Sunday Roast: March 3, 2013 – Govern and be Governed, but do it right!

Good Morning, I hope you slept well (and long because I’m late again 😉  ).

Government: You’re doing it right:

The Swiss are governing today and how. One reason for my being late here is the coverage of the latest polls on tv. Three major propositions have been voted on today and a number of regional ones. One was to amend the constitution to protect families’ rights to reconcile having a job and raising kids. It is a draw, more or less. While big cities have voted for it in big numbers and the overall popular vote is for it, the cantons are divided and as it is a constitutional amendment, it needs a majority of both popular votes and cantons. The more rural areas are, predictably against it, kicking women in the teeth once again. (Sound familiar?)

Second vote is on getting land out of the building code, so the environment can be protected from uncontrolled and uncontrolleable building for profit. It got a majority. Easily, too.

The third and most internationally acclaimed vote is on the so-called “fat-cat” initiative. A whopping 68% of voters have voted for it. This after the initiative has been blocked and fought against for seven years.

Under the proposal, shareholders will be given the right to hold a binding vote on executive remuneration. Companies would also no longer be able to pay so-called “golden hellos” and “golden parachutes”, whereby senior managers receive a one-time cash lump sum, often running into millions of pounds, when joining or leaving a company. Polls show the majority of Swiss plan to vote “yes” in the referendum, despite businesses warning it will drive out companies from the country.(read more)

Add to that the cap on manager salaries imposed by the surrounding EU countries and you see things are moving in the right direction over here.

Government: You’re doing it wrong:

You think the Tea Party is  the most proficient government obstructionist of all times? They are not. They’re outright amateurs compared to the Italians: Our southern neighbors are blocking government right at the source. All Europe is frustratedly looking at what voters there did to their country. Outright distrust of government and politicians is in the Italian genetic code and not surprisingly so, given the corruption that is rampant in the country, but now they overreached.

IT IS hard now to recall that just three months ago the big threat Italy posed was of becoming boring. Its technocratic government, under Mario Monti, had regained the markets’ confidence. The spread of Italian government bonds over German ones was dwindling. The troublesome Silvio Berlusconi no longer led his fast-disintegrating party, and it seemed certain that the centre-left would win the next election. Mr Monti might then have become an economic super-minister—if he had not taken over the right with a mandate to make it more soberly European. (read more)

Let me add, Italy, unlike the US for instance has a fairly low constitutional threshold for new elections. They’ll be at it again in a few months, everybody agrees.

I wish you all a Happy and Relaxing (yes caps) Sunday. Enjoy some reading and our discussion. It is an Open Thread so join in.


93 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: March 3, 2013 – Govern and be Governed, but do it right!

  1. caps are over rated……just sayin’

    ~”Polls show the majority of Swiss plan to vote “yes” in the referendum, despite businesses warning it will drive out companies from the country”~

    the wealthy protecting the wealthy is really quite pathetic…but expected..

  2. The comparatively wealthy Swiss voted against he more wealthy in this case. Rip off salaries and bonuses are increasingly a thing of the past.

    • I like the motto of the typical wild wolf pack. It goes something like, “From each according to his means, to each according to his needs.” Coyotes are like that too, and foxes, prides of lions, civilized critters everywhere. My recommendation is that we humans adopt that motto and put it to good and universal use.

      To hell with privilege! X Marx the time, and the time is NOW! And damn the moneychangers!

      Jeebus, I’m sounding more Christlike than I ought to! 🙂

      • Ayn Rand tears that theory a new one in “Atlas Shrugs” – she, through John Galt, says that promotes mooching. Tiresome, eh?

  3. In Science news (which always makes me miss Walt the Man), a comet is going to come close to Mars next year.

    While this event in itself promises spectacular views for astronomers, the uncertainty of the comet’s orbit includes a significant chance of an impact on Mars. If this happens, the impact would be hundreds of times more powerful than the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs on Earth.

  4. Hi, gang. Tigger is doing better. She’s eating, drinking, eliminating (though she peed on the floor), and grooming. I am guardedly optimistic that she will be around for a while longer.

