Music Night: democratic anthem

It is a political blog, so why not usher in 2013 with a democratic anthem? The best to all of you in the New Year. Peace.

25 thoughts on “Music Night: democratic anthem

    • They tour as “The Dukes of September”
      A sleeper act that not many catch on to when they read the entertainment section of the paper.
      Donald Fagan
      Michael McDonald
      Boz Skaggs

      They rock

    • Thom Hartmann used to play a Playing For Change video as bumper music. There are so many now, I had a hard time finding it, because I couldn’t remember the name. It’s called ‘War/No More Trouble’.

    • The fires and the drought of 2012 gave one the feeling that the plains were returning to a dust bowl. Then there is the economy that the Republicans refuse to deal with. Congress got a raise while they refuse to help Americans get jobs.

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