The Watering Hole: Wednesday, 11/14/12: A postlude on the election

Today’s Open Thread is brought to you by our guest blogger, SpiritKat.

When Enough Is Enough

It’s time for Republicans to face the fact that the majority of American people just don’t want what they’ve been trying so hard to sell. Can you imagine what the voting numbers would have been in the recent Presidential election if the Republicans had not tried so hard to cheat and rig the election in their favor? Yet, despite all their disreputable attempts to steal the election for themselves, the American people rejected them.

In spite of the fact that the Republicans tried to give the election to Romney by disenfranchising voters with their unnecessary voter ID laws, or maybe even because of this very action, the number of people who made sure they got out and voted was still enough to defeat the Republican Presidential candidate. Then they attempted to cheat their way into the Presidential office when their rich corporate employers tried to extort votes for Romney through threats of job loss to their employees. Yet in spite of this there were still enough votes to reelect Obama.

Through Citizens United, with our own Republican stacked Supreme Court’s help, the Republicans thought they had the perfect solution for rigging the election, but they underestimated the American people, who clearly said a resounding NO on November 6, leaving the Republicans to swallow their own crud when they found that even they with all their wealth could not buy this election after all. That is, perhaps, one of the greatest things to come out of this election. Yes, money may talk, but clearly it doesn’t always talk loud enough, and certainly not enough to sway the voters in this election.

Then there was, of course, the embarrassment of their Presidential candidate, himself, who was so blindly egotistical that even Joe Scarborough dropped his face in his palms. Throughout the campaign, the stances of the Republican candidate changed practically every time he spoke. Mr. “Etch-a-sketch” gave us nothing concrete, just the “same old, same old” tired plan that got our country into this mess in the first place, and to make matters worse, he riddled the rhetoric with lie after lie after lie. “How can such a man be trusted with the welfare of our country?” we asked. By the close of the campaign, it was made even more clear when Romney made his comment about “not caring about the poor”, and even worse later on with his “it’s not my job” to care about the “freeloading” 47% comment behind closed doors with his rich cronies. Ah, at last we saw clearly his true colors.

It was my own great hope that the American people would finally wake from their apathy and beaurocratic induced stupor to take a stand against its tyranny in this election. Thankfully, enough of them did just that. It is also my hope that the Republicans, themselves, will have an epiphany and realize that we, the people, won’t accept what they keep peddling so hard. Perhaps, in light of this loss, they will begin to understand that the American people need, and won’t accept anything less than, honest industry, fruitful employment, personal freedoms, healthcare, a stable economy, and genuine concern for our welfare. We need these things far more than we’ll ever need the unconstitutionally forced religious beliefs of others, or a make-believe “Leave It To Beaver” society. Today, I feel that my faith has been restored, for though they tried, even a Diebold couldn’t win enough votes for the Republicans this time.


140 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, 11/14/12: A postlude on the election

  1. If we could just get a prominent Republican to admit that this has been their plan all along. We’ve come close, but not quite close enough. I’m going to plug one of my favorite books, “The Republican Noise Machine” by David Brock, a former conservative and now the founder of Media Matters for America. It traces the history of the conservative effort to wrest control of our country through lies, misinformation, disinformation and all-around general hate and nastiness. It talks about Richard Melon Scaife and other wealthy conservatives who have funded the movement, all with an eye toward dismantling every good thing FDR did. In fact, it could well be argued that the modern conservative movement has one over-arching goal – the destruction of FDR’s legacy. Way back then, they knew they were in it for the long haul. You’ll also learn about the Powell Manifesto, and you’ll recognize it in action on Fox News Channel. It’s a fascinating book that I highly recommend, and I don’t often recommend books. Except maybe ones advising you to always have your towel and to not panic.

      • Negatory!
        My actual position (job) description is now Recreation.
        The medical benefits have been made available to fire-fighters, but they have to have that actual PD.
        I can still work fire, but am heading towards base camp management duties, no coverage there.
        If, and when, or if I decide that is what I want, a permanent position is attained, I could purchase insurance.

  2. Great post. I agree that the best thing to come out of this election was repudiation of the idea that money could buy it. Perhaps the outcome would have been different if that money had not been placed in the hands of people whose sole goal was to divert as much of the income stream as possible into their own coffers, but those are the only people left in the RNC.

    • I think I should make the time to read the entire Citizen’s United decision. It may well be that Justice Kennedy was right on the money, so to speak, after all.

      Republican’s theme song, moving forward, should be “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.”

  3. My favorite Taiwanese newscasters have a video up about the Petreaus scandal. This should be shown to Congress before any hearings:

    • Just wait for the updated version!
      With another general, the Lebanese Twins, the same FBI agent working both sides of the bed…
      er… ‘scuze me, I mean fence.

  4. Sound post Spirit Kat. We talk a lot about cheating and voting machine fraud and dog knows there is plenty of opportunity for that, but when you look at the blatant attempts to suppress the vote by voter ID, by monkeying with the provisional ballot laws at the 11th hour (and 59th minute) and then gerrymandering over the years where an election that garners Democrats 52% of the vote only nets them 45% of the seats….and the vast tide of corporate and fascist money pouring in to sway votes by lying, other countries look at American ‘exceptionalism’ and say it that’s an ‘exceptional’ democracy, you can keep it.

