Watering Hole: Tuesday January 29, 2013

So the gun shows in the northeast are becoming a little unpopular. Imagine that.
My take on America is that this is a temporary condition. The public memory lasts about 15 minutes, before Lindsay Lohan takes over the headlines for something to titillate the crowds in the infotainment news.

More interesting is the gun nuts rock solid embrace of weaponry to the point that 200 of the dealers in this show in Harrisburg PA withdrew because the organizer wanted to keep it family-like by keeping assault weapons out of the booths.

This is actually big news because a week long gun show in Pennsyltucky would be considered the ultimate in cold blue steel viewing. Ladies and gentlemen… ready, fire, aim!

162 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday January 29, 2013

    • Sailors needs to be charged with murder and face the death penalty. If he was a person of color, I would be willing to bet that the authorities would throw the book at him.

      This is what the fear based media does to people. Turn off Fox, turn off Rush, turn off Alex Jones, turn off Glenn Beck and turn off all the other hate and fear media shows.

    • Shot in the air as a warning. But then without any more warning, and as the car was DRIVING AWAY, Sailors shot the kid in the head.

      As he was driving away.

      There’s no penalty harsh enough for Sailors, imo.

        • Just like the Travon Martin case. If the perpetrator is going AWAY from your home, you’re not defending your home. You’re hunting someone down and killing them in cold blood.

    • An attorney for Sailors told Channel 2 the man shot because he feared his life was in danger.

      We must change the law so that this is not an acceptable excuse for one person to kill another. based on this criterion, the danger need only exist in the person;s mind to justify homicide, and that is wrong!

      The standard needs to be changed to a real danger existing before deadly force is justified, not simply the fear that danger might exist. Racist bigots are often afraid of the people against whom they have prejudices, so telling them they only have to imagine they’re in danger in order to get away with killing one of “them” is practically inviting them to commit murder.

      And no one can tell me it’s never happened before.

    • Oh my god! That old murderer doesn’t get to claim self defense if the victim is trying to get away from him, and never made a threatening move toward him. No! This cannot be dismissed as some sort of “stand your ground” bullshit.

  1. The National Wild Turkey Federation, a group supported by turkey hunters, said they were boycotting to raise awareness of the threat against the Second Amendment. “We feel strongly about the importance of the Second Amendment in pursuit of our mission of preserving our hunting heritage,” said Skip Motts, president of the NWTF Pennsylvania State Chapter.

    One doesn’t hunt turkeys with AR-15’s. This goes to show how stupid these people are. They ban a sportsman and camping show and flock to Chick-fil-A to eat bleached chicken spiced with MSG.

  2. Danny Hayes believes that the gun control debate after Newtown has persisted (contrary to his expectations) because the media has covered the shooting “in a fundamentally different way than they have others”:

    “As I wrote in the days after Sandy Hook, coverage of gun control typically spikes following a mass shooting. But it pretty quickly recedes. … Just two weeks after the shooting, gun control looked like it was headed to the dustbin of history again. In particular, the fiscal-cliff debate (and the attendant congressional f-bombs) sucked almost out of the oxygen out of the Washington media air. In the week surrounding the New Year, “fiscal cliff” appeared in the news four times as often as “gun control.” But coverage shortly moved on to a third phase. Whereas gun control had evaporated from the news within about a month of the earlier shootings, in the case of Newtown, it surged back in mid-January.”

    He also points to the importance of “gun control” in the media’s coverage:

    “Even before the 27 victims had been laid to rest, gun control was a far more prominent part of the Newtown narrative than it had been in previous incidents. And in contrast to the Virginia Tech, Aurora and Giffords shootings, it has come to dominate the media narrative. The week that Obama issued the executive actions, more than 60 percent of stories that mentioned Newtown also included a reference to gun control.”


  3. Last week i was in the Chicago deep freeze, and now today’s Tribune headlines:

    ~”Today is already the warmest Jan. 29 in Chicago history, toppling an almost 100-year-old record 15 minutes before the sun came up.”~

    weather change skeptics take note

    • Ahh, I remember the fond days of January 1967 when snowdrifts would go up to the house roof line during a massive winter storm. Made for some large and intricate snow forts in the yard.

