The Watering Hole, Thursday, January 10th, 2013: I Love NY

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

Yesterday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his State of the State address, covering topics ranging from education to housing to green energy initiatives, women’s issues, and, of course, the topic du jour, gun control. New York State already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country; Governor Cuomo is now calling for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, along with other measures, in response to recent tragic shootings in Connecticut and in upstate New York. The Governor is working with State lawmakers to hammer out new legislation, and is hoping to reach an agreement with them by the end of this week.

The complete outline of Governor Cuomo’s forward-looking proposals, which also include a minimum wage hike and decriminalization of “open possession” of less than 15 grams of marijuana (woo-hoo!), can be reviewed here.

Although the comments following articles regarding the Governor’s proposals regarding gun control are much the same blustering rants as those on way too many sites, i.e.: American citizens misinterpreting the 2nd Amendment to justify that they need their guns to protect against a tyrannical government, or for personal protection of self, home, family; the “government” is coming to take their guns, basically from their cold dead hands; cars, hammers, knives, you name it, all kill more people than guns; and (the most laughable) that “people are leaving New York in droves”; I am proud to be a New Yorker, and glad that Governor Cuomo is starting to act (not just sound) more like his father than I had expected.

101 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, January 10th, 2013: I Love NY

    • How does killing people support the second amendment? What an idiot. Yeah, someone should take his guns away and then fit him with a white jacket that has wrap around sleeves with buckles in the front. I hear this jacket is all the rage this year and last year and the year before etc… .

  1. Fuxbot Eric Bolling: Schools ‘pushing the liberal agenda’ by teaching algebra

    “But even worse is the way some textbooks are pushing the liberal agenda,” the Fox News host explained, pointing to an algebra worksheet that Scholastic says gives students “[i]nsight into the distributive property as it applies to multiplication.”

    “Distribute the wealth!” Bolling exclaimed, reading the worksheet. “Distribute the wealth with the lovely rich girl with a big ole bag of money, handing some money out.”

    OMG 😯

    *banging head on desk*

    • If these students want to be doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or scientists of any kind, then they better study algebra. As a matter of fact, they need to know algebra to pass the SATs for college entrance. Me thinks the Fuxbot is under educated.

  2. Louie Giglio is gone! Anti-gay pastor no longer giving benediction

    … “We were not aware of Pastor Giglio’s past comments at the time of his selection and they don’t reflect our desire to celebrate the strength and diversity of our country at this Inaugural. Pastor Giglio was asked to deliver the benediction in large part for his leadership in combating human trafficking around the world. As we now work to select someone to deliver the benediction, we will ensure their beliefs reflect this administration’s vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans.“ – Addie Whisenant, PIC Spokesperson

  3. I’m sorry to report that I found an AR-15 semi-automatic gun in my dad’s house, along with a shit load of ammunition. Also a .45, .357, another rifle of some sort, and his skeet shooting shotguns.

    I knew he had the shotguns and the .357, but I had no idea about the AR-15. Man, that’s an ugly scary-looking gun.

    My sister who’s in law enforcement wants the .45, but the rest will be sold. Prolly rather quickly, since Obama wants to confiscate all the guns. 😉

    • The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M-16 used by the military. I fired an M-16 during basic training (hey, what do you know) thirty years ago. (First day of Basic was Jan 4, 1983.) When I finished, the guy next to me immediately said, “I think I was aiming at the wrong target.” I ended up getting a marksmanship ribbon out of it. 🙂

      • All I know is that it’s an AR-15 and it’s never been fired. Still in its case.

        Probably ought to look into the legalities of sending it through the mail or Fedex. And it’s possible there may be a buyer already, since my former bro-in-law has put out the word at his gun club.

  4. Going back to Orofino AGAIN today to try to locate my mom’s death certificate in my dad’s house.

    I know my dad tried to have all his papers organized for his eventual death, and even had an envelope labeled “to be opened in case of my death,” but he forgot about a lot of stuff. One thing I didn’t know: My dad was loaded (and not just with ammo). 😉

    I’m glad his retirement years were comfy, because he and my mom struggled financially for all of the years he was in the military and when he was an attorney.

