Sunday Surprise – Flooded server room

No it wasn’t as bad as in the clip. Nevermind, I just came back from cleaning the server room in our company. Water and servers don’t mix well 😦

So sorry for another emergency post.

This is an Open Thread, don’t hold back!


26 thoughts on “Sunday Surprise – Flooded server room

  1. Well, that’s OK then…

    I didn’t think it was Daylight Savings Time, since you’re seven hours ahead.

    I was checking, and my US F1 coverage will be on the NBC Sports channel, instead of Speed Channel. The Australian GP will be live, just after midnight, and breakfast time for you.

  2. I’ve been doing some reading for entertainment to try and take my mind off the insanity of our political situation. I dug up a S&S series of books that started back in the early 90’s. Lots of fun stuff about magic and what not but the writer has some interesting ideas.

    One that comes through is educated, intelligent people don’t really need a lot of leadership because they already know the basics. Another is that without followers, a leader has no real power. And my own understanding is people group together for two reasons. One is for society and support. The other is because of fear. Intelligent rational people go with the former and it is fairly rare and productive. The latter requires no thought, is much more common and easily manipulated.

    • The latter requires no thought, is much more common and easily manipulated.

      Reads very much like fundamental religious sects.

    • The universe operates in a state of perpetual chaos and only religious nutters and control freaks try to structure and manage it.
      The rest of us just enjoy natures show.

      • I would say the universe operates in a perpetual state of change and the average human has a hard time dealing with change because they tend to be lazy.

    • Well that seems logical and consistent with historical and current observations and actions.

      A common element of authoritative organizations and regimes is the restriction of intellectual activity and the free exchange of information and ideas. for the obvious reason that control of thought and knowledge controls perceptions, enforcing a dependency on the authority’s definition of reality, behavior and enterprise to prevent possible challenges to the established authority.

      The internal justification of the authoritarian is that their understanding of human society is inherently superior and correct to everyone else’s, and the best way to ‘prove’ is to quash any competing or contrary perspective or idea.

      Authoritarian regimes invariably take pains to identify intellectuals and then purge them from positions of influence by whatever means seems appropriate –from mere dis-employment, through character assassination to incarceration to murder.

      The commitment to the authoritarian ideal and the the degree to which intellectualism is suppressed, and by what means is directly proportional.

      The means by which intellectualism is suppressed varies according to the degree of control authority-adherents have or believe they have, at their disposal at any given time, so the authoritarian ideal is to develop increasing levels of control over intellectualism and individual independence.

      The obvious modern examples are of course the regimes of Stalin (or Mao) and Hitler, all too frequently and stupidly described and discussed as being directly opposite in socio-political philosophy, when they were in fact exactly the same–except for a minor distinction in the management of production, ownership and distribution of wealth, where Hitter’s Nazi regime preferred to take a cut of private enterprise profits whilst leaving management alone (except for restricting commerce with Jews) whilst Stalin’s Communist regime centralized control of production and management—either way the average citizen’s financial success was entirely dependent on conforming with the socio-political ideals and instructions of the government.

      It is clear in the recent past and present that the self-described conservative elements in American society increasingly exhibit extreme authoritarian traits.

      The biological science of evolution is still being contested with incoherent arguments of inapplicable beliefs.
      Environmental science has been and continues to be contested in the public arena usually by ridiculous constant reference to “tree-hugging hippies” and latterly, “eco-terrorists’.
      Climate change science–which encompasses a whole host of scientific disciplines that still hew to the scientific processes of evidence, observation and the constant testing of resultant theories as new evidence and methods of measurement are developed and proven—continues to be described by leaders of the political Right as a “hoax”, and “not real”, with efforts made to discredit the field based on highly selective data put forward as comprehensive expert study. Mass media discussion on the subject have involved a 1% contribution by actual climate change scientists compared to a 99% contribution by in-expert politicians, pundits and of course, climate change deniers.

      The same has occurred in economics with an emphasis on personal belittlement and dismissal (in the case of Paul Krugman in particular) whilst selectively avoiding any discussion of the abundant evidence of the right-wing’s disastrous economic philosophies. Krugman and other prominent economists (who actually have plenty of evidence of the successful and productive applications of “Keynesian economics—which interestingly enough include the rise of Hitler’s Germany and the post World War II Marshall Plan) have been significantly restricted from the national economic ‘debate’ in the US mass media (and largely ignored in practice by the Obama administration).

      And as we all know here, many studies have found a correlation between ignorance and identification with conservatism and “leadership”, and ‘issues’ voting in elections where a conservative voter will vote for a conservative candidate despite that candidate proposing many policies that would be ( and have proven to be) overwhelmingly materially detrimental to that voter–both in the short and long terms.

      The trick to establishing an authoritarian regime in which the individual will lose freedom, is to convince enough people that they will actually have more freedom under the new regime–and invariably by repression and rejection of ‘others’ who by their presence, curtail the freedoms of the ‘conservative’ that would otherwise be enjoyed and that are deserved.
      Appeals to personal fear, ambition and deliverance from victimization are the stock in trade of the would-be dictatorship, delivered by many means, but always with discipline, a propensity towards hyperbole, and constant repetition in such volume (and at such volume) to drown-out contrary evidence and dissent.

    • Those are great pics of animals…this for the win of the day, though:
      (dog with glasses)

      Bad grammar, run-on sentences,
      terrible spelling-
      I can’t eat this!

  3. Poor EV, I’m so sorry that you had such a crappy morning (night?)

    I have to go write my post for tomorrow, but I’ll be back later to really read the comments – I just skimmed for now.


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