Friday Night Music Night – Something New, I Think.

Once again, Nonewhere asked me to get tonight’s music started.  Since this was asked of me at 8:00 am today, I was lost for ideas so I contacted my oldest daughter.  Next week, she and her husband will be seeing this group in concert.  From what I understand, this group is becoming quite popular and that is why I am posting music from these up and coming artists.  For all I know, they may already be famous.

May I present to you, The Lumineers performing Ho Hey:

I think I like this group.  They are fresh and exciting.

Here’s a link to their bio.

Are you listening to any new performers and if so, who are they?  There are so many new artists to choose from.

125 thoughts on “Friday Night Music Night – Something New, I Think.

  1. Someone has gone to the trouble of processing REM’s minor-scale downer hit ‘Losing My Religion’ so that all the minor notes are now major. It’s not a cover, but the original, processed. The song is just as familiar as always yet utterly different.

  2. Fux didn’t renew its contract with Quitter Palin. Awww boo. 😉

    She did manage to blabber and shrill on Fux longer than she managed to stay Governor, so I guess that’s something. What it is, I’m not sure.

    • Okay, next time we are in your neighborhood, we should just hang out, drink some good wine, have some fine food and listen to Mel. This is really cool. We must make sure that Zooey joins us.

  3. ECCHOOO!!!!!…..

    “Oh darlin’ sugar honey
    When it was nice and sunny
    And when we had some money
    We would go see Echo and the Bunny…… men” – Half Man, Half Biscuit

  4. Cats,

    Thank you for having my back. I almost effed it up, but you took the baton and pretty much effed up yourself (time wise) but this was a great choice of music. Reaching out to our daughter was the perfect response to the dilemma I passed on to you. I owe you.

  5. This was the feature video a while back at Late Nite Music Club at C&L. They all come from about 15-20 miles west of me.

    • Once I was a soldier
      And I fought on foreign sands for you
      Once I was a hunter
      And I brought home fresh meat for you
      Once I was a lover
      And I searched behind your eyes for you
      And soon there’ll be another
      To tell you I was just a lie

      And sometimes I wonder
      Just for a while
      Will you remember me

      And though you have forgotten
      All of our rubbish dreams
      I find myself searching
      Through the ashes of our ruins
      For the days when we smiled
      And the hours that ran wild
      With the magic of our eyes
      And the silence of our words

      And sometimes I wonder
      Just for a while
      Will you remember me



      Standard YouTube License

      Buy “Once I Was” on
      Tim Buckley

      I find the words to be haunting.

  6. Okay, I’m having one of those days so in order to set things right, I’m drinking wine, plenty of wine. With that in mind, I thought I would pass along a little ditty by Delaware’s one and only. I present to you George Thorogood.

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