Music Night: People Get Ready

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105 thoughts on “Music Night: People Get Ready

  1. NEW music! I’m a HUUUUGE Tom Odell fan. Beautiful piano compositions by a classically trained musician, he’s a baby-faced 18-year old who has a soul going on 50.

    “All my tears have been used up on another love…I want to fight, but my hand’s been broken one too many times…Yeah, I’ll sing a song that’ll be just ours, but I sang ‘em all to another heart.”

    His debut EP is Another Love. The second clip is Can’t Pretend. Both songs are paced almost identically and he really cranks it up about 1:30 into each song. His piano playing has been called the best pop music since Elton John.

    You’ll love ’em, trust me.

      • I generally stick to one vid per comment, with no text underneath. If I want to put more than one in the same comment, I use an ‘a href’ code to put the link in the title. That can be done with Zxbe’s Zoo Tools from the sidebar of the homepage.

    • They didn’t load because you wrote words after posting the links. If it is okay with you, I will edit and move your words before the links. Also, use the link that is available when you click on the “Share” button.

      Tom Odell is really good. I never heard of him until tonight. He is really talented.

  2. Did I ever tell you how much I can’t stand Rod Stewart? The mandolin player on this Lindisfarne record is the same as the one who *made* Stewart’s Maggie May with his mandolin riff, the Maggie May that earned Stewart millions – legend has it that Jacka was paid 10 quid and his train fare for the riff.

    Ray Jackson, the most famous mandolin player you’ve never heard of – love ya man, thanks for the music.

  3. Joe Jackson had a stroke – I went ‘Oh no, not Joe’ – but it was not this Joe Jackson. Here’s Slow Song – the one on his double live cut is incredible – wonder how this version stacks up:

  4. I know everyone knows I luvs me some Johnette… here’s one I discovered recently…..

  5. So Janis, Jimi and Ronnie James Dio – all gone before their time….. here’s another…. Amy Winehouse…

  6. Oh darln’ sugar honey,
    When it was nice and sunny
    And when I had some money
    We would go and see Echo and the Bunny ……. men

  7. KZOO, Portland affliate, saying… bonne nuit… and be cool, but if you can’t be cool, be as cool as you can be…

  8. I can’t take no more…gone…need rest…I’m knocking on heavens door…replenish…personal power…

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