      • Hell ya! We had a hotel and after a big snow my dad would clear the very large parking lot. The snow got to be way over the roof most years and it was a good 40 feet long. Mom and Dad didn’t like us digging tunnels too far, for good reason. I think that’s when I developed claustrophobia!

    • It’s snowing this morning along the Colorado Front Range — proves that global warming is a left wing hoax (the fact that one day last week the afternoon temp here was in the high seventies was just a fluke. Obviously).

    • I’m a believer. It’s been warm and rainy all winter. But it’s really coming down today. I get t wipe 8 muddy paws every time they go out unless A-Jay is hunting for whatever under the back shed and then I need a bucket of sudsy water to clean him. By spring I expect to have absolutely no grass left in my backyard.

  4. Guns are useless. Period. I would happily support the repeal of the Second Amendment and the total, complete banning of ALL guns, along with SEVERE penalties for those who get caught with one in their possession, even if it’s only mounted on the wall over the fireplace.

    Those who want to hunt, get a Nikon and capture trophies worth hanging on your wall. Buy your meat at the market — it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. Or become a vegan.

    This American “gun culture” flat-ass sucks. Always has, always will.

    • I know several people that hunt for deer. The farmers in my area allow hunters with their permission, to kill deer on their property as the deer can be very damaging to crops. These are small family farms that are very dependent on their crops. I would prefer deer from a hunter over the factory farmed beef that is sold in the markets any day. And I choose not to become a vegan.

      • I understand. My solution to that is simple: reintroduce wolves and let them do their thing. They’ll probably eat an occasional cow, but that’s ok, people do that too. And actually, natural predators are typically far less dangerous to humans than the human imagination allows them to be. No wolf ever ate a grandma, far as I know.

        And yes, I do understand that natural predators are not, in every situation, the ideal solution, but very often it can be made to work. And no natural predator (other than a human) has ever murdered twenty children in a school.

        • I’m talking Pennsylvania here and not Colorado or Montana or any of those Rocky Mountain states. The population is not as spread out here especially in the farming areas which is all of the south central and south eastern part of the state. These are the population centers of PA. The wolves would survive in the mountains but would not do so well in the populated areas. As for the deer, PA has the second largest population of deer in the nation. Texas has the largest number. It is not uncommon to see albino deer as there is too much interbreeding because the deer are confined to areas. If I was good with a bow and arrow, I would hunt deer from my porch, patio or balcony as there are always deer in my yard. They are so emboldened that they come right up to my windows and if I open the door and shout at them they look at me as if to say, “Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?” I live too close to other people so I would never use a gun. Besides I don’t own a gun.

          • What would happen if wolves were reintroduced into the mountain areas and allowed to trickle out into the farming areas?

            There are no wolves in Colorado, unfortunately. We often have deer in our yard as well, but we don’t have anything for them to eat except some occasional tall grass at the back end of things, next to the alley and the prairie yonder. Some friends have a huge garden, however, and they’ve solved the deer “problem” by fencing it.

            The virtue in wild predators is that they tend to cause the grazing critters such as deer and elk to move away, to spread out. In Yellowstone Park, prior to wolf reintro, the elk had changed the natural streamside habitats by eating ALL the willow and other seedlings. Once the wolves were reintroduced, it didn’t take the elk long to figure out they were safer elsewhere, and within a few years streamside habitats began to revitalize, all thanks to wolves.

            Again, I know it won’t work everywhere, but still I have to wonder if maybe there might not be some virtue in giving it a whirl here and there.

  5. When You’re Feeling Low, Just Remember I’ll Be Dead In About 15 Or 20 Years

    by Donald Trump (courtesy of The Onion)

    My friends, everybody has their down days, and during these long winter months it is especially easy to succumb to the doldrums and find yourself in a bit of a funk. But not to fear! I have a simple tip that’s guaranteed to pick you up and get you back in good spirits in no time, and here it is: Whenever you’re feeling low, just remember that I, Donald Trump, will be dead in roughly 15 to 20 years.

