The Watering Hole, Monday, December 10th, 2012: The “War on Christmas”

Since Faux Noose is doing its annual “War on Christmas” blamefest, I thought that looking at the lighter side of this epic battle would be more fun:

In this clip, Jon Stewart once again battles the Faux outrage over “War on Christmas” (I apologize, I couldn’t manage to embed it, so you’re stuck with the 30-second commercial prelude.)

Personally, I’ve always felt that this South Park clip explains who “took Christ out of Christmas” – it’s all Santa’s fault:

And of course, there’s this hilarious Jesus and Santa duet.

Seeing all of the commercials for “the perfect gift” that most of us can’t afford to buy (who the fuck gives someone a car for Christmas?), I also blame good old Capitalism for helping to destroy the “true meaning of Christmas.” So I’m blaming Santa and Capitalism for making Christmas what it is today: an insane challenge to get exactly the right present for the lowest price, even if one has to elbow a few fellow shoppers out of the way to do so. For those of us who are stressed out over Christmas/holiday preparations, I hope this lightens your mood.

This is our daily open thread — How’s your Christmas spirit holding up?

72 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, December 10th, 2012: The “War on Christmas”

  1. This year Christmas will be my relaxing time after hosting the wedding reception in my house this coming Saturday. For years I gave a big holiday party every year. When we first moved here, this old house had been uninhabited for years. The old wood floors were dry and I would oil them with lemon oil a few days before the party. One year my husband offered to oil the floors for me. He used motor oil. We had to cram 80 people into the two rooms that were still usable.
    Other than grocery stores, I will not enter a store again until after Christmas.

  2. We’ve been invited by a fellow non-theist to what she calls “a solstice party” on the evening of the 21st. Does anyone know what time on the 21st the world is due to end? Will it end all at once, or time zone by time zone? The Mayans were probably on what we call either Central Standard or maybe Eastern time, right? (no map handy, so just guessing). Anyway, I’ve volunteered to bring a huge pot of homemade mushroom soup, but I’d sure hate for the world to end before we all have a chance to eat it.

    Oh well, the good news is that the war of Christmas will finally be over. BillO will be able to r.i.p. Maybe. Unless there’s a god out there. If there is, BillO’s eternity is going to be real shitty, probably. We can hope, right?

  3. Commericialism is at its peak during the “Let’s celebrate Lil’ Jesus Birthday by loading up with debt and gifts!
    Why isn’t there a puking Jesus doll for Xmas? Cause if he came to his Bday party and saw this shit, he’d hurl for sure.

  4. Saw this in some comment thread somewhere, even though I am religious I still think it’s funny:
    “Religion is like a your penis. I’m glad you have one. I’m glad it makes you happy that you have one. But, if you insist on showing it to me we’re going to have a problem.”

  5. This is fascinating: a moment-by-moment election night wingnut freakout. A few tidbits:

    532pm CST — Polls close in my home state in an hour.

    Half an hour until the polls close in Virginia.

    Please consider saying a little prayer for our country right now. All we can do is pray that voters were smart enough to see that America would not exist as we know it if Obama had another four years.

    I am visualizing every saint, angel, and soul I’v ever known swooping down from Heaven to make the numbers go up and up and up for a President Romney.

    I picture all of our great presidents intervening with energy to direct the election to their chosen successor, Mitt Romney.

    Please pray for our country in your own way too, if you are so inclined.

    It’s a little long, but well worth the read. The suffering is implicit and builds as optimism fades.

    952 pm CST […] Does America really want four more years of weirdness and suffering?

    It’s a bizarre and unthinkable thought.

    A friend has told me she thinks this will all end up in courts.

    So we might not really know the result tonight. […]

    1014pm CST — Barack Obama has won Ohio, and with it reelection.

    This is stunning. Absolutely stunning.


    • Stunning. That an American would allow their religious perspective to so control their political views as to render them incapable of accepting the notion of democracy in action, ergo, the presidential election.

      Wouldn’tcha like to knock on this maroon’s door on November 6th, 2016 and ask them if America as they knew it ceased to exist.?
      Fumbducks, we’re awash in fumbducks.

