30 thoughts on “Music Night, January 18, 2013 — One Less Egg to Fry

    • Edie and New Bohemian – great vid and song, pete…
      hope you don’t have to wait too long before its arrival.
      Those are some grand loops and maneuvers!
      No wonder you have such a fun time flying!

      • Indeed! I have also decide that Paul Simon is an extremely fortunate man to have married Edie Brickell!! She’s a “normal girl” who happens to be incredibly hot in a “normal girl” way. I just wish I was half as talented as either the singer or the pilot!!!

  1. F**k you Lance Armstrong ….. its time for you to disappear forever, after you are prosecuted for whatever you can be done for.

    Wow, Sheryl, you dodged a bullet didn’t ya….. call me baby…. I’m not like Lance….

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