  6. Another progressive website, Media Matters, has surrendered their comments section to piss-soaked trolls because they think more comments make them more relevant. Just like TP; I was able to live with it until they allowed namejacking. I’ve been sending management emails and links to the examples and informed them that they would not get my $20.00 donation this year if they refuse to correct their problem. They very politely told me to piss off.

    I’ll give my anger a few days to subside but I’m very tempted to create a little mayhem of my own. I’m thinking that Bill0 the Clown might be able to make some hay if his producers were tipped off to some of the hate-filled shit on his least favorite “far-left smear site”. I had never made a donation to TP so I was, eventually, able to just let it go but I’ve endured a few “meatless Mondays” so I could support MMfA’s work. Needless to say; I’m a very disgruntled contributor.

    • I would think the children wouldn’t be all that well-fed, though … unless there’s something I’m missing, which is always possible.

      And how about priests molesting little boys. What’s THAT like in the mind of a nutcase archbishop, I wonder?

  7. Race Helmet Designer Turns Eye To Football Safety

    Ever since seeing his first live National Football League game at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2009, Bill Simpson has been obsessed with designing and manufacturing a safer football helmet.

    That obsession led to the recent launch of SGH Helmets, a company Simpson thinks can transform player safety across the spectrum — from the NFL to youth football.

    Simpson, who has made helmets for 27 Indianapolis 500 winners, is so consumed with designing a football helmet to prevent concussions that he abandoned his 50-plus-year career in motorsports to focus on it.

    I see no reason they can’t come up with a helmet for kids playing soccer too. It’s either that or outlaw heading the ball, at least for the kids.

    • I have yet to hear a good reason why football helmets are not padded on the outside as well as the inside. The biggest danger to the brain is the sudden stop and rebound. External padding should limit that somewhat as well as reducing the deep bruising that occurs when the helmet hits a part of the body with no pads.

      • That’s part of it. You use a better material on the outside as well as the inside. Plus, Simpson’s design weighs less, so that reduces inertia.

    • But. But. But we “libruls” are racists for objecting to what this freak said!

      Seriously though. I’ve known many people who probably have not gone through all the legal hurdles necessary to satisfy the government and i can guarantee you that this freak would drop dead trying to match their productivity for even an hour. Latino immigrants are here to WORK and EARN money. Because it’s so much more expensive to live here than most of Latin America they would have a far higher standard of living staying home if they are not here to WORK. And don’t even get me started on education. This freak is one of the crew who think poor English skills means a person is uneducated.

      • Back in the eighties, I was in the business of growing seedless watermelons. We’d typically plant 60-80 acres per year, and when it came time to harvest we’d hire a local fellow who would find the labor crew to get the job done. Suffice to say that most if not all were ‘illegal’ — and they were THE BEST crew one could find anywhere. They worked hard, did the job right, and never complained, never laid down on the job, were totally dependable. We did have an arrangement with them that IF they were to get picked up by the Border Patrol, transported back to Mexico, and couldn’t for whatever reason make their way back to Gila Bend, that we’d send what we owed them to an address in Mexico that they’d leave with us. Only happened once, iirc, late in the season.

        They were also great people to get to know. Bright, great sense of humor, gentle and peaceful souls, in AZ only to work to make money for their families in Mexico.

        Ideally, we should let ten million of them become citizens here and compensate by sending ten million Republicans to Mexico. Pity Mexico, were that to be the case!

  8. I just got my box of Honey Bump Soap. I’m so excited I can’ wait to see it. Unfortunately Zooey really likes tape so it might be a while until I get the pleasure of smelling it. Oh yeah, Zooey, the check is in the mail with your paycheck. 👿

    • Heh, I didn’t want the soap to get away! 😆

      Funny, I got the check, but I didn’t get my paycheck. Did you forget to put it in the envelope? Again? 😀

  9. QOTD:

    “I haven’t forgotten about Benghazi. Hillary Clinton got away with murder, in my view.” — Sen. Lindsay (Butters) Graham with an inflammatory choice of words.