    • I’m glad Tigger is doing better, pete.

      Do watch her; if she’s like my mom’s 17 year old cat, she seemed to forget about the cat box (or simply could not make it there in time), so she started going behind furniture and other hiding places to pee. The urine was very strong, because the kidneys weren’t working well, and it ruined the carpeting. And the house smelled AWFUL.

    • Good news, Pete. Watch her closely and keep notes for the vet for later.
      Is it possible she has a urinary tract or kidney infection and not total failure of the kidneys? I like that she’s grooming herself, sick cats tend not to do that.

    • Hi, Pete – my cat Sparky has CRF (Chronic Renal Failure). He’s not as old as Tigger; he’s about 6. I’ve been giving him a renal supplement and a powder, aluminum hydroxide, that is supposed to help control the potassium levels in his blood, which makes him feel better. I also highly recommend a site/Yahoo group here:

      These folks all have kitties with CRF, and there is a whole lot of great info there. They helped Sparky a whole bunch.

      Good luck to you, Pete – feel free to email me any time ( or ‘friend’ me on Facebook, Kate McIntyre.

      ❤ Kate

    • Hi, Pete – I don’t know if anyone has commented on this, but the symptoms I’ve read here indicate that she may have crystals in her urine – it’s called FUS (Feline Urinary Syndrome) and it’s caused by very high uric acid. My cat Lola has had that – same symptoms, squatting, peeing outside the box, bloody urine. If she hasn’t been to the vet, you need to take her – they can catherize her to clear her ureter, and then it’s special food, usually Science Diet. My vet recommended Costco dry food, as it is high quality and is good for cats with urinary problems.

      If you’ve already done all of the above, good. If not, please take Tigger to the vet asap.

  5. Customer feedback for Zooey. My youngest loves both the tea tree soap and her bag. And you have inspired her to open her own etsy store with custom decorated recipe boxes and the little something special that should be appearing as my gravatar…eventually.

  6. What could he possibly be alluding to??:

    CNN Breaking News:

    Recently resigned Scottish cardinal: At times “my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me.”

  7. Great post today, EV. I’m glad someone in the world is doing governing that helps, rather than hurts.

    We’ve been having some really awesome daily threads over the last few months, and I want to give all the Critters a well-deserved pat on the back for all their hard work! Shayne will mail your bonus checks ASAP. 😉

  8. The point not being made on today’s Sunday shows: The President wanting the sequester passed in order to get both sides to sit down and negotiate a real deal, is not the same as the President initially wanting the terms of the sequester to become the law of the land. It is the Republicans that are using the terms of the sequester as another hostage taking maneuver, in order to get the President to capitulate and agree to their demands.

    • I saw an ad this AM for Grammarly. Something about checking your grammar but the pic was all spell check. Have we, as a group, lost the differentiation with spelling, grammar and punctuation?

    • She also expressed her frustration that voters “didn’t really get to know Mitt for who he was.”

      Ann, Ann, Ann, it is just that reason Mittens was rejected as POTUS material…
      we were well aware of who he really was/is. The flip-flop liar.

  9. Danica blew a right front tire just past halfway, and hit the outside wall pretty hard. She’s fine, but her car is done.

  10. Somebody dug this up and retweeted it. It’s so funny in retrospect. And if you have a twitter account, you can reply directly to him from here.

  11. Tigger update:

    The old girl seems nearly back to her old self (I forgot to put away the butter last night and she knocked off about a quarter of a stick.) apart from trying to pee on the floor. Since carrying her to the litter box didn’t get good results I started shoving newspaper under her when I caught her squatting. So? Now she’s seeking out the paper. I have moved it on to the linoleum and, so far, she hasn’t been trying to pee on the carpet. I could live with papers in the corner of the kitchen if she refuses to pee in the box for an extended period of time. If the behavior continues I could even try moving her “peeing paper” to the bathtub and I could simply rinse away anything that soaks through. There’s also no sign of blood so I’ll just take it all as a good sign.

