The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 27th, 2012: Other Goodbyes

As I said in a previous thread, many of us here at The Zoo have, sadly, suffered the loss of loved ones this year. Those personal losses will never make any of the lists of famous or otherwise notable people who died this year, regardless of how important or life-altering our own losses have been to us.

However, 2012 has been a year during which many people have been lost who have also affected our lives, whether in minor ways or more deeply. Actors and other entertainers and celebrities – Charles Durning, Jack Klugman, Phyllis Diller, Richard Dawson, Marvin Hamlisch, Ravi Shankar, Gore Vidal, Ray Bradbury, to name a few – have been part of our lives as well, and their passing brings back many memories. Several people who had more significant impact on our nation as well as individually have also quit this mortal coil, such as Helen Gurley Brown, Rodney King, George McGovern, Arlen Spector, astronauts Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong. provides a list of 90+ such individuals in various fields. (Note: a couple of the people on this list are duplicated.) has also compiled a list of “Where Aren’t They Now? 13 Overlooked Deaths of 2012” and, while one or two are listed at the link above, most are not, and are not necessarily household names. But many things that we take for granted today are, at least in some part, due to the contributions of these lesser-known individuals.

One name that is not on either list is the actor William Windom, who was one of my favorite actors since I was a child. Is there anyone else that you can think of who is missing from both lists?

This is our daily open thread — what’s on YOUR mind?

66 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, December 27th, 2012: Other Goodbyes

  1. Is there anyone else that you can think of who is missing from both lists?

    We suffered, yet again, the death of Innocence.

  2. The American Scholar has a new series on Afghanistan, “Snapshots of a Fading War.” This is on a local dog in Kunar Province:

    “Here comes Lucky,” a soldier says. “Means we won’t get shot at today. Yesterday she didn’t show, and we got fucked up.” Lucky is sweet and hopeful, she curls between the camouflaged legs of the soldiers and they speak to her but are not allowed to touch. Regulations. I’m not bound by them so I kneel and whistle and she bounds over and folds herself softly into me. Someone has fashioned a collar for her. From the collar hangs a single silver dog tag. It reads DO NOT KILL.

    “First Sergeant shot the last dog,” someone explains. The army does not allow mascots.

    • I don’t believe the explanation about the First Sergeant shooting the dog because the Army doesn’t allow mascots. After all, West Point has had mascots for over a century.

      I think the 1st Shirt was just being a dick. And an inhuman one at that. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two about unit cohesion and morale.

      P.S. I didn’t watch the video, I just did a search for some kind of evidence that the Army DOES allow mascots.

  3. It is so windy here to today that the birds are having difficulty getting to the feeders. I see them start to fly and then a gust comes by and away they go. The snow geese are hanging out in the farmers’ corn fields which indicates terrible weather north of us.

  4. All that was needed to make the national tragedy of the killing of 20 children and 6 adults into an anti-God kick in Jesus’ teeth fest was for the usual suspects who hate Jesus to step up to defame His Name again. Of course I’m talking about the “Christian” leaders who can be counted on to drag the name of Christ through the mud at every profitable fundraising importunity. Christian leaders say that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was the result of our national falling away from fundamentalist Protestant gullibility.

    • hmm, so God/Jesus is an egotistical, vengeful, hateful, omnipresent sort of being.
      What/who gives these ministers/priests/reverends/pastors the ability to speak on behalf of the invisible one?
      What makes them holier than thou and superior to the, lowly, parishioner?

      Jesus was supposedly a humble, loving, caring, helpful person who walked among the lowly.

      • In Jesus’s time, illness and poverty were interpreted as a sign that one did not have God’s approval. His preferred company and his healing of the sick was a repudiation of all that the ancient 1% believed. I have no doubt he would repudiate these pharisees as well.

  5. A male Red Bellied Woodpecker has started coming to my suet feeder. He is extremely shy and cautious so I haven’t been able to take a picture of him. Any movement in the house and he takes off. I found this picture on the Internet. This bird is a beauty.

    • Well said. For years that was the argument against women in the military, the poor men wouldn’t be able to control themselves.
      On the other hand, if attractive women are not welcome in the workplace, I’ve just become very employable.

    • That court is so wrong. I know that, for the most part, an employer can fire you at any time. But I always believed that if the employer was going to state a reason for the firing, it had to be a valid one. If the employer here had just said, “I need a change around here. Sorry. Thanks for the wonderful ten years. I’ll be sure to give you a great recommendation,” then he might have gotten away with it. But to give a stupid, disgusting reason like that and be allowed to get away with it just means employment laws mean nothing.

    • Employment laws vary by State. Now, it appears, in Iowa, one can be fired for being too attractive.

      It’s probably too late for the woman to file a Federal Civil Rights (EEOC) discrimination claim.

  6. For all your Guntard friends who’ve repeatedly stated over the past week that an AR-15 isn’t an automatic weapon, pr there aren’t any “REAL” assault weapons out there, send them this video link….and please watch this as well, it’s educational for the conversation.

  7. I keep hearing the pundits saying that Hilary Clinton will run for president in 2016. Until 2008, she was the focus of attacks by the right wing. At the moment, she is the darling of both the left and the right. If she was to run for president, the attacks will start all over again. Why would she want to put herself through that again? If she retires now, then she retires on a high note. That’s my opinion and for now, I am sticking with it 🙂

      • That’s true and it is risky. Anything could happen and what could be a happy ending could turn bad. Just look at Joe Paterno. If he had retired from Penn State a few years ago when he first got sick, he would have left on a high note. Instead, his ego got the best of him and he left in disgrace.

  8. Man pulls gun over Obama bumper sticker dispute

    It all started when the 62-year-old victim saw a bumper sticker on Williams’ truck. He told police it said derogatory things about President Obama. He didn’t know Williams, but wanted to let him know that sticker offended him.

    “Why would a vet, or an American citizen, want to put that stuff on their truck?!”

    The victim told Williams he should be ashamed of himself.

    Williams told police he told the victim to get out of his face, but claims that victim ignored him and the two began to argue.

    It soon escalated to the victim ending up on his knees with his hands up and Williams allegedly holding the gun to the back of the victim’s head.

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