Across the Pond – State of the Union – Press Roundup

Yesterday’s State of the Union Address has been aptly commented here on this very blog. But what do commentators this side of the pond say?

The Independent:

By turns pugnacious and inspirational, Barack Obama last night used his State of the Union address to table a laundry list of aspirations for his second term that ranged from achieving tax reform to increasing the minimum range and tackling issues from gun control to immigration and climate change.

[On Rubio:]

Speaking so fast his mouth dried to a crust, Mr Rubio accused Mr Obama of harbouring an “obsession with raising taxes”.  And he accused him of trying to demonise his party as the party of the rich. “I don’t oppose your plans because I want to protect the rich. I oppose your plans because I want to protect my neighbours,” Mr Rubio said.

(read more)

The Guardian:

As an agenda, it was impressive. Jobs, immigration reform, climate change, equal pay for women, the minimum wage, troop withdrawal, universal pre-school provision for the poor, gun control, voting reform – this was unapologetic in its liberalism and unstinting in its determination. (read more)

They graced Rubio with a transcript of his speech. Aaaand, they have a live blog with some really witty remarks as well.

The Economist:

“THERE is much progress to report,” Barack Obama stated with satisfaction at the beginning of his state-of-the-union address. He was referring to the improving health of the economy and the diminishing number of American soldiers in harm’s way abroad. But he might just as well have been speaking of his strategy for facing down Republican opposition in a time of divided government. (read more)

They mention Rubio, too, in that article.

I am still waiting if Der Spiegel will have an article on their English page, their take is basically that Obama took up the gauntlet I will link to it later, if I can (UPDATE: Here’s the link to the English page). Die Sueddeutsche is unimpressed by Marco Rubio who seems to have lost his glam as the Republican Saviour a bit.

Anyhow, I do think the job of SOTU rebuttal is somehow jinxed. A bit like the “Defense Against The Dark Arts” job in Hogwarts.

12 thoughts on “Across the Pond – State of the Union – Press Roundup

  1. I didn’t listen to the speech last night so this is interesting. If the right wingers are twisting their panties in a knot, then it must have been a good speech. I understand that Rubio had to take a long water break in the middle of his rebuttal. What’s with these ‘Young Guns’ and their undying thirst while speaking in public? As always, thanks for the links. Reading the perspective from other nations is enlightening.

  2. The Dorner Saga-LAPD Version

    They hired him in 2005, partly on the basis of his Naval background. His active duty Navy career was pretty exemplary and did not include any combat postings. After completing training he was involved in a dispute where he accused his training officer of using excessive force in detaining a suspect. He was then terminated in January of 2013 by a board of review that determined his accusation was false. They did not formally charge him for making a false report.
    At some point, I have to assume was after the termination, he published an on-line manifesto expressing not only intent but determination to target LAPD personnel he felt were guilty of illegal actions.
    On Feb 3 he began his rampage by shooting the daughter of the man he claimed poorly defended him and her fiancé. Four days later he was stopped by police, an encounter that ended with one officer dead and another wounded. A second encounter with police resulted in shots fired and another officer hit.
    The suspect’s vehicle was located in Big Bear, Ca on Feb 11 and as of yesterday he was pursued to a cabin which was assaulted with an APC and burned to the ground. Charred human remains were located and tentatively identified by a wallet.
    Mr Dorner had been described as deranged and dangerous by LAPD from the start of the manhunt and pointed at his manifesto as proof justifying the finish of the hunt.

    The Dorner Saga-Hollywood Version
    When Officer Dorner innocently reported brutality by his training officer he innocently became a target of the corrupt LAPD. When it was discovered he was a rat to the blue line he was forced from the LAPD by the corrupt officials. Said officials, when they realized Dorner was not going to take his firing well began to plot to discredit him. After reading his online manifesto the Vile Chief sent a hit on the Quan woman and her fiancé. Days later, Dorner was pulled over by police and learned he was about to be killed for resisting arrest, fought back and took it on the lam.
    Fleeing to Big Bear he realized he had been had, his innocence manipulated. While in hiding he was sadly not thrown in contact with a gorgeous debutante with lots of money who believed in his innocence before the local cops found him and killed him with a tank.

    Ok, the Hollywood version needs some work on the ending but the lead in makes as much sense as the LAPD version.

    Late note: LAPD version has suspect’s wallet found next to charred unidentifiable body. Said wallet having been in police custody since Feb 7

    • LAPD version has suspect’s wallet found next to charred unidentifiable body. Said wallet having been in police custody since Feb 7

      Hearing the wallet ‘was found’ yet the positive identification of the charred remains would/could take weeks I thought that was very odd.
      Hadn’t known the wallet was in the possession of the LAPD.
      So that’s a double hmmm!

      • Well, we know the LAPD shot up the wrong car (twice?) and someone of the wrong race even. Now, how is it the remains were too charred to identify, but the wallet was intact?

        Rambo II anybody?

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