    Now that she doesn’t appear to be imminently terminal i think I’ll try and cancel my new model airplane and take her back to the vet for a bit more testing and treatment. The first visit was really traumatic for her and me and I didn’t think more torture was warranted when I thought she was terminal. I’ve also done some research and it appears that a relatively minor urinary infection can look like systemic kidney failure on the initial diagnosis. My guess is that her initial shut down resulted in a lot of toxins in her blood.

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I’ve been trying to be realistic about how long she will last for a few years now and the strength of my reaction to her first discouraging sign caught me by surprise.

    • Despite referring to 9-year old best actress Academy Award nominee Quvenzhané Wallis a c-nt. A little self-parody, Onion?

      But you have to love advertising on their site. It’s a win/win for IThe Onion; they get ad money and a joke all in one.

  12. How long will it take and how strident will they be?

    We already saw FAUX”News” freak out because Rachel called Scalia a “troll”. This time it’s a woman who is not entirely Caucasian who is calling him out. She makes a very good point that a Justice we can set our watches by is not impartial and, my words, “is the antithesis of what we should expect of a judge on the Supreme Court”. A judge who can be predicted based on known political ideology is partial and biased by definition and has no place in the supreme court of the land.

  13. One protocol I would institute is firing the jackasses who came up with the other “protocol.”

    There was once a time where the social protocol was to help your fellow humans.

    Elderly Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses to Give Her CPR – Yahoo! News

    “Anybody there can do CPR. Give them the phone please. I understand if your facility is not willing to do that. Give the phone to that passerby,” the dispatcher said. “This woman is not breathing enough. She is going to die if we don’t get this started.”

    After several minutes, an ambulance arrived and took Bayless to Mercy Southwest Hospital, where she died.

    Glenwood Gardens released a statement confirming its policy prohibiting employees from performing CPR.

    “In the event of a health emergency at this independent living community, our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrives. That is the protocol we followed,” the statement said.

    Despite protocol being followed, the nursing home said it would launch an internal investigation into the matter.

    • If the woman had a DNR order, then the nurse acted properly. If she didn’t, I think it’s manslaughter at best.

      Then again, why call 911 if the woman had a DNR? This is fishy, and I wonder how common it is in the nursing home world?

  14. You know gang… if you wanted something to do tonight… you could go sign up on a site called CaptureMinnesota. No, it’s not a political movement, and no it’s not about taking over the state. It’s a photography contest sponsored by the local PBS station.

    Anyone may join and vote, and submit photos. The stipulation is the photos themselves have to be taken in Minnesota.

    And while you’re there if you happened to vote for; let’s say this photo here; a certain arbitrary string of letters, such as zxbe, might be very appreciative. 🙂

    • Beautiful pic, and voted on JB. You might want to post this info tomorrow for those that missed their chance today. Again, beautiful, with an impressionistic flair.

    • When I worked in Marietta, my boss would put the PA system on the classical music on NPR in the morning. One day The Barber of Seville Overture was playing, and as I walked past his desk, I told him, “That’s the part where Bugs and Elmer are jacking those barber chairs toward the sky.” He looked at me like I’d lost my mind. I don’t think he ever watched cartoons as a kid.

  15. Govern and be Governed, but do it right!

    I’m afraid at this stage of the game governing right is impossible. Those who have purchased our government also own the media. Throw in the fact that we have way too many stupid people in this country and well you get my drift.

    Here are a couple random examples of stupid people.

    In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder hires emergency financial managers to run Cities like Detroit, taking all power away from these City locally elected Mayors and City Council members. Where is all of the outrage from individual republicans who worship our country and its election process?

    The Keystone looks like it will get the green light from President Obama. Forget the ecological implications or the fact that gas prices in our country will not decrease because of the pipelines construction. We the people are going to be funding the project with $5 billion worth of corporate welfare and our government may in some cases may have to use eminent domian to get some of the land used for the pipelines route.

    Will there be any protests from the right about corporate welfare on a pipeline that will earn tax free profits for a few. What about all of the property rights crowd in the tea party. Will they protest the use of eminent domain and forcing land owners to sell their land?

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