The Watering Hole: November 23 — Bread & Butter

I think David Mitchell enjoys his bread & butter. Β πŸ™‚

Yeah, basically I got nothin’ today.

This is our daily open thread — TGIF!

74 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: November 23 — Bread & Butter

  1. I’m sure this will cause people to unfollow me on Twitter, but then I don’t want blind defenders of Israel following me

  2. Leftovers Friday. Depending on your menu yesterday, how many locusts descended and how much of the leftovers you were able to send home with friends and family; most likely there are still remnants cluttering the refrigerator. One of the reasons I quit with the big bird was as family got more divided, leftover turkey grew. I’m not all that big a fan of turkey to start with.

    This year the leftovers are 1 Dungeness crab and half a bag of shredded 6 cheese Italian so I have decided to try an experiment I have been toying with for a while. I have become a fan of frugal’s Ratatouille Au Gratin so today I am going to try dressing it up with the crab and kicking up the cheese a touch. The cheese was leftover from the broiled brushetta stuffed Portobello mushrooms.

    • i had a 22 lb turkey somebody else carved. There was plenty of turkey left on plate and they threw out carcass that I believe still had a lot of meat on it and by the time they all took some we had no turkey left. A tray of stuff, pan full of gravy, 4 lbs of mashed potatoes and no turkey. Pisses me off.

  3. Black Friday Is a Behavioral Economist’s Nightmare:

    “…among the most potent reasons no sane person should participate in Black Friday is this: It is carefully designed to make you behave like an idiot.

    The big problem with Black Friday, from a behavioral economist’s perspective, is that every incentive a consumer could possibly have to participate β€” the promise of “doorbuster” deals on big-ticket items like TVs and computers, the opportunity to get all your holiday shopping done at once β€” is either largely illusory or outweighed by a disincentive on the other side. It’s a nationwide experiment in consumer irrationality, dressed up as a cheerful holiday add-on.”

  4. It has become very clear that the GOP is composed of two kinds of people. Those who are too young to have understood the civil rights movement of the 1960s and those who were on the wrong side of history.

  5. Everywhere you look, more dumb shits. Even in Minnesota, “for Pete’s sake.” And here I thought that after my cousin moved from MN to AZ that MN would be free of dumb shits (well, save for Batshit Bachmann, of course).

    Minnesota’s wolves urgently need your help. After Great Lakes wolves lost federal protection under the Endangered Species Act earlier this year, state managers rushed to authorize wolf hunting and trapping seasons. The Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit to stop the sport killing of wolves, but state courts refused to take action.

    Hunters shot and needlessly killed more than 120 of Minnesota’s wolves in the first 12 days of the hunt. The state’s goal is to kill 400 by the end of the season.

    Wolf trapping season begins tomorrow, Nov. 24, and hundreds more of these beautiful and intelligent animals will suffer and die in gruesome leghold traps and snares.

    Wolves are an essential part of the American wildscape. They regulate prey populations and help maintain biodiversity. Sport hunting and trapping may actually exacerbate problems between domestic animals and wolves. Sport killings disrupt pack dynamics and create lone wolves that are more apt to target livestock or pets out of desperation.

    Don’t let wolves continue to be killed for sport in Minnesota. Tell Gov. Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to oppose sport hunting and trapping of wolves and help halt all unnecessary killing.

    Click here to take action

    • The deer are dying off all over the country from “blue tongue disease” and wasting disease. Wolves are their only prey besides humans who are better hitting them with a car that a rifle. We are such morons in this country.

        • Watched The Dustbowl other day about the jackrabbit problem they had because they’d killed off wolves or coyotes I’m not sure which one. But wolf populations keep coyote populations under control. You’re right though, moron is too kind of a word.

    • That would be “Then HE”. Sheesh. I should be forgiven. I just spent hours trying to solve why a new report I had done recently doesn’t have the same total as older reports. I neglected to account for the currency exchange!! TWYLTIF (Thank Whomever You Like That It’s Friday!! )

  6. I like David Mitchell. Any of you ever see his series Peep Show? You can stream it on Netflix. It’s a show about some 20-something’s in London, but it’s all shot in a first person point of view. It’s brilliant.

  7. Happy African-American Friday, everybody!

    What? That’s not the politically correct term for today?

    Why doesn’t anybody ever tell me these things?



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