The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 13th, 2012: Retirement Plan?


Since I apparently did not inherit my parents’ excellent habits of saving money and planning for the future, my own idea of a comfortable retirement depends, for the most part, on winning big in the lottery. Yes, I have a 401K plan which, when I finally pay back the loans I’ve taken out against it, might (with care) get me through two years of retirement. So it looks like I’ll have to keep working until I either go blind from staring at a computer all day (too bad my health insurance doesn’t cover eyeglasses), or until I hit the big one. Medicare and Social Security had better be alive and well when I’m finally forced to retire!

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71 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 13th, 2012: Retirement Plan?

  1. There are several elderly couples where I live that expatriated themselves to Panama, Costa Rica, and some other places.
    They bugged out when Obama got elected.
    They claimed that they were retiring to a lower cost of living.
    Yeah, right.
    The wives are miserable and want to return to thier bridge games and social lives.
    The locals hate them and they have to live in secure areas because they will be robbed or killed.

  2. Actually, not getting rich is only number two on my life’s ‘not fun’ list; getting older is the part that REALLY sucks! An old friend explained the sucky part many years ago. He said that the older one gets, the fewer prospects he has of accomplishing (or even DOING) anything interesting or worthwhile, that it really gets bad when one reaches the point where the only ‘prospect’ that sounds interesting is, as Emily Dickinson put it, to fall asleep, that soundest time, without the weariness.

    I can find no cogent argument to counter that premise.

    • I don’t wish any harm upon anyone who isn’t a Tea Party Republican. That doesn’t mean I wish harm upon Tea Party Republicans. I just won’t rush to their defense should harm befall them. They’ve become unreachable intellectually. And, as I recently started saying, if you can’t teach ’em, learn ’em.

  3. We have found a place to live in the Pacific Northwest. Will be closing on a house in January if all goes well. The move is going to take a little while to complete because we have to also get our wee one into college and settled before everything is more or less permanently moved.

    I look forward to finally meeting some of you at some time in the not too distant future.

    • Jane, it’s Idaho. 😉

      Actually, they have a big raptor center in Boise, so that’s probably why the peregrine is on the quarter. Or, it’s just friggin’ Idaho. 😆

      • Idaho is the only state that has adopted an official raptor: Falco peregrinus

        And as you’ve written – Raptor Center/World Center For Birds of Prey in Boise

    • Wait a minute ….. calling Focus on the Family – what the hell are we going to do about these heretical fish? Get me a copy of Deuteronomy…!

  4. the rude one knocks it out of the park…

    ~”….. when Scalia does choke on his own bile and die, the Rude Pundit wants to get all the queers he knows, every leather bear and feather twink, every chopped-haired dyke and short-skirted femme, and everyone in between, and have a great big orgy at that bastard’s wake. One great, big sodomy fest, right in front of his corpse, hell, right on top of the body in the casket, the blissful acts of cocks sucked in willing mouths, of strap-ons thrust into wet pussies, of asses filled and unfilled, over and over, celebrating that, at last, one of the last symbols of generational intolerance is gonna be put into the ground, sticky with sex and semen from the joyful fucking, from the perverted fucking, from the loving fucking, all the fucking that he would find repulsive. Now that’s what you’d call “justice.”~

  5. “People You May Know” Facebook suggestion for me today:

    Prolapsed Esophagus.

    Facebook uses some strange interpersonal algorithms.

  6. Hi, gang.

    Well? The seasonal depression has kicked in. Normally it hits before Thanksgiving but, probably because I have no TV and haven’t been bombarded with holiday commercials, I got a free three weeks. That’s a good thing. Still, I will now meet all demands that I be “happy” or “merry” with “piss off” for the duration. At least I have my planes.

    It was a glorious winter’s day here on the frozen tundra and I got out for an hour of flying. Despite being almost run over by a few stupid people who drive I manged some moments of forgetfulness. Now I’m just waiting for the booze to kick in.

    I really hope that the president taps someone besides Kerry for the SOS job. We need every sane person we can muster in elected office.

    Now? Back to the booze. I’m going to be thrust into the glow of very good friends tomorrow but you good people help too. G’night.

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