Sunday Roast: February 24, 2013 – Sick Leave


Uuuuoooohhhh. I could use a sick leave. So please forgive me for an emergency post only.

Not enough austerity or too much of it? Great Britain has been downgraded.

Still not enough of the cavaliere or too much of him? Italy votes.

How much is too much? Switzerland has enough!

This is our Open thread, Join in!


59 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: February 24, 2013 – Sick Leave

  1. To be more specific, I have completed week four of a migraine-grade headache. Constant not a single day without. Tests have been run and, as is wont with headaches, no one knows what is going on. I’m trying to wean myself of the painkillers, because they give me indigestion. Hell. Being sick is a bitch!!!!!

    • I’m sorry you’re going through that EV. I can only compare that to having an abscessed tooth and not being able to go to the dentist. Future-ex had a problem with headaches, not migraines, but chronic, until she was told to stop taking Tylenol, then they got better. Later on she determined, on her own, that she had an allergy to MSG. Now she only gets a headache if she eats something with MSG without realizing it.

  2. Do I understand this correctly, the voters in Switzerland want the shareholders to limit salaries of CEO’s?

    As for Italy, I get the impression that Italians don’t give much thought to their national elections.

    And the US will suffer the same fate as the UK if the Republicans allow the sequester to happen.

    • Cats, correct! The Swiss want the shareholders to limit outrageous management compensation. Unfortunately the vote is per share not per shareholder. Institutional investors are a big obstacle. But the initiative, for which I voted, of course, makes it less risky and less costly for individual shareholders to sue managers, who rip off the company.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon EV. As somebody who only infrequently gets minor headaches and feels like she’s dying, I can’t imagine how people with migraines get through it.

  4. Who was it here who got me interested in the Great Dane Service Dog Project. Olive had 10 puppies last night and now I have another site to waste time on. It’s awesome.

    • It was me. Olive had 11 puppies with the last one being born around 9:00 am ET today. Puppy number 9 was stillborn. How very sad. 😦 Olive was brave and she appears to be a good mother.

      These great danes are raised and trained as service dogs for people with mobility problems. Visit their website for more details.

      These dogs are absolutely beautiful.

        • Momma dog, Olive, has a temp or 103.9 so they took her to the vet. Right now, the camera is focused on the three nuppies that were born two weeks ago.

          Shayne – I’m with you on watching these dogs. I have a new appreciation for Great Danes. They are beautiful when their ears and tails are left to be natural. I feel it is wrong to disfigure an animal by clipping its ears and tail.

          • I’m with you on the ears. German shorthair pointers get their tails clipped because the get injured easily. But GSPS are very high energy and great danes aren’t so it’s probably not a problem.

          • Ohhhh, poor Olive! Is that why there was a different set of puppies on screen for a while? I saw her with all her wiggly babies earlier, but then they were gone for a while. Were there a couple puppies left inside?

            • The puppies that were on screen while Olive was at the vet are Noel’s puppies. They were born a few weeks ago. There was one puppy still inside Olive when they took her to the vet. This puppy was stillborn. Olive was feeding her 10 puppies and she was still having contractions and they took her temp. Since she was febrile, they took her to the vet. The other stillborn was puppy number 9. She delivered 11 puppies at the farm, 10 were okay and one was stillborn.

  5. My sincere sympathies EV.
    One of my colleagues just spent four days away from work because of migraine—it would have to be major to keep her from work.

    I’ve never had a migraine myself, but a couple of years ago I got what I suspect was sinusitis—I couldn’t afford to get a diagnosis, of course.
    I’ve known quite intense pain of various sorts before—second degree burns on my hands for example, but the pain I got from my sinusitis (or whatever it was) was the most excruciating and prolonged I’ve ever known, and so utterly incapacitating.

    It felt like red hot metal spikes being pushed into my brain from a hundred different directions for hours a t a time. Then I’d get a respite of a couple of hours and then it would return, even in the middle of sleeping. I really wanted to bash my head in so I could somehow get at the pain, or let it escape somehow,

    So if that’s what it’s like, I really feel for you.


  6. My sympathies, EV. My daughter has fought with migraines for years and watching her in pain brings tears to my own eyes. The only time I ever had problems with them turned out to be a crack in the sewer vent pipe that allowed small amounts of sewer gas into the house during winter but I don’t guess that would be your problem.