    • Three Republicans voted against Kerry — Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

      Now MA – elect another Dem for Sen.

      • Obama screwed the pooch….. Wall Street Ball-washer Scott Brown is already way ahead of some no-name. For God’s sake are there no Kennedy’s left to run? Can you dig one up maybe? Paging Maria Shriver….

        • That was my complaint when Kerry’s name was first floated for SoS. I sometimes wonder if the White House understands basic politics.

        • I tend to agree. We can’t afford to keep losing elected Democrats. On the other hand. Everything I’ve seen indicates that Brown only won the first time because his opponent was completely inept. Plus, the good voters of Massachusetts hadn’t a chance to learn the lessons of the fascist power grab of 2010. Ms. Warren was behind in polls until pretty close to the election and she ended up winning by a fairly good margin. I’m concerned but there’s no reason to panic.

        • I don’t think Mass. is going to be caught napping this go-around. Scott Brown won’t have the anti-Obamacare issue working in his favor, and he’s not as shiny this time. He has a voting record to work against him, and the same opposition research Warren’s people came up with still sticks.

    • The guy who fired the gun straight at the heart of his buddy with the vest should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. And, despite being the guy who got shot, the “victim” should be charged as an accomplice or with attempted suicide.

      Speaking of the vest. I can’t think of a single legitimate reason for a civilian to have body armor unless he/she has turned state’s evidence in a criminal case. I also can’t seem to find any mention of body armor in the Constitution.

      • The Constitution does not say that we have a right to body armor. That was the stupidest thing that I saw. The victim verbally states that he agrees to being shot at. It looked like the bullet may have lodged in his lung.

        • I would say it’s nearly a tossup with the guy who shot himself in the head with the flare gun but the guy with the vest was more of a planned group stupidity with a potential for prosecution. Of course, none of the gun nuts featured should ever be allowed to touch another gun.

          All the “accidental shootings” listed in the article probably upset me more. If we are going to be a gun culture the very first thing that should be legislated is that there’s no such thing as an “accidental shooting”. Such shootings, depending on the exact circumstances, should be prosecuted somewhere on a scale between criminal negligence and manslaughter. And that even goes for those who allow their guns to fall into the hands of children or people stupider than themselves. Back when I worked in the ammo factory there was a big sign over the main entrance that said: “Accidents are impossible without negligence”. It’s a pity that didn’t extend to the management types who exposed a few-hundred of us to chemicals that caused permanent damage but that’s a whole different subject.

  10. Erick Erickson leaving CNN for Fox News

    Erickson’s departure comes on a day of major change at CNN: The network has also dropped James Carville and Mary Matalin, the power couple who had been contributors to CNN for more than a decade, and hired Chris Cuomo from ABC News

    How nice of CNN to allow Erickson to serve his apprenticeship before he moved on.

  11. Fox News Ratings Hit 12-Year Low in 25-54 Demo

    But, as rival MSNBC was quick to point out, and BuzzFeed was quick to trumpet, Fox News had its worst primetime ratings in the coveted 25-54 demo since August 2001, and its lowest total day ratings since June 2008.

    January 2013 Ratings: Fox News Down Compared To Last Year

    In primetime, 8 PM’s “The O’Reilly factor” was down only -2% in total viewers, though it was down -25% in the demo. At 9 PM “Hannity” was down -3% in total viewers, and down -19% in the demo. At 10 PM, “On the Record” was down -18% in total viewers and -38% in the demo.

    The Fox audience is still there for Billo, but they are grayer and less valuable to advertisers. Hannity continues his long slow slide.

    • 1.6 million watched on average in primetime in January, but only 267,000 of them were between the ages of 25 and 54. That’s the lowest number of that demo since 2001. The culture has moved on, hasn’t it?

