of the above as good things. 😆

      What vile people, especially the guy who’s planning on cutting his disabled uncle’s monthly check from $30 to $15. First, $30 a month? Wow, what a great “christian.” Second, his uncle has the same rights he does, and can vote for whomever he wants. Third, Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

    • That’s just sad. I missed the part in the Bible where Jesus advises that we shoot anyone who comes to our door looking for a crust of bread.

      • It’s right there in Paul’s Letter to the NRA, Chapter 1 v. 44 magnum. What, that’s not in your Bible? It’s in my Charlton Heston Revised Standard Fully Automatic Edition.

  4. An interesting take on fillibuster reform. The data
    From 1917 – 1970 – 27 congresses, 58 motions for cloture, 49 votes, 8 times actually invoked.
    1971 – 1992 11 congresses, 425 motions, 296 votes, 121 invocations.
    1993 – present 10 congresses, 888 motions, 642 votes, 310 invocations.

    If that isn’t a pattern of abuse, violating the principle that it was reserved for the most serious challenges, then the data is lying.

    h/t Greg Sargent’s Plum Line

    • Well let’s see – I don’t really have time to work this article over so I’ll point you to the OIl Drum and let them do it a comment at a time

      In 1973, oil production in the USA preaked at about 10.2 MBPD. The BBC article I read said that by 2020 (8 more years) the US will be at 11.1 MBPD. Frankly I doubt it – the Bakken fields are already depleting as fast as they are being drilled – there is a steady increase but we’re already nearly running to stand still.

      Energy independence? A joke statement. The US currently consumes 18 MBPD per day down from 21.5 MBPD a decade ago, which is itself no smalla chievement. But how in anyone’s math does 11.1 become greater than 18? Seriously? The only way we become energy independent is if a lot of us die off and stop drving our cars.

      • Or if everyone did it MY way . . . So far this year the mileage on my van (our only car) is up by 1980 miles, and as of today I’ve walked, in the same time frame, 1784 miles. Knock of four RTs to Pueblo, and me and the odometer are about even. So, here’s my plan for Amurka: everyone cut their car miles in half and walk it instead. Bang zoom, oil consumption goes WAY down, everybody gets in shape, and global warming is stopped dead in its tracks (well, sort of, maybe)!

        Hey, it could happen!

        Probably won’t though.

        • Exactly! There’s a bus stop at my apartment complex and most every store I need to visit is less than a mile away so I walk. I haven’t owned a car in several years and I don’t even take the bus unless I have to get kitty litter. When I put on significant weight last winter, largely because of a new medication, I just started buying model airplanes instead of beer. Between the reduction in empty calories and the extra walking to the local park to fly I’m back to my “optimum” weight and my general cardiovascular health is better than it was 20 years ago. My motto is…

          Take a walk and save yourself while doing the whole human race a favor.

  5. I want to thank all of you Zoo Critters for keeping me sane since Wednesday! Although I was unable to comment, I was able to read your comments and it saved me from the bile on the TV and radio. I was visiting my mom in TX while she underwent a medical procedure (ironically being paid for by medicare).

    I returned home late yesterday having to sit through the wailing, the gnashing of teeth, and the rending of garments on Fox News. The post mortem indicates to me that the RW media has learned nothing in the aftermath of the election. I can report that there is no soul searching going on on that side of the fence. I doubt that this is likely to change much in the coming days, months, years.

    My mother is fully in the throes of their propaganda however. This also is unlikely to change ( although I gave it a valiant effort.) Scariest topic: Bombing Iran out of existence. Whoa. Who knew my mom was a neo-con? (Hangs head in shame.)

  6. One bright spot? My newly formed district has just elected the first openly Bi-sexual Liberal Democratic Female to the House of Representatives! Woo HOO!

      • I haven’t yet, but I cannot explain why the people of Arizona keep re-electing this man. He has cost the state millions of dollars in lawsuits…and he is a buffoon. (I suppose we still have a buttload of racists in this state.)