  5. BTW, this place is looking great! All y’all Critters are doing awesome work. 🙂

    I’m WAY behind on the cartoons, but will try to get them updated this evening.

    Laters, my friends.

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    You registered on 2 years ago!
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

    — Where’s my anniversary present? Hummph.

  7. Once again the Motion Picture Academy shows its irrelevance to the real world with this morning’s nominations.

    And here’s a hint: when a film’s title is in a foreign language, and the entire film is in a foreign language, then it should be considered in the category of — wait for it — BEST FOREIGN FILM.

    • Sometimes I think the old fart members of the Academy think they’re voting for the Nobel Prize instead of the Academy Awards.

  8. What are the Armor of God PJs?

    The Armor of God PJ’s were inspired by a mother reading Ephesians 6:10-18 every night to her daughter to give her a safe and secure feeling in the dark.
    As the yread the scriptures, they put on each spiritual and powerful piece of the Armor of God to keep them safe and peaceful while they slept.

  9. the rude pundit
    Sorry, Gun Nuts: Hitler Actually Relaxed Most Gun Laws:
    Here’s the deal, oh, sweet, stupid gun nuts: Have a history lesson. Gun control laws had nothing to do with the rise of the Nazis or the Holocaust. In fact, they were initially part of the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War I, punishing Germany by eliminating private ownership of guns. In the Weimar Republic, new laws liberalized gun ownership, allowing hunting rifles and more. The other gun control laws in Germany post-WWI were specifically put in to prevent armed takeover of the government by groups like the Nazi Party, which did not, in fact, stage a coup, but used electoral power to solidify its hold on the government (along with the Gestapo and the repression of demonized Communist groups). In fact, Hitler and the Third Reich opened up gun ownership even more, even if they did ban all Jews from owning guns. Yeah, the 1938 law said “a hunting license entitles the holder to carry firearms and handguns.” That was new. It also lowered the age of gun ownership from 20 to 18 and changed one-year permits to three-year.

    Oh, by the way, the law also took away any “stabbing weapons” from Jews. And if the Jews had been more strongly armed and attacked the government, all that would have happened is that even more people would have turned on them because the propaganda that said that evil Jews wanted to enslave the country would have appeared to be proven true. No, the Holocaust wouldn’t have been worse. But it would still have happened. (This leaves out the enormous amount of armed Jewish resistance against the Nazis.)…………………


  10. Perused a HuffPo piece: “How To Hand Wash Dishes: Tips To Make It Easier”

    Some highlights:
    • Wipe Food Off Plates ASAP
    • Use Good-Smelling Soap
    • Use Hot Water
    And this helpful hint that never occurred to me: “If you don’t have something to scrub dishes with, washing your dirty dishes could take hours.”

    More like, PuffPo.

      • The thing that pisses me off is that they successfully block any and all discussion of gun laws. If we had a national debate I would be willing to abide by any decision made even if it was decided that there’s nothing that we can really do. Of course, since most gun crimes are committed with legally purchased firearms it should be a no-brainer to tighten regulations to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics. Simple measures like requiring all sales of firearms and ammo be conducted by a licensed dealer would be a great first step but it isn’t even up for debate in any meaningful way. A permit, renewable every couple years would also be a step we could take along with a “no buy list”. Just because a person is deemed stable enough to own a gun today doesn’t mean that he/she will remain stable in a couple years.

  11. The Aflac duck has a fractured beak! 😀
    Now if I can get rid of the two idiots on the Sonic commercials, I might have some peace leading up to March Madness!

    • Now that’s a relaxed feline (the one in a small tub of water with the yellow toy)!
      My buddy isn’t a fan of water. Mel figures he can do a much better job grooming than any amount – even a few drops – of water!

    • I think that they are just barely self-aware enough to fear that they will be found ineligible to possess firearms. It’s about the only reason I can think of that they will do everything in their power to thwart any discussion of gun control.

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