      • Without O’Reilly’s numbers, they wouldn’t be much ahead of MSNBC. Like I said, they are getting older and less desirable to the sponsors. They aren’t appealing to the younger news consumer, which could be part message, and part media type. The younger conservative may not be Fox viewers, except for major events.

        January 2013 Ratings: MSNBC Up Big Over Last Year

        “The Ed Show” at 8 PM was up +4% in total viewers and +23% in the demo. 9 PM’s “Rachel Maddow Show” was up +11% in total viewers and +32% in the demo. “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” was up +26% in total viewers and +34% in the demo. “The last Word” drew 240,000 demo viewers, just behind FNC’s ”On the Record,” which drew 243,000.

  12. WooHoo! I got my new laptop yesterday and last night and now I am setting it up. Hopefully I will be able to use it for work soon. It is faaaasssst and has storage the likes I’ve never seen. I am currently loading all 95 gb of pictures and did 20 gb of music earlier! I love new toys!!!

  13. Two stories at TP have Virginia and Michigan deciding against rigging the electoral votes, for now. I think I heard they wouldn’t do it in Ohio, either, but I think the people could overrule the legislature in a referendum. I wouldn’t put it past them to bring this up again closer to 2016.

  14. This is what I’m competing against on Twitter. I can’t beat comedy gold like this.

  15. Erik Erickson leaves CNN but discovered life outside the bubble:

    “I’ve learned that some of the people I grew up thinking were in the enemy’s camp, so to speak, are spectacular people who share many of the same interests and opinions I do.
    I learned that I will never be competitive with Roland Martin on the fashion front, but he makes an excellent road trip companion through South Carolina. One of the most formative moments of my career at CNN was standing outside a hotel with Roland Martin and tourists began handing him luggage and keys as if he worked at the hotel — only because he was in a suit. His courteousness to the people when he did not have to be courteous and the fact that in the 21st century that’d happen at all really struck me profoundly.
    Because of CNN I’m not just better at my job, but I’m a better person. For all the hate and angst from a lot of folks on the right over me going to CNN, I know many of the contributors I consider good friends were initially skeptical of my hiring. I had to learn an art form too often missing these days in partisan talk — the art of conversation, particularly with those who might disagree with me. I had to learn to be friends with people who I disagreed with. And I leave deeply caring for those people.”

  16. I’ve sort of been missing here as I’ve been concerned with local happenings. A town (now ex) policeman was convicted of manslaughter today after killing a 54 year old female trespasser, whose only crime was probably contempt of cop. The police can’t get deadly force right, I doubt a bunch of armed civilians will do better..

    • The nerve of her having contempt of a cop. 🙄

      Srsly, if the police can’t handle a little bad mouthing or disrespect, they shouldn’t be in that field. Sadly, that shitty cop cost this woman her life.

      • Cop was only hired because mom (secretary to Chief of Police) falsified his records. He had past reprimands for excessive force (drawing down on the family of a high school truant). Southern Gothic story, minus the race factor. Had she been a black teenager, my town would not be questioning the outcome. I love my home, yet still sometimes want to vomit.

        • And she inflicted her awful child on the world, with more authority than should have been given. How despicable.

          I can see why you love your home, VA is a beautiful and historic place. Some of the people just make it ugly. Kinda like Idaho, but more lushly green. 🙂

      • Yeah, all she wants to do is sleep in my arms, and I think I can feel her tummy moving. She’s rather fat for a semi-feral cat…

        This is not good for my conscience.

          • Yes, she seems very healthy, but no, I’ve never fed her. She goes to my neighbor three doors down for food. I’ve noticed she has a little circuit she makes between several of the neighbors. 🙂

            I met a cat today that I think is her mummy. She looks exactly the same, but with sharper features, and she has the same six toes on her front paws. That was kind of surreal. I’d never seen her before.

            • Cool on seeing where her six toes came from..hopefully the Mum is spayed and won’t be having anymore.
              Cats are clever – having all bases covered: feeding stations & petting stations.

              Is Honeybump still doing well?

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