Christmas Eve, 2012: Peace



2012 has been an intensely stressful year, from the exponentially-increasing insanity of the Republicans during the Presidential campaign, to the escalation of mass shootings by madmen. It is a year that will forever be marked by the gut-wrenching horror of the slaughter of the children in Newtown, Connecticut. All civilized humans around the world mourn the loss of those bright young lives, as well as the loss of their teachers, those heroines of the classrooms. And all of us share at least a part of the overwhelming grief of the families of those lost.

Here at The Zoo as well, many of our own community have suffered the loss of a loved one this year. Sadly, our number has now increased with Zooey’s loss of her father.

I hope that each of us, Critters, Zoosters, and all who have been touched by sorrow this year, finds some measure of Peace this Christmas; whether in the company of relatives and loved ones, or in the sympathy and great affection of our extended family.