The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 20th, 2012: The PediFix Tree

The PediFix Christmas Tree

The PediFix Christmas Tree

Yes, that IS a plastic lawn flamingo wearing a cardboard bow-tie...

Yes, that IS a plastic lawn flamingo wearing a cardboard bow-tie…

Yesterday afternoon, everyone at our company gathered ’round our traditionally-decorated Christmas tree to hear Jon, one of our bosses, give his Christmas speech, and to receive our Secret Santa gifts. Jon usually appoints one or two of the newest employees to play ‘Santa’ and hand out the gifts.

“Traditionally-decorated”, at our company (PediFix, Inc., a footcare products manufacturer), “…does not mean what you think it means…” In our case, it means an evolving and unique mix: classic glass and sparkle-encrusted ornaments compete for attention – and room – with decorations made of footcare products (a bunion guard with two ‘toe combs’ makes a great reindeer/moose!); a wide variety of trade show giveaways (lots of stress-ball-type items in the shapes of: a foot, a neon-pink brain, a computer, etc.); my collection of Audubon birds; several Beanie Babies(tm), including reindeer, a camel, and a rat; other odds and ends of toys and knick-knacks from some of our desks; and, of course, the flamingo. One Christmas, the tree was crowned by a rubber chicken, but the flamingo has reigned supreme ever since.

In the photos here, the flamingo is wearing a hand-colored cardboard bow-tie, a prop from a company party where, for some reason that I forget, we all wore these cartoonish ties. This year the flamingo sports a long strand of oversized pearls, and has a small fake bird attached to its neck via a green velvet bow-tie – much more stylish.

This year’s Christmas speech was not simply a variation on those of previous years. But I’m trying to keep this light, so that’s for another post…

This is our daily open thread — how do you decorate your Christmas tree?

88 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 20th, 2012: The PediFix Tree

  1. Jane and Wayne – it sounds like you work for a decent employer. Many years ago, I worked for a small, family owned business. It was the best business that I worked for until it became public. Then the parties, bonuses, and picnics ended. We had a monthly birthday party where lunch was brought in and paid for by the owner (a woman, btw). This included a birthday cake and the reading of the month’s birthday names. One time, the owner took the company bowling. We had lunch and then we bowled. The teams were assigned randomly. It was a team building exercise and it worked. As I said, once the business went public, the fun ended.

    • IBM used to be like that. Every fall they would even rent King’s Dominion (a local amusement park) and send all our families for free! Little by little all our little extras disappeared.

      • I’ve been working here for 28 years and every one of those years the agency has hosted a holiday dinner complete with turkey, ham, overcooked canned green beans and pie. I’ve probably attended every one of them even though I know the food will be sub-par. The dinner is open to all–from Execs to bus cleaners–and their families.

    • Same here Cats. Small company and everyone got something at Christmas and in August all those with kids in school got bonuses for school supplies/clothes. Got sold and no more of that – shareholders did well!!!

  2. I don’t want to know the people who have spent this week lined up to get as many rounds of ammo and assault rifles as they can.

    I dare them to look one Newtown parent or surviving child (who had to sit and wait to be rescued while they looked at their murdered teacher and classmates) and justify why their liberties would be altered by not owning one of these weapons of death……this isn’t about hunting, this isn’t about protecting your home, this isn’t about target shooting.

    It’s about cowardly, neurotic, insecure, inferior men trying to feel better about themselves by wielding death in their very hands….period.

    • “It’s about cowardly, neurotic, insecure, inferior men trying to feel better about themselves by wielding death in their very hands….period.”

      Later on, after I get home, I’m going to tweet something like:

      “Dear Gun Nuts: Just because you have a small penis is no excuse to make everyone carry a gun.”

    • What’s interesting is that it is the same people buying guns over and over again (mostly white males). If there was a mad rush to buy semi-automatics and large magazines by people of color and if these same people of color became NRA members, there would be cry for gun control by the right.

  3. Our tree: white lights; baby shoes from us and our children; ornaments we gave to each other over the years, and a few the kids made themselves (uncooked, painted zitis strung on yarn; an OJ can lid with a kindergarten picture glued on); a few, very fragile glass ornaments from our parents’ trees (didn’t know mushrooms painted on glass balls were a thing until we say them all over Dreden last December); filled in with silver balls and glass icicles; a big white bow on top and a hand made, water stained skirt from an aunt on the bottom. Lots of memories…

  4. An eye-opening chart. Chris Cillizza comments:

    “For you non math-majors out there, the NRA alone spent roughly $240 million more than the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the biggest-spending gun control group. That means the Brady Center’s spending amounts to approximately one percent of the NRA’s spending in 2010.”

  5. I love that tree! A tree should represent the people who decorate and enjoy it. I really dislike trendy trees, or those decorated for show (i.e. to impress other people).

    I haven’t put up a tree for two or three years, since I only decorate when one or both of my men are home for Xmas. My tree is strictly secular, with ornaments I’ve collected since before my men were born. No glass balls! Carved wooden animals, baby shoes, glass icicles, shiny apples, trains, Santas, Sesame Street characters, school projects, whatever struck my fancy each year. I used to do only white lights, but as those strings burned out, I moved to colored lights.

    Gifts of religiously themed ornaments remained in the box, and when I sold my home in Moscow and was clearing out most of my stuff, they went to Goodwill.

    I consider the Christmas holidays to be a time with friends and family, where we appreciate one another’s company and reflect on the year gone past, and look forward to the New Year.

  6. Listen to Boner’s latest “fiscal cliff” comments? What. A. Prick.

    When he has to relinquish that big gavel, I wonder if he’ll cry a river and float back to Ohio.

    • There’s no excuse…none!
      Shame on the President and the commanders who keep repeating “precise strike” as if that is a magic statement that makes it all ok.
      Children are children all over the world.
      The tears are welling up in my eyes…our government is murdering children without compunction.

    • The disarray is delicious.
      The Repugnants refuse to learn from their missteps/mistakes. That happens when you don’t take responsibility for failure and just pretend things are a o.k./the other party’s fault.
      Having Eric C. three steps from the presidency is even more frightening than the OrangeDrunk.

  7. My first prediction for the New Year: The Weepy Orange Boner is going to lose his Speakership, after being the most useless Speaker in history.

    The second prediction: Eric Cantor’s shit-eating grin will get even wider.

  8. One of my wife’s first grade students won’t be coming to school tomorrow because as their parent wrote in a note to her today, “if the world is ending tomorrow, we all want to be home together.”


  9. Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R-eally?) will seek the open congressional seat in his home state, CNN reported Thursday.

    He can run on family values.

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