This weeks receding tides exposed a bunch of rock crabs whose scurryings about the bottom seemed an analogy to the crusty old guard Republicans who found their pools of stealth and wealth not so secure.

The streaming filament-like stuff in the upper right is actually sand drifting on an incoming current, adding to the crabs complacent camouflage.

Lava bedrock grants hold to all manner and color of life, all slimy to some degree or the other.

Shifting sands… last winter I came across this shipwrecked fishing boat, at that time in a large tidepool completely devoid of sand. There is about 6 feet of wreck below what is visible here, plus an incredible wealth of tide pool life. Return trips here after a couple of winter storms may see interesting changes.


20 thoughts on “crabby

    • Thanks fatherbob
      I had a brief two days in the NM sun a week or so ago, collecting up possessions and driving them back here to the PNW. Sure felt good, there’s nothing like it… I got a nice fresh chili ristra to hang in my tent trailer to get me through the rainy months.
      I still have 5 acres out in the back of the beyond, hopefully next winter I’ll be going there in February to spend a little while.

  1. Mmm and here I am in this bloody half dark office…. still going camping tomorrow with TommytheTurtle, weather is Ok-ish for the time of year.

  2. Truly appreciate your sharing these adventures!

    Crab season, in northern Calif., opened yesterday!

    The captions for the photos are quite humorous! (especially embedded wreck of the “Paula B.”)

    • It’s crab season here, funny I didn’t think of grabbing one to eat until the drive home.
      Many of the fishing boats have similar names (Luna C., Dory B., Kraka Dawn, etc.)
      I couldn’t resist.

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