The Watering Hole, Saturday, November 17, 2012: Go Away, Mitt

It seems many in the Republican Party are not too happy with their most recent presidential nominee. A report in yesterday’s Washington Post, titled “Romney Sinks Quickly in Republicans’ Esteem,” quotes many prominent Republicans denouncing Governor Romney’s recently recorded comments to supporters in which he blamed his loss, in part, on President Obama’s “gifts” to his constituents. The comments were, of course, highly offensive, especially considering Romney was trying to win by promising “gifts” to what he viewed as his own constituency (such as tax breaks for people in his income class, people who make their money through unearned income and who pay a lower tax rate on that income than the people who work for them.)

Romney’s remarks, coupled with his “47%” comments, portray a man clearly out of touch with the average American. (Thousands of Americans have sent their own sons and daughters to compete in Olympic Games, but how many have sent their own horses?) By all accounts, he was actually shocked that he lost the election. This is only possible because of a failure on his part to recognize his lack of connection to average voters, and because of a character defect which made him believe the hundreds of lies he told throughout the campaign. But the one thing he never blamed was the fact that his message was rejected by a majority of American voters. You lost, Willard, fair and square.

The president campaigned on building up the middle class in part by asking those in the upper income brackets to pay a little more, and you campaigned on promising those in the upper income brackets that they would pay less at the expense of those in the middle class. The rich are not, no matter what any Republican tells you, “job creators.” It’s the rest of us in the lower incomes who create jobs. Why does an employer hire someone, anyway? Usually, it’s because business has picked up so much that the employer’s current staff can’t service the company’s customers. It’s not just for the sake of hiring someone, or as an excuse to spend some of his personal wealth. When you give lower income people a tax break (such as on their payroll tax), it puts extra money in their pockets that they can spend to meet their day-to-day living expenses. When middle income people have extra money in their pockets, they buy themselves things that they really need, like food, clothing, and shelter. That extra spending is what drives the economy. But when wealthy people get a tax break, the extra money is just that – extra money. They don’t need it to survive, and they don’t spend it. They put it trust funds or overseas tax havens, or they pass it on to their children and grandchildren. But Mitt Romney doesn’t understand this. And I doubt he ever will. Which is why he should just STFU and go away. The American people have had enough of his lies, and we’re not interested in anything he has to say.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss Mitt Romney’s social cluelessness, or anything else that comes to mind.

97 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, November 17, 2012: Go Away, Mitt

  1. On the subject of Romney’s lies, and understanding he was given special dispensation from LDS bishops to lie for the sake of a “higher purpose”:

    Now that he lost, and did not achieve said lofty goal, is he now on the hook for all the lies?
    Will he now get a third rate asteroid to rule over as his heavenly reward?

  2. My sister heard a rumor that people who signed any petition to secede will be the first to have their guns confiscated as soon as martial law is invoked. She heard the rumor from me after I wondered what I could tell those who don’t like Obama something to bother them…

    “You know I was going to sign the petition for Florida to secede but I heard that the Whitehouse gives the names to Eric Holder who has a list of people to have their guns confiscated at the same time they force the NRA to disband!”

  3. Willard is extra grumpy because his great opportunity to play victim has been abruptly terminated by a couple of flirty socialites.
    Damn them magic underwear, eh Mitty?

  4. FYI…

    When Obama won re-election last week, he became the third consecutive president to win a second term. The last time that happened was at the beginning of the 19th century, when Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe did it.

  5. Sigh… Nothing has changed.

    The Reichwhiners have a new union boogeyman. As nearly as I can tell, the word from the entire “librul media” is that “the union” killed Hostess and all those jobs. No mention of the bad business practices. No mention of the multiple bankruptcies going back nearly 20 years. No mention of vulture capitalism. No mention of the obscene payouts to board members and share holders. Just; “the union refused concessions (despite the fact that said union already made concessions) and forced Hostess to shut down”.

    Perhaps the closest that I have seen to the real reasons, oddly enough, came from Lushbo. Of course, he didn’t say that Americans are actually starting to turn away from nasty snacks that might kill them. He just blamed the FLOTUS for her “war on food”.

  6. Hostess has for a long time been the epitome of junk food. Highly refined sticky squish, you can hear the sugar grind on your teeth when you bite.
    Wonder Bread has never been good for anything but dough balls for carp fishing.