  7. Thank you all for your good wishes. The worst part is the look on people’s faces, when they haven’t seen you in a while and you have aged 10 years in four weeks.

    Well, it will stop eventually.

    I am looking into food as well as a possible cause and I have physiotherapy for my cramped up neck. Painkillers will be reduced, I don’t need any addiction more than the one to TheZoo and you all. 😉

  8. Irene Klotz reports on how the discovery of the Higgs boson particle – if it is in fact the “god particle” that accounts for how matter gets its mass – may give us our first idea of the lifespan of the universe. The truly final countdown would thus calculate out to “many tens of billions of years from now”:

    “Essentially, the universe wants to be in different state and so eventually it will realize that. A little bubble of what you might think of an as alternative universe will appear somewhere and then it will expand out and destroy us. So that’ll be very dramatic, but you and I will not be around to witness it,” [theoretical physicist Joseph] Lykken told reporters before a presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston this week. “There will be a new universe, a much more boring universe, so I hope this doesn’t happen,” he added.

  9. You fans of the old Andy Griffith Show may remember the episode where Gomer has his cousin Goober do impressions for Andy of Cary Grant and Edward G. Robinson. Here’s the equivalent of that as this guy demonstrates his vocal range. I gave it about 1:30 and then shuttled.

  10. This guy almost got it. At least he noticed that there’s a Saudi influence at FAUX”News” but the paranoia remains. And the commenters don’t even seem to have read the article before going into their own spasms. A few things do stand out.

    1. They have already decided what the content will be on a network that doesn’t exist yet.
    2. It never occurs to them that Al Jazeera America will also provide an insight into America that will be disseminated in the Arab speaking world.
    3. They are so hopelessly indoctrinated by FAUX”News” that it doesn’t occur to them that we can simply turn off Al Jazeera if we don’t like it.
    4. Anyone susceptible to Muslim propaganda is already getting it from more clandestine sources.
    5. If someone really wanted to secretly spread radical Islam they wouldn’t do it on a network governed by American law.

    • Lots going on there. Everyone knows Americans are drinking more tea because we have BBC on our cable networks. If Al Jazeera secretly begins to indoctrinate Americans we will see an uptick in falafel sales.

  11. EV, have you tried supplemental oxygen?
    My grandfather had migraines and that worked for him.
    Painkillers aren’t the the long term solution.
    A day at a spa with nice massage?
    A few minutes in the mosh pit at a Lemmy show?

  12. Well, she finished 8th! She was 3rd half a lap from the finish line, but the scramble at the end put the ‘old pro’ restrictor plate racers at the front. Jimmy Johnson won, with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. second, and Mark Martin third. It was Dale Jr’s move that messed Danica up, forcing Johnson to drop to the low side to block, and leaving Greg Biffle in Danica’s way up high. The 4th through 6th place cars got by as the field was three wide at the checkers.

  13. Hope you solve your problem and feel better EV. If you drew a raccoon-like mask on that head and called it sinus headache, that would be me.
    I’m so glad the cartoons are back!

  14. QOTD:

    “[T]he left has beaten us. They have created far more low-information, unaware, uneducated people than we’ve been able to keep up with.” — Rush Limbaugh, exhibiting classic projection during his Friday show.

  15. Americans are seriously stupid. Back in the 70’s JC told us we needed to get out from under the oil hammer, even installed solar collectors on the White House. In 80, we elected a chimp who proceeded to jack the deficit up. In 92 we elected Slick Willy who managed to turn things around and after 8 years had built up the first nondeficit government. What did we do? Elected a moron who blew through everything Clinton had built and put us into a position that rivaled the Great Depression.

    What it boils down to is the US doesn’t deserve to exist. We have proven over the last 30 years we do not have the brains to exist. The US, as a country, does not exist. We have too many inner factions who claim to know better how to rule. Within ten years the US as we know it will be gone. The South will realize their long held dream. Either that or we will become embroiled in a second civil war which will be the stupidest thing known to civilized man.

  16. I’ve got a couple of owls hooting at each other close to my house. I heard the sound sitting in the recliner with the TV sound off, then I heard it again when I went to check the back door. I cracked the back door quietly and I could hear them clearly. One would call and the other answering. Back in here at the recliner, I can hear them better, now that I know what the sound is.

    Who is winning at The Oscars?

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