The Sunday Roast: 2012 – The Best Line…and The Worst

I have been thinking a lot about what stuck in my mind from last year and, of course, there are numerous occasions that are memorable. In my own life and in politics. Not all good memories, but that was 2012 for me. Not all good. Let’s stick to politics.

Here the best line in politics of 2012. Hint: A door painted on a rock…

And there was in my humble opinion the worst:

The only way is to take away the guns from the bad guys. Period!

So, what are you thinking? There are some really great quotes out there you are welcome to post the best, funniest, most thoughtful, most thought provoking and most uplifting lines that come to your mind. I think we might as well end this year on hope. Heaven knows we can all use it.

To All Critters and Regulars and the Occasional Lurker. I wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year. Let’s get 2012 behind us, we have been spared another Republican President, yes it affects us over here as well. But there is still a lot of work to do on both sides of the Atlantic. I wish us all the best for it.



130 thoughts on “The Sunday Roast: 2012 – The Best Line…and The Worst

  1. My favorite part of the coyote running into the ‘door painted on a rock’, is, as he’s sitting up with the little birdies flying around his head, the train comes out of the phony tunnel and runs over him!

  2. Here are a few words, “self-deportation” (Romney) and “Romnesia” (Obama).

    Currently, I am reading “Winter of the World” by Ken Follet. It’s book 2 of a yet to be completed Century Trilogy. So far, the story takes place in four countries; Germany, England, United States and USSR. It begins in 1936 Germany and proceeds from there. Watching the clip of “The Great Dictator” and reading this book, reminded me of how fascism seeps into a government especially when there is mass unemployment and when people have lost hope and faith in their democracy. The election cycle of 2012 could have been one of those times. Republicans did all they could to disenfranchise voters and the wealthy poured millions upon millions of dollars into fighting democracy BUT, the people won and so did democracy.

    Great post, EV and it’s nice to have you return to The Zoo. πŸ™‚

    • Reminds me of the 1961 movie classic, Judgment at Nuremberg, and screenwriter Abby Mann’s Academy Award-winning script. Near the end of the movie, German judge Ernst Janning (Burt Lancaster) speaks a monologue to the court which is memorable. He says, in part:

      There was a fever over the land. A fever of disgrace, of indignity, of hunger. We had a democracy, yes, but it was torn by elements within. There was, above all, fear. Fear of today, fear of tomorrow, fear of our neighbors, fear of ourselves. Only when you understand that can you understand what Hitler meant to us. Because he said to us: ‘Lift up your heads! Be proud to be German! There are devils among us. Communists, Liberals, Jews, Gypsies! Once the devils will be destroyed, your miseries will be destroyed.’ It was the old, old story of the sacrificial lamb.

      Don’t have to change very many words in that to ably (perfectly?) describe the premise(s) of today’s Tea Party Republicans. I suspect that to them, the only real difference is that at least Germany didn’t have a ni**er in the Chancellor’s office … one less thing to “fear”.

    • Excerpt number 1:

      …at the wild and crazy spontaneous wacky funfest that is the Republican National Convention. The Republicans β€” eager to disprove the stereotype that they are the party of old, out-of-touch rich white men β€” give their highest-visibility prime-time TV spot to: Clint Eastwood. Clint wows the delegates by delivering a series of fascinating sentence fragments to a chair that he either does or does not realize has nobody sitting on it.

      In other convention highlights, the Republicans declare their support for the Middle Class and pass a platform calling on the nation to get the hell off their lawn.

    • And excerpt number 2:

      … the Democrats gather in Charlotte, N.C., for their convention, during which they declare their near-carnal passion for the Middle Class and celebrate the many major achievements of the Obama administration, including the killing of Osama bin Laden, solar energy, the winning of the War on Terror by killing Osama bin Laden, the Chevy Volt, bold presidential leadership in the form of making the difficult decision to order the killing of Osama bin Laden, wind power, and many, many other major things that the administration has achieved, such as killing Osama bin Laden. The Democrats acknowledge that the economy is not totally 100 percent β€œthere” yet, but promise to continue moving steadfastly forward with their relentless attacks on the root cause of economic stagnation and continued high unemployment, namely, George W. Bush.

    • And excerpt number 3, which will probably be the last I post (read the whole thing yourself! :))

      Speaking of criticism, in …


      … President Obama is widely faulted for his performance in the first presidential debate, during which he appears moody and detached, several times stopping in mid-answer to go outside to smoke a cigarette. The debate moderator, veteran PBS newsman Jim Lehrer, at first seems a bit overwhelmed by the task, but after a few minutes he falls asleep. This leaves the field wide open for a confident and assertive Mitt Romney, who, in a span of 90 minutes, manages to explain his five-point economic-recovery plan a total of 37 times, running up an indoor record presidential-debate score of 185 points. Romney also demonstrates his understanding of the issues facing ordinary Americans by promising to cut federal funding for Big Bird.

      Stung by the defeat, Obama closets himself with his advisers, who coach him on debating techniques such as smiling, pretending to listen and forming complete sentences without a teleprompter. Obama is much more aggressive in the next two debates, at one point pulling out his BlackBerry on-camera and ordering a missile strike against Syria.

      In the vice presidential debate, Joe Biden gives Paul Ryan a noogie.

    • After seeing several news articles about Chinese workers embedding messages for the UN Human Rights Watch in the products that ship from the Chinese labour camps making this stuff….. not so amusing.

  3. My favorite political quote was Herman Cain’s “Libya” response in which he confessed his confusion (such as whether or not Obama supported the rebels) was because he had “too many things twirling around in his head.” After confirming Obama supported the uprising, he had to figure out how to take a different position.