  7. I decided to look in on Asshat, I mean Andy Schlafly, so I could laugh at his disbelief in the election results. He didn’t disappoint but the funniest stuff is actually about other subjects. I think my favorites are: “birds can’t be descended from dinosaurs because dinosaurs ate birds” and “the libruls are keeping Tim Tebow down”. I’ll give a (dis)honorable mention to his insistence that every GOoPer who lost is a RINO.

    Just check the whole “news” scrawl on the right, follow the links that tickle your fancy, and avoid fluids.

    • Whoa! That is a great deal of idiocy.
      They quote themselves as ‘proof’. The fictitious bible also is referenced as holding up their ridiculous notions.
      The belief dinosaurs were created on the sixth day and were part of the salvaged from the flood by Noah… is hilarious!

      Oh and birds don’t eat other birds, do they?///

      I’m venturing a guess these ‘conservapedia dimwits’ have never heard the term ‘birds of prey’.
      All they have to do is step outside and take in nature for bit. Watch and observe a Peregrine ‘shop’ for supper, attempting take-downs, in mid-air, by striking then grabbing birds…

      • Remember when they eviscerated Bush for allowing the worst terrorist attack in American history? Remember when they impeached Bush and tossed him and Cheney and Powell and Rice and Rumsfeld and… in prison?

        • Remember those 12 times during the Bush administration when our embassies were attacked and people killed and how Congress held hearings to get explanations?

          • According to the Global Terrorism Database compiled by the University of Maryland National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism lists 64 attacks on American diplomatic targets during the George W. Bush administration, including car bombs at the US embassy in Yemen and armed attackers assaulting a US consulate in Saudi Arabia

    • No WONDER it’s 73 at the foot of the Front Range today. No WONDER there’s no snow atop the 13000 ft Greenhorn Mountain, and on NOVEMBER 17TH yet! And the commie-libs think PEOPLE cause global warming? Hah!

      Hmmh. I think I might have hurt myself. 🙄

      • Actually my youngest daughter did it. She is employed as a shoe salesperson at the local high end shoe store. She recently passed some test on the art of shoe sales and yesterday applied her new talent in supplying me with a pair of orthopedic shoes to help my back problems. I still have the overall problem I am getting a procedure on next Tuesday but the shoes! Magic shoes! The pain is still there but my legs are working again! Ok, it is a silly little bit of dancing but sooo much more than I could manage before. I can cook again!

          • Outstanding, she convinced me that almost half of America’s back problems are caused by inadequate shoes. Shoes are not just something to look pretty or keep our feet from the ground. If you are going to spend money on anything, think of your feet first.

            • Four weeks ago today, I got a new pair of walking shoes — b-day gift from Deb. As of this afternoon, they have 223 miles on them. Not quite 8 miles per day. Didn’t realize I was taking it so damned easy! 😉

        • An improvement in the quality of life is certainly not a ‘silly little bit of dancing’ nor being able to return to beloved cooking!

          Keeping positive thoughts Tuesday’s procedure will be able to further enhance your quality of life!

  8. The recent electoral gains have made me a kinder person.

    I was standing in line at the pharmacy and the morbidly obese old woman sitting in the chair behind me was lamenting “kids these days” to her friend and/or caretaker. I was just trying to ignore her until she said, “and they’re letting the blacks take over everything”. I just couldn’t quite let that go so I turned, gave her a big smile, and said that she might be happier if she turned off Bill O’Reilly and tried talking to someone who isn’t as white as she is. She made a few sounds that might have been human speech, or not, and then it was my turn at the window so I walked away. It might have been different two weeks ago.

    Two weeks ago I probably would have gone with my first instinct and told her she would live longer if she locked herself in her house and lived off her stored blubber for the next 30 years.

  9. Irony + schadenfreude: Obamacare included a provision to allow states to setup their own exchange. Blue states are using it while red states are handing over power to the federal government.

  10. Wow! I realize that there may be a motivation for the inmates who brought the suit to lie but… Wow. Literature is full of characters who run private prisons. Some of them are called: despots, slave owners, pirates, warlords, and various euphemisms for “mob boss”. I can’t really think of any positive names for such people but I suppose it’s possible that one or two exist.

    • The funniest part is that there will be some Reichwhiners who will be outraged that Bill kicked Petraeus when he’s down despite the fact that the same Reichwhiners have either ignored or misrepresented Petraeus’ testimony.

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