Sunday Roast: January 27, 2012 – Seriously!

It is my favourite of all times:

Get yourself a shoulder of Pork, some veggies, a glass of beer, more beer for yourself and don’t hurry it up, it wants it’s time.

1 l of Chicken Stock
1.5 kgs Pork Shoulder with skin.

(The more fat the better, unfortunately the pigs they breed over here for meat are almost as lean as athletes. You don’t ge a really porky pig anymore and while people think it’s good for your health in my humble opinion it sucks from a yumminess point of view)

3 large white onions
1 small carrot
150 g of celeriac
1 tbsp oil
400 g small potatoes
1 tsp icing sugar
1 tbsp tomato purree concentrated
150 ml red wine
1 laurel leave
1/2 tsp cumin and coriander each
1 clove of garlic sliced
2 slices ginger
pepper freshly gound
1/2-1 tsp lemon skin grated
1-2 tbsp Fleur de Sel

Now you can get going and the process leaves you quite a bit of time between the stages to either prepare side dishes or go on a run to burn off the calories about to hit you 😉

Put the roast into a pan skin side down add the chicken broth and roast in oven at 130°C for 90 minutes.

Dice the veggies (sans the potatoes) and gently roast them in a pan, add icing sugar gently caramelise, add tomato purree and red wine bring to the boil and take to the side.

After 90 minutes take the roast out of the oven, cut the skin (I do squares) add the broth to the veggies and then all the veggies, the potatoes and the sauce go back into the oven pan. Set the roast on top of it and roast for another 90 to 120 minutes at 160°C.

The Finale: Set the oven to 220°C put the roast on the lowest rung of the oven for 20 minutes.

Mix the cumin and coriander, strain sauce in a pot, set veggies aside. Bring gravy to the boil add cumin and coriander reduce for 20 minutes.

Mix fleur de sel and lemon rind. Sprinkle roast with same. Enjoy!

It’s called Sunday Roast isn’t it? So I made you one.

For you it’s an open thread as well, so enjoy!

84 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: January 27, 2012 – Seriously!

  1. I was asleep for about 6 hours, but as I turn the audio up on the stream, Eli Gold is still announcing at Daytona. At the nine hours to go point, seven cars are still on the lead lap in the GT class, and five on the lead lap in Daytona Prototypes. That’s impressive, as it’s not uncommon for the leader in a class to be a lap or two ahead.

    • First light at Daytona brought in heavy fog. Until visibility improves, the race proceeds under caution conditions, giving teams with nagging problems the opportunity to try to improve their cars with almost no penalty.

  2. Garry Wills, on the best and worst of the South, ponders the origins of the region’s self-defeating impulses under Obama, in “Dumb America”:

    “I was made aware of the odd mix of gain and loss when I went back to Atlanta to see my beloved grandmother. She told me not to hold change between my lips while groping for a pocket to put it in—“That might have been in a nigger’s mouth.” Once, when she took me to Mass, she walked out of the church when a black priest came out to celebrate. I wondered why, since she would sit and eat with a black woman who helped her with housework. “It is the dignity—I would not let him take the Lord in his hands.”

    Tradition dies hard, hardest among those who cannot admit to the toll it has taken on them. That is why the worst aspects of the South are resurfacing under Obama’s presidency. It is the dignity. That a black should have not merely rights but prominence, authority, and even awe—that is what many Southerners cannot stomach. They would let him ride on the bus, or get into Ivy League schools. But he must be kept from the altar; he cannot perform the secular equivalent of taking the Lord in his hands. It is the dignity.”

  3. Sigh… It looks like a certain troll, who shall remain nameless, and his circle jerk of sock puppets found out that Media Matters switched to Disqus. Let’s just say that the stench is familiar. I just can’t fathom why anyone would not just shut down comments and make them more secure the second those freaks show up. It’s especially glaring at a site like MMfA where one used to have to earn the privilege of posting at all. Allowing it to continue just adds credence to the claims of the Reich-wing media that it’s a “hate site”. Heck! The stupid trolls are probably being paid to achieve that end.

  4. EV – That roast sounds yummy. I’ll have to try making it. I will need to take a 45 minute trip in order to purchase some pork from a pig that was NOT raised on a factory farm. The super markets carry factory farmed meats which I try to avoid.

  5. January 27: ‘A date which will live, in’ … Irony? On this date in 1756, one of the rarest but most perfect and brilliant examples of the human artistic intellect was born in Salzburg, Austria. His baptismal name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart; we know him as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He began composing music when he was five years old and never stopped till his must untimely death on December 5, 1791; on his death he was writing but had not yet finished his “Requiem.”

    On January 27, 1945 — 189 years after Mozart’s birth — there was an event which defined not the bright star of human intellect, but instead the Black Hole of humanity’s inhumanity. The Soviet Red Army entered and liberated from German occupation the town in southern Poland named Oswiecim. There was a Nazi concentration camp just outside of Oswiecim, a camp named after the Germanic pronunciation of that small Polish town.

    Auschwitz. 1.4 million murdered there, their bodies burned to ash in giant crematoria. There were only around 7000 prisoners still there when the Russians arrived, and a great many were too far gone to survive. But at least it was over. Finis.

    On the same date, 189 yrs apart. Two events. The first, stellar evidence of human’s potential, it’s brilliant intellectual and artistic pinnacle on full display; the second, the absolute opposite: the bottomless pit of human’s (unfortunately far more common) intellectual darkness.

