That Watering Hole: November 16 — Cool ridge

Photo by Zooey

I’m guessing Glacier Park is now under a certain amount of snow. ย This is what it looks like underneath.

This is our very late daily thread — TGIF!


65 thoughts on “That Watering Hole: November 16 — Cool ridge

  1. Heh! Now the Reichwhiners, at least one in Alaska, want to return to a hunter-gatherer way of life. This particular freak has, apparently, never heard that agriculture defines civilization as we know it. As I said yesterday; it’s a free country and you have the right to leave. You do not, however, have the right to take your neighbors with you against their will. I will also add that one does not have the right to condemn one’s neighbors to starvation and that would be the fate of Alaskans if they seceded.

    • The Northern tribes got by without agriculture, pete. Of course, that was before the ice disappeared. Morans like this hate civilization, anyway, so it’s not an issue for him. Good luck with all those oil checks, though, when the Federal government that he hates stops sending money to the State of Alaska.

      • I understand that the northern tribes lived without agriculture but the north lands didn’t support a very large population. They also lived intimately with their environment and didn’t mistake hunting, spending a few days a year trying to get within rifle range of a moose, for living off the land. Contrary to hunter gatherers, these Alaskan yahoos would strip every edible plant and creature from the environment in a very short time and most would starve during the first winter.

        • Every day was Man v Wild …. Bear Grylls might laster longer than me…. but he’d still get his

    • Can I, the great grandson of French Immigrants from Montreal, give Sitting Bill some smallpox infected blankets?

    • At least there are criminal charges sticking to BP and the prospect of charges being made against BP staff in charge of operations and engineering decisiosna that day….

      • “Corporations are people, my friend.”

        Ok, so that means that if BP is found guilty of criminal charges, the death sentence might be appropriate. How does one go about hanging a corporation from the neck until dead? I’ll be happy to bring the rope and even find the tree, but I might need help in getting BP there, appropriately cuffed and shackled. Call for volunteers.

        • Simple. Padlock their doors and seize their assets. Give the workers a severance package and use any remaining cash to settle with the victims of their crimes.

          • Let’s see what my Tweeps have to say about that very good question. Unfortunately, without a hashtag, it might not get the notice it otherwise would. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • “How does one go about hanging a corporation from the neck until dead?”

          Have a game of chance in the corporate boardroom.
          The one who draws the short straw gets to live.

    • Bah! Don’t bother them with mere facts. These are the same people who are trying to make the point that making statements about a event only days in the past that turn out to be wrong, but didn’t kill anyone, is worse than lying to the entire world in order to justify the invasion of two foreign countries resulting in the deaths of thousands of U.S. and allied service members and countless thousands of innocent civilians. And that, I think, is where the real outrage comes from.

      The Reich-wing freaks are outraged because we didn’t nuke Mecca or, at least, invade Libya. Heck! The President didn’t even beat his chest on an aircraft carrier or wail at the moon.

    • A full apology on national prime time TV……… HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA – sorry. I’m better now.

      • The thing is, if she did that and testified to what actually happened, the intelligence community would have publicly disagreed with her. And later, when it turns out she was correct, the RW would have accused her of being a part of it, otherwise she couldn’t have known what happened when everyone else got it wrong.

  2. In breaking news, Rush Limbaugh was found today at his desk, sobbing uncontrollably, muttering something about ‘I just can’t live without them!’ But, in a later update, there’s still hope his butterballness might just survive.
    Damn, I was hoping he’d roll over belly up at the thought of not having his delicious creamy fillinged snack available 24X7.

  3. From the Why-Amurkas-Dying Department:

    Yesterday at work, Deb overheard a conversation between a co-worker (a Mormon lady) and a customer (an OLD feller, a long-time customer, a Mormon). The topic was, of course, why their country is dying, why Romney-the-Mor(m)on lost the election . . . aka an explanation as to how in the hell the country could ever elect a nigger president FOR A SECOND TERM! The first time was bad enough, for chrissake, but TWICE??

    The old feller knew. The answer to the question of what’s happened to Amurka was clear as a bell to him, and he stated it succinctly: “We Aryans are now in the minority.”

    Aryans. Always knew the wingnuts were Fascists, modern era incarnation.

    The hatred and fear is stunning.

    • I’m still amazed that the famous Reich-wing luminaries have not been caught on tape dropping “N” words. Considering that the “N” word is implied in virtually everything they say; I am forced to give one tiny bit of credit for their self-control.

      • Yes, and they haven’t been heard calling him Sherrif Bart, either.
        Hmmm. That might make for a cool Tee Shirt.
        The words ‘I’m with the Sheriff’ –> picture of Pres goes here…

    • Perhaps the old-timer would be interested in a one way excursion to his past , in remote part of Russia steppe in southern Siberia bordering Kazakhstan

  4. And, in the bidniss sekter:
    At least 30 workers from six different Seattle-area Walmarts have gone on strike, organisers and Walmart staff from the OUR Walmart group said. The group, which is not a union but has close ties with the labour movement, is seeking to protest what it says is low pay, too few hours and retaliation by managers against workers who speak out.

    “Seattle Walmart worker Sara Gilbert said she had taken the decision to go on strike to protest the fact that she could only make around $14,000 dollars a year. Despite working as a customer service manager, she said, her family remained reliant on food stamps and other benefits. “I work full time at the richest company in the world,” she said.”

    • I absolutely and positively REFUSE to even look in the direction of the store front if I should happen to drive by a Walmart. I will NEVER buy anything from them; NEVER.

      Well, maybe when they change and start treating their employees fairly, paying them a living wage, insurance coverage, all that stuff.

      IOW, I will, most likely, NEVER buy anything from Walmart. NEVER.

      • we haven’t stepped foot or car tire on a Walmart property in over 10 years. never will again, the thought repulses both of us.

        Walmart is a bane on humanity, helping american industry transition to china, paying Mexican workers with store vouchers, sex discrimination, union busting, no benefits…..if you wanted to give the world an enema, you’re stick the hose in Bentonville Arkansas…

        • I won’t shop there either, for all of your reasons, but also because I’d rather pay a little more for something of better quality. When you factor in the poor quality of the stuff they sell, the cheap comes out expensive.

    • Anonymous sounds like a wild bunch… glad they’re on our side.
      Sort of… I guess…

    • That would account for the smug porkypig routine he was performing on FauxSnooze election night. He thought he had Ohio bagged…
      I am lovings me some anonymouse.

      • It will be fantastic if this pans out.
        Karl and Co. crash and burn!
        Republicans are so doomed…

        • The best scenario is that this is real, they do have solid, undisputable evidence that he engaged in felonious vote tampering activities and we finally see the frog march the prick so richly deserves.

  5. And, just in case…

  6. I’m going to have to keep an eye on the comments about this story. The report is pretty clear. The early reports about the Benghazi attacks were designed to protect the investigation and avoid tipping off the guilty parties. It’s the oldest trick in statecraft for a very good reason. It’s just plain stupid to tip off those people a country are acting against. That’s what every sane person has tried to point out since the beginning of the FAUXrage. So?

    The GOoPers don’t want to hear that so they just created their own “reality” where the Obama Administration lied in order to protect a bunch of dirty Muslims and help said dirty Muslims kill more Americans and bring Sharia to U.S. courts. Again. And again. And…

    Have I recently mentioned how much I hate these people?

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