    Here is my father, occasionally a ‘little englander’ – he does have some alignment with some Tea Party policies for Britain, but it is a different country.


    • oops now the quote:

      “We , in this country, have watched with some trepidation , but mainly amusement, at the antics of the Presidential Election. Besides being an absolute waste of millions (sic – billions of dollars Dad – more money was spent on Scott Brown’s senate defeat that in an entire UK election) of dollars in the campaigns, it was over the top in all ways. We do NOT get excited like that over here, as you are aware, but our politics are more to the fore in the campaign programme than ever the American system is. I am very glad that the Republican “Ventriloquist Dummy” did not get into the White House, for that would have been a disaster for ALL of us. “

  5. In climate news…

    Andrew Freedman reviews 2012:

    “With about six weeks remaining in the year, there have already been 11 natural disasters that have cost $1 billion or more in damage, bringing 2012 to second place on the list of top billion-dollar disaster years. The current record-holder is 2011, when there were 14 billion-dollar disasters. The widespread and intense drought — which as of Nov. 6 still covered at least 60 percent of the lower 48 states — and Hurricane Sandy are expected to go down in history as two of the most costly weather-related disasters since 1980.”

    A new study suggests that WHAT FUELED SANDY – global warming – MAY ALSO WIPE OUT OUR COFFEE SUPPLY. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    “The prospects are “profoundly negative,” the study concluded. Even in a best-case scenario, two-thirds of the suitable growing locations would disappear by 2080—and at worst, nearly 100 percent. And that’s factoring in only climate change, not deforestation.”

        • yah….except your NBA nigger, NFL nigger or your Baylor University, Brigham Young University, Boston College, Emory University, the University of Notre Dame, Duquesne University, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University nigger.

      • They invoke the incorrect ‘Eric’…what about their own Eric C.?

        Eric Cantor and the Petraeus affair
        By Colbert I. King

        Rep. King wants to know why the FBI didn’t alert him, or the president, or the National Security Council — somebody, anybody. But somebody did know. King’s own party leader in the House. Why didn’t Cantor raise the alarm? The majority leader needs to step up to the mic.

    • Petraius is just another straying penis in a long line of straying penises throughout the centuries. As far as I’m concerned it’s stupid to make it national news.

      • Makes no sense to me, but the worst part is that the FBI was pawing through personal email without any indication of an actual crime.

        It would be nice if someday people like Petraeus and the other general, either of these women or the rogue FBI agent came to the realization that there is no such thing as online privacy and anything committed to email, even sneaky use of a mail website, is in the universe for ever.

        • “the worst part is that the FBI was pawing through personal email without any indication of an actual crime. ”

          Welcome to the Patriot Act. Stopping Terrorists since September 2011.

  6. In other gnus:

    Wisconsin Lawmakers Seek To Arrest Officials Who Implement Obamacare

    Tea Partiers are now saying that it doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court says a law is constitutional, if they still believe it is unconstitutional they want to arrest and incarcerate federal officials for the “crime” of implementing the federal law. I can only guess that Republicans in Wisconsin have not grown weary of losing elections yet.

  7. using christian logic….life begins with a simple thought of intercourse.

    since you are just as guilty of sin merely by thinking it, i assume the same can be said about when life begins…

    holy shit…..i need to shut up, i probably owe $2,580,983,277.50 in child support

  8. From the files of ‘Oh the irony’ – Young Turks breaks down the story behind the story of the whereabouts of David Patraeus’ ‘Surge’ and asks the question – how come the FBI gets involved in a simple email hassle case and somehow gets a warrant (or maybe doesn’t?) to break in and read the head of the CIA’s alternative email account …..

    ….. warrantless wiretapping — bites its masters?

    …. lots of people ‘thinking’ with their genitals here….. and the surveillance state is being allowed to get away with outing them all.

    • Yes! Nancy took Russert down a peg or two. The misogynistic asshole – as Nancy pointed out he wouldn’t ask that question of Mitch the head in the ditch McConnell…

    • And those “intel failures” went on for years and started two wars. The alleged intel failures re the Benghazi attack lasted for the amount of time it took for reinforcements to deploy and the responsible people to be briefed.

      I’m sure that the Reichwhiners will counter with the admittedly mixed messages in the few days after the attack. Well? Unlike the previous administration, the Obama administration doesn’t go off half-cocked, doesn’t spin everything to their political advantage, and doesn’t host press events on aircraft carriers where they beat their chests and bluster about how tough they are.

      Let’s grant them the point and stipulate that those mixed messages were indeed intel failures and not a measured response to an unfolding event with deeper lying security issues. Those intel failures resulted in 4 deaths. That’s the worst possible case. Do the GOoPers really want to compare that unfortunate number to the unnumbered thousands that Bushco’s policies, keeping in mind that they were policies and not just a bungled real time response, killed? I encourage them to wail and bleat all the way until the next election cycle.