      • Hiccups don’t cause snow? How can you say that!? I believe hiccups cause snow, and now that you’ve pointed out my illogical statement, I’m going to believe it even harder.

        So there. πŸ˜‰

        I hope we all have a much happier New Year than the last. Oh lordy, the stress…

    • It snowed here yesterday and today it was windy, extra windy and then extra, extra windy. I thought the roof was going to blow off of my house at one point. I’m afraid that I won’t see my lawn until sometime in late March as it will probably be a snowy winter.

      • If you can’t see it, you don’t have to mow or weed-whack. πŸ™‚

        It was pretty snowy up in Moscow today, but the roads were clear, which is always good.

  4. To sum up:

    Boehner: The House is waiting on the Senate to act.
    Senate: The Senate is waiting on the House to act.
    White House.: We’re waiting on both you dumbasses to put something together.
    American Public: You all suck

  5. Shit my 2 1/2 yr. old grandson (Joshua) says:

    Joshua: The Big Bad Wolf is at the door.
    Daddy: Oh yeah?
    J: Yeah. He’s knocking and he’s not big. He’s not going to blow the house down. I’m going to share my pretzels with him.
    D: So he’s the Nice Little Wolf?
    J: Yeah. He’s laughing. He likes scissors.

      • From what I understand, even if your lawyer tells you something is legal that isn’t, it doesn’t absolve you of breaking the law. The only thing their “good faith” understanding should do is reduce the penalty someone will pay. But the law was still broken. Gregory possessed the gun clip, and someone transferred it to him. Assuming it really was a gun clip.

      • The problem for Gregory and the rest of the MTP team, however, is that they also checked in with the D.C. police department, which says it was pretty clear about where it stood on the whole matter. “NBC was informed that possession of a high-capacity magazine was not permissible and their request was denied,” police spokesman Araz Alali said yesterday.

        Sounds like Gregory worked for the Bush Admin. They had a habit of looking around for anyone to tell them what they wanted to do was okay, even if they were already told it wasn’t.

    • I can’t find anything in the Constitution that protects the right to own or use bullets. When the Constitution was written, the people had to make their own musket balls. The second Amendment mentions the right to bear arms (arms meaning guns) but it doesn’t mention bullets.

  6. Hometown school Alabama A&M just beat Mississippi State 59-57 in Starkville! I haven’t had this much fun watching a college basketball game in a long time.

  7. Wayne, I see the Jets couldn’t play McElroy today because he had a concussion. I’m glad he admitted he had it. Playing today wasn’t worth much. If Sanchez can’t get it done next year, he’ll get his chance to prove he belongs up there.

  8. The Senate has adjourned for the evening, and will resume tomorrow.
    The MSNBC chyron on my TV says: Senate GOP: ‘Chained CPI’ demand now off the table

    • Regardless of what kind of deal ends up getting done about the cliff, when it comes to raising the debt ceiling, I’m wishing Obama would tell them, when they ask him what they get for increasing the debt limit, ‘You get nothing, I get that for free.’ And be willing to walk away, leaving the GOP to take any blame for what happens if the limit doesn’t get raised.
      Make no deal over the debt limit!

      • Oh that Obama had the gumption to do just as you portray, House!
        That would smack the grin off of Mitchy-baby’s face and totally spin Boner’s head until it twisted off!

      • I heard on the $800 billion in revenues he already said that to Boehner. “You don’t get anything for that. I get that for free.”

        But I agree he should do it for the debt ceiling, too. We have a debt problem ONLY because Republicans borrowed and spent so much.

  9. Former President George H.W. Bush Moved Out Of Intensive Care

    That doesn’t actually mean he’s getting better. They moved my mom out of intensive care, and put her in palliative care — be cause there was nothing else IC could do for her.

  10. The Republicans have a lot of nerve to bitch that there are people who pay no federal income tax, when their party supported the idea.

  11. According to the AP, SoS Hillary Clinton has been admitted to a hospital with a blood clot following her recent concussion. [There, I changed it enough that they can’t sue me. They don’t own the fact I posted, maybe only the specific wording, which I altered.]

  12. The Vikings beat the Packers to go into the playoffs! Next Saturday!! At Green Bay!!!

    I’m kinda drunk. And the comments on the Packers’ web site read like a Saturday Hate Mailapalooza.

  13. If one thinks that the Reichwhiners would have been any less vile had Hilary become our nation’s first female president? Check out the hate on any of the articles about her being hospitalized. They simply would have replaced their racism with misogyny and gleefully continued to do everything in their power to destroy the country and blame it on Democrats.

    • I think the reason Limbaugh and them were pushing for Hillary was because they knew they already had so much dirt and lies that they could exploit and she’d never win.

    • Doesn’t read as if Chavez will be participating in his 10 January swearing-in. At least not on this earth.
      Wondering why it was never revealed/discussed as to what type of cancer he suffers.
      It isn’t a very glowing reflection on Venezuela’s medical system that its own ‘president’ doesn’t receive treatment in country.

  14. Wayne thank you so much. I just hope people know I can’t write that well. I really appreciate the upgrade. Did you schedule it for tomorrow morning because I don’t know how to do that ether. I’ll start working on it harder though I swear. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, you’re too kind. Along the right-hand side there are a couple of options you can set under where it says “publish.” One is Visibility. Expand it and you can see the box you check to make it Sticky. Below that is “Scheduled For” box and you put the time you want it to publish in Pacific Time. I usually set it to the date it;s supposed to post and at 5 minutes after midnight. So that way it posts just after midnight in the West and just after 3 AM in the East (and about 5 or 6 AM EV’s time.)

      I went ahead and clicked “Schedule.” If you need to work on it more, go up above those options and open “Status” and set it appropriately.

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