        At any rate, it appears my new district preferred the bisexual white liberal woman to the conservative black man… go figure what that means.

        • If the situation there is anything like Batcsat Bachmann’s image here; he is portrayed as a victim of all those “librul attacks”. The local “librul media” never says “Bachmann said something nuts”. It is always phrased as “Poor Michele has been forced to defend herself against another outrageous attack”. Add in the fact that she has a flock of pet preachers campaigning from the pulpit and she keeps getting elected. But? There’s hope.

          Jim Graves nearly beat her despite having no support from the DNC and being outspent 12 to 1. I will be sending him at least one email a week begging him to keep his name in the press/media and run against her again. He already did better than any of her other opponents and, with greater name recognition and attracting a little outside help, I really think he could beat her in two years.

          • Every election his opponent gets more votes, but, since he up for re-election during every Presidential election cycle, and AZ tends to vote for the Republican guy all the time… well, you see the problem.

            At any rate, ol’ Joe is eighty and at some point, he will be naturally term limited. When that will be, who knows? He is already planning on running again in 2016.

            • I figure that’s pretty much the case for any of these freaks who keep getting reelected. Their worshipers aren’t making logic based decisions anyway so it takes something really drastic to make them see the error of their positions.

  7. BTW, since yesterday was special, I salute all you Critters who have served in our Armed Forces, and an extra special remembrance for those who fell on the battlefield…
    Thanks for the note LL

    • Yup that’s an appopriate stance IMO. I have two boys in scouts, one is simply too young to understand anything about this but the second is beginning to understand the issue and start to form his own opinion. Many of his best friends are also scouts and he gets a lot out of it. He knows where I stand on what I will and won’t do, both for this reason and for the religious reason. I would like to see the scouts change their position and hopefully this and other similar instances will produce change, but as long as the Catholic Church and the Cultists from Salt Lake run the thing between … it won’t.

      • I didn’t make it through my first Scout meeting when I realized that I would be forced to say prayers in order to participate. Thank goodness I had agnostic parents who encouraged me to always be true to myself. I was also a bit precocious (not a brat!) in all my behavior.

  8. Oh, barf! Newt is on Thom Hartmann. Needless to say; Newt is as slimy and shifty as ever but Thom has done a good job at asking about the GOoPers’ “insurgency”. No answers, of course, are forthcoming.

    • He’s irrelevant.
      Repugnant Party has no use for facts. How would the Neutered-one know a fact if it were introduced?

      In a Politico op-ed published Monday, Gingrich wrote that Republicans were wrong about turnout, message, and the makeup of the electorate and “must learn the facts of the 2012 election.

    • I will always hold Newt Gingrich responsible for the beginning of the severe partisanship in Washington. Before Gingrich, Republicans and Democrats actually came together to pass laws and didn’t vllify the other side in public.

      • I won’t give him full credit but he’s one of the principal players. The fact is that, during my lifetime, Democrats have worked with those Republicans in power for the good of the country. Republicans have thwarted those Democrats in power for the good of their party, their egos, and their bank accounts.

  9. QOTD:

    “I do not know what the Democratic Party spent, in toto, on the 2004 election, but what they seem to have gotten for it is Barack Obama. Let us savor.” — Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, November 4, 2004

    • It’s a very weird dynamic. I have no doubt that a number of evangelicals either stayed home, voted for Jesus, or left the space for president blank rather than voting for either the cultist or the black guy. But, apparently, there are a few Mormons out there who are sane enough to have noticed that Mittens has changed every position he’s ever adopted.

      He might not be the most dishonest presidential candidate in history and he might not be the most inconsistent presidential candidate in history but, being off the scale in both categories, he is the most dishonest and inconsistent presidential candidate in history.

      • The problem with that statistic is that virtually every Mormon I ever knew — and I’ve known WAY TOO MANY of the buggers, thousands at least — would, after the election results showed Romney to have lost, disavow that they ever voted for him. Even if they did. And most probably did.