    • I won’t bore anyone with the whole diatribe, but I did follow a link posted by a commenter on the above-referenced freakout, and it’s pretty weird. Here are a handful of tidbits:

      By now I presume that others have started to put together that the 2012 elections were stolen again by foreign agent Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin. …

      As I warned you, this is now legitimized and if you dare to question it, you are in sedition against the state as you just validated this Obama theft. Romney knows completely what was done and he like this entire treacherous lot will say nothing to reveal any of this.

      There will be no reform now. It is going to be the entire Obama agenda, with it all cemented in a Supreme Court led by traitor John Roberts, with three enemy agents appointed to make the court Marxist for the next generation. Do not put it past this regime to assist the removal of some of the justices like J. Edgar Hoover.

      … You will be told now to wait until 2014 and trust in that. This is all scripted.

      The winner last night was Jeb Bush by Karl Rove design along with Bill Clinton designing for Hillary Clinton.

      This was all by design and they’re laughing at the joke and you’re too slow.

      So, thanks to (at least) Barry Chin, Romney, John Roberts, J. Edgar Hoover, Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, and Bill Clinton, we’ve reelected Barack Obama to the presidency.

      From me to that list of ‘subversives’: THANK YOU! 😯

    • I started reading through this at work, but I’ll have to finish at home. OI stopped when I came across this little gem:

      I can’t stand John McCain and everyone from his campaign. The only good thing John McCain ever did in his life was to elevate Governor Palin to the national scene.

      Wow! That’s all I can say. Wow!

        • Exactly, and while this Bozo thinks it was great to have Sarah Palin thrust into the national spotlight, I don’t think McCain realizes the harm he did not only to our country but to her family. No matter how big her ego, she simply wasn’t ready for the big leagues.

          For example, while my spell checker (Google Chrome) recognizes the names McCain and Bozo and knows I spelled them right, it still doesn’t have “Palin” in its dictionary, so it still thinks that’s a misspelled word. If she can’t make it into the dictionary without me adding her name, she isn’t anybody important.

          • His grandfather was an admiral too. He still should have been kicked out of the academy. Why is a guy who crashed his 5th plane in enemy territory a hero? Was he trying to rescue somebody besides himself?

    • I was hoping for a few days, weeks at the most, but will accept a few years if that’s the way it’s gotta be. But the sooner the better! Man, what a collection of IDIOTS the GOoPers have evolved into! I mean, hey, I remember Eisenhower, and he wasn’t nuts! Last of his kind, maybe.

    • Sigh. Dunning-Kreuger effect on display. They still think they are the smart ones. Heck! Some of them are smart, in a way, but that doesn’t prevent them from being wrong.

    • I’ve been saying that for years. I also say “You don’t compromise with Wrong.” The GOP has been way wrong on the issues more and more over the last 30 years. There is zero reason to move toward their point of view when their point of view is not based on anything real. Their policies are rooted in selfishness and bigotry, so why should we give them anything of what they want?

      • Selfishness – and limitless greed – fuel the greatest economic engine this planet has ever known; capitalism. For all of its flaws, capitalism drives innovation. We must look for those aspects of GOPs stances on the issues that will continue to drive innovation, remembering, all the while, that unregulated capitalism fails.

  6. I crashed my Quickbooks today and lost everything since 1998. Fortunately they fixed it for me for $59. Of course no my computer is acting crazy. Anybody else having trouble with Facebook. I need to check the German shorthair pointer page for a fix.

  7. Texas lawmakers in 2007: “Let’s cut $73M from family planning services to screw over Planned Parenthood.”

    Texas lawmakers In 2012: “WTF is up with all these poor babies and their $273M Medicare bills?”

    • That would be Medicaid, not Medicare.
      Quick, time to cut entitlements. Then teach those starving and sick kids that ‘christians’ made sure they got born, then those same ‘christians’ made sure they were on their own for food, clothing, shelter and healthcare. Then teach them that Jesus Loves Them. That outta go over real well…..

  8. For those who might not know, Thom Hartmann has a “good, bad, and ugly” segment each day. Today’s “bad” was David Gregory for allowing Rick Sanitarium to say that President Obama has “never addressed Islamic extremism” without even a hint of challenge. Now we need the more mainstream “librul media” to start calling out the creeps who allow this crap.

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