  9. Maureen Dowd summarizes nicely:

    “{Petraeus’} fall started as Sophocles and turned sophomoric, a mind-boggling mélange of “From Here to Eternity,” “You’ve Got Mail,” “The Real Housewives of Centcom,” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” It features toned arms, slinky outfits, a cat fight, titillating e-mails, a military more consumed with sex than violence, a plot with more inconceivable twists than “Homeland,” and a Twitter’s-delight lexicon: an “embedded” mistress named Broadwell, a biography called “All In,” an other-other woman of Middle East ancestry who was a “social liaison” to the military, a shirtless F.B.I. agent crushing on the losing-her-shirt-to-debt Tampa socialite, a pair of generals helping the socialite’s twin sister with a custody case, and lawyers and crisis-management experts linked to Monica Lewinsky, John Edwards and the ABC show “Scandal.” ‘

  10. Perhaps, in light of this loss, they will begin to understand that the American people need, and won’t accept anything less than, honest industry, fruitful employment, personal freedoms, healthcare, a stable economy, and genuine concern for our welfare.

    Were that true. The Repugnants are not introspective, only devious on how to take away voting rights in order to ‘win’:

    Romney Co-Chair: Voter ID Would Have Won Us Wisconsin

  11. Several states are indicating that they will not create insurance exchanges which then means that the federal government will create insurance exchanges in these states. Does that move our nation closer to single payer health care?

  12. If I knew of, happened to stumble upon, a conservative that was something other than yet one more example of vast emptiness of mind and spirit — if I could, i.o.w., find one that had a brain and could use it in an intelligent conversation, I’d like to explore a number of issues, some of which would be:

    1. What is it about “Obamacare” that so infuriates conservatives? I mean, it was a Republican — Theodore Roosevelt — who first suggested that health care should be part of the national fabric, and that was around a hundred years ago, give or take a couple. Why is it now seen as anathema for the government to assist people in staying healthy? What’s wrong with that?

    2. Where in the Constitution does it proclaim that this is a Christian nation, and that we are, therefore, each and all supposed to act accordingly and follow biblical “law” and/or precepts? To be more explicit, where, exactly, does it demand that each and all of ‘we the people’ are legally obligated to pretend we believe and act as though we believe all that crap malarkey?

    3. Where does it say “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”? (Ok, so that’s a trick question. Still, anyone know a conservative who might know the answer?)

    4. Where is it written that “traditional America” is made of white people (with a few of dark skins available to be slaves, servants, etc.)?

    5. Where in the second amendment is the clause that protects large ammo clips and/or assault weaponry from being banned in the interest of public safety?

    6. What’s wrong with government acting to protect the nation’s citizens from hard times? From medical calamity? From unintended joblessness?

    7. Which clause in the Constitution prohibits Iran from developing an atomic weapon?

    8. If national health care is “unconstitutional” [in Wisconsin, e.g.] because (a) it’s not “delegated” by/in the Constitution, and (b) the tenth amendment says that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” then why the fuck do we have an air force and all of us have to contribute to build planes and bombs and stuff? IOW, where in the Constitution is the air force “delegated to the United States by the Constitution . . .”??

    I could go on. And on, and on, and on. Still, and even though I happen to live in a VERY “conservative” corner of an overall Blue State, if I should ask any of those questions of any local conservatives, I’d be met with either a blank stare and a “you gotta be shittin’ me” look, or maybe I’d soon be staring down the barrel of a semi-automatic pistola with a huge clip in it.

    Final question: Where does one find a conservative with whom to have an intelligent conversation about the national purpose and its underlying politic?

    No rush, I’ve already waited for seventy years, I guess. So what’s another decade or two, right?

  13. I’m in the market for a deity. I do not have nor am I likely to ever have a national TV show. I refuse to commit violence or incite violence in others. However, that leaves me with a dilemma. How do I hit Bill0 where he lives? I guess that I am left with prayer. I must, in good conscience, take some small measures to make the fucker suffer. So? I’m going to start praying every day. I’m going to pray that he contracts a horribly painful disease that will take his entire fortune to fight. Once he is bankrupt? I will pray for his recovery. Once he recovers? I will pray that he trips on the curb in front of a car and is paralyzed for the rest of his, hopefully, very long life. A long life, trapped in a useless body, with no assets. But to whom shall I pray?

  14. A few things to say about this chart. The blue/red designations are based on the 2008 presidential elections, not the most recent one. Virginia would not be a blue state this time, leaving New Mexico alone as a blue state among the top ten receiver states. Nine of the top ten donor states are Democratic, and four of them are in the Northeast. The biggest donor state was the one hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

    [Edited for clarity.]

    • Not to mention all the free stuff that Obama is giving out to Blacks and Latinos. Next news Romney will make is that he sent more jobs overseas.

  15. Scout had her second puppy class today. She’s ok until play time and then terrorizes the little dogs!! Oh, and she pooped after play time!

  16. Fuck McCain, Fuck Arizona repugs, Fuck Sancha Ponza Graham, Fuck South Carolina repugs, FUCKFUCKFUCKUM! There, that makes me feel better. 🙂

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