        Mormons are, sadly and unfortunately, a long way from being believable. On almost anything.

        I have known two, however, out of thousands, that I would believe. Two. Period. That’s all. Amazing, really.

        • Having read most of the Book of Mormon I have no doubt that any avowed Mormon is not quite sane unless they are idiots. (NOTE: The two are not mutually exclusive!) I was tasked with helping the woman who loaned me the Book and she has psychological issues and a 6th grade education. I think she’s sincere but ill-equipped to deal with harsh realities. Or reality in general. She is, however, basically kind and is even progressive enough to have married a black man in Louisiana in the mid 1960s but that was before she converted. So..?

          I can’t attest to the relative honesty of Mormons in general. I do, however, think that those who voted against Mittens were probably unable to ignore his lying and inconsistency.

  10. The only three questions that every member of the “librul media” should ask every GOoPer until further notice.

    1. How many Republican proposals has President Obama vetoed?
    2. How many Democratic proposals have the Senate Republicans filibustered?
    3. Who is responsible for the gridlock in Washington?

  11. Quip of the day:

    GOoPers don’t vote for those who will help individuals, the country, or even themselves. They vote for those who will do the most harm to those they hate. ___Me

        • I figure that most of the male fundies think that gay sex is “icky” because they are not satisfied no matter how much gay porn they watch or how many male escorts they hire. They think that sex is about taking but we sane people know that sex is about sharing. Right wing authoritarians don’t share without a gun to their heads.

      • Well, there’s porn on the cob, creamed porn, sweet porn, porn chowder…oh, wait. You said ‘porn’ not ‘corn’?

  12. One other comment on my mom, as I tried in vain to assuage her fears that Obama wouldn’t be good for the country:

    I showed her a graph that the tax rate under Clinton produced more jobs than the tax cuts under Bush did. But her comment was that it didn’t matter, that that was in the past. I told her, this was the tax rate that would exist under Obama after the Bush tax cuts expired…

    In a word: Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it?

    • Oh lordy, I’m sorry you’re having to endure that crap, LL.

      If my dad and I talked politics, I think our discourse would be similar. He doesn’t need more information because he knows. Besides, I’m just a kid/liberal/communist/female — what the fuck do I know?

      I haven’t heard from him since election day. 😀

      • I told my mom earlier in the year, that it would probably be best if we didn’t talk politics, and when I went there on Wednesday, I didn’t say a word about the election. But then she made a comment that I couldn’t let go by because it was a lie and as soon as I got done refuting one lie, she had another lie at the ready. I felt like I was arguing with an internet troll. You know? lol

        What shocked me the most was when she said we should just bomb Iran. On Veteran’s day. I asked her if we couldn’t afford Social Security or Medicare, what makes her think that we could afford another flippin’ war? Her response was that we already had the bombs, so we might as well use them.


  13. If you agreed to make a $30,000 payment to the State of Florida to get out of Doctor Shopping charges.#UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If you are wrong 99% of the time but a large crowd of people thinks you are actually right 99% of the time, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If you think the Lord’s Resistance Army is a Christian activist movement, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If you think birth control pills are something a woman takes every time she has sex, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If u publish a book called “The Way Things Ought To Be” while exhorting ur audience to keep things the way they are #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If you pretend your success on public airwaves is all due to your private effort, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If you say that torture is just a funny college frat prank & then pretend to worship Jesus tortured on a cross, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If the Dominican Republic evacuates all little boys before you arrive, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    If your Arbitron ratings are as fake as a credit derivative’s AAA ratings, #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

    if you hate Michelle Obama’s healthy food ideas because you think donuts are vegetables

    If you think that government is a football game #UMightBeRushLimbaugh

  14. hmmmm….I know I am usually late to threads, but I do take the time, on occasion, to write a lot of snarky replies…. it’s as if my brilliant sense of humor is totally wasted.

    speaking of totally wasted – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


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