Friday Night Music – Something Silly

I heard this song on WXPN yesterday and it made me laugh because the typewriter is certainly a thing of the past.

Once again, Nonewhere was a slacker so the privilege of posting a song was dumped on  handed to me.

This is all I got.  Do whatever you want with it.

BTW – WXPN may be one of the best radio stations in the nation.  Do visit their website to learn more about ‘XPN‘.

123 thoughts on “Friday Night Music – Something Silly

  1. I can remember seeing that performed on some really old variety show, like Ed Sullivan or the Garry Moore Show, or maybe Red Skelton, when I was a kid.

  2. This advert is considered so good…. it is back on British TV, 20 years later…. both these actors were in some of the best British TV ever made.

    • My mom smoked Luckies for a number of years before switching to Salems, because that way my folks only had to buy one brand. If they had been non-smokers, I’d be retired now, except they might still be alive.

        • My first experience smoking was with Rothmans International King Size—unknown in the US, BUT my first experience with Luck Strike ciggies was in 1977, where we had them for our School Play performance of Death of A Salesman ( I played ‘Hap’).

          On opening night I smoked a couple to get used to them before I went on stage, but I got so nervous I finished the whole damn pack in about an hour, Luckily I had some Benson and Hedges Special Filter as well, so I cut the filters off and put them in the original LS pack.

          • …Rothmans International King Size—unknown in the US…

            Except for us F1 fans. Hey, I even know about John Player Specials, Gauloises, Mild Sevens, and I don’t even smoke! Rothmans was sponsor of the World Endurance Championship Porsche 956s in the 80s.

    • Awesome!

      First of all; “It’s Toasted!,—like its a delicious cereal!

      Second of all; “Tobacco-Men”? — Like G-Men? or ‘Leg-Men’ or ‘Breast-Men’ or ‘Ass–Men’?… I’m thinking the latter two because…

      Third of all; “So round,! So firm!”

      Lucky Strike was issued to the US military in WWII hence all the marching formations and ridiculous “code”.

  3. When Scottish brewery Tennants (no relation to the 10th Doctor) teamed up with Big Country another clasic beer ad was born

  4. Okay, a seriouser song… heard this week on the radio and fell in love with the song and the band. Has a retro 80’s vibe to it. Even to have that certain 80’s angst that some songs had. Definitely reminds me of someone else (singer wise) but can’t put my finger on it.

    Group: Metric (indie band from Canada)
    Album: Synthetica
    Song: Speed the Collapse

  5. Heard this at my local Rite-Aid this afternoon. Started singing it loud, and got lots of “huh” looks. Screw um, I’ve always loved this song…

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