    Mozart’s final work, Requiem, contains these words in the segment entitled Lacrimosa (Tears):

    Full of tears shall be that day . . .
    On which from ashes shall arise
    Therefore, O God, have mercy . . .
    grant them eternal rest. Amen.

    Amen indeed.

    Irony. On this date, the birth of brilliance, the death of a death camp. Stark.

    • Thank you, frugal, excellent comment. I’ve been listening to Mozart on the way home from work the last few days, it’s been very soothing. The CD is one that my brother burned for me a few years ago, that somehow makes the music more comforting.

      • I understand, Jane. Mozart never ceases to cheer me. Don’t know what exactly it is about his music, but it’s a reflection of something extremely rare in this world. Maybe it’s simply the manifestation of a gentle and calming genius; not too much of that around, typically, across virtually the entire of human existence. But he had it, in spades.

  6. via “I Love F’ing Science”:

    What do you think of this hairstyle? This is the Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus), and its green mohawk is made up of algae. This often covers the shell as well as the head, and helps to camouflage the animal.

  7. And this is why sheriffs should be chosen from experienced law enforcement officers rather than partisan politicians. I’ve known a great many law enforcement officers in my time and even the stupidest of them, and there are some pretty stupid people on the list, would never dream of making such a suggestion. Ask any legitimate law enforcement officer you happen to meet and they will tell you that civilians in an emergency situation should avoid confrontation and wait for the professionals to show up. This is especially true when an unknown gunman is engaged in a killing spree because the police are liable, and rightfully so, to fire on anyone in the area who is waving a gun around.

    • There are some real fuckwits commenting on that post (not including me, of course). One of them claims that he’ll shoot someone who knocks on his door. Others claim that the only way to take personal responsibility for our own safety is to own a gun and be willing to use it.

      $1 says these people, who are willing to blow to kingdom come their neighbor wanting to borrow sugar, the mailman, and their kid who lost their key, are the same people who are virulently pro-life because life begins at conception.

      “Won’t someone please think of the widdle babies!? But knock on my door and you’re dead meat.”

  8. btw nwoldguy & vinylspear, I didn’t forget your January soap prizes, they’ll be in the mail tomorrow. Well I did forget, but not before January ended. 😳

  9. 46 years ago – seemed space exploration would come to a complete halt after

    Jan. 27, 1967: 3 Astronauts Die in Capsule Fire
    …flash fire engulfs their command module during testing for the first Apollo/Saturn mission.

    NASA learned hard lessons and 2 years later there was a man on the Moon

  10. Your very own 3D Printer for only $2,199! That is really amazing. Of course the material is not cheap but I remember when basic colour printers were that much.

    We’ve put this on our radar for our trip to NY.

    • I was reading an article the other day about the damage many of these companies are doing to themselves by aligning with Reichwhiners. It’s not costing them enough but it’s making a dent and opening opportunities for companies that treat their customers and employees with honor and respect. The best part is that FAUX”News” and hate radio are among the biggest losers. inSeannity alone has lost about half his TV audience since the election and radio advertisers are still leaving in droves.

      • A typical good night for Fox

        A so-so night for Fox

        You’ll notice Hannity drops over a million overall viewers from O’Reilly’s total on the good night, and a bit over 800k on the so-so night. I’ve been watching these almost daily from before Olbermann leaving MSNBC took place. These numbers are pretty much what they were before the election. Hannity started losing viewers during the Republican debates and primaries. Can’t quite put my finger on why, since I don’t keep up with his crazy that much. He used to pull 2.4 to 2.5 million on a regular basis. His 25-54 numbers barely exceed Rachel’s with nearly double the overall numbers.

        I wish you could locate that article. I’d like to read it.

    • What happens on the internet stays on the internet, as many a teenager found out to his/her detriment. Good luck with that papa john.

  11. Funny exchange on This Week. I never heard of this guy before today. Talk about a back-bencher.

    Rep. David Schweikert (R) Az.: “The fact of the matter is we have a problem as a party. I believe we tell the truth. I actually believe we’re much more analytical. We’re accountants. Sometimes, though, being an accountant doesn’t pull the heart strings, doesn’t tell the story.”

    Donna Brazile: “That explains why the math has been so awful over the last 20 years.”

    There was also this whopper:

    George Will: “Well, the post-partisan Obama of 2008 gave his inaugural speech in 2009 and, a couple weeks later, passed the stimulus bill with no Republican votes because it was simply a wish list of 30 years of Democratic longing. So I think it was a fairly perishable moment.”

    George Will’s selective memory just won’t let him recall that the votes of three Republican Senators were the only reason the ARRA passed. Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Arlen Specter all voted with the Dems. The bill was also far from a Democratic wish list, but since he wasn’t specific what he meant by that, I can only accuse him of partisan spin there. The ‘no Republican votes’ however, was totally wrong.

  12. There is a new/old Doctor Who on BBC America tonight! Starts at 9pm eastern.

    The 50th anniversary of the series is celebrated by presenting each month a story featuring one of the show’s first 11 Doctors. First up: “The Aztecs” from 1964, starring William Hartnell as the Doctor.

    • Yes, honey, but, but, but his name is Karl, with a ‘K’ – and you know who else’s name began with a ‘K’? That’s right, NRA President Karl Frederick was a MARXIST!

      Okay